Air Berlin and Jat formalise cooperation

Air Berlin and Jat to codeshare to the United States

A large scale delegation from Air Berlin will jet into the Serbian capital this afternoon to formalise ties with Jat Airways, the German airline has confirmed to local media. The news comes a week after the Serbian carrier signed code share agreements with Etihad Airways. Etihad owns a 29% stake in Air Berlin, Germany’s second largest airline. The delegation, which will arrive on an Air Berlin Airbus A330 in Belgrade, will meet with Jat Airways CEO Vladimir Ognjenović. The two sides already cooperate and have a special prorate agreement in place.

Jat and Air Berlin will sign codeshare agreements which will come into affect over the course of this summer. Air Berlin will place its own codes on Jat flights to Berlin and Dusseldorf. In return, Jat will place its “JU” code on several Air Belrin flights within Europe as well as Chicago and New York. The United States is a major market for Jat due to a large Serbian diaspora residing in the country. Chicago has the second largest Serbian population behind Belgrade. Stephan Nagel, Senior Vice President for Alliances and Cooperation at Air Berlin said, "Codeshare agreements allow airlines to realise mutual synergies and to extend their global coverage by means of their combined route networks. Our guests thus benefit from a more attractive route network and a comfortable and seamless travel experience". Air Berlin has codeshare agreements with fourteen airline partners worldwide.

Serbia currently holds a category two rating from the United Sates Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), barring carriers from the country from operating services to the States. However, according to FAA guidelines, an airline from a category two country can place its codes on a foreign airline which hails from a category one country holder (though it cannot place its codes on a US carrier). Croatia Airlines successfully placed its codes on US Airways flights last summer. Serbia is currently in the process of obtaining a category one ranking from the United States, which it held until 2004.


  1. Anonymous09:10


    What the codeshare route flight numbers will they use? When will we know more about this? Later today?

    1. Anonymous09:20

      Where will Jat codeshare on AB routes around Europe? Helsinki, Iceland, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg? Where else it makes sense for Jat to codeshare on Air Berlin flights?

    2. Anonymous10:23


  2. BA88809:11

    I guess a good news!

    A330 above Belgrade...oh, it would be like last flight of Speedbird 001!

    On a more serious note, have a read about Air Berlin experiences in Y on A330 on Skytrax...

    1. Anonymous09:36

      Experiences are average, they've got 6/10, better than Air France still (5/10).

  3. Anonymous09:16

    And that is this huge arangement with direct lines from Belgrade to Chicago and New York. Where is this line with one stop from Belgrade via Berlin and Dusseldorf. Just one more code-share! Same as Air Berlin has with 16 other airliners, and Etihad with 41!

    The only good thing is that this will make Lufthansa influence in this market much smaller.

    And Croatia has category one for some 3 years now! This did not open lines to USA!

    1. Anonymous09:24

      Don't worry honey-bunny, everything is gonna be just fine.

  4. Anonymous09:17

    "Croatia Airlines
    successfully placed its codes on US Airways flights last summer." - I guess it was necessary to mention that to avoid some people living a nervous breakdown today.

    1. Anonymous09:22

      Yes, they've got so many shocks in just a week.

    2. Anonymous09:41

      Yes, nervous breakdown for code-share agreemnet on 2 lines BEG-TXL, and BEG-DUS + 2 lines from those airports to USA. Wooow... what a big deal!

      Line BEG-TXL-JFK comes to code-chare. Congratulations for your overstatements!

      Even Croatia with SAS has more code-shares to USA, and with US Airways 400% more lines to USA. Not tu mention Lufthansa and Austrian deals.

    3. Anonymous09:44

      Yes just that one major difference is that Croatia Airlines will most likely go bankrupt in the next two years so...

    4. Anonymous09:48

      А, видим осетио си се поменутим како доживльаваш нервни слом па се ниси могао суздржати да одговориш... cause you really seem like you're having one =)

    5. Anonymous09:56

      Well, that's understandable cause the real reason they're so nervous is not the daily flights on Etihad to Abu Dhabi or the agreement with Air Berlin, they're freaked out at the flare of what more is to come.

    6. Anonymous09:57

      Well, this is more to come, amongst others:


    7. Anonymous13:00

      Croatia airlines is fine, all they need to do is reduce number of pilots from current 138 down to 100, and cabin crew from current 550 down to 300, also few cuts in management and back office staff should ensure savings of 55-60 million kuna per year (reduction in 350 staff from present 1080), this action would also result in massive savings for the airline in a long term and ensure airline's long term profitability.

      The other alternative is for airline to sell 45% stake for 1.25 billion kuna, which would bring a fresh capitol injection and future growth plans.

      Lufthansa might be a strategic partner in this, after all after Swiss, Austrian Air, Croatian and Czech Airlines would be their natural progression.

      Also Croatian Airlines is only viable airline in the region, all others are more of less on a life support by their own respective governments, indicating they have no long term perspective as an airline business.

    8. Anonymous13:19

      Erm you do realize that OU needed government support to sustain its operations? Croatia Airlines will be viable only when it can pay for its bills, something it can't do right now.

      Furthermore, you are talking about the restructuring of the airline as if it was just another usual day in the sun.
      Croatia Airlines is no better than the other ex-Yugoslav failing airlines.
      The most stable one from the bunch is Jat because it has both the market and it can rely on its government for financial support. Until recently this position was held by OU but not any longer because of the EU.

    9. Anonymous14:36

      What Lufthansa has to do with Czech Airlines which were recently purchased by Korean?!

    10. Anonymous14:47

      What more, Lufthansa is selling companies, because of financial problems, not buying.

    11. Anonymous17:13

      @ AnonymousApril 23, 2013 at 1:19 PM

      Fist off OU revives some subsidies for internal flights, in total 38 million kuna in 2011 and 2012, that is how much OU gets in subsidies, which is complete opposite of what JAT gets, less said better.

      2nd, Croatian Airlines is most successful and largest airline in the region i.e EX Yugo area with 2 million passengers and decent network.

      No other airline in the region comes close to it, Adria which is 2nd best airline in the region has still long way to go before it can boast OU's numbers.

      OU's loss in 2012 was administrative loss, i.e aircraft value hasn't been adjusted for age and this assets Company has had to be re-adjusted thus the loss.

      Administrative loss can lead to liquidity loss if airline is urgent need of finances to finance its operations, thankfully Croatian Government jumped in and re-capitalized airline before Croatia joins the EU in a few months time.

      Problem with OU over staffing is issue that has to be dealt now and ensure long term viability.

      As to JAT, JAT has no perspectives in Europe, no real market and no future as an airline, you can ask any serious airline executive in Europe (not Serbia) or even better a banker specializing in airline sector and you'll see the response you get.

      Croatian Market btw is growing with each passing day, in 2012 Airline transported nearly 2 million passengers, JAT barely manged half that, now you're telling me about market, what market are you referring to???

      Croatian Air Market is nearly twice the size of Serbian air market and this gap will only grow further as other Croatian airports start to catch up and with EU membership, Croatian perspective are great, I only hope politicians do not squander the chances they've been given, and same goes for the national airline.

    12. Anonymous18:41

      lolz you are cute, especially here:

      As to JAT, JAT has no perspectives in Europe, no real market and no future as an airline, you can ask any serious airline executive in Europe (not Serbia) or even better a banker specializing in airline sector and you'll see the response you get.

      I am sure you discussed this with your friends in Etihad. Right? :*

    13. Anonymous21:24

      U're putting too much faith in simple share code agreement, OU has 8 such agreements, Etihad couldn't care less what JAT does, this code share agreement is all JAT will get from Etihad.

      Without Serbian Government continuous subsidy for JAT and recent massive injection of funds in to the airline, JAt would have gone bust ages ago.

      JAT as an airline has little or no future perspectives, if JAT is still around in 10 years time I'd be really surprised.

  5. JATBEGMEL09:52

    AB1020 from DUS will land with the A332 at 1400 in BEG :)

    All this sounds nice, just waiting for those JP A319's to land in BEG before I take much into serious consideration. I think this new code share will further bring down air fares to the US, it will certainy put pressure on the LH group, fingers crossed it will last more than 2 seasons, unlike that with HY.

  6. Anonymous10:09

    The A330-200 should be taking off soon for Belgrade.

    1. Anonymous10:14

      It will be a very busy 30 minute period in Belgrade:

      14:00 Dusseldorf, Air Berlin, A330-200
      14:00 Zurich, SWISS, A320
      14:05 Amsterdam, Jat, B737-300
      14:10 Doha/Ankara, Qatar, A320
      14:10 Vienna, Austrian Airlines, Fokker 100
      14:30 Dortmund, Wizz Air, A320

      While these guys depart:

      13:55 Frankfurt, Lufthansa, A320
      14:00 Warsaw, LOT, E170
      14:00 Moscow, Aeroflot, A321

    2. Anonymous10:16

      I can only imagine how crowded the terminal will be. I wouldn't want to be there.

    3. Anonymous10:21

      I would say 800 people at one shot to arrive. Not a bid deal.

      Dus web cam
      keep an eye for an a330

    4. Anonymous10:27

      Yes but 800 people in the rather small Belgrade airport will be horrible.

    5. Anonymous10:29

      I just opened the link and taa-daa Jat was parking at the gate <3

    6. Anonymous10:33

      That is not true. There is a reason why they built three parking positions for three wide body jets. That is 1000 people right there. there were times when three dc tens were thrre, qantas 747 and rj l1010.

    7. Anonymous10:36

      Just because a building can accommodate 1,000 people it doesn't mean it will be a pleasant experience. It is a simple fact that Belgrade airport is a small airport with freakishly low ceilings.

    8. Anonymous10:41

      just wondering how old are you since you know it too well?

    9. Anonymous10:46

      The age has nothing to do with it. It has to do with experience. I travel from BEG very, very often and I have seen more than 100 world airports so I believe that I am able to judge.

      Очигледно је да је наш аеродром застарео и у поређењу са неким савременијим ваздушним лукама широм Европе види се колико каскамо за њима. Плафон је низак, то је чињеница.

    10. Anonymous10:48

      Fortunately it's not happening in Zagrab, the building would explode, they even don't have jet-bridges, imagine the chaos..

    11. Anonymous10:51

      Какве везе има плафон са капацитетом отпреме/приjема путника?!

    12. Anonymous10:54

      yeah so true. Vienna old terminal has low ceilings and they handle b777 767 AND others

    13. Anonymous10:56

      For sure at ZAG they don't have that problem, the sky is their ceiling cause they have no jet-bridges hahaha

    14. Anonymous10:57

      Очигледно је да је наш аеродром застарео и у поређењу са неким савременијим ваздушним лукама широм Европе види се колико каскамо за њима. Плафон је низак, то је чињеница.

      Nooo? That is not true! Belgrade can compare with Singapore! The rest of exYU is shit, just BEG is perfect. For those who are blind of nationalism or were never out of Serbia!

    15. Anonymous11:01

      Well, they're not transporting giraffes or dinosaures for that to be an issue...

    16. Anonymous11:06

      I can already see the banner:
      "Zagreb airport - The sky is our limit" - litterally, lol

    17. Anonymous11:08

      Well, if lower ceilings can lead to energy-economic and more efficient heating in winter, i can't be against it..

    18. Anonymous11:59

      The Terminal 2 is rather spacious besides that.

    19. Anonymous12:01

      Какве везе има плафон са капацитетом отпреме/приjема путника?!

      Никакве, никада нисам ни тврдио да постоји корелација. Све што сам рекао је да због архитектуре и изгледа нашег аеродрома чим има неколико летова у исто време добије се осећај пренатрпаности. А низак плафон игра главну улогу.

    20. Anonymous14:39

      Well i don't know what are your criterias cause that applies to a large majority of airports worldwide. Anyway ceilings are not low in the arrivals(baggage claim)/departure area, only around the gates where the corridors are huge.

    21. Anonymous20:24

      Every day is like this on BEG, just take a look at a time table. From 12 00 to 15 40, there is a great rush hour, which culminates at around 1400 hours.

  7. Wauw, the JAT ego from some here has grown huge lol. 2 months ago JAT was crap and now they all love it again :)

    1. Nikola14:38

      i have always liked JAT :-) i only wish they grow stronger and re-brand :-)

  8. Anonymous10:44

    haha some good Croat propaganda. it turns out bed can not handle an a330.

  9. Anonymous10:47

    Danasnji let Air Berlina dovodi deportovane gradjane Srbije iz EU.

    1. Anonymous10:51

      Јаој како си духовит.

    2. Anonymous10:57

    3. Anonymous11:02

      Yes, onboard the flight is also a delegation from Air Berlin which is coming for talks with JU. I assume they will be in business class.

    4. Anonymous11:08

      what a great combination on board :-) can't imagine that picture - europe as it is!

    5. Anonymous11:11

      Makes sense. I guess that’s why the turnaround time is so long

    6. Anonymous11:25

      Totalni hit.

  10. Anonymous11:31

    POzdrav svima,
    da li neko zna je l' postoji live webcam na beogradskom aerodromu?

    I nemojte vise da se prepirete i svadjate...svakodnevno citam ovaj blog i jako mi smeta sto se stalno neki pojedinci prepucavaju oko kojekakvih gluposti. Mislim da bi trebalo puno vise da se podrzavamo medjusobno i radujemo uspesima drugih. Jedino to moze pomoci i u nasem daljem napredovanju.

    POzdrav svima iz Beograda :-)

    1. Nikola11:48

      na našu žalost, ne

    2. Anonymous11:51

      Tako sam i mislio.

    3. Pusti seljake nek se svadjaju! ;-)

      1. Lufthansa proves introduction of:
      - Second Daily Flight MUC - SJJ - MUC
      - Second Weekly Flight STR - SJJ - STR
      - Fourth Weekly Flight CGN - SJJ - CGN

      Temporary LH flies with A320 on MUC-SJJ and 4U with A319 on STR/CGN-SJJ.

      2. TK proves 3 daily flights on Istanbul IST - Sarajevo route from 30.10.2013 and
      Pegasus 1 daily flight from Istanbul Sabiha to Sarajevo.

      Temporary there are 18 TK and 7 JA weekly flights from SJJ to IST and 5 weekly flights on SJJ to SAW Route - overall 30 weekly flights with 300.000 - 350.000 passangers on Sarajevo - Istanbul - Sarajevo route

    4. Anonymous11:58

      Thanks for the update. I believe that the CGN and STR flights will be operated by Germanwings and not Lufthansa? Unless it will be operated by one of their regional brands.

    5. Anonymous17:58

      When will the 2nd daily flight to Munich be introduced? I thought they had tried and it didn't really work out?

      just minor correction. Pegasus will operate 6x weeklyto Istanbul and BHA 5x week

    6. 1. Yes, flights to and from CGN and STR are operated by Germanwings / 4U.

      2. Sorry, it was a mistake. Pegasus will operate 6 and B&H Airlines 5 flights.

      3. SOOOOONNN MORE ABOUT WIZZ AIR and the first plane at SIA!

  11. Anonymous12:34

    Air Berlin with it's delegation just took off from Dusseldorf with 332 but on is announced as it's flying into Skopje....don't get why?!?!?!?

    1. Anonymous12:37

      They took off a while ago and they have already passed Frankfurt. I guess it was loaded by mistake, that is the destination as Skopje. It happens a few times.

    2. Anonymous12:43

      yeap, probably it's by mistake....
      anyone knows what kind of flight is from Roskilde on MD80 today at BEG?


      Here's the flight for everyone

    4. Anonymous12:52

      Where did you see the Roskilde flight?

    5. Anonymous12:56

      it was not there this morning and suddenly it
      estimated arrival at 13h06

    6. Anonymous13:12

      It's Danish Air Transport MD87 but who knows why they are in Belgrade. Could it be a charter flights or another round of expelled immigrants from Presevska Dolina :P

  12. Anonymous13:50

    This is the reason the A330 arrives today. Full with deported Kosovo-Roma and Albanians who were forced to leave Germany. Please clarify if the AB delegation will be on board this flight? What a circus!!!

    1. Anonymous14:43

      Why didn't they fly into PRN then?

    2. Anonymous14:54

      Because they want to separate from us but they do not want to give up on their Serbian passports. Albania loves them so much that they do not want to give them the nationality.

    3. Anonymous14:55

      Because most of them are not Albanians, but Serbians which was denied with request for asylum. That is very shame that Germany even try to force visa regime again because of poor people that try to earn several hundreds EUR on help for asylum. Are conditions in Serbia so poor that your citizen must do this?

    4. Anonymous16:31

      They are Serbian citizens but they are not Serbs. That's the main difference. Most of them are Bosnjaci, gipsies, Albanians...

    5. Anonymous18:00

      Serbian citizens are Serbs you racist idiots!
      And they are not Albanians but Albanian and Serbian speaking Ashkali...
      If you dont know what this is search in Wiki!

    6. Anonymous18:38

      Just because someone has a Serbian passport it doesn't mean he/she is a Serb. I am sure that the 240,000 Hungarians would disagree with you or all the Muslims living in the south who are proud of their non-Serbian cultural heritage.

      You should also learn the definition of racist. So I do not know who is an idiot here.

    7. Anonymous21:41

      Serbian Gypsies are Serbs not Chinese or Bolivian!
      What next...
      all Serbian people with black hair are Albanians?

  13. Anonymous15:00


    Etihad simple code-share was puffed-up to interplanetary arrangement which will make Jat more influence than British Airways

    and now flight for deported citizen was puffed-up as huge delegation from Air Berlin to come to make huge code-share....

    HAHAHAHAHA... so typical Jatovanje! Even if it was not announced from Jat, it is so typical Jatovanje, and Serbian prepotency!

    1. Anonymous15:11

      It's not Jatovanje, from Etihad, Hogan announced the plan for Belgrade - Berlin - Chicago flights with one flight, they are most likely waiting for Serbia to receive car. 1. On top of that, he announced Etihad would eventually in 1-2 years help Jat get their own wide body aircraft for the flights.

      pease stop making some kind of drama from simple facts of what people said. Just because everything isn't being said at the SAME time doesn't mean it won't happen. It's funny how yesterday you were no where to be heard when hearing about the A330 touching down in Beograd today. Now you can laugh all you want, but it is us in Serbia who will be laughing at you in the future when many more things materialize .

    2. Anonymous15:13

      cat* 1

  14. Anonymous16:21


  15. Anonymous16:56


    Boy, you're screwed. How could you post this nonsense without checking the source? Your reputation is ruined. Try deleting these comments and it'll only get worse.

    1. Anonymous17:18

      what nonsense?

    2. Anonymous21:36

      Come on idiot ...
      dont waste space and our time !
      Nobody owes you anything !!!!

  16. Anonymous16:58

    Jat has finally received the third ATR.

    1. Anonymous17:54

      What do you mean by saying "Jat has received the third ATR" ? They have only two ATR's in traffic and will cancel many flights as of may schedule.

  17. Anonymous17:19

    I thought they were supposed to receive a 4th and only 1 of their older ones was out of service?

  18. Anonymous17:32

    All quiet all of a sudden????

    Now, we are all human and can make mistakes and if there is no AirBerlin delegation on this flight, well than a simply apology by ExYu followed by a suitable explanation as to why ExYu believed that there would be would be nice.

    1. There is no need for an apology since the codeshare agreement is being signed this week. Additionally, the source of this news is German/Austrian media, as is indicated in the article.

    2. Anonymous20:27

      Screw you.