Vintage photos celebrating the rich history of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia, published by EX-YU Aviation News during 2020.

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JAT crew welcome first Caravelle jet at Belgrade Airport, 1963

Arrival of Inex-Adria's new Dash 7 aircraft, Sarajevo Airport, 1984

JAT Adriatic Club Class Poster, 1980s

Skopje Airport, 1970s

JAT unveils new uniform concept, 1978

President Tito tours McDonnell Douglas plant in Long Beach, November 1971

JAT ad on Slovenian market, 1988

JAT DC-9 awaiting delivery, McDonnell Douglas flight line, 1973

JAT brochure, 1960s

Ohrid Airport, 1970s

Ad for new Zagreb - New York service, June 1976

JAT unveils new uniform concept, 1978

Adria Airways at Dusseldorf Airport, 1967

JAT's Adriatic Club Class (business class) on DC-10, February 1989

JAT DC-10 arriving at London's Heathrow Airport

Belgrade Airport air traffic control tower, 1960s

Newspaper report on the delivery of JAT's first DC-10 jet, 1978

Maribor Airport, 1982

JAT ad for new Belgrade - Calcutta - Beijing flights

JAT uveils new silver uniforms, 1978

JAT crew posing in front of new Caravelle jet, 1963

JAT newspaper ad for new DC-10 jet, 1978

Dubrovnik Airport, 1966

JAT DC-9 in Stockholm, 1981

Ljubljana Air Traffic Control tower, 1982

Pan Am newspaper ad for Yugoslav market, 1980s

A snowy Belgrade Airport, 1979

JAT ad in Slovenian newspapers, 1982

Ljubljana Airport, 1981

McDonnell Douglas brochure, 1978

New JAT B727 awaiting delivery at Seattle - Boeing Field, March 1981 

Inex-Adria jets at Dusseldorf Airport, 1976

Passengers disembark a JAT Caravelle jet, Belgrade Airport 1970s

JAT ad in Slovenian newspapers, 1977

Niš Airport, 1980s

JAT B727 preparing for flight to Athens at Dubrovnik Airport, 1987

JAT ad for Ljubljana - New York flights, 1980

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

Qantas ad for Sydnry - Belgrade service, 1985

Portorož Airport, 1985

Pioneers welcoming a JAT Caravelle jet in Skopje, 1968

JAT brochure, 1970s

On board Aviogenex, 1980s

JAT DC-9 at Amsterdam Airport, 1986

Passengers board an Adria MD-82, Tivat Airport, summer 1987

Interflug poster for Belgrade, Zagreb and East Berlin flights, 1970s

Schoolchildren pose in front of JAT B727 ahead of day-trip to Vienna, Belgrade Airport, October 1984

Magazine article marking the arrival of JAT's first B737-300, August 1985

JAT cargo B707, New Delhi Airport, 1980s

Ljubljana Airport, 1970s

JAT UK ad, 1970s

JAT crew marking the start of the jet age at May Day parade, 1963

Boeing certificate for Prva Petoletka parts manufacturer in Trstenik, 1989

Portorož Airport, 1980s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1970s

Tivat Airport, 1978

JAT crew in front of DC-10 engine, 1970s

Opening of Rijeka Airport, May 2, 1970

Inex-Adria poster, 1977

Zadar Airport opening, April 19, 1969

Shell Oil advertisement campaign, 1970s

Ljubljana Airport, 1976

Shell Oil advertisement campaign, 1970s

Preparation for first class meal service on board JAT's Caravelle jet, 1965

JAT cabin crew at Dubrovnik Airport, 1963

Adria's first A320 preparing for delivery in Toulouse, 1989

Poster announcing the arrival of JAT's first B727 in Zagreb, June 14, 1974

Yugo cars being transported onto DC-10, 1988

Inex-Adria DC-9 at Arlanda Airport, March, 1974

Ljubljana Airport, 1970s

Sheremetyevo Airport, August 1, 1965

On board JAT's Caravelle, 1960s

Ad for JAT's Belgrade - Karachi - Singapore - Sydney service, 1970s

Skopje Airport, 1963

JAT Caravelle ad, 1965

Adria recruitment ad, 1988

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1980S

Zagreb Airport, 1970s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1982

Bled Airport, 1964

Split Airport, 1960s

Cargo loading onto a JAT DC-10, 1988

Flight JU581 taking off from Sydney

Handover of Inex Adria's new DC-9, Long Beach, 1976

JAT adm 1960s

Pan Am B707 at Belgrade Airport, 1964

JAT ad, 1980s

Adria Airways magazine ad, 1988

JAT Caravelle ad, 1965