Adria expands Priština offer

Adria to launch 4 new routes out of Priština
Slovenia’s Adria Airways will be introducing several new seasonal routes from its second base – Priština. Up until now Adria has operated direct flights from Priština to Ljubljana, Frankfurt and Munich. This summer the airline is introducing flights to Brussels, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen and Paris Charles De Gaulle.

On June 2 Adria will launch a 2 weekly service to Brussels (flight details) with its Airbus A319. Flights will operate until September 29. The service will be in direct competition with Jetairfly, which will launch its flights from Brussels to Priština a few days later, on June 10. Adria will also connect Priština with France’s main airport with a 1 weekly service from June 18 to September 17 (flight details), Copenhagen once per week from June 21 to August 9 (flight details) and Dusseldorf, also once per week, from July 16 to September 3 (flight details).

Priština Airport will see several other new seasonal services this summer. Norwegian Air Shuttle will launch flights from Gothenburg and Oslo (flight details), Helvetic Airways from Berne in Switzerland (flight details), while Belle Air Europe will launch a scheduled new service to Stuttgart.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX12:22

    that make sense !! congrats to JP

  2. Anonymous14:57

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  3. Anonymous16:33


    Trust me they don't care about politics on that. It is pure business!

    And even if it is politics it is reality!

  4. Anonymous16:59

    Shame on you, anonymous #1!!This is blog dedicated to aviation, not to frustrations of some narrow minded individuals.If JP sees sense of operating out of PRN as well why not?!

  5. Anonymous17:06

    anonymous #1 deserves to get deleted

    that means no JP-SKP base, right?

  6. Anonymous19:49

    Skopje offers other opportunities and it would mean JP could utilise there whole fleet

  7. Anonymous21:16

    On a strictly business note, this may not be a good move for Adria. Serbia's province has a population with over 50% unemployed and more than that below the poverty line. How do they plan on making money from them? I am not kidding on this one: the so-called Kosovo government and criminals will be the main people traveling. This undermines Adria's reputation and business perspective as it is already struggling on its home market.

    On a political note, shame on Adria.

  8. Aleks Nikolic USA21:27

    last anonymous, i TOTALLY agree with you.. its over 50% , i dont know what so called "experts" claim that Kosovo has 16% unemployment, which is bull.... people in Kosovo can barely travel within their own "country"... plus Kosovars are real poor, so yeah. GDP per capita is somewhere around 2,700 - 3,000 $ every year.... that is HORRIBLE. If Adria sells one way ticket for about $5, maybe the Kosovars will consider travelling on the 5$ flights haha....

  9. Anonymous21:59

    Adria Airways is a Slovene national carrier so I can't see where is a national interest in this (I know biusiness is business ... but still and for who).
    Kosovo market will not save Adria.

  10. Purger22:13

    Kosovo have huge Diaspora. So many Kosovars work in Switzerland, Germany, France...

    PRN airport have some 1.300.000 pax and no national company. Traffic rise some 10% a year. Because of that Adria decision is absolutely clever.

    Even to combine LJU + PRN would make their prime business less expensive. If you fly from LJU to FRA 4 times a day + once a day from PRN (one day also once per day from SKP and once per day from BNX) you will have bigger discount + your workers in FRA will earn their salary easier.

  11. JU520 BEGLAX22:32

    Edelweiss (Swiss) and Air Berlin (Belair) have usually 2-3 daily flights ZRH-PRN. on the weekends 3-4 depending on the season.

    I sometimes don t believe but you can t imagine how many times LX operates with A321 on this route.
    Today they served it with A321, tomorrow they have an A321.
    The populaton in Kosovo probably does not have the money to travel, but for sure their diaspora here in Switzerland or elsewhere fills the planes to PRN

    Let s be happy for JP and let s hope that JU will return one day again to PRN

  12. Anonymous22:39

    In my opinion this strategy is the cleverest ADRIA could developp.
    This company had to focus on its core business: the Balkans.
    By offering direct flights to Brussels and Paris they act with a lot of intelligence. They just fill a vacuum and answer to REAL demands from the passengers. Do not forget that, in addition to the diaspora, many internationals do live and work in Kosovo. Brussels is the EU capital and hosts NATO Headquarters...

  13. Anonymous02:33

    @last Anonymous

    You are right, the international community is the prime reason for the passenger increase in the Kosovo province. However, it is difficult to justify that Adria's move is clever when Croatia and Serbia have just re-established air links with their respective airlines, making them even more competitive and those flights WILL SURELY have immense positive effects on their flights. Adria can barely survive in its own market, that is a FACT.

    It has been proven (even on Discovery, BBC, and the Travel Network) that a lot of travel in Serbia's southern province is usually around criminals in some form or another. The diaspora is a significant factor, and actually the largest contributor to the rising amount of airlines, but the fact is that with over 50% of the population unemployed, and predicted to rise, and the small amount of diplomatic recognition, it becomes hard to see a positive side to this new base.

    If anywhere, Skopje should be a primary target for Adria. JAT tried to do something there and still failed. Skopje and Ohrid are pretty much relying on Belgrade for transfer flights, and would definitely be a better option than Pristina. However, if it is going to help another Serbian airport succeed, then by all means go ahead.

    Also, shame on Slovenia for putting business which is not even profitable, ahead of something more valuable than money...

  14. Jeebusman02:42

    Interesting views from all. For the record, when I say "Kosovo" I am referring to the Serbian province.

    However, like the latest Anonymous said, Adria's move is just as good as trading Kobe Bryant for Beno Udrih in the NBA. The primary target is politicians/international organizations that must work in Kosovo, and diaspora. The local population cannot help unless criminals use the planes as transport, which only high-end criminals use in Kosovo. I highly doubt local drug dealers will use a plane to get to a destination, but anything is possible.

    I agree that Skopje would have been the better choice, especially because JAT failed and would gladly give up its position to Adria due to its current predicament. Adria's hub, Maribor, is a piece of shit that is going down and Ljubljana is not getting close to Belgrade and Zagreb's numbers. With Skopje, Adria could do some real damage and take over as the leading carrier in the region. However, they took a real gamble that I am not sure will pay off.

    In the end, Adria should have opened a base in Skopje. It would not anger Serbia, it would give them more passengers, more money, and a larger reputation. But what is done is done, and I predict the airline will suffer badly because of this move. Do not expect to see Adria Airways in the near future.

  15. Anonymous05:47

    Why are y'all Serbian bitches hating that the country of Kosovo is doing good and that Adria sees succes in pristina. So get your head out of your ass and face reality that Kosovo has nothing to do with serbia and NEVER WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. AirKoryoTU-20407:45

    A very delusional person.

  17. Just FYI guys, in SU10, adria sent during the July and August, many times A319+A320 for the day flight and A319 for the night one, so you can have an idea why they put one plane over there for direct flights.