Vintage photos celebrating the rich legacy of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia, published by EX-YU Aviation News throughout 2021.

Updated each Saturday evening, click on photo to enlarge.

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JAT Boeing 707 preparing for departure at Belgrade Airport

JAT ad in Australia's Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, 1979

Adria Airways DC-6 with Energoprojekt sticket, 1964

Qantas ad for Yugoslav market, 1980s

JAT cabin crew, 1980s

JAT ad, 1980s

Inex Adria cabin crew, 1980s

JAT ad for new Belgrade - Dubai - Kula Lumpur - Singapore route, 1985

Split Airport, 1989

Entrance to JAT's sales office in downtown Sydney, 1982

JAT cabin crew, 1977

JAT DC-10 engine maintenance, 1990

On board JAT's Adriatic Club Class, 1990

Opening of the overhauled Ohrid Airport, 1970s

JAT B737-300 departing Dubrovnik Airport, 1986

Tivat Airport, 1989

JAT Academy ad for French market, 1989

JAT cabin crew, 1960s

JAT ad for Macedonian market, 1970

JAT B707 preparing for departure, Belgrade Airport, 1970s

JAT US newspaper ad, 1983

On board JAT, 1980s

JAT ad, summer 1988

Ljubljana Airport, 1966

JAT Adriatic Club Class ad, 1989

Dubrovnik Airport apron

JAT ad, 1970s

JAT UK newspaper ad, 1980

JAT US newspaper ad, 1980

Ljubljana Airport, 1966

Aviogenex ad, 1990

Passengers boarding JAT B727 jet, Belgrade Airrport, 1970s

JAT cabin crew, 1970s

Inex Adria cabin crew, 1980s

Ohrid Airport, 1980s

Loading cargo onto an Adria DC-9, 1970s

Zagreb Airport, 1970s

Belgrade Airport, 1970s

JAT poster, 1960s

DC-10 jet on world tour at Belgrade Airport, 1971

Adria Airways cabin crew, late 1960s

Belgrade Airport, 1970s

JAT Australia market ad, 1990

Ljubljana Airport, 1960s

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

Zagreb Airport, 1980s

JAT celebration marking first B727 arrival

Zagreb Airport, 1970s

JAT crew, 1960s

JAT crew, 1970s

JAT ad for UK market, 1980s

Ljubljana Airport, 1978

London Gatwick Airport, 1970s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s

President Tito tours McDonnel Douglas plant ahead of DC-10 launch, 1971

Interflug ad for Yugoslav market, 1970s

Aviogenex cabin crew, 1980s

Ohrid Airport, 1980s

Inex Adria jet undergoing maintenance, 1980s

Passengers boarding a JAT DC-9, 1980s

JAT Convair 440 undergoing maintenance, late 1950s

Pan Am ad for new Belgrade service, 1960s

On board Adria Airways, 1960s

JAT Adriatic Club (Business) Class newspaper ad, 1980s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1970s

Pan Am newspaper ad for Zagreb and Dubrovnik flights, 1980s

Maribor Airport, 1990

JAT Cargo ad, 1990

Cargo being loaded onto a JAT DC-10, 1990

Overlooking Ljubljana Airport from inside Adria jet, 1989

Belgrade Airport, 1970s

JAT crew, 1990

Ljubljana Airport under construction, 1963

JAT ad, 1990

Transavia at Ohrid Airport, 1970s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1968

Ad for JAT's "green train" passenger transfer between Zagreb and Ljubljana

Belgrade Airport, 1970s

JAT's first pilots and Yugoslavia's first stewardess Dragica Pavolvić, 1940s

On board JAT's Caravelle jet, 1963

Skopje Airport's newly built passenger terminal, 1986

Maribor Airport, 1982

Newspaper ad for Inex Adria's 1981 summer timetable

Yugoslav 1964 Olympic representatives pose in Belgrade prior to flight to Tokyo

Newspaper ad for Inex Adria's 1981 summer timetable

JAT B727 preparing for departure, Split Airport, 1982