B&H to cancel Banja Luka - Copenhagen

Now you see it now you don’t … B&H dumps Banja Luka after four flights
On December 1 B&H Airlines will launch its new service from Banja Luka to Copenhagen, with the flights originating in Sarajevo. However, the service won’t stick for long as the airline plans to drop the route after four flights and operate a direct two weekly service from the Bosnian capital. On October 30, B&H temporarily suspended its Sarajevo - Copenhagen flights and announced the route would receive an additional stop in Banja Luka from December. At the time the airline stressed that the flights would operate until at least March 2012.

Although the suspension of the Banja Luka flights will be welcomed by those boarding in Sarajevo as it will reduce flight time, it is more bad news for Banja Luka Airport. Adria Airways recently cancelled its service to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city as well. Still, the airport will continue to see flights to Zurich operated by B&H Airlines which also originate from Sarajevo.

As a result of the Banja Luka - Copenhagen suspension, flights from Sarajevo will now operate nonstop with an Airbus A319, a welcome changed compared to the ATR72 which was originally planned for the Sarajevo - Banja Luka - Copenhagen flights. The last service from Banja Luka to the Danish capital will operate on December 12 while the first direct flight from Sarajevo will be inaugurated on December 17. No official reason has been given as to why the flights are being shelved although low interest is a strong possibility.


  1. Anonymous09:09

    A BIG MESS!!!!! Nothing else but mess!

  2. JU520 BEGLAX10:02

    its a for sure all politics...

    bosnian serbs push government in SJJ to have also rights for international flights. They went that far that they subsidized 1.5 year long JP flihgts to LJU with an average load factor of 10% and huge losses for the government

    some of them still rather push their head thru the wall rather than accepting that a country like Bosnia at the moment has not more biz than for one airport

  3. Anonymous10:11

    The biggest problem with BH Airlines it that their not PROMOTING the routes! Come on!!! You cant djust start a route without making a adjudgement! / Philswe

  4. Anonymous10:25

    From the beginning it was known that the line will not be profitable. Who will fly from Banja Luka to Copenhagen, people have no money. Better to have a line back to Vienna and Frankfurt.

  5. Anonymous11:20

    BH Airlines have obviously no strategy or business plan. How do they make decisions? Upon throwing the cube?

  6. Anonymous11:22

    No promoting, high prices, bad destinations, as a result of unprofesional goverment an people in charge of... When you take all that in consideration, its normal that BNX is dead airport. People wanna fly, but ZG is much chepaer.

  7. Anonymous11:56

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  8. Anonymous13:06

    Agree with some comments above, people certainly do fly from/to Banja Luka and the region. As for B&H Airlines, that is a joke, no marketing whatsoever, route is introduced a few weeks before starting without being mentioned anywhere or advertised, prices outrageous, VERY bad choice of destinations. All in all, bad organisation and there is nothing else to say. You would be surprised how many people form BL fly from ZAG and BEG, wish someone was doing statistics for that too.

  9. A bit off topic, but the CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker, has given an interview in which he announces the launch of 15 new routes in 2012. Besides Zagreb, Qatar Airways is also to launch Doha - Belgrade.

  10. JU520 BEGLAX15:29

    Qatar Airways, the second-biggest Arab carrier, plans to roll out up to 15 new routes over the next year in a bid to increase its share of the lucrative long-haul market.

    “We are going to add three more new destinations within a few weeks into Iran so that we serve that very large market in a very strong way,” CEO Akbar Al Baker told Arabian Business.

    “We are also planning to go to Perth, Zagreb, Belgrade, Kiev, Helsinki, St Petersburg and many other destinations within the next 12 months. Fifteen new destinations in the next 12 months.”

    Qatar Airways is one of the world’s largest buyers of new aircraft, last week adding five Airbus A380 superjumbos and 50 A320neos to its order book in a $6.5bn deal with Airbus.

  11. JU520 BEGLAX15:32

    that s perferct news for Belgrade too and congtratulions from Switzerland to the city of Belgrade for this terrific new achievement..

    one week and I hear Radission Blu,Kempinski and now QR and this all for Belgrade........wow cooooooool

    so ZAG and BEG citizens finally you can party together

  12. Anonymous16:32

    -_- I dont know why they are still trying with B&H Airlines? If JAT gets new aircraft maybe they can base some aircraft in Sarajevo or just get more connecting pax from Banja Luka (I believe they will continue the route in some time?) and from Sarajevo.

    Good news for BEG and ZAG then! But will it be one Doha - Beograd - Zagreb flight, or separate? They still haven't announced official details, but I believe it will start for summer season 2012 :)

    Who said Qatar said they would never consider going into the balkans?! hAHAHA :) thats why i say, never say never.

  13. Anonymous16:38

    what does this mean to FlyDubai in Belgrade? and I know there are a lot of Serbs in Perth who could transfer in doha?

    would Qatar codeshare with JAT so JAT could have transfer pax? i know they dont have that with FlyDubai..

  14. Anonymous17:19

    When are this routes by Qatar Airways going to start?

  15. VisitBengaluru!17:23

    If it is true with Qatar, then congrats to Zagreb...and Belgrade !

    For B&H , maybe everyone here has other opinion but flying direct to European destinations from Sarayevo
    is the best thing that could
    happen !

    It is simply nonsense to fly stopovers for such relative short distances !
    As well via Vienna ,Zagreb or Banjaluka !

    Sarayevo in every case can have profitable direct flights !

  16. Anonymous18:36

    So, what does this mean? Is now BEG better than ZAG? Or is ZAG better because they got announced first?

    Fun part aside, I would like to see separate flights between the two, but is this likely to happen? If not, BEG pax are going to have an upper hand there because their flight is going to be at least 1 hour shorter. So, that makes BEG better?

  17. Anonymous18:43

    Belgrade is only short mentioned in a
    sentence somewhere on web - nothing official - only so by the way.
    As long there is nothing official
    i wil call it only a rumour...stupid arguing all the time ...Belgrade here ...Belgrade there....

  18. Anonymous19:04

    @ last anonymous

    the CEO of qatar airways said today that they are launching ".... zagreb, belgrade "... but a couple of days ago they only mentioned zagreb, so they must have recently decided to add belgrade... nothing is official for zagreb? for both destinations they said in 2012..hah

  19. Anonymous20:29

    BHA cancellation of BNX flight is direct result of Adria's cancellation.

    BHA is in completely different position agains BNX then before.

    They can ask whatever they would like to.

  20. Anonymous22:14

    To me those announcements sound totally confusing!

    First they announce Zagreb only.
    Some days later also Belgrade.

    What i fear is that we get Zagreb to Doha not nonstop but with stopover in Belgrade!?

  21. Anonymous22:29

    ^ maybe they will also sell tickets on BEG - ZAG route? who knows...

  22. SU31622:39


    "What i fear is that we get Zagreb to Doha not nonstop but with stopover in Belgrade!?"

    LOL, and why do you fear that?
    Zagreb will not be non-stop in any case, be it with Belgrade or not. Haha. You're so funny. Your short-lived celebration already ended. Welcome back to reality.

  23. Anonymous22:40

    This is a huge blow to all the proud guys from few days ago. Next step will probably be to cancel Zagreb totally in favour of Belgrade. They already realized their mistake. In any case Zagreb can't get non-stop, unless they want empty planes.

  24. Anonymous22:41

    Dear Alex,
    A lot of people seem to ignore you...but as i have more and more the impression ...it could happen that you are right in your assumptions.

    It seems to me that Belgrade next year not only will see direct flights to Qatar ...but also to Zagreb!?

  25. Anonymous22:48

    To SU 316:
    Please let me alone with this
    stupid accusations!

    I dont have anything against Qatar Airways flying to Belgrade...
    but i would also like to see those flights to Zagreb happen nonstop!

    I dont have to explain you the advantages of nonstop flights.

  26. Anonymous23:18

    with all due respect, in a very long run... Zagreb will be more visited and Belgrade.
    Belgrade will be happy to maintain roughly the same # of pax as Zagreb.

    This is in the period 2020 and after. Both cities are performing way under their potential. But, seriously Serbia only has to offer the city, while from Zagreb you can go anywhere in Croatia that's increasingly becoming a worldwide hit.

  27. Anonymous23:55

    nobody can know until it happens people i say this all the time..... and um no serbia has much more to offer than just belgrade, museums, spas, and other very friendly people, along with other things, and if they codeshare maybe jat could get transfer pax from qatar to zagreb, pula, split, and dubrovnik, thus filling planes and making profit? then croatia could enjoy it too, even though it isent direct?

    @ 3rd last anonymous, haha well thank you i try to make assumptions i think are reasonable but still nobody knows anything for sure until it happens...

    i just dont see qatar flying to zagreb and belgrade both, but hey its their planes and money, so we will see what happens, i mean people think i bash croatia but i would love nothing more than to see croatia rise as well as serbia and all the airports!

    sve naj za SVIMA, ne samo specificne nationalosti :)

  28. Anonymous23:55

    You last anonymous are correct in regard to tourism of foreigners who come to Ex Yu...
    but you forget people from Cro and Srb especially will have in future more money to fly to foreign countries like Thailand etc.
    This will add to numbers even more.
    If Srb is really so boring then a lot of Serbs will travel by plane to see more interesting countries !

  29. Anonymous23:57

    and some people got mad at me because my youtube is named "SRPSKAchetnik" by my cousin, which honestly i have no clue what a chetnik is and i could give less of a shit..

  30. Anonymous23:58

    @ last anonymous.

    If I remember correctly it was only the other day when it was announced that jat with connect Belgrade to 3 of the Croatian coast destinations, thus Zagreb losing its upper hand on the coastal connections within the ex-yu. Not only that but Belgrade is also connected to tivat and every capital city within ex-yu (not including Zagreb). If you ask me that's a pretty good regional hub these days considering a new destination within this area starts every year.

    Whole point is, I'm Serb and I was happy that Zagreb was getting flights operated by Qatar but we were accused of jealousy and nothing more. Now look, only a few days later and all these comments are either jealousy or hatred towards the Serbs.

    Why can't everyone be happy that these countries are finally going to be standing out just that bit more. Wasting your life hating on people because of where they come from is sad. At the end of the day we're all going to die anyway.

    Greetings from Australia :)