Priština takes bronze

Priština overtakes Ljubljana as third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia
Priština has finished 2011 as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia, for the first time since it opened its doors in 1965. The dethroned Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport fell into fourth place with Dubrovnik Airport hot on its heels. A total of six airports managed to handle more than one million passengers.

Ljubljana Airport was affected by Adria Airways’ crisis last year and its significant reduction of flights, which were felt during the months of August, November and December. Since January the airport has recorded declining or break even numbers compared to those from 2010, with the exception of April when the airport saw significant growth. As a result, Slovenia’s capital city airport welcomed just under 1.370.000 passengers, a decrease of 1.3% compared to 2010. It should be taken into account that Ljubljana was closed for almost an entire month in 2010. Since 2008, when Ljubljana saw record traffic by handling 1.673.050 passengers, its figures have steadily decreased each year. Ljubljana Airport expects lower traffic volumes and revenue in 2012. Still, the airport says that Adria’s decline should be substituted by foreign airlines and charter flights this year.

Priština Airport handled 1.422.302 passengers, an increase of almost 9%. The three busiest airlines operating out of Priština were Edelweiss, Adria Airways and Belle Air. The most popular destinations out of the city were Zurich, Vienna and Dusseldorf. As has previously been reported, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is well ahead of its competition and in 2011 strengthened its position as the busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia. Other notable achievements were recorded by Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Skopje, Ohrid and Tivat. Joining Ljubljana as the only EX-YU capital city airport to see its figures decline in 2011 was Podgorica.

Below you can review the number of handled passengers by the ten busiest airports in the former Yugoslavia in 2011:

AirportPassengers 2011Passengers 2010Change (%)
Belgrade3.124.6332.698.730 15.8
Zagreb2.319.0982.071.561 11.9
Priština1.422.3021.305.532 8.9
Ljubljana1.370.0001.388.651 1.3
Dubrovnik1.349.5011.270.062 6.3
Split1.300.3811.219.741 8.1
Skopje759.928681.080 11.6
Tivat647.169542.000 19.4
Podgorica611.666651.478 6.1
Sarajevo599.996563.266 6.5


  1. Purger10:46

    Number of passangers per country, and share in exYU number of passangers:
    1. (1. in 2010.) Croatia 39,26% (in 2010. 39,62%) - 5.617.529 (in 2010. 5.240.544)
    2. (2.) Serbia 22,01% (20,58%) - 3.149.745 (2.722.357)
    3. (4.) Kosovo 9,94% (9,87%) - 1.422.302 (1.305.532)
    4. (3.) Slovenia 9,61% (10,73%) - 1.375.000 (1.418.651)
    5. (5.) Montenegro 8,80% (9,02%) - 1.258.835 (1.193.608)
    6. (6.) Macedonia 5,83% (5,70%) - 834.280 (754.080)
    7. (7.) Bosnia and Herzegovina 4,54% (4,47%) - 649.697 (591.368)

    Your data for Croatian airports are not corect (in table are official data from CCAA):

    01. (01. in 2010.) BEG 3.124.633
    02. (02.) ZAG 2.228.515
    03. (04.) PRN 1.422.302
    04. (03.) LJU 1.370.000
    05. (05.) DBV 1.349.408
    06. (06.) SPU 1.290.821.
    07. (07.) SKP 759.928
    08. (10.) TIV 647.169
    09. (08.) TGD 611.666
    10. (09.) SJJ 599.996
    11. (11.) PUY 347.525
    12. (12.) ZAD 277.764
    13. (14.) RJK 82.713
    14. (13.) OHR 74.352
    15. (18.) OMO 36.807
    16. (16.) INI 25.112
    17. (17.) OSI 22.115
    18. (19.) BWK 12.516
    19. (20.) BNX 8.367
    20. (21.) LSZ 6.152
    21. (15.) MBX 5.000*
    22. (22.) TZL 4.527

    * procjena - nama podataka (u 2010. MBX je preuzeo dio prometa LJU radi zatvorenosti zracne luke)

  2. Anonymous11:24

    The numbers for Croatia are actually correct because CCAA published wrong data.

  3. B77712:17

    It would be interesting to see what the figures would be if Macedonia did have a National Airline.. By this I mean a proper National Airline.

  4. Purger15:14

    For me CCAA document is official. I will try to check where problem in different numbers is. If data from this article is correct there would be little, but just litter, bigger percentage in favor of Croatian traffic.

  5. Anonymous15:55

    @Purger here is an explanation I found

    Radi se o čistoj pogreški CCAA - pratim što rade u posljednja 2-3 mjeseca pa znam.
    Naime, Aerosvijet je za rezultate u prvih 10 mjeseci početkom studenog pogrešno napisao 2.083.000 pax, umjesto 2.020.000.
    Pametni iz CCAA su tu brojku prepisali, ali sljedeći mjesec. Tako da je CCAA za 1-11 izbacila 2.083.000 umjesto 2.178.000 ...
    Hence - kada zbrojimo 141.000 na krivih 2.083.000 = to je onda tih 2.228.000
    Pravi rezultat je 2.319.000 - vjerujte. Ovo je čisti nemar. Za nevjerovati...

  6. Anonymous16:08

    What is the passenger total for Ex-YU for 2011 as compared to 2010 and earlier years? And how does Ex-Yu compare to other countries in the region?


  7. Anonymous16:34

    will there be any new arrivals to BEG or ZAG or Lju this year?

  8. coafer17:20

    Not a single new arrival will see either ZAG or BEG.

    THis year a lot of airlines wil go belly up : LOT,CSA,MALEV,Adria Airways,Cimber Sterling,Olympic,
    Airbaltic and Spanair are already gone...

  9. JU520 BEGLAX17:49


    JP plans new website in 2012 with choice of several languages and albanian is taking into consideration

    PR hs confirmed that today

  10. Anonymous19:06

    JU's flight to TLV via LCA had a technical problem and after having the passengers in the plane for 01:30 they let them go back to the terminal building.

  11. Anonymous19:36

    I think its shame that BEG only attracted one new route to CPH by Norweigian. Also ZAG attracted only Qatar via BUD. WHats happening?

  12. Anonymous20:37

    Whats happening?
    Well Eurozone is sliding into a deep recession.
    How is everybody surprised?
    Does anybody of you read newspaper ?
    European economy since years is affected but still neglects reforms.
    Now it is maybe too late for bad run companies...a lot of time was wasted.
    Especially in airline business!

    If you dont solve your problems ...problem is solving you!

  13. JU520 BEGLAX20:49

    I think having QR come to ZAG is already a big achievement.

    and once economy in Europe will p/u and the western balkans countries are maintaining their reform plans, we surely will see more airline land in BEG and ZAG again. It s probably only a matter of time until a ME carrier will launch flights to Belgrado

  14. Anonymous21:04

    Stupid people of Slovenia pay taxes for a"national airline",
    which is in fact Lufthansa in disguise !

    JP is simply reduced to a feeder of LHs FRA and MUC flights !

    You think LJU or PRN are hubs of Adria?
    Look which airports have most flights of JP:
    Frankfurt and Munich !

    Have you ever benn at MUC ?
    7/7 days a week you can see there parking JP aircraft.

    Where do you sleep ? At home !

    Adria Airways flights from/to PRN
    are without doubt of use.

    Lufthansa simply needs daily flights from PRN feeding FRA and MUC !
    So why LH does not fly to PRN ?

    Well,JP is LH...
    Lufthansa Slovenia !

    If flights are not much profitable
    Slovenian taxpayers have to pay
    for 100%!
    Parent company Lufthansa does not loose a single cent !
    The losses do not appear in their statistics ...very good for their shareholders !

    The management of LH know their job very good !

    What a luck for them that Slovenians are useful idiots !

  15. Anonymous21:27


    Or, rather -
    1. (1. in 2010.) Croatia 39,26% (in 2010. 39,62%) - 5.617.529 (in 2010. 5.240.544)
    2. (2.) Serbia 31,95% (30,45%) - 4.572.047 (4.027.889)

    This is touchy, better not go there :)

  16. Anonymous23:18

    Thank you Ex Yu Aviation for this list.
    It delivers very accurate
    statistics even for airports like Pristina , Skopje and Tivat
    which normally take much time to search for.

    Can you also deliver such accurate data about loadfactor of foreign airlines flying to Ex Yu airports?

    Off topic :
    BEG in january 2012 had 214 579
    passengers (source : Belgrade airport netpage).

  17. Ashkali per jet00:55

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  18. Anonymous00:59

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  19. Anonymous01:00

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