Wizz Air looks to Ohrid and Sarajevo

Wizz Air marches on into EX-YU market

Wizz Air is continuing to eye new destinations within the former Yugoslavia with Ohrid being the latest point of interest. The low cost airline held talks with city and airport authorities regarding the possible launch of flights from the lake side town, which could attract both diaspora passengers and holiday makers. Mayor Nikola Bakračeski says local authorities are prepared to provide subsidies to the airline for it to launch flights, which would in turn fuel local business and tourism. Wizz Air sees potential in Ohrid as an average of 30% of passengers using Skopje Airport come from south west Macedonia, where Ohrid is located.

Wizz Air has identified northern Italy, Switzerland and Germany as potential destinations from Ohrid. Furthermore, the airline believes it could attract passengers from Albania as well due to the town’s close proximity to the Albanian border. Ohrid Airport is currently served only on a seasonal summer basis by Jat Airways with flights from Belgrade and Jetairfly from Brussels. Wizz Air recently announced flights from Tuzla and already has two hubs within the former Yugoslavia - in Belgrade and Skopje. Wizz Air has a sizable order for 92 Airbus A320s with the airline looking to deploy the aircraft across Central and Eastern Europe in the coming years.

Meanwhile, Sarajevo Airport and Wizz Air are planning to go back to the negotiating table after talks between the two sides collapsed last year. Sarajevo Airport is unwilling to lower its taxes, a key demand made by the low cost airline. “We are negotiating with Wizz Air because we believe that the airline could link us with European destinations such as London and Brussels. We held thorough talks in 2012 and we have not given up. Upon Wizz Air’s request we resumed talks on March 12 in order to reach a compromise and for Wizz Air to launch flights from Sarajevo in 2013”, Vedrana Vikić Musić, the head of Sarajevo’s Aviation Services Sales Office says.


  1. Anonymous09:08

    WZZ could also open several links across Ex-YU to make some serious competition on some monopoly or duopoly routes:
    ZAG-DBV 2 daily
    LJU-DBV 3 weekly
    BEG-DBV 4 weekly
    ZAG-SPU 2 daily
    LJU-SPU 3 weekly
    BEG-SPU 4 weekly
    BEG-TGD 2 daily
    BEG-TIV 2 daily
    ZAG-OHD 2 weekly
    BEG-OHD 2 weekly

    1. Anonymous09:10

      Its not gonna happen now as right now but there is a potential for that in future.....

    2. Anonymous10:12

      ZAG-SPU 2 daily? LCC to fly flight under 45 minutes fly time? That is very rear... Very rear!!!! And if that happened it is in reach market where is high frequency or high demand on that route.

      So, most of those routes are not interested for LCC. Basically they fly routes from 1:15 hours. In shorter route there is too much competition from other transportation and from legacy carriers who can have small prices because of small costs and subvention which are usual on those routes.

      For example Wizzair starts Budapest-Cluj route (45 minutes) after Malev bankruptcy. Huge Hungarian Diaspora, before Malev bankrupts there was 3 flights per day on BUD-CLJ route. After few weeks they cancel route.

  2. Aэrologic09:16

    The continuation of the yesterday's discussion about Wizz Air, please post it down here. The key replies copied.
    Anonymous April 10, 2013 at 9:19 PM

    Wizzair should include BEG and start flying to DWC too, they offer very cheap flights from Bulgaria and Romania for example.

    Aэrologic April 10, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    Definitely not (read comments bellow), but they could/should have started IEV, MOW, BCN/MAD, LCA and SAW (before PC's entrance at least).

    Anonymous April 11, 2013 at 7:46 AM

    Larnaca is a high yielding market and it actually requires a business class product, especially the Tel Aviv tag. People flying out of Larnaca would not pay to fly on Wizz Air, trust me on that. The small part of the people who might pay are not enough to sustain these flights. This is the same reason why Wizz Air was butchered on the Larnaca-Bucharest by Blueair and Tarom.

    The only one they could launch and which would make sense is Barcelona.

    Anonymous April 11, 2013 at 8:31 AM

    Does JU still operates the typical J class seats on some of their planes, especially on those they send to LCA/TLV (as well as LHR/SVO)?

    Any information on whether the new planes that are gonna enter the fleet will be configured in an all-economy or two class layout?

    Aэrologic April 11, 2013 at 9:12 AM

    Don't know if it's a coincidence with my announcement, but i just saw that Wizz Air is starting OTP, KTW and SOF from Larnaca in May, so why not BEG? (How were they butchered to Bucharest then i wonder?) They seem quite conservative in their Belgrade expansion, all those places i mentioned deserve a go, at least in modest frequency.

    1. Anonymous09:32

      Wizz Air even announced Bucharest to Tel Aviv route yesterday, so it quite contradicts what the other guy was saying.

    2. Anonymous10:16

      But no one spoke about Bucharest-Tel Aviv market, there was talk about Belgrade-Tel Aviv and Bucharest- Larnaca. What are you talking about?

      Wizz Air launched Bucharest-Larnaca three years ago for the first time and the situation was pretty much the same as it is now. Tarom and Blueair operated the route and they killed them as the fares were already low. You can find flights with Tarom to Bucharest for €150! No one will pay the same price to fly on Wizz Air when they can get a superior product for the same price. Not to mention that Larnaca is very often operated by Tarom's B737-700 which are great!
      I am sure their re-launch of Larnaca this year will be a seasonal service.

      Bulgarians and Romanians are a large minority in Cyprus, both ethnic groups are around 15,000 to 17,000, so there is a market. There are a total of 1,700 Serbs on the island which is not enough for Wizz Air to launch the route. Also, Cyprus is not a popular destination for Serbs which is an additional limiting factor in this whole story. And like I previously said, most of the Serbs residing in Cyprus are quite wealthy so paying €300 for a flight is not a problem.

      Also their Katowice flight is operated once a week so it is most likely there to cater for the needs of Polish tourist agencies. The same way Wizz Air launched flights to Rhodes and Corfu.

      I would like to point something out. Wizz Air is cheap as long as they are competing with someone. Back in the day when Malév was around, they used to sell Larnaca flights starting from €168. Today when Wizz Air operates the route, you are lucky to find a flight that is under €200.

    3. Anonymous11:03

      So you are saying that BEG-TLV/LCA is high yielding but TLV-OTP is not o<0? Please put your mind together cause that seems a bit schizophrenic. Wizz Air is just (re-)starting the LCA-OTP route, so where are you coming from? Can you still explain me WHY a one or two weekly flights BEG-LCA wouldn't be feasible?

    4. Anonymous11:18

      Actually, I would say the post @10:16 is one of the more reasonable ones I've read here. It makes sense from business perspective, even though I'd disagree that BlueAir has a better product than Wizz Air.

      I'd agree with the poster that the market's just not there for BEG-LCA. Balkanians, especially Serbs, tend to overvalue their market potential. Look at what happened to BEG-FCO, I'm sure the airport authorities would've given their right arm that the route would be a successful one beforehand.

      The debate is not why the route wouldn't work, rather there has to be convincing evidence as to the viability of a point-to-point operation of a 180-seat a/c for the route to even be considered. No wonder there's no news on BCN/GRO. It is simply unconvincing - if the route has to be sustained mainly by demand from Serbia, it is very unlikely it will ever be profitable.

    5. First of all, there is no need to insult anyone. Use adequate arguments to prove your point. Insults are usually for people who ran out of smart things to say.
      (For Anonymous, 11:03)

      First of all, you can't just blandly compare things like that. Romania is a country of 23 million while Serbia has just over 7 million inhabitants. Logically thinking this should imply that the market from Romania to Israel is much greater.
      However, the key thing is that in Bucharest there are a total of 6,000 Jewish people. The number of Jews in Serbia is around 1,100.
      So there you go, naturally there will be more demand for air travel from Israel to Romania than there would to/from Serbia. The market from Belgrade to Tel Aviv is small but a large part of that small share is comprised of business people(Israeli people) travelling to Serbia. That is why for Jat it is difficult to launch a direct flight and to only rely on the O&D market. Linking it with Larnaca increases the loads and makes these two destinations profitable. Or at least let's hope that they are.

      When it comes to Wizz Air and Bucharest-Larnaca, the thing is that their brand awareness in Cyprus is not so great. One could wonder if their Bucharest-Larnaca flight has any brand awareness among the Romanian travellers. Since Blueair and Tarom had been operating (successfully) to Cyprus for many years now, they have established themselves very well on this market. Wizz Air would have to discount their flights to take away passengers from these carriers and to make them fly with them. Brand awareness is the key thing you should be looking at here. When Baneasa airport closed down, both Blueair and Wizz Air lost a great advantage when it came to competing with Tarom. On top of it all, in the meantime Tarom had successfully reduced its cost structure which has enabled it to put up a fight with these low cost carriers. Last time a war was launched within this market Wizz Air bled to death.
      When it comes to Wizz Air's flight from Belgrade to Larnaca, I will like to remind you that there are only 1,000 Serbs living here and that the airline can't really rely on the O&D market to fill their flights. Furthermore, Cyprus is not a popular destination among Serbs- primarily because it is still expensive. Last summer, during the three summer months, there were a total of 1,700 Serbian tourists in Cyprus and they all flew on Aviogenex. This summer season Jat will be introducing a one weekly rotation between Belgrade and Larnaca and this flight will be for the tourists.
      Wizz Air is primarily a business which means that they will have to sell a product people will want to buy. Larnaca is not one of them. Maybe in the future things will change. If we were in the 1990s, Larnaca would be one of the first destinations they would launch since until 1999 there were roughly 20,000 Serbs living here.
      To conclude this long post, I would also like to remind you that for Jat, operating to Larnaca and Tel Aviv is easier than it would be for Wizz Air. This is because Jat uses a relatively fuel efficient aircraft with a smaller seat capacity. Wizz Air's A320s have 180 seats while Jat's B733s have only 125. Within such limited markets this difference in capacity is a great one.

      Best from Nicosia.

    6. Anonymous11:49

      All i said is that: IEV, MOW, BCN/MAD and LCA COULD be profitable for Wizz Air, BEG-MOW especially.
      As for the rest, i would say 2 weekly flights at best, 3 in the season for BCN (Spanair was flying 3 or 4 times per week A321). While for IEV (Kiev), i think there is more chance of JU doing it with an ATR once or twice per week, IF it ever happens. Such a missing destination from Belgrade though. The perfect solution would be BEG-KBP-LED with JU, it's a bit of a deviation though.

    7. Anonymous, 11:0311:57

      "First of all, there is no need to insult anyone. Use adequate arguments to prove your point. Insults are usually for people who ran out of smart things to say."

      You seem to have some experience with that. Next.

      "First of all, you can't just blandly"

      blandly? I didn't compare anything blandly. Is that an insult you're trying to use, cause deprived of smart arguments?

      I'll better stop here. Nobody said BEG-LCA on Wizz Air would be a massive success, it was just an idea of possible, eventual, potential routes, among which only the Moscow one would certainly be profitable and maybe Barcelona, as the guy before me pointed out.

    8. Aэrologic12:07

      Wizz Air can only dream of Moscow cause of bilaterals. I don't see that happening.

    9. Anonymous12:21

      BEG-KBP by ATR, hmmm, interesting, wonder if somebody thought about that before. 2/3 times per week would be feasable, even with a jet in the summer to connect tourists to Montenegro. Correction to guy before, some JU's 737 have 134 seats and not just 126 (which ones are sent to LCA?). Also Baneasa wasn't closed, it became a business/charter-only airport.

    10. Anonymous12:30


      IST proclaimed as the best airport in "South Europe". You must be kidding me?! That Skytrax is pure crap&hoax.

    11. Anonymous12:38

      We knew Skytrax is biaised but this is unprecedental:


    12. Anonymous18:40

      Belgrade to Kiev will never happen
      These two places have nothing in common,really nothing!

  3. Anonymous09:30

    What happened to jat's ATR 72's that were joining the fleet at the end of March?

    1. Anonymous10:49


    2. Anonymous11:24

      Yesterday, it was officially decided to take two A319's, two A320's and one ATR 72-500 (because there is only one available for leasing). They have received the money and the CEO of Jat Airways, Vladimir Ognjenovic, will signed the contracts in the following days. But as long as the crew is on the training at Airbus, there will be only an ATR flying around for Jat...

    3. Purger12:53

      The plan was that those aircrafts will come at end of March. And now it is middle of April and they decide to do it. So, you will go to supermarket to lease those planes and bring them till the end of week, or you have to spend some time on that after "decision"?

      For one ATR that would be at least June, and for Airbuses (concerning crew training) it would be good if that happens in September. For summer time-table it is much too late.

      And why that happened? Because commission was not competent and did not do the job at all. It starts to study leasing in November, and they need 6 months just for decision? And now you will finish the job in one month? Congratulation!

    4. Anonymous12:57

      Ah and here he is, Purger strikes back. Back when there were positive news about Belgrade or Jat you did not bother. Now, when there is something negative you do not miss a single chance. Pathetic.

    5. Doot14:16

      you're not reading all his posts

    6. Anonymous14:43

      Now your memory is very short. Just 2 days ago Purger congratulated Belgrade on Etihad route, and some 5-6 days ago someone here said "Purger start to think as Serbian".

      Problem is that when someone here writes positive about Belgrade and Serbia than that is because it can not be different (“we are center of Universe, just some did not recognize that jet”), but when someone mentions something against he is enemy of Serbia and mankind.

      And debacle with new fleet which shows total unprofesionalisam of "experts" from this commission is nothing against Serbia, Belgrade or Jat as company, but shows just simple thing: those "experts" made huge mistake and in normal countries would be punished. In Serbia if you show this you are enemy, not them!

  4. Anonymous09:32

    I see a lot of people here are not familiar with the traffic rights for flying to and from Serbia.

    Due to the administrative application of Open Skies by Serbia, Wizz Air can connect Belgrade to any point in the EU.

    Most of the destinations mentioned above are outside of the EU. Wizz Air has very limited development opportunities in BEG - no wonder they're allocating capacity where the market is under-served.

    1. Anonymous12:28

      Wizzair can only connect Belgrade to another City with the permission of jat pilot's!

  5. Anonymous09:52

    It is hardly any news that Wizz is negotiating with airports. However worth noting that management of ex-yu airports like to create big fuss even of a slightest interest - which is a very strange thing considering that most cases it is not followed by any real business. Did you hear a word from Tuzla aiport about the flights before the annoncement?

  6. Anonymous10:36

    Or a word from BEG about easyjet discussions?

    1. Anonymous10:42

      What about Belgrade Airport and easyJet?

  7. Anonymous11:31

    OT: I am sorry, but I have to ask, what's the thing with the THY flight 3131 Belgrade Izmir, I didn't know that Turkish is gonna have charters to Belgrade.. Any info on that?

  8. JU520 BEGLAX11:37

    nije so lose ove picke, are they our YU flight attendants on Wizz Air, must be only in YU u find Girls like them :-)

    1. GVA_Cointrin11:40

      Sorry to burst your bubble, in this particular photo it's girls from Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Hungary. There's another one with the Serbian girls though. ;)

    2. Anonymous12:04

      JU520 BEXLAX
      You're such a primitive moron as we always suspected you to be.

    3. Anonymous12:33

      Romanian women are the sexiest in the world!

  9. Anonymous12:09

    Jat Airways is offering from today voluntary leave for its employees.


  10. Purger12:59

    As I predict. Urgent and unplanned cutting of capacity and routes by Croatia Airlines had reaction by other companies because of high demand in Zagreb.

    As companies can not change time-table in just few days they change planed planes to fly to Zagreb. So instead of smaller planes Turkish, British and Qatar fly to Zagreb with A321 regularly, and Lufthansa usually use bigger planes (even we had some examples they fly A321 from MUC).

  11. Anonymous13:21

    Those airlines already fly A321 to BEG on a daily basis and QR is sending their A321 as default equipment from mid-May. Today was the first and only time that BA sent A321 to ZAG, usually its A319.

    How OU keeps loosing money with such high demand?

    1. Anonymous14:26

      Yes, but Belgrade has no BA. What about Air France, pulled out perhaps ?
      What about Iberia or TAP ? Hm. You win one, loose the other. All I am saying, both ZAG and BEG airports are in the same "midget league". While Belgrade has slightly bigger planes and frequencies, and some 30-35% more Pax, Zagreb has higher quality passengers who use better airlines. Low Cost airlines are not used in ZAG (Except 1 easyJet route, several Germanwings flights to Cologne and Stuttfgart, and Norwegian to Copenhagen). Not saying that's good - in fact it is NOT good, but still it simply gives you an idea of the passenger and airline quality...

      Decent airlines BEG has and ZAG doesn't are Alitalia and Swiss.

    2. Anonymous14:34

      So what is your point? Lufthansa always sent A321 on FRA-CDG route. And what conclusion you have with this fact?

      By this information no one try to say ZAG is better than BEG, it is just information about «compensations» from rest of operators to cutting capacity of Croatia Airlines. Why, on the name of God, you always, but always, try to find something «against BEG» and that everyone from Croatia has to be Serbian enemy, where every sentence must have some «hidden» message.

    3. Anonymous14:42

      Might be the Purger syndrome.

      Anyway, the pax difference is 40%, not 30-35%. Following your reasoning, BUD sucks compared to ZAG.

      Higher quality passengers that get no more than seasonal two weekly flights on Tap and Iberia? C'mon, be realistic. Just remember Spanair in BEG, that was serious staff. I'm sure you would die just to have the very decent Pegasus in Zagreb cause now you're stuck with the Turks or you fly from BEG.

    4. Anonymous15:00

      OK mathematics is exact science.

      ZAG is 30,2% smaller than BEG by number of passengers:

      3.363.919 – 30,2% = 2.348.000 (and ZAG was 2.342.309)

      So by any mathematics it can not be 40%.

      That is not true that it is 2 seasonal flights. TAP flies to ZAG all year around for 10 years now with 3 weekly flights out of season, and 4 weekly in season.

      Let me remind you that Spanair starts to fly to ZAG much before than to BEG, and that they had some 4-5 flights per week + 2-3 flights by Croatia Airlines.

      Turkish is very decent company, it is Croatia Airlines partner in Star Alliance, prices are very good and I thing Pegasus does not have a big chance in Zagreb.

      But one more time. Why, in name of God, you try to make this as fight between BEG and ZAG, again? Why you have this sick need?

    5. Anonymous15:14

      Anonymous 3:00, how come you haven't understood yet that Belgrade city is one of the capitals of the World, like NewYork, London, Paris, Tokyo, and that all-mighty BEG airport could be compared to Changi, Schiphol or O'Hare only?

      Actually, it's very simple; it has nothing to do with the facts, with numbers, with reality. It's the state of mind which requires professional assistance. As simple as that. :)

    6. Anonymous15:18

      You forgot to mention that TAP operates ZAG only as a tag from Bologna and not as an independent line. Seems ZAG can thrive only when linked with stronger cities than itself. Iberia IS seasonal.

    7. Anonymous15:29

      Last anonymous - exactly, thank you.
      My point (2:26) was that both airports are similar which was to be a response to anonymous (1:21) for pointing out the presence of a321s in Belgrade.

      In the end, Zagreb, while offering smaller number of direct destinations, has somewhat of a better portfolio of mainstream airlines. Serbs have more options to fly to Turkey, Middle East, and this they can do with LCC.

      At the same time, ZAG is served by OU whose service is better (comparable to what serbs have in Jat). In the combination with other main stream airlines serving ZAG, croatians can fly to to main european destinations they find general interest in...and to North America as well. Simple as that. Croatia's market was always mostly oriented towards "the left side of Europe" and beyond...
      The only real setback for ZAG is the lack of direct flight to Dubai, which is in demand in Croatia, and which BEG has...

      As far as market dominance, I don't see any ex yu airport assuming a role of a hub. ZAG now has a strategic partner, it is a capital of a tourist star destination, better GDP per capita, with a whole lot of unused potential (city break travels, business travel, conference destination travel etc.)

      All I am saying is that in a long run, this will be one close race, quite interesting rivalry between BEG and ZAG- let's make it a positive one... :)

    8. Anonymous15:41

      JU and OU offer exactly the same level of service according to passengers and Skytrax official ranking, while JU offers a much more comprehensive network of destinations:


    9. Anonymous16:09

      JU has old planes, OU new; JU has old and rude, very often unprofessional cabin crew, OU much younger, more polite and more professional; JU serves stone hard sandwiches in economy, OU serves national cuisine from different croatian regions; JU does not offer range of code-share destinations and alliance possibilities like OU, punctuality of OU is much better then JU, web&mobile and self-check-in are not possible by JU, which is possible by OU and so on and so on. What you just wrote, based on passenger's opinions is the best proof that not all passengers are the same, and that BEG serves mostly "diaspora" and LCC customers, and ZAG has aproximatelly same share of domestic and foreign & business and leisure paassengers. Cheers!

    10. Anonymous16:13

      In that case, why didn't Skytrax put OU as a 4 or 5* carrier? Simple question.

    11. Anonymous16:13

      just to correct myself: when I said BEG I meant Jat, by ZAG I meant Croatia, but after all it could be refferred to airports, too.

    12. Anonymous16:15

      "You forgot to mention that TAP operates ZAG only as a tag from Bologna and not as an independent line."

      Now that is not true. That is fact in winter months, but not in summer where you have direct flights ZAG-LIS without stop in BLQ. Even if there is one stop it is much more than BEG has. So, please do not publish information that is not true. In just 3 posts you published several disinformations:

      - Iberia and TAP has 2 weekly seasonal flights - NOT TRUE
      - Spanair has flights to BEG and not to ZAG - NOT TRUE, they start to fly to ZAG much earlier and had more frequencies
      - ZAG is 40% smaller than BEG - NOT TRUE, it is 30,2% to be precise
      - ZAG can has route just if there is stop in some bigger destination – NOT TRUE, ZAG has just 4 routes with stop (LIS-BLQ in winter, ZAD-PUY, FCO-SPU and BUD-DOH), and Belgrade more (AMS-BRU, ESB-DOH, OHR-SKP, CPH-GOT, ARN-CPH, TLV-LCA)
      - TAP route is via BLQ - NOT TRUE, it is only during winter

      Why you need to publish lies? And one more time why you put this data as war between BEG and ZAG?

    13. Anonymous16:17

      Uf, pravo u glavu, to ume boljeti

      +1 (first Anon @ 4:13)

    14. Anonymous16:17

      Are you slow or something? I just wrote : because Skytrax results are based on passengers opinions, and Serbian passengers who like 90% use Jat, unlike Croatia, tend to think that anything Serbian is better than anything belonging to others. Similar like BEG "voted" 7th in he world which has absolutely nothing to do with the reality. OK?

    15. Anonymous16:21

      Anon @ 4:15, is winter in Zagreb all-year-round?

      Can you precise to us in which language you was writing your last paragraphs, or it is your head starting to hurt.

    16. Anonymous16:22

      @Anonymous 4:17
      jedino sto mene "ume boljeti" (pozdrav u "srpsku"), je ljudska glupost i nedokazanost

    17. Anonymous16:24

      bolan od sopstvene nikad neces pobeci, uvek ce te boljeti

    18. Anonymous16:28

      Skytrax put 90% of airlines in 3***. In same category you have very good companies more like to 4**** and some African poor companies near to 2**. Unfortunately 5***** where system does not put many of those to 1*, 2**, 4**** or 5*****, but mostly to 3*** will have Jat and Croatia in "same category".

      Even by Skytrax when you compare categories Croatia has much more points than Jat.

    19. Anonymous16:30

      So your claim explaining that both JU and OU got 6/10 and 3* on Skytrax goes by the fact that 90% of JU passengers are Serbs with low taste and 90% of OU pax highly requiring foreigners and stringent Croats? Are you really eating the BS you're trying to serve to us?

    20. Anonymous16:41

      JU has 5.8 and OU 6.0. Whose if not the passenger's opinions should be taken into account, whoever they are? Most of people flying OU are Westerners (Croats travel very little) who don't get anything on their airlines on short flights so who don't expect anything and are happy with minimum. For your information there is a huge part of the flying public that outright hates JU in Serbia so you're really talking non-sense about Yugo-nostalgic Jat-loving dwellers posting on Skytrax (those you talk about and present as majority don't even know it exists). Just pure Cro propaganda cause you're running out of arguments to explain why your dear Croatia is no better than Jat according to Skytrax and pax. Too bad your evil dreams were broken once again.

    21. Anonymous16:50

      So, when is NOT the winter in Zagreb?


    22. Anonymous17:12

      From 18th June till 13th September you have direct flights LIS-ZAG with no stop in BLQ with 4 flights per week -2-45-7

      ...OK so that was lie!

      And what about other lies?

    23. Anonymous17:13

      It's very interesting how you people who "defend" Jat and BEG don't comment at all FACTS which I listed (Anon. 4:09) which PROVE that OU has much better product than JU.

      And then, when you don't have arguments to oppose those I've stated, then you start insulting, speaking of croatian propaganda, explaining statistics the way you like it, writing lies about "other side", and all that in a day when both ZAG or BEG or JU or OU are not the issue, and all that after you first started to glorify "your" airport and "your" airline.

      Just for your info, I'm not saying OU is perfect, it's not, it could be much better, but PLEASE stop speaking of BEG and JU as they are much better because they are at least the same, or probably even worse. Btw, I'm not ethnic Croatian. Cheers!

  12. Anonymous14:18

    Actually BA has sent A320s many times. And what Purger had probably meant to say is that BA will be sending their a321s more frequently (as in BA they themselves had announced this news sometime a month ago) and this will be especially frequent in a light of OU's change of summer timetable.

    OU is not loosing its money so much in operations, but rather due to high amortization values(new equipment - all airplanes were brand new). That is not to say that OU has no problems in terms of their labor productivity (too much of administrative staff, high salaries etc.), but their LFs are decent and in the summer they do fairly well. Hell, out of all ex Yu airlines they are doing better.

  13. Anonymous14:23

    SJJ and wizz? How in the world could they compromise after wizz was practically kicked out of the last talks for asking a rebate? Anyway SJJ is producing losses for the first time and they must get new airlines whatever happens.

  14. Anonymous14:44

    i hope wizz air will start flights to ohrid with the summer seasons (june july august) so they can attract many new passangers and tourists but im afraid skopje will loose some passengers... but wizz can handle this problem when they start new routes from skopje to paris, moscow and barcelona maybe also dubai or tel aviv...

    1. Anonymous14:52

      Maybe also Beijing, New York and Adelaide...c'mon, seriously, how far you SKP can grow? Most of airlines will vanish once the subsidies dry out. Be realistic.

    2. Anonymous14:55

      SKP is the most overrated airport in ex-Yu, SJJ the most underserved.

    3. Anonymous15:02

      Anon. 2:52 + :)

      The only remaining possibly interesting market from/to OHD, in addition to 3 mentioned is the Dutch market. At the moment, no chance for anythng else.

    4. Anonymous15:18

      So much hate for SKP here. =/

      Suck it haters, SKP is getting a 2nd based a/c soon. And a 3rd next year. And they're not going anywhere after the subsidies end. Watch and suffer.

      And trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

    5. Anonymous15:25

      Those guys from Skopje sound like being driven on heavy drugs, they're in complete delirium and on an uncontrolled dellusional ride.
      Did TAV open a psychiatric care unit at their new terminal in Skopje?

    6. Bardhi15:41

      Don't worry, they will make some more Triumphal Arch, Greek statues, and neo-neo-classic buildings, gold, marble, red dubledecker busses and whole of Europe will be coming to EasternEurodisneyland. You will see 10 planes based there due to the demand.

    7. Anonymous16:10

      Must be the cocaine transiting from Afghanistan...

    8. Anonymous17:14

      So, ZAG is shit, SKP is shit, TGD is shit, PRN is shit, LJU is shit, SJJ is shit... Just BEG is center of Unvierse in class with SIN...

      That is mentality!

  15. Anonymous17:13

    so wizz opened opened a few routes from belgrade and croats sre already calling BEG a lowcost airport. Also nnodo was talking when BA was sending 757s to BEG. Typical cro propa.

  16. Anonymous17:21

    Well like it or not but Macedonia has a stable airport growth since TAV came here. We're 2 Million people, Serbia 8. SKP is served by some 20 destinations. After this parity BEG should have had about 80! Are there?
    And btw. yes we have money for arches, bridges and buildings and don't go begging for credits from Russia. The first step for Serbia to become a successfull and a respectfull country is to finally start taking care of its garden before sniffing in others!

    1. Anonymous18:19

      you must be some cro or alb dude wanna be Macedonian to stir the trouble here.

  17. Wizz seem to have so much of Ex-Yu covered but they tend to be ignoring Zagreb. I wonder what their plan is..., maybe wait for EU membership than pounce?

    I have a feeling Wizz will make a big move into Zagreb next year if not sooner.

    1. Anonymous18:37

      There will be at least one new LCC in ZAG by the end of the year, but it's not Wizz. And I doubt Wizz is going to re-enter ZAG, or at least not soon.