Good year for Priština Airport

Construction of Priština’s new terminal on schedule
By the end of October Priština Airport handled 1.212.856 passengers and is on track to improve on its 2010 end of year result when it saw 1.305.533 passengers. It is also on course to become the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia, after Belgrade and Zagreb, unless Dubrovnimk sees strong numbers in November and December. The airport has seen a strong increase in traffic throughout the year with Germanwings recently launching several new routes to Priština. Vienna topped the list of busiest routes to and from Priština this year followed by Istanbul, Budapest, Munich and Zurich. Ljubljana was the only city in the former Yugoslavia making it into the top ten position, at seventh place. Adria Airways remains the biggest carrier operating out of Priština followed by Austrian and Belle Air Europe. Turkish Airlines managed sixth place, British Airways ninth while Croatia Airlines settled as the eleventh busiest airline from Priština.

Meanwhile, construction work on Priština’s multi million Euro terminal is ongoing. The investment is worth 120 million Euros and will see the construction of a new terminal stretching over 42.000 square metres, a new control tower, an apron able to accommodate nine Boeing 737 jets, three air bridges, a car park for 1.750 vehicles, a new access road from the city to the airport and the widening of taxiways. A total of 150 people will work inside the new terminal, expected to open in January 2013.


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  2. Anonymous12:03

    š :)

  3. Anonymous12:17

    By the end of October Dubrovnik Airport handled 1.303.829 passengers which is quite a bit more than Pristine.

    So, Pristina is NOT the third busiest airport in former Yugoslavia!

  4. Anonymous12:30

    Bravo Pristina...nalazite se u prelijepoj zemlji Kosovu - iskoristite je sto vise jer imate velike potencijale! Treba vama puno novca da se pocnete vise graditi! (Nova zemlja = novi pocetak)

    Pozdrav iz maglovitog Zagreba! ;)

  5. Anonymous12:52

    "So, Pristina is NOT the third busiest airport in former Yugoslavia!"

    It will be by the end of the year because DBV has very few passengers in NOV and DEC.

  6. Anonymous16:12

    Is it Adria Airways the public airline (tax payers) of SLovenia a Kosovo airline?

  7. zvonar17:37

    Ironija kada ce i Pristina i Skopje imati vece zracne luke od kutije sibica (ZLZ) ;)...

  8. Anonymous18:10

    Good result for a colony...
    Long live the neo-colonialism !

  9. Anonymous18:30

    To Anonymous 4:12,
    Yes,Adria is national airline of Kosovo.
    But as nobody in Kosovo pays taxes at all, it is registered as "national airline" of Slovenia.

    So even with independence Slovenians pay for so called ex Yu republics .

    Without money from EU there would
    not even exist electricity!

  10. Livnjak18:43

    To anonymous before me...
    they didnt even pay taxes in Yugoslavia!
    All the money people in Slovenia and Croatia earned,went straight to help this so called underdeveloped region.

    Every street, every school was built with our money...but it was never good enough for them!

    First they call infrastructure there "Serbian",then they ruin it and finally they want money to rebuild it.

    And who pays for it again...Slovenians and Croats!

  11. Anonymous22:32

    What is Kosovo,I am from Pakistan i never heard for that?

  12. If December 2011 will see the same amount of pax as 2010 in Dubrovnik then there will be around 1350,000 at Dubrovnik, This could be close. :)

    Also, it looks like the second phase of construction has started on Dubrovnik’s new terminal.

    Pakistani Anonymous, Kosovo is Europe’s newest country which was a province of Serbia before 2008. Serbia however will like to see it reinstated again as part of Serbia. About 87 counties have recognised Kosovo independence, obviously Serbia has not as well as Pakistan.

  13. Anonymous03:45

    We in Bosnia and Herzegovina also had to pay with our taxes for the poorer parts of the former state, like Kosovo, southern parts of Serbia, inland parts of Montenegro and Macedonia! We also earnt much money from the Olympics and from the tourism and mining all went to Belgrade's banks and the poorer parts! ...jebi ga! :(

  14. Anonymous05:08

    @Anonymous 1

    Fact check: Every important international organization that does not deal with money (ie: IMF, WB, etc.) states that Pristina is a SERBIAN city and thus Pristina Airport is a SERBIAN airport. I just wanted to clarify the facts :)

  15. Anonymous05:10

    i am curious...looking at the financial reports of the balkans it is impressive to see that pristina airport is competing for 3rd place with dubrovnik. has dubrovnik really lost that many tourists? the kosovo province and its population is one of the poorest in europe and with over 50% unemployment i cannot understand how is it that pristina can post such numbers. please someone explain this to me.

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