Vintage photos 2016

Vintage photos celebrating the highs of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia, published by EX-YU Aviation News throughout 2016.

Photos published in 2017 can be found here.

JAT ad, 1980s - "Join the JAT set"

JAT ad for Zagreb-New York flights, 1976

JAT DC-10 landing at Los Angeles from Zagreb via Chicago, August 1987

Group of famous Yugoslav entertainers posing ahead of flight to New York, 1980s

Inex-Adria Airways crew, 1970s

JAT crew in national dress on board DC-10, 1980s

JAT ad for Detroit - Belgrade service, 1980s

Ljubljana Airport, 1973

JAT Air Taxi ad, 1980s

JAT ad, 1980s

Magazine cover introducing JAT's new uniforms, 1975

Arrival of Croatia Airlines' first B737-200, Zagreb Airport, April 3, 1992

JAT ad introducing the upcoming arrival of the Caravelle jet, 1962

On board JAT's DC-10 business class, 1980s

JAT ad, 1980s

JAT Australia ad, 1980

JAT North America ad, 1985

On board Adria Aviopromet, 1960s

JAT ad for new ATR72 aircraft, 1990

On board JAT, 1980
Cargo loading on JAT B727, 1980s

Yugoslav ground and cabin crew (video)

Inex-Adria DC-9 at Pula Airport, 1980s

Sarajevo Airport, 1970s (video)

On board JAT's business class, 1980s

A JAT DC-10 undergoing heavy maintenance, 1990 (video)

First crew of JAT's DC-10 aircraft, 1978

Boarding JAT's DC-9 at Belgrade Airport, 1971 (video)

On board JAT's B727, January 1984

On board JAT's Dubrovnik - Zagreb flight, 1970 (video)

Pristina Airport, 1960s

JAT DC-9 preparing for departure from Belgrade to London, 1971 (video)

Ljubljana Airport, 1984

Delivery of JAT's first Caravelle from Paris to Belgrade, 1963 (video)

JAT ad for Adriatic (Business) Club Class, 1980s

Belgrade Airport opening, 1963 (video)

On board JAT's business class, 1980s

Zagreb Airport 1970 (video)

Aviogenex crew member in front of new B737-200, 1987

JAT ad for Beijing flights, 1988

First Yugo Florida being loaded on flight to JFK, Belgrade Airport, January 19, 1988

JAT ad for London flights, 1988

First DC-10 flight arrives at Ljubljana Airport, June 1973

JAT ad for Moscow flights, 1988

On board JAT's DC-10 business class, 1980s

JAT ad for new Adriatic (business) Club Class, December 1983

JAT's 60-millionth passenger, October 1987. Anita Kotnik on Ljubljana - Frankfurt flight

JAT ad, 1980s, "The DC-9 is the most common aircraft in JAT's fleet"

JAT's "wings over the world" ad, 1984

JAT business class newspaper ad, 1989

JAT DC-10 at New York JFK Airport, June 1982

Advert by CFM engine maker thanking JAT for selection, 1985

JAT crew sporting new uniforms, 1975
JAT B707 preparing for departure to Sydney, June 1974

JAT advert, 1970s

Inex-Adria Airways crew, late 1980s

JAT B737-300 on delivery flight from Seattle to Belgrade, December 21, 1986

JAT aircraft lined up at Belgrade Airport, 1991

On board JAT's DC-10, 1980s (video)

Assembly of JAT's DC-10 (YU-AMB), Long Beach, June 1979

JAT poster, late 1980s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1987

JAT B707 at Zagreb Airport, 1971

Zagreb Airport, 1970

Aviogenex ad, "This year we fly for you!", 1970

JAT hangar at Belgrade Airport, 1966

JAT Boeing 707 at Singapore Airport, 1980

Berane (Ivangrad) Airport, 1963

JAT Convaiar CV-440 at Tivat Airport, 1966

Passengers disembarking a JAT Caravelle, Belgrade Airport, 1964

Legends of Yugoslav football (Mitić, Džajić and Šekularac) boarding a JAT plane, 1966

Singer Arsen Dedić's mid-air concert on JAT flight to New York, February 1979

JAT hangar at Belgrade Airport, 1974

Podgorica Airport, 1960s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1967

Pan Am pin featuring Yugoslav flag, 1970s

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

JAT sticker marking the UN International Tourist Year, 1967

Qantas B747 at Belgrade Airport, 1976

Newlyweds posing in front of Avioput Potez 29,  1929

Ljubljana Airport postcard, 1970

JAT brochure, 1988

Advertisement for flight JU500, 1976

JAT poster, 1988

JAT poster featuring crew member, 1970

JAT DC-10 at Melbourne Airport, 1984

Split Airport, 1967

Front page of the"Daily Telegraph" noting the birth of Jatko on board JAT flight to Sydney

Ljubljana Airport, 1981

Feature article in May 1988 edition of "Flight International"

Lesce-Bled Airport - July 1957

Front page of the "Politika Illustrated" with JAT crew member, 1959

JAT crew, 1980s

London Heathrow Airport, 1984

Zadar Airport, 1970

JAT newspaper ad, late 1970s

Zagreb Airport, 1979

JAT route map, 1988

JAT poster, 1960s

JAT trade union invite for 1964 New Year's eve celebrations