Vintage photos 2015

Vintage photos celebrating the highs of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia, published by EX-YU Aviation News throughout 2015.

Photos published in 2016 can be found here.

JAT Zagreb wishing passengers and partners a happy 1985

Maribor Airport, 1978

On board JAT's DC-3, 1950s

JAT crew, 1970s

Passenger boarding JAT flight, 1949

JAT Skopje poster, 1980s

Inaugural Ljubljana - New York flight, Ljubljana Airport, April 1978

JAT on board menu, December 1952

JAT B707 used for cargo operations, late 1970s

Front page of Pan Am's in-flight "Clipper" magazine, August 1983

Zagreb Airport, 1984 with Swissair A310 and JAT DC-9

JAT brochure, 1975

JAT USA ad, 1980s, stylised DC-10 depicting the Statue of Liberty

JAT poster, 1970s - "Quick. Comfortable"

DC-10 during global promo tour next to JAT DC-3, Belgrade Airport, 1970

"Travel with our planes", JAT ad, 1950s

JAT ad in Australia, 1980s

Belgrade Airport, 1976 with Pan Am B707 and JAT Caravelle

JAT advertisment, 1980s

Ex-Yu's two largest airlines - JAT and Adria, Newcastle Airport, 1986

JAT DC-10 at Sydney Airport, March 1981

Skopje Airport, July 27, 1963

JAT Cargo poster, 1977

Zagreb Airport, 1986

JAT DC-10 undergoing maintenance at Belgrade Airport, 1987

JAT Caravelle (reg. YU-AHD, nicknamed Opatija) during production in 1963

JAT poster, 1970s

JAT poster, 1980s

Belgrade Airport, 1981

JAT DC-10 at Belgrade Airport, 1988

Inex Adria Airways poster, 1980s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1960s

Front page of the "Politikin Zabavnik" magazine, April 3, 1987

Zadar Airport, 1969

Pan Am promoting the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games

JAT MD-11 promo poster following 1989 order

Arrival of the Apollo 11 crew at Belgrade Airport, October 19, 1969

Maribor Airport postcard, 1980s

JAT B727 at Belgrade Airport, 1980s

Belgrade Airport, 1987

JAT Boeing 727 at Belgrade Airport, 1987

Tivat Airport, 1985

Belgrade Airport, 1987

Zagreb Airport, 1970s

JAT poster, 1980s

Croatia Airlines' first aircraft, inherited from Zagal Zagreb, 25.07.1990

JAT crew, early 1960s

JAT poster, 1980s

Osijek Airport, 1980s

"Avio Revija" magazine cover, June 1986

Zadar Airport, 1970s

JAT poster, 1960

JAT Cargo poster, 1987

Newspaper clipping from 1980 advertising JAT’s “Gallery over the Atlantic” on flight JU500

Arrival of JAT's first Caravelle, January 21, 1963

41 years since JAT introduced its first B727

JAT poster 1950s

34 years since JAT launched flights from Tivat to Zurich

Arrival of JAT's first B737-300, August 5, 1985

JAT B737-300, late 1980s

Sarajevo Airport, 1980s

JAT crew members, 1980s

52 years since JAT launched flights from Dubrovnik to Athens

52 years since JAT launched flights from Dubrovnik to Venice

JAT B737 ad, June 1986, "The most modern aircraft in JAT's fleet"

Actor and children’s entertainer Branko Miličević “Kockica” in front of a JAT DC9, 1970

Zadar Airport, 1970s

JAT Adriatic (business) class advertisement, 1980s

Inex-Adria ad for newly ordered DC-9s, 1969

JAT route network 1970s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1970s

Melbourne Airport, 1992

JAT DC-10 at Dubai Airport, 1980s

28th anniversary since JAT launched Los Angeles - Belgrade flights

JAT add for the arrival of its third DC-10, 1985

46 years since JAT launched flights from Zagreb to Podgorica

Split Airport, 1967

JAT ad, 1970s

President Tito at McDonnell Douglas factory, 1971

JAT ad, early 1970s

JAT DC-10 at Melbourne Airport, 1979

JAT ad, 1980s

Malaysia Airlines at Zagreb Airport, 1990s

JAT brochure, 1975

Mairbor Airport, 1978

JAT on board amenities, 1980s

JAT Caravelle ad, late 1960s

JAT ad for UK market, 1970s

Zagreb Airport, 1990

Boarding at Belgrade Airport, 1960s

Skopje Airport, 1960s

Universiade 1987 sticker on JAT jet

JAT B707 and Australian Air Force C-47 at Perth Airport, June 1971

JAT DC-9s at London Heathrow Airport, 1980s

Opening of Tivat Airport's new terminal, September 25, 1971

JAT puzzle featuring DC-10 at Ljubljana Airport, distributed during 1980s

JAT postcard, 1950s

JAT DC-10 and Air France Concorde in Paris, 1980s

Zagreb Airport, 1980s

JAT's New York office at Rockefeller Center, 1980s

JAT DC-10 preparing for departure at Belgrade Airport, March 25, 1984

JAT DC-10 at Belgrade Airport, late 1978

Ohrid Airport, November 1981

Belgrade Airport staff member taking care of younger passenger, 1960s

JAT's first Caravelle on the production line, Toulouse, 1962

On board JAT's B737, economy class, 1980s

Split Airport postcard, 1980

JAT DC-10 tag, 1980s

First in-flight art auction, on JU500 from Belgrade to New York, 16.2.1979

"From Yugoslavia to the world", JAT advertisment, 25.5.1974