Belgrade closes in on three million

Three million mark to be surpassed soon
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is expected to handle its third millionth passenger for the year next week, for the first time since 1988. In November, Belgrade Airport welcomed a total of 215.113 passengers, an increase of 17.7% compared to the same month last year. This is despite the fact that there were 142 flights less this November than last. By the end of November the airport handled a total of 2.906.949 passengers, an increase of 16%. Since opening its doors in 1962, Belgrade Airport has managed to handle over three million passengers within a year on only two occasions, in 1987 when it reached its historic record of 3.311.951 passengers and 1988 when it saw 3.277.537 people use its services.

With a gloomy economic outlook for the European continent next year, it remains to be seen how air travel will be affected. Still, Belgrade Airport has secured several new services for next year with its main customer Jat Airways launching new routes. Norwegian Air Shuttle will commence flights from Copenhagen on May 4, its third destination to Belgrade along with Oslo and Stockholm. Flight details for the new service can be viewed here. Furthermore, Qatar Airways has said it will also launch flights to the Serbian capital but no firm dates have been given. It also remains to be seen whether Wizz Air will open any new destinations from its base.

With 2011 coming to a close, Belgrade will be the busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia with Zagreb Airport, which has also recorded historic growth, firmly in second place. However, it will be a sprint to the finish line between Ljubljana and Priština as they battle for the title of third busiest airport in the EX-YU region, with Priština currently having the upper hand.


  1. Geronimo09:06

    When are the construction work supposed to begina at the airport?.
    I know that they have a new business lounge but thats the text in august it stood that the will change and expand starting this autumn.
    If somebody knows anything please share your knowledge!
    Thanks in advance!
    Maintain the good work Beg airport!:

  2. Anonymous09:06

    It's also worth mentioning that SkyWork will be adding more flights to its Bern-Belgrade route as well as the 4th daily Austrian Airlines' flight which wasn't there during the summer season 2011. Same goes with Niki and it's additional 5 frequencies to Belgrade.

  3. Anonymous09:56


    Works on airport expansion begins in the next few days !!!!!! In the past two years the airport has invested in new equipment (for the reception of the plane, security ...) and now moves to the expansion and renovation of the airport! And most important of all these investments are financed by the airport! Airport will not raise a loan!

  4. Anonymous10:22

    What are the stages for the reconstruction of the airport? Belgrade Airport is so horrible with the low ceilings and all that 1980s style.

  5. Peter from Sydney10:45

    I love the 1980s looks HAHA. If they could keep it retro that would be cool.

  6. Anonymous11:22

    @ Last Anonymous - You've obviously not been to Zagreb airport - arguably one of the ugliest and most out-dated of all capital cities in Europe.

  7. Anonymous14:21

    a good number of those 3 million are from Lufthansa:

    Lufthansa Group to post record 500,000 passengers out of Serbia in 2011, airline official says.

  8. JU520 BEGLAX14:38

    last anonymous:

    LH group would be LX,LH,OS for BEG

    what I see from the pictures BEG airport does not looks so bad. at least the part which has been refurbished. And as anonymous at 1122h said, ZAG and also LJU are for sure worse..

    BTW: i like the new webpage of OU

  9. BSL-BEG14:40

    Can somebody tell me, when is this useless security in front each single gate gonna disappear?

  10. Geronimo14:57

    Thanks for the info anonymous!
    Looking forward for improvements.

  11. How is possible that Dublin a city of 1 million people have 18 million air passengers per year and whole ex yu
    (23 million people )cant reach that number of passengers?

  12. @Mike

    Usually people say we don't have a flying culture. I think it also has to do with economics as more Irish people are able to afford to fly. Other than that Dublin also has connections. I have actually flow from the US and connected in Dublin going to the ex-YU.

  13. Anonymous19:22

    No plans and no ideas have the airlines for belgrade...what happened with Wizzair?
    Good loadfacters but no interest to increase frequency or to open new destinations....
    Next year will become the most boring year in Ex Yu Aviation.

  14. Anonymous19:54

    BSL-BEG said...
    Can somebody tell me, when is this useless security in front each single gate gonna disappear?

    As soon as departing and arriving pax get separated. It is one of the goals of the upcoming reconstruction - I think they will be adding another floor above the existing one for corridors for incoming passangers, leading either to passport control and baggage claim, or security check and then back to departures area.

    I actually preferred black/green BEG, as it once was :) Current T2 is an attempt to be modern, with cheap material in a building which was not supposed to look like that. But hey, there are only few airports in Europe which escaped that fate, such as MUC, MAD T4, LHR T5.

  15. Anonymous21:28

    Would like to know how Flydubai is doing ?

  16. Anonymous22:37

    Interesting how Star Alliance is dominating in Belgrade.
    Although they share the same conditions as their competitors they really make Belgrade a success for them!
    Im not surprised they are the leading alliance in the world.
    They really know its customer base in BEG and deliver best service...i would call it devotion to business!
    When you see what Sky Team and Oneworld do...or better do not...
    Instead of upgrading aircraft and frequencies they only codeshare with Jat-and so help Jat to
    survive with worse product.
    BA does not fly more to BEG and
    Malev will probably follow now as partner American Airlines declared bankrupcy.
    Jat really profits by being sole operator on routes of Milan,Dusseldorf and Berlin.
    Alitalia easily could serve Milan-Belgrade daily nonstop with at least A320...Rome-Beg is already very succesful despite Jat and Wizzair competition!
    Biggest surprise is Wizzair...some flights are booked out so early that flying with them becomes more and more expensive in way of being no more low cost.
    So that they dont introduce new destinations and upgrade already existing flights only minimal seems strange a lot.
    When i see how monopoly of Jat on certain routes is not touched by any competitor ...then i have feeling that maybe government is involved in this.
    Maybe still some sort of hidden protectionism?

  17. Anonymous02:25

    I hate Lufthansa Group decision to let OE run Star operations in BEG. VIE as a hub is nothing compared to FRA, MUC or even to some extent DUS and BER - and we see in last few years only VIE and ZRH get more frequencies, while Germany routes stay the same.

  18. Anonymous07:06

    One reason is economic aspect, for sure..
    The other one is, more important, cause Ireland is island and thus much harder to reach by trains and most frequently used means of transportation - road transport!
    I think you knew the answer you just did not think hard enough!

  19. Anonymous07:31

    Pula, Zadar, Split & Dubrovnik airports are 22nd century for BEG.

    Is there any render of BEG future?

  20. Anonymous18:13

    @last anon

    Search exyu archive, there was something during summer, I believe.

  21. Anonymous18:57

    @lufthansa in BEG: they grew so much that they kicked JAT from miles&more (starting april 2012)

  22. Anonymous19:04

    Someone asked for flydubai flights. They are not going too well. About 30 PAX each way on each flight and that’s still with the promo holiday package to Dubai. They haven’t taken any of the connecting PAX from JU to Australia.

  23. Anonymous20:24

    Then thats the end for Belgrade...suspension of Flydubai flights already early next year and so also no Qatar Airways or
    Emirates ever!
    Serbia is totally insignificant market and not worth any decent airlines!
    When ever someone thinks on Belgrade he will remember failure of FZ.
    Belgrade a waste of time and money!
    Zagreb is the better alternative...

  24. Anonymous20:38

    To Anonymous 6:57,
    Yes! And when they kicked Jat out of miles&more they will grow
    even faster!

    But Oneworld and Skyteam are
    really sleeping as codeshare with Jat only profits Jat.
    Good for Jat!
    Its no surprise that Skyteam and Oneworld go downhill...instead to open new destinations and to compete with Star Alliance they
    let their work do others!

    Look Qantas ,they even wanted to create a new airline which would replace them...only to save labour costs!
    Desperate measures to avoid breakdown ...but without success!

  25. Anonymous21:17

    There is a good chance that Belgrade might enter the top 100 airports this year or next year.

  26. Anonymous22:54

    Forget Belgrade....
    it is not worth all the attention...

  27. Anonymous00:36

    ahahhahahaha, koja kolicina ljubomore...! pa ja sam skandalizovana! :D
    decki, javite se kad neki aerodrom zauzme prvo mesto umesto visedecenijskog pobednika ;))) :***

  28. Anonymous07:19

    Не вреди обраћати пажњу на љубоморне паћенике. Није наш проблем што Београд напредује док они већ деценијама не могу да обнове њихов аеродром.
    Драго ми је да коначно Београд постаје оно што треба да буде. Судећи по свему 2012. година ће бити још боља.
    Очекујем да ће ове године достићи 3.100.000 а следеће можда већ 3.300.000.

  29. Anonymous07:48

    JAT & BEG are used by Serbs only and expansion of both (JAT & BEG) is just about at the end.

    To be jealous on such situation, when most of passengers (JAT & BEG) are in fact Serbian economic refuges and emigrants, is pathetic.

    Unfortunately for entire region, Serbia is staying behind in every aspect instead of leading in economic and cultural development.

    It is not even candidate for EU yet. Wish all the best in that sense at today's Brussels EU meeting.

  30. Anonymous08:13

    So what if Serbia is not a candidate country? For a country to be successful it doesn't have to be part of the EU.
    Also, let's not forget that the first idea of the European Union came about in 1930s when Yugoslavia/Serbia and France with the help of Czechoslovakia and Romania tried to establish it however due to the situation in Europe at that time the idea failed.

    Every nation in this world goes through ups and downs. Serbia is currently in its down phase but at least it has a history of which it can be proud.

  31. Anonymous09:01

    Pre-war record for LDZA wasn't even 1,9 mil. This year it'll be 2,3.
    Belgrade still hasn't reached its pre-war record and in a medium-lenght time it'll stay below 4 mil. Zagreb will beat all that within next few years.

  32. Anonymous10:02

    Before Serbia can enter EU it has to go downhill more fast.
    Look at as we are totally owned by foreigners we
    are allowed to enter.

    Joining EU for Croatia is not beginning of something new,but completion of something what already began 1991.

    This independence was only an short lived fact it was only a process of transition.
    Croatian people FEEL it...that explains our inconvenience
    The Croatia of 2015 will be totally different of that of 1995.
    Not to mention that of 1975...

  33. Anonymous10:43

    Јесте да има будала и код нас, али овај болесник што је поставио хрпу глупих и злих коментара о БЕГ треба да почне да се лечи што пре...Нема разлога да толико брине о БЕГ, јер је он на добром путу.
    А да би ЗАГ и помислио да има више путника од БЕГ, најпре треба инфраструктура да то и испрати, јер постојећи терминал то нема, осим ако не почну да чекирају те нове стотине хиљада путника на некој ливади поред аеродрома.
    Леп дан свима.

  34. VisitBengaluru!10:54

    I can not read cyrillic but it looks fabulous !

  35. Anonymous13:19

    Па шта им ми можемо, свако ће да кроји своју будућност. Не схватам само како мисли да ће Загреб икада претећи Београд када је Кроациан у потпуно истој септичкој јами као и Јат.
    И сами аеродроми на обали немају тако велики број путника посебно ако се упореде са осталим туристичким местима у ширем региону. Поразно треба да буде за њих то што ће Србија имати два аеродрома у топ три на крају године док Хрвати са својом моћном туристичком привредом ће заузети само друго место, Загреб.
    Али ајде, они су одувек били већи Католици од Папе док ми Срби нисмо никада имали појма о животу.

  36. Anonymous00:32

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  37. Spoiled Brat01:18

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  38. Stimme der Vernunft01:26

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