easyJet’s Belgrade service in doubt

Serbia to give easyJet the cold shoulder?

easyJet, which plans to launch flights from Milan Malpensa Airport to Belgrade from April 19, might be knocked back by the Serbian Ministry of Transport. The low cost airline has already started selling tickets for the flights where its only competition is Jat Airways. The Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate has given a “favourable opinion” for a license to be issued, however, the Serbian Ministry of Transport is expected to give the airline the cold shoulder. “easyJet is likely to get a response from authorities this week but no decision has been made. Low cost airlines that request a licence are usually issued one if circumstances permit. However, Jat Airways already operates on this route and we do not want to put the interests of our country and national airline in danger”, Milutin Popović, the Deputy Minister for Transport in charge of aviation said yesterday.

The Serbian government has adopted a more protectionist policy of its national carrier since deciding to restructure the company and provide finances for the purchase of new aircraft. In the past four years, since Serbia began implementing the Open Sky Agreement, all airlines wishing to fly to the Serbian capital have been issued a license. Several months ago, Pegasus Airlines from Turkey applied for a permit but was denied flying rights to Belgrade, only for them to request it again and to be issued one. Pegasus launched flights to the Serbian capital earlier this month. While Serbia is a signatory to the European Open Skies Agreement, which has the aim of liberalising flight procedures and authorisation, it is only in the first phase of implementing the agreement, making it under no obligation to issue licenses to every single airline wishing to fly to Serbia.

easyJet’s arrival would shake up Jat Airways’ existing monopoly on the Belgrade - Milan service. The Italian low cost airline, Air One, attempted to break Jat’s hold on the route late last year when it launched flights between the two cities. However, the service only lasted a few months before it was suspended in early January due to poor loads. Jat does good business on the route, with Alitalia code sharing on the service. The Serbian national carrier plans to operate five weekly flights to the Italian city this summer season. It runs services on the same days as easyJet, while the departure from Belgrade to Milan will be only fifteen minutes apart.


  1. Doot09:13

    The one time I flew this route, it was cheaper to buy the ticket on the Alitalia website than the Jat website.

    How can that be?

    1. Anonymous09:17

      Probably because Jat's cheapest fares were already sold out.

    2. Anonymous17:37

      It seems like Croats are starting to understand that they were better-off under the Serbs than now under the Germans and Lufthansa.

    3. Anonymous17:38

      The real problem for JU is not easyJet but TK first of all, it is just staggering the number of flights they got allowed to.

    4. Anonymous17:41

      Wizz is not direct competition to Jat, it actually just expanded the offer. However it is sad that they made one their most interesting destinations, FCO, seasonal, and that they're not trying to cover any Eastern European markets such as KBP or LED.

    5. Anonymous22:19

      Spot on! Wizz offer options to alternative airports and clearly there is market for both, just some people from Jat are not aware of that yet. I guess still stuck a few decades back.

  2. Anonymous09:18

    Meh even if they do not launch the flights who cares? Jat is not expensive at all between these two cities. You can easily find a return flight for €120.

    1. Anonymous17:45

      The real problem here with easyJet is not just that they asked for a permission, but they asked the permission exactly for those dates when JU is flying there, like giving the message: we're going to ruin your business and then take-over the entire line. That's simply not appropriate and if not modified, such an offer has to be rejected as offensive and definitely against the interest of Serbia. It was explained in details on Aviokarta:

    2. Anonymous22:16

      "The real problem here with easyJet is not just that they asked for a permission, but they asked the permission exactly for those dates when JU is flying there, like giving the message: we're going to ruin your business and then take-over the entire line."
      So, are you advocating no competition as a solution for "saving" Jat? We are in 2013 not in 1960's, right?

      "That's simply not appropriate and if not modified, such an offer has to be rejected as offensive and definitely against the interest of Serbia."
      What are you talking about again? What is not appropriate? To offer better product at lower prices? Connections to over 50 destinations, majority of whom are not offered from BEG? Is that against the interest of Serbia...No, that can only be against the interest of corrupted, lazy, uncreative moronic politicians running Jat and spending millions of euros of taxpayers money to cover their incapability, theft and mismanagement...
      We want the competition and freedom to choose, so people will choose one airline or the other having in mind their own preference and priorities... Not more, not less!

  3. Anonymous09:26

    "Jat Airways already operates on this route and we do not want to put the interests of our country and national airline in danger”, Milutin Popović, the Deputy Minister for Transport in charge of aviation said yesterday.
    What interest Milutine please??? What are you talking about??? I am so many time shamed that I share the same country with people like this one. How is it possible no reaction on his statements??? There is nobody, no media, no public, nobody to say: hello, what are you talking about? Go home and talk about those protection of interests with your family and friends, cause me, as a serbian who live in belgrade and use beg airport very often, think that EASYJET is going to protect MINE. not JAT!!!

    1. Anonymous09:27

      Well, maybe you think that easyJet would protect you better than Jat but I doubt that in a cancellation U2 would put you in a five star hotel and give you food vouchers.

    2. Anonymous09:42

      i am flying around 20 times per year for 10 years by now with LCC (ryan, easy, wizz), trust me my friend, no problems. for 6,9 euros that I payed ticket, I can really paysome good cheap hostel. And yes, I can buy a food. But dont get me wrong, JAT is not going to put you in 5* hotel, my friend. I was flying JAT, but the point is that I prefer easyjet, and my nationial interest must be respected. I DONT LIKE FRLYING 30 YEARS OLD AIRCRAFT, AND I DONT WANT TO GIVE TO JAT 170 EUROS FOR BEG-MXP BECAUSE I CAN PAY IT 68 EUROS RT. OK? That is the most important thing of my interest, not the cancellation or 5*hotel accommodation... As you can see for 100 euros in your pocket you can spend 3 days in hotel with half board!!! So, be smart and think before posting.

    3. Anonymous10:15

      I do not have to think, maybe the difference is that unlike you I am not cheap and I do not want to be treated like an animal when flying on airlines like Wizz or Ryanair.

      I flew on lowcosts a few times and I did not like it. I prefer to pay €50 and fly normally on Jat or Lufthansa, or even Austrian.

    4. Purger10:54

      How many times you have to go for hotel to sleep because of flight problems? In some 300 flights I had this opportunity 2 times: ones with Jat (1989), and once with Malev (2011) but instead I take taxi to drive me from Budapest to Cluj (on Malev expense). So, it is stupid to pay that extra money for 0,5% of possibility.

      In same time easyJet is not same as Ryanair and Wizz, level of easyJet service is much higher. And, definitely, bigger than Jat's. Not just because of new planes instead of 30 years old, but because of most aspects of service: good food, drinks and Starbucks coffee for not so much money, excellent cabin crew (they looks like they really enjoy helping you, always with smile, even in 23:00 hours telling jokes even pilot from cockpit, killing themselves for any of your requests...), taking care of passengers in case of delay (for 6 hours delay in Bordeaux-London flight we get free drink and some of passengers were rerouted to other companies), huge possibilities of routes, unification in all aspects of travel (to just have to find orange color in airport or internet, for everything else you are guided simply and quick), simple buying and check-in online procedures, cheap transfer to city with their own busses in their hubs... Of course I prefer Croatia Airlines or other legacy carriers, but to fly with easyJet I don't find much deferens, even better in some things. And much cheaper!

    5. Anonymous14:13

      thank you purger on your support! i am anonym 9:42. bravo for explanation of using hotels in cancellation. its not that often measure. once in 5,6 years. that is first and second. i dont think even ryanair is low standard if about casual services. i am just a passeneger who wants to choose if there is possibility for that. of course that i have to choose jat on beg-mxp route if only jat flies, but nobody has a right to tell me that flying jat to malpensa is protection of helllloooo NATIONAL INTEREST. those kind of extremely out of mind sentences can say only somebody without moral, dignity, respect and basic education. those kind of words can say somebody who doesnt know what concurrence means. i am from serbia and the average salary in this country is less than 300 euros. of course i am very happy i can fly to mxp for 68 euros RT. and i am sure 90% of all flyers are too. one german doesnt care which company to use from munich or frankfurt: germaqnwings, lufthansa, easyjet, condor, iberia... he has every month in his pocket around 1.800 euros. I DO CARE WHICH COMPANY TO USE, and my interest is to save money. and to tell u the true, ryanair is the biggest company in europe just because of western europeans who use their services, and fly their brand new 737-8 aircrafts.

    6. Il Condottiere20:20

      Even if Ryanair,Wizz or Easyjet were shitty companies (Easyjet definitely is NOT shitty),
      people have the right to choose what they want.
      A lot of Serbs seem to have a problem with this,
      clearly a relic of communist times and dictatorship of Tito,where everyody had to do what he never wanted
      but was urged to.
      Btw.Italian authoritities will probably have also their problems with Jat monopoly.
      Because it is also AGAINST national interest of Italy!


    7. Anonymous21:05


    8. Anonymous21:37


    9. Anonymous21:45

      Well, let those Italian authorities kindly ask the bankrupt AZ to launch the flights, what do the Italian authorities give a f*** for a UK airline that is already competing with their own?
      Italian side of the story ended when AirOne ended.

    10. Anonymous21:46


    11. Anonymous22:23


  4. Anonymous09:47

    Italy and Serbia signed "Open Sky" but Easy Jet is UK company. Protecting Jat is ridiculous, they never can compete with large European airlines. Only losers will be passengers and Airport Belgrade. Airports in region will probably have gain possibly Budapest.

  5. SuisseOuest10:03

    Can someone explain to me how is Jat "doing a good business on the route"? What are the load factors? What is revenue per flight?
    Here are some outside indicators that they're not doing a good business:
    1) tickets are often discounted stay cheap for a long time
    2) flights are delayed or cancelled whenever there is a fleet shortage at Jat
    3) compared to ZRH (similar flight times, more competition on the ZRH-BEG route, although some of the LX pax are connecting pax): MXP gets discounted lower and prices are always cheaper (ZRH fees are higher but not that much higher).
    Honestly, I don't expect that Easyjet will change much lower prices than Jat, but I hope it will attract more passengers. As we've observed on this blog many times: Jat's problem is not competition but old fleet and incompetent politicians in leadership roles.

    1. Anonymous10:17

      Jat manages to make a modest profit on the Milan route- though modest it is still a profit.

    2. When Emirates start their direct flights Milan-New York in October,Jat easily could codeshare with EK and feed these flights.
      Jat can sustain on this route even if Easyjet would fly daily to Belgrade.

  6. Anonymous10:48

    Easyjet mora da leti iz Beograda. Tacka.
    Povezace mnoge gradove iz Evrope sto propali JAT ne moze i ne poseduje kapacitete za to.
    Bilo bi bedno i sramno da Easyjet dobije negativan odgovor, nakon sto su se vec dogovorili i oni poceli prodavati karte. TO je jako los imidz za Srbiju. Takodje se postavlja pitanje ko to radi protiv interesa gradjana koji zele lowcost avio prevoznike??? Valjda je u interesu zemlje da sto veci broj turista dodje zbog priliva novca. To se postize punim aerodromom Nikola Tesla. Sto vise avio kompanija i sto vise destinacija. Ne zelim da budem zrtva i ucenjen zato sto je JAT u rasulu i zeli monopol.

    1. Na stranu to što Jat treba štititi jer leti tamo gde LCC-evi nikada neće leteti iz BEG a pritom im vrši konkurenciju i spušta cenu na linijama gde lete, meni i mnogim drugim ljudima LCC-evi i njihovna cenovna politika najčešće ne odgovara, i to puno ljudi u svojoj histeriji zaboravlja!

      Ako nisi student ili nezaposlen karte najčešće kupuješ maksimum 2 ili 3 nedelje unapred, a onda ne želim da mi jedina opcija bude Wizz ili neki drugi LCC koji tada pokušava da te opljačka.

      Studenti i nezaposleni mogu da planiraju dosta unapred većinu putovanja i zato vole LCC-eve, ali ti ljudi u proseku lete najviše 1-2 puta godišnje. Sa druge strane ljudi koji rade, imaju više novca, češće lete i mogu da planiraju samo malo u napred imaju interes da Jat bude u što boljem stanju i leti iz Beograda direktno na što više destinacija.

      Jat i ostale tradicionalne kompanije su dovoljno pametne da od 2-3 nedelje pred let uvek imaju bolje cene, tako da privuku ove bolje platežne putnike koji tada kupuju karte i tako i preživljavaju.

      Tako poslovnim putnicima iz Beograda jeste u interesu da Jat nema veću konkurenciju nego što što bi morao da ima.

      Iste regulatorne zabrane izriče i recimo Nemačka kad je LH u opasnosti, tako da stvarno ne vidim oko čega je drama!

    2. Anonymous13:17

      Vrlo jednostavno -- ko voli, nek izvoli. Vi koji volite JAT -- pa letite brate JAT-om, ko vas koci?

      Ali prekinite da namecete JAT nama koji zelimo konkurenciju, tj. da koristimo niskobudzetne kompanije. Sto vise konkurencije, utoliko jeftinije karte. U cemu je problem?

    3. Anonymous14:05

      Jat je trenutno trash! Ko kaze da nije tako laze! Svaka cast puilotima i osoblju ( stjuardesama i stjuardima). Ali ipak avioni su sramotno stari. I sramotne su im cene s obzirom cime lete. Jeftiniji je Austrian i Turkish Airlines koji se ne mogu porediti sa JAT-om po floti. Dakle dosta vise igranja na kartu "srpski interes" itd. To su najobicnije lazi i demagogija. Budimo iskreni, JAT odgovara samo zaposlenima u JAT-u i njihovim porodicama da lete povoljnije. Svima ostalima ne. Uvek cu se pre odluciti za Lufthansu ili Swiss AIr nego za JAT gde treba da se molim bogu da motor ne otkaze tokom leta.

    4. SuisseOuest14:42

      MD, u pravu si sto se tice LCC-a, ali nisi u pravu sto se tice zastite Jat-a. Jat se ne stiti smanjivanjem konkurencije, vec se mora poboljsati poslovanje kroz drugaciju strukturu troskova: novije avione, manju administraciju i efikasnije dobavljace.
      Anon 2:05pm: Da li je i Qatar u tvom drustvu pouzdanih? Novi avioni, ali im je ipak otkazao jedan motor na a320 pre neki dan na letu za Zagreb. Jatovim 733 nista ne fali jer su dobro odrzavani (fali samo to sto je odrzavanje jako skupo). Slobodno leti sa LH, LX, TK, ja cu za koji dan ipak da se ukrcam na Jatov let

    5. Svakako se značajno mora poboljšati Jatovo poslovanje, uključujući i otpuštanje više od pola zaposlenih i strašno je koliko se tamo nagomilalo partijskih članova.

      Ali druga stvar je tu u pitanju - ako želimo da imamo u Srbiji (ili Balkanu) neku tehnološki napredniju industriju od poljoprivrede moramo je razviti, između ostaloga protekcionizmom i lojalnošću kad god je to primereno. Kroz istoriju su vođeni ratovi zarad uklanjanja protekcionističkih mera nekog tržišta, a poznati su primeri Japana, J.Koreje i Japana koji su se tehnološki razvili zbog potrošačke lojalnosti stanovništva prema domaćim proizvodima.

      Sa druge strane mi smo ECAA sporazum potpisali onda kad nismo bili spremni za to, a kada je najjačim EU zemljama i njihovim kompanijama to odgovaralo, a onda i sada kada sprovodimo preostale protekcionističke mehanizme postoji pritisak ljudi koji verovatno kupuju Milku pre Najlepših želja da pustimo niz vodu sve domaće da bi oni kratkoročno recimo mogli da putuju za 20-30EUR manje.

      Meni je to iskreno totalno nezrelo.

    6. Anonymous16:14

      MD verujem da sigurno imas racun u српској банци, ili mozda vojvodjanskoj. ja nemam, ali ne zato sto ne zelim da imam u nekoj banci svoje sopstvene drzave vec zato sto ce ta banka propasti jer smo takvo drustvo kakvo smo. radije ukradi je moto ovd ekod nas pa su svi bivsi bankari po zatvorima, a isto tako je u vladi srbije (velja ilic nije za ciscenje ulica, a kamo li za funkciju u parlamentu). u japanu ne kidaju aparate po autobusima, u juz.koreji komunalna policija gleda na ulici problem, a kod nas se zavuku u park, sed ei puse. evo cuvena policajka kod brankovog mosta vec godinama se uvlaci po coskovima da bi popusila cigaretu. znas, ogromna je razlika u mentalitetu. u ovoj drzavi (pre neki dan na dnevniku rts1) 50.000 preduzeca ne uplacuje doprinose svojim zaposlenima. nadji mi stranu komapniju u srbiji koja to ne cini. e pa vidis o tome se radi. nasa drzava se plasi da pozatvori sve te firme kako bi se odrzalo radno mesto, a poenta je u principima poslovanja. vidis, ja da sam vlast, svih 50.000 preduzeca bi bilo zatvoreno, jer se tako radja, stvara, nastaje i odrzava nemoral, nepostovanje, nebriga, nevaspitanje, a onda drustvo zaroni duboko u sve to i spas je u 'strancu'. slicnost je ogromna sa jat-om. taj milutin nema prava da se obraca meni na nacin da se mora zastititi cuj, nacionalni interes na liniji beograd-milano. veruj mi, da sam neko od ministara (tj. da imam moc), podneo bih tuzbu protiv njega. eto toliko.

    7. Anonymous17:57

      Dobro, ali jedno pitanje: zasto je easyJet morao da trazi dozvolu ZA TACNO TE ISTE DANE kada leti i Jat?

    8. Anonymous18:18

      Posto Jat leti svaki dan, tesko da bi mogli da traze razlicite dane :)

    9. Anonymous18:27

      Apsolutno podrzavam komentar u 03:58: Sramota je cak videti diskusiju na ovakvu temu. Koliko god postoji nacina da se srbi podele, oni ce to uciniti. Zar svi vi tupani ne shvatate da ni jedna od tih zapadnih low-cost kompanija ne bi postojala da prethodno tradicionalne avio-kompanije nisu izgradile trziste i infrastrukturu potrebnu za to? Mozda kroz pet godina, iz novca "monopola" Jata ce se stvoriti i u Srbiji novac za sopstvenu LCC, zasto onda finansirati strane dok vasa zemlja i privreda samo propadaju, zarad vase kratkorocne ustede, cime stvarate nove poslove u inostranstvu a ne u Srbiji?

    10. Anonymous18:28

      Anon@06:18 - A tvoja mama takodje leti svaki dan?

    11. Anonymous18:57

      Da se pojavi LCC u Srbiji? Dream on dreamer!!!

    12. Anonymous22:32

      Ti baš puno letiš izgleda...

  7. Anonymous11:21

    "[W]e do not want to put the interests of our country and national airline in danger.”

    Excuse me? Can somebody explain to me how the interests of Serbia would be affected? Pleeeeease. Guess what: keep burying your head in the sand, keep acting like it's the 20th century age of monopolies, but it will not work. I will fly on LCCs to neighboring countries and travel by minibus to Belgrade, but I will NOT be bullied into flying with a monopolist, failed airline, which operates with dangerously outdated aircraft -- all in the name of what this monopolist-promoter calls "the country's" interest.

    1. Anonymous22:39

      Fully agree...
      I was asking myself the same question as well.
      But what would you expect from Mrka's Ministry to come out? Those people there are out of their minds, but we should not let them go this time...because what's gonna be next? Banning all airlines flying out of BEG on the same days as almighty Jat does? Totally lunatic...

  8. Anonymous12:03

    We should pay attention to recent news from EC - they started investigation against Air Baltic and Adria Airways related to unlawful financial support. This is EU standard and law. With liberalization of the market you need to create common rules for financial conditions as well, not only safety rules.
    Here is the link
    The whole region is still not in phase that airlines can survive in competition with EU airlines, they have only limited market (their own country and the other where they have Air Service Agreements), they can't fly through EU like the EU carriers can do, obliged to follow the same safety standards and still old and profit oriented management and organisation. With such statement, the government shows that their transposition of regulations, which should include regulation on state support, is not the honest and that some representatives still think on the way they did 20 or 30 years ago.
    The competition will come sooner or later, it’s far better to have easy Jet for competitor than Aviogenex for everyone, including Aviogenex, Jat, all today’s and future passengers because easyJet level of safety is far better – for sure and fares are very attractive for travellers.

  9. Anonymous12:12

    If this happens, Jat need to be very very careful about the sort of repurcussions this could cause them. They may find themselves banned from flying to Italy, and even other countries like the UK and Switzerland, for example.

    Easyjet is a large, influential airline with a lot of friends in Western Europe....

    1. Anonymous19:48

      As if Easyjet is the airline of evil !
      But you are actually right.Easyjet is not evil but simply has right on its side...
      Why should an EU-member like Italy grant flights to JAT from a country like Serbia which without any doubt is discriminating against an EU-airline ,which has their hub in Milan ?!
      Either JAT sharing the route with their competitors or simply revoke the landing rights !

    2. Anonymous20:32

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    3. Anonymous20:49

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  10. Anonymous12:15

    Dear Milutin and all other Serbian government Milutin's...

    I paid 110 EUR to Jat one month ago, Milan-Belgrade one way ticket for late March. So 2 months in advance i paid 110 eur one way ticket. Why? Because i had no other options on this route.
    If Easy stared fly, ticket wouldn't cost me more than 70 (with luggage) and most probably around 50-60.

    So Mr. Milutin can you explain me, how the face on Earth my interest is to pay at least 40 EUR more one way ticket???
    Please, try to understand, today is end of February 2013. I know is hard, but please try...

    For god's sake stop with monopoly, let Serbian people (and all other ex yu) breath normally. Today's you can't make monopoly, people are not stupid, everyone have internet and can check how system works anywhere.

    1. SuisseOuest14:29

      You're complaining about 110EUR ticket for Easter? Seriously? That's actually a pretty good deal. Have you tried to save money by taking Wizz to BUD? Or Wizz/Carpatair from Bergamo to TSR? Or Ryanair from Bergamo to BUD? A lot of low cost options, at least one of them should be able to save you the 40EUR you had to pay to Jat monopoly.

    2. Anonymous20:45

      I would even pay more for Easyjet than for flying with Jat !!!

  11. Anonymous12:43

    Sorry, but at jat.com I found only four weekly flights on Belgrade-Malpensa route, days 1,3,4,5. Can anybody check that ? Easyjet's days are 3,5,7.

  12. Anonymous12:54

    There was and 7 on Jat tt but it has just been canceled cause there are no planes for that ambitious timetable

  13. Doot13:36

    Jat just needs to lay off 60-70% of its workforce and stop crying.

    an airline isn't a social services agency.

  14. Anonymous13:52

    Any sign of the new jat aircraft yet?

  15. Anonymous18:00

    No any sign. Just on EXYU Aviation and B92...

  16. Anonymous19:52

    Easyjet is cleary discriminated against Jat on this route.
    Either let both fly or none of them !
    Same law for all.
    I would Easyjet ask to complain the EU-Italian authorities to
    deny Jat the licence to fly to Milan.

    1. Anonymous20:20

      The only way easyJet should be allowed is if they'll fly on days that Jat doesn't fly to Milan.

    2. Anonymous21:03

      I have a better idea :
      Deny Jat landing rights for Italy or better the whole European Union !
      Then Jat can fly Belgrade -Nish twenty times daily...
      Of course empty as usual !
      ; )

    3. Anonymous21:48

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Anonymous22:40

      "The only way easyJet should be allowed is if they'll fly on days that Jat doesn't fly to Milan."

      Yea right! Huge system like easyJet will take care of days that Jat fly?!?!?! Come on... they have to synchronize time-table, routes, several bases, hundreds of planes, thousands of crew. I am not sure if they even know that Jat exist in BEG.

  17. Anonymous20:06

    Belgrade will suffer because of this stupidness...
    BEG is the only airport in the former YU where airlines are discriminated because of the national interest of some idiots!
    But this is actually very good news for ZAG or PRN and SKP.
    There is the business,the airlines and the foreign visitors.

    1. Anonymous20:21

      Yes, it is the only one and it is still the busiest, with the domestic airline still having the largest share of all ex-Yu airports.

    2. Anonymous20:30

      Still the busiest ..not for long.

    3. Anonymous21:27

      You have any other plausible candidate?

    4. Anonymous21:34

      Ever heard of Zagreb ?

    5. Anonymous21:35

      And Budapest!

    6. Anonymous21:41

      No, i've never heard of Zagreb.

    7. Anonymous00:05

      It is WEST from Belgrade. By every means WEST!

    8. Anonymous00:27

      Zagreb is the place where everything becomes a success what failed in Serbia before...

  18. Sale20:12

    I don’t understand what the argument here is.

    - JAT is owned by the Serbian government.
    - They are saying they’ll invest money in it (I hope they do).
    - They earn taxes (and hopefly one day dividends) from its operation.
    - Government has the ability to approve or reject application.

    So the only question i have for everyone that is outraged here is – If you were government and everything above is still through what would you do in the case of easyJet application? Obviously, In this case they see this as a direct competition (kind of obvious) and as something that can cost them money. So, they are saying NO and I for one can’t blame them. I’m kind of surprised that it took them this long but again what do I know! Hope this is a sign of change and times to come in the case of Jat and also other Serbian companies. Now I don’t pretend to know what’s better for Serbian economy overall, improved JAT or all the tourists easyJet is going to bring. Which one of these two is going to employ more Serbians i have no idea. There is no definite answer here but obviously government thinks is the first. I understand that some of the people would rather buy cheaper ticket with easyJet but obviously there is not enough of you. If there is, next elections you make sure you vote for a politician who will allow this. Again if there is enough of you your wish will be granted.

    And one other thing - please don’t say that this only happens in Serbia and nowhere else. This happens all over the world in many industries. Remember “Buy American” contract clouse for infrastructure spending in the US couple of years ago. Even more telling case from this industry is when Canadian government (which btw doesn’t own Air Canada) went into full fledged diplomatic war with UAE over rejected application made by Emirates to increase frequency on DXB-YYZ. To that extend that UAE government kicked Canadian Military out of their supply base in Dubai that was used heavily for refueling stop while they were in Afghanistan.

    1. Anonymous20:24

      ...and they got Visas imposed by the UAE.
      Foreign airlines are begging for rights to fly to any foreign country (like Russia or the US for instance) so why would the rights in Belgrade be taken for granted?

    2. Anonymous20:37

      JAT and the Serbian government are allowed to do whatever they want to rescue their "national interset airline".
      But on their own.
      I would consider denying JAT the rights to fly to any airport in EU.
      The European member also have interests .
      Why giving all routes and passengers to Jat which is an airline from a country which is not even in EU?
      Why should we help this airline which does nothing for Italy and Milan?
      Kick them out of EU airports is the best solution.
      Then Jat can fly to Siberia or Congo.

    3. Anonymous00:25

      The national interest of Serbia is to loose passengers to neighbouring countries airports.
      At least BUD profits from this stupidity.

  19. Salle20:20

    Jat debt is now 170 millions €.
    Having a monopoly in BEG obviously didn't do much good so far to Jat, and it won't in the future.
    There are other reasons why is Jat losing money ... and the passengers and Belgrade airport shouldn't be punished for that.

  20. Anonymous20:43

    Thank god the majority of people in the former Yugoslavia are no more dependent on Belgrade,Jat,or any other sort of Serbian politicians incompetence and idiocy!
    We can fly with airlines we want may it be Easyjet,Ryanair or Wizz
    or whatever else.
    These are the moments i am so happy Yugoslavia does no more exists and my beautiful country has nothing to do with Serbian politicians...
    nothing against the ordinary people!

    1. Anonymous21:38

      That's why your dear OU is going down like hell.

    2. Anonymous00:01

      But easyJet is flaying for several years now from Zagreb....

    3. Anonymous00:02

      Croatia will survive even without OU.
      Although i prefer Croatia with OU,

  21. Anonymous21:09

    ^Sad but 100% truth.

  22. Anonymous21:40

    Today 3 flights with Swiss to Belgrade?
    Any reason why that is?