Vintage photos 2017

Vintage photos celebrating the rich history of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia, published by EX-YU Aviation News during 2017.

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Skopje Airport, 1950s

Adria at Zadar Airport, 1969

Inex Adria Aviopromet poster, 1981

JAT Cargo poster, 1987

Loading of live poultry onto an Aviogenex jet, Osijek Airport, 1980s

Belgrade Airport, 1960s

Article in the "Politika" daily, September 1989

Inex Adria Aviopromet poster

JAT North America schedule cover

Zadar Airport, 1970

Inex Adria ad for worker flights to Germany, 1980

Belgrade Airport, 1980s

Shell advertisment featuring Inex Adria Airways, 1970s

JAT ad for its international Adriatic Club (Business) Class, 1980s

JAT's tour around the world launch poster, 1974

Ljubljana Airport, 1976

JAT poster for first Sarajevo - Zrich service, 1981

JAT Australia ad, 1977

JAT Australia ad, 1980s

Split Airport under construction, 1966

JAT cargo loading, 1980s

Ljubljana Airport, late 1960s

JAT DC-10 at Belgrade Airport, 1980s

Customers queue in front of JAT's downtown sales office, Belgrade, 1980s

Aviogenex jet preparing for departure, Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s

Belgrade Airport, 1970s

JAT B737-300 with Zagreb Universiade Games sticker, 1987

Rijeka Airport, 1982

Pula Airport, 1989

Passengers board a JAT B727 from the rear door in Dubrovnik. 1986

JAT advertisement in Greece, 1957

Passengers board first commercial night flight in the world, Belgrade Airport, 1923

JAT ad featuring company spokesmodel Ksenija Petrovski, 1970s

Adria jets at Tivat Airport, 1987

JAT ad for Detroit service, 1987

Yugo car being loaded onto a JAT DC-10, Belgrade Airport, 1984

JAT poster, 1960s

Passengers boarding an Aviogenex jet at Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s

JAT cargo loading in the 1950s (top left) and 1980s

Belgrade Airport, 1985

Cargo loading at Belgrade Airport, 1987

On board JAT's Caravelle, 1968

JAT DC-10 at Belgrade Airport, 1987

Skopje Airport, 1960s

Split Airport, 1975

Zagreb Airport, 1969

Newly graduated JAT crew, Belgrade Airportm 1960s

On board JAT's business class, 1984

JAT crew on Dubrovnik's main plaza, 1949

Split Airport, early 1970s

JAT brochure

Passengers stepping off an Inex-Adria flight at Ljubljana Airport, 1970

Varaždin Airport, 1980s

JAT ad for inaugural Tronto service, June 19, 1970

JAT crew in Dubrovnik, 1949

Football legend, Johan Cruyff, steps off a JAT flight, Belgrade Airport, 1972

JAT crew in front of the JAT "Green Train" in Ljubljana, 1985

Ohrid Airport, 1986

On board JAT's short haul Adriatic Class, December 1983

JAT cabin crew, 1960s

Aviogenex jets undergoing maintenance, Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s

JAT crew, 1978

Split Airport, 1968

Sarajevo Airport, 1986

JAT Air Taxi ad, 1980s

JAT fleet poster, 1987

TWA charter from New York at Dubrovnik Airport, 1979

Podgorica (Titograd) Airport, 1950s

Belgrade Airport, 1987

JAT's Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games ad, 1984

Passengers disembarking off flight at Ljubljana Airport, 1965

JAT DC-10 taxiing to the gate at LAX, 1980s

Zagreb Airport ground staff in front of JAT B727, 1980s

Air Yugoslavia summer charters brochure, 1984

Maintenance of Aviogenex Tu-134, Belgrade Airport, 1980s

Advert for JAT Cargo and Yugoslav-made Yugo Florida car, 1980s

Zagreb Airport passenger terminal, 1970s

Pula Airport, early 1980s

Passengers boarding JAT DC-3, 1963

"The Friendship Line" article on JAT's Belgrade - Sydney route

Passengers boarding a JAT B707, Belgrade Airport, 1975

JAT Paris poster

Split Airport, 1982

Sydney Airport, 1980s

Ljubljana Airport, 1971

Sarajevo Airport poster, 1974

Belgrade Airport, 1963

JAT crew, 1975

Aviogenex B727s at Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s

The "Jatorama" page from JAT's inflight magazine, 1972

JAT ad for inaugural Belgrade-Sydney flight, 1975

Press clipping describing JAT's new Ljubljana-Zagreb air train, 1986

Dubrovnik Airport, 1976

Pan Am and JAT Yugoslav Airlines, New York JFK Airport, 1980s

Tivat Airport, 1984

JAT brochure, 1950s

JAT ad for new Belgrade-Ljubljana-New York flights, December 1978

JAT ad marking the first service between Belgrade and Pristina, January 1965

JAT DC-10 at Dubai Airport, 1980s

JAT Belgrade poster, 1970s

JAT ad for first flight Belgrade - Zagreb - New York, June 1976

Zagreb Airport, March 1970