Record July for Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines popular in 2011
In July Croatia Airlines carried 227.791 passengers, the most it has ever done so in a single month. The number is an improvement of 16% compared to July 2010. Furthermore, the airline carried 4.200 passengers more this July than during the same month in 2008, when the airline set its annual passenger record, which it looks to beat this year. In the first 7 months of 2011, Croatia Airlines welcomed 1.065.913 passengers, an 18% increase on last year. The figures also represent the highest number of passengers the airline has carried in the first 7 months of the year since it began operations back in 1991. The average cabin load factor stands at 65.6%, an increase of 6.4%.

However, the airline’s losses are also extremely high. So far this year Croatia Airlines has made a loss of 13.4 million Euros. The airline blames high fuel prices for the loss. It also argues that its financial performance has somewhat improved compared to last year.

Many Croatian airports have also set passenger records in July. More on this in the monthly Croatian airport review later on in the month.


  1. Anonymous10:29


    Results for July for both Belgrade airport and Jat have been posted. Also it inculdes the change when compared to last year.

  2. ivan11:44

    good for beograd and jat too, but this is an article about croatia airlines, so don't hijack it with jat's finantial results.
    glad to see that Croatia Airlines doing good passenger wise. Finantial troubles remedy - put smonebody smart in a manager position not a HDZ puppet players.

  3. Good Job Croatia Airlines, if these numbers continue then positive financial results should be just around the corner.

  4. Anonymous14:08

    Congratulations Croatia Airlines!

  5. Anonymous14:34

    Excellent OU. Congratulations!

  6. Anonymous16:16

    Gratulations to Croatia Airlines !
    btw: thanks for info from
    first anonymous !

    I have to say that I`m a big fan of
    OU`s colour sheme...
    simple but very elegant !

  7. Peter from Sydney16:22

    A cabin load factor of 65.6% is still pretty poor!

  8. b73717:00

    off topic:

    da li može neko da mi kaže datum ove prve slike sa stjuardesom iz ove vesti Da li je to na aerodromu Skoplje slikano. Hvala

  9. Anonymous17:54

    OT : BEG JULY: 384 256 Pax

    1.01 - 31.07.2011 : 1.719 Mio Pax

  10. Anonymous19:58

    Please give us some more info about centar of the world Belgrade and JAT.

    From now on only Serbia should be covered - only bad news about other ex-yu countries should be covered.

    Who cares if Croatia/Croatia Airlines has the highest numbers of passengers,.

  11. Anonymous20:00

    Yes and with the highest number of passengers they have one of the highest debt and losses...

    So techincally this kind of news does not help them.

  12. Anonymous20:20

    Dear, on the home page there is a banner called flag counter. Serbia is No1 rated there with most visits from Serbia. Doesn't it explain the interest in the "Center of the World"

  13. Anonymous20:40

    Croatia Airlines is the BEST airline in the ex YU region whether youblike it or not! It's fleet is on average 7.3 years old, it flies most passengers by far, it is a member of Star Alliance, the biggest and most prestigious alliance in the world. Its three hubs generate 5 million passengers! So don't worry about its debt, you stare not going to be paying for it, we will, and are happy to do so! And what alliance does JAT belong to? Ooops, NONE!
    Can you travel to all of JAT's destinations without visas!?
    Croats don't even need a visa for Vanada, the USA embassy automatically issue 10 year visas because in a couple of years we will not need visas at all.
    So take your negative comment and shove it where planes don't fly!

  14. Anonymous22:33

    @Last anoymous:

    That is just wonderful. Especially the fact that they are a member of that biggest airline alliance so that they could only concentrate on feeding LH's network.
    Naturally that makes sense since they are the ones that founded them.

    That young fleet was brought there by the government and not by Croatia's succesful operation.

    As for that, travelling to destinations without visas, can you please elaborate which destinations did you have in mind. The only one that comes to my mind is Dubai (a destination where your precious OU doesn't even fly to with their brand new aircraft). But everyone needs a visa to go there.

    You can speak what you want regarding Jat but they are managing to survive even if they are facing 30 airlines at their home airport. With that and an unefficient fleet they have still managed to reverse the negative passenger trend.

  15. Anonymous22:39

    Pljuj, pljuj i pljuj.

    JAT, Ssbija, Beograd - mi i samo mi smo najbolji.

    Naravno da OU i HR ne može biti uspješnija po ničemu od nas. Bez obzira što brojke govore.

    Sva sreća JAT posluje s dobiti.

  16. Anonymous00:12

    Serbian citizens need a visa to travel to the UK for example. No visa necessary for Schengen countries but, you can only stay up to 90 days within a 6 month period. You may also be asked to provide a proof of financial means to stay within this zone.
    Of course, you need a visa for Canada, USA, and Australia.

    you mention that OU is a feeder for LH, so what? OU also has a deal with other Star Alliance member United Airlines which means that our travel transfer in EU hubs to North America will be timely and short. They also code share.

    No matter how much you try to eleveate JAT or BGD airport we will not be impressed because the facts do not support your claims.

    A believe that BGD airport will eventually have 4 or 4.5 million pax/year but it will not become a hub, at least not for Croats or Slovenes. We can use FRA or MUC or CDG until OU inaugurates transcontinental flights (or at least till they start flying here).

    Someone here also said that BG has a lot more to offer than ZG. Well, it may be so in your heads but itis only a wishful thinking: statistics do not support this claim. Hordes of tourists are simply NOT flocking to BG.

  17. Anonymous00:53

    Hey guys ,
    I was the One adding those BEG
    numbers .
    Stop with that Fuss now !
    All that Complaining is nothing more
    than childish Behaviour .
    Have more Respect !
    btw I`m Croat myself.

  18. Anonymous01:03

    Congratulations to best Ex-Yu airline company! Really like to fly with them, especially their catering :)

  19. Anonymous01:35

    "That young fleet was brought there by the government and not by Croatia's succesful operation".

    That is not true. Planes are on the leasing or are paid by Croatia Airlines not gouvernment. Not one of them...

    But in same time planes that Jat fly today + expensive slots + offices abroad etc. were paid by citisen of Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo, not just Serbia.

  20. Anonymous10:43

    Of course Borger (BGD) airport will not become a hub for Croats and Slovenes, it's in the freaking US ;)

    As for Jat's planes and who financed them, let's not kid ourself with who actually funded Yugoslavia and which member state was the only one with an industry, it sure as hell wasn't Croatia or Slovenia.
    All you had were fields and serfs who served the Austrians and Hungarians. You were so good at fighting that the Austrian emperor invited the Serbs to settle there and defend the lands against any potential Ottoman invasion. That is how the Serbs came to Croatia. Not to mention that we didn't have to pay any taxes to the Croatian nobles and we could freely organize our communities as we pleased.

  21. Anonymous11:14

    Anpnymous above.

    Yuo have no clue what you are talking about.