Wizz Air still considering Banja Luka

New hope for Banja Luka Airport

Wizz Air is still considering launching flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city, Banja Luka. Wizz Air’s Corporate Communications Manager, Daniel de Carvalho, says, “We are keeping this option open because we are a company that is recording strong growth both fleet and passenger wise”. A Wizz Air delegation recently reviewed the facilities at Banja Luka Airport and reported they were satisfied with the its technical capabilities. The main reason the airline is staying away is because of high fuel prices at the airport. “Our fuel costs 1.89 euros per litre but for an agreement to be reached it must range between 1.10 and 1.20 euros. We are unable to lower the cost below the asking price of the fuel provider”, Davorin Mihić, the CEO of Banja Luka Airport says.

Mr. Mihić notes that the airport is doing everything to solve the issue, “We are really trying but we haven’t resolved the problem yet”. He adds that the low cost airline is interested in launching flights to Scandinavia, after which it would considering opening new routes if the service proves successful. Several months ago Wizz offered Banja Luka flights from Luton, Malmo, Eindhoven and Dortmund to choose from, with the airport selecting the service from Sweden as it considered it to be the most viable out of the offered destinations.

Wizz Air began talks with Bosnian officials last year with plans to launch flights from all four commercial airports in the country, including Sarajevo and Mostar. Talks with Sarajevo Airport ended in failure when the airport’s CEO said that reducing service costs for Wizz Air would cause a “domino effect” with other airlines. The no frills airline is said to be interested in launching flights from Mostar to Italy and Poland in order to cash in on the flourishing religious tourism. Next week the airline will launch its first service to Bosnia and Herzegovina by inaugurating flights from Malmo to Tuzla.


  1. Anonymous09:19

    Why would they start flying to an Airport that only has 7 months to live? And why would people want to go there? It's not the capital, not a tourist destination, the only reason you would fly to Banja Luka is to get a connecting flight to Sarajevo.

    1. Anonymous11:27

      Why would someone want to go to Tuzla???? The same reasons! I would want to go to BNX for a decent price.

    2. Anonymous11:39

      With pax numbers so far this year of of 1, it seems obvious that NOBODY wants to go to Tuzla. The only reason BH goes to BNX is because they don't want to be accused of trying to isolate RS.

      Its all irrelevant anyway, BNX will loose international status next year anyway, unless it gets a massive upgrade, that RS cannot afford.

  2. 1. BNX has the lowest living standard among the biggest cities in Bosnia and Herzegowina!
    That is still the reason, why non airline is flying from BNX!

    While flying on the BNX - BEG route, JAT had usually some 5 passengers, while 39 are needed for a rentable route (ATR 72) !!!

    2. I live on Sarajevo - Munich - Belgrade route and must say: I am against the WIZZ AIR policy !!!
    They choose an airport, want the lower pax taxes and to pay 1,20 € instead of 1,80 € / liter ?

    So, the PAX PAYERS of countries have to pay Wizz Airs operations???


    As far as I know, Wizz Air doesn´t pay any taxes to Skopje Airport. So, the Macedonian tax payers, have to "pay" for the people flying from Skopje?

    This is unacceptable !!!

    Airports live from pax taxes an they have to be paid !

    1. Anonymous10:45

      Jat had on average 15 passengers on its flights from Banja Luka to Belgrade.

    2. Anonymous11:33

      They only had 21 on the 737 that was delayed in Amsterdam for 24 hours, which is pathetic.

  3. Anonymous10:49

    Must be a slow news day, this story is almost word for word of the story of April 2 "Wizz Air to skip Banja Luka"

    Why not report about JAT and it's amazing invisible palnes? beg.aero shows JU1326 leaving for Sochi at 00:35 this morning, and returning at 07:01. The funny thing is that Sochi has no record of this flight ever arriving or leaving.

    This and a number of other JU flights today that BEG claims have taken off but they don't show up on flightradar24.com. Either Jat has invested in stealth technology, or they are lying about the condition of their fleet again.

    I also notice that Adria is still flying both of its 319's today, they are cutting it fine if they are going to have these planes in service for Jat in 6 days time. But we all know that this was a complete lie to begin with.

    1. Anonymous11:01

      Sochi is a charter flight for Serbian construction workers so it’s obviously not showing up at Sochi Airport. Flightradar does not log all flights. Check for Croatia Airlines as well. Honestly don’t know what’s with people’s obsessions with Jat here. It’s a shit airline just like the rest of the ex-Yu pile.

    2. Anonymous11:31

      If it is a charter flight it would not appear on beg.aero as a scheduled flight, none of the other charters do, so that is another lie. Flightstats tracks charter flights and it has no record of anything going to BEG-AER-BEG either.

      You are correct that Flightradar does not have all flights, however until today the only Jat flights that did not appear were the Antique ATR's and Aviogenex 732. All of Croatia's jets appear but none of the props.

      So Flightradar does show all scheduled jet flights, and today only a handful of Jat scheduled flights are appearing which does not make sense, unless they are not flying them.

      This page supposed to be a news site, Why not report about the never ending delays and aircraft trouble that Jat are having? Instead of reheating a bullshit story about a second rate airline going to a pathetic excuse for an airport that nobody wants to fly to anyway?

      I am sure that the passengers of Jat who read this page would like to know the truth about why they are left stranded in Amsterdam for 24 hours. And why none of their flights are leaving on time?

      Jat are the only Ex-Yu airline that are having these dramas, isn't that news?

    3. Jat’s fleet problems have been reported here numerous times, the latest being on Thursday. Furthermore, EX-YU Aviation News was the first site to report that Jat has a chronic fleet shortage back in January.If you are unhappy with the editorial policy you can always skip the blog.

    4. Anonymous11:46

      Sochi is a scheduled charter for Serbian construction workers!!! What part of that don’t you get.

    5. Anonymous12:06

      I suggest you go and buy a dictionary and look up "scheduled" and "charter".

    6. Anonymous12:35

      Dear EX-YU Aviation,

      Thank you for your permission to skip your blog, however I feel obliged to provide a response.

      The article on thursday has a quote from the CEO that briefly mentions the Amsterdam debacle, and the Aviogenex antique. It then says "In addition, several aircraft which are undergoing regular maintenance checks are to return to service".

      This is not reporting on Jat's fleet shortage, this is a quote from the CEO and pure speculation on your part. Reporting on the fleet shortage would include things like: Which aircraft are "undergoing regular maintenance checks"? How many aircraft will they have once they (if ever) return to the fleet? How much money is this going to cost them? (You were quite quick to invent the millions that Croatia will loose from the strike last week, why can't you invent how much Jat will loose?)

      I have had a look though the January articles and found the following;

      January 29: "Jat to decide on future fleet on Thursday"
      - No mention made about numbers of active aircraft or flight cancellations.

      January 25: "Jat confirms fleet plans"
      - No mention made about numbers of active aircraft or flight cancellations.

      January 21: "Jat’s fleet crisis deepens"
      - No mention made about numbers of active aircraft or flight cancellations.

      January 16: "Fleet shortage hits Jat"
      - No mention made about numbers of active aircraft or flight cancellations.

      January 14: "EXCLUSIVE: Jat Airways fleet renewal"
      - Jat Airways to lease six new aircraft this summer (we all know how THAT turned out)

      Please note that all of these stories were very vague with details and numbers as to available aircraft etc. So I find it strange that you had such detailed information of the cancellations and costs that OU would incur with their recent strikes. Unless you made it all up?

      I have checked all of this years "stories" about Jat, and nowhere do you mention that Jat only has 7 active aircraft. Do you not consider this relevant? However by the same token we have this:

      February 6: "Croatia Airlines to shed its fleet"

      In this pile of garbage you make the following statement "leaving the carrier with twelve aircraft."

      So Croatia is in dire straights when they loose 1 plane, but Jat looses half its fleet and you don't mention it at all in 5 months?

      I do appreciate the effort that you put into creating this page and providing information to aviophiles such as myself, however I do reserve the right to call bullshit on the inconsistencies, garbage and outright lies that you attempt to pass off as fact, therefore I must decline your kind offer to skip this blog.

      Have a Nice Day...

    7. Anonymous12:43

      PS. There is 6 days to go before Adria's 319's are (according to you) going to join Jat's fleet. But still today they are flying for Adria. If (as you have repeatedly claimed) they are going for a 3 year lease, why are they not getting painted in Jat livery? It takes at least a week to repaint an aircraft, or is this more lies and garbage.

      I would suggest that you create a Label for "Jatovanje" because that seems to be all you are capable of.

      Keep the laughs coming. x

    8. Nikola12:55

      why are you talking about JAT?

    9. Anonymous13:09

      look up.

    10. Doot14:36

      I think you're mistaking this blogger for a journalist (something he's never claimed).

    11. Anonymous14:44

      Irrelevant, does the fact he is only a blogger give him the right to be a complete liar?

      He calls the Blog "Ex-Yu Aviation NEWS." News should be honest.

      Based on the articles this site should be called;
      "Ex-Yu Serbian Biased Aviation Propaganda"

    12. Tomahawk15:05

      The guy is spending his Saturday afternoon on beg.aero... I guess that tells everything about him.

    13. Anonymous15:10

      Didn't have to spend long on beg.aero to see this.

      What it tells you is that I will find out facts rather than lie through my teeth and pray that everyone is a gullible idiot, like yourself.

    14. The saint15:16

      Why do you care at all?

    15. Anonymous15:20

      I can't care less of Croatia Airlines and Zagrab...

    16. Anonymous15:20

      Why not? Why do you?

    17. Anonymous15:23

      Zagreb anthem: give me a jet-bridge :D

  4. Anonymous13:04


    In yesterday's article you said:
    "A total of 1763 aircraft operations were registered at Croatia’s busiest airport, up a considerable 7%"

    You should stop lying.

    This is the number of landings only not total aircraft operations, The actual figure is 3742. Likewise you have not mentioned the fact that in March Zagreb was 3152, and BEG at 3110.

    This is great news for Zagreb and Croatian aviation, however it is consistent with your editorial philosophy of only reporting negatively on Croatia and all other Ex-Yu countries, that this excellent result for Zagreb did not even get a mention on this page. How do you justify this?

    1. Anonymous13:58

      Typo; Zag for April was 3472 not 3742, my apologies.
      (That how a proper journalist does it)

    2. pravo u glavu, ume boljeti15:24

      Aircraft operations (cycles) and aircraft movements is not the same you fucking idiot.

  5. Anonymous13:30

    Well this total fiasco with Jat is for sure imoprtant. We are interested how many aircrafts fly for JAT in this moment, what are cancelations, how may of them, how many delays, what happends to leading of 6 aircrafts, why crew are not in type rating as they were planed in end of April, is it true that Adria leading is on question, how will they manage time-table with those priblem... Croatia airlines strike was top news here updated several times, noted all cancalations and that was not even near to this Jat fiasco.

  6. Anonymous13:47

    Niš je Niš

  7. Anonymous14:07

    lol at all the irritated Croats. Why not read Aerosvijet. According to them the strike at OU never happened.

    1. Anonymous14:14

      rotflmfao at all the lying Serbs.

      You are as much of a liar as the bloke that runs this blog, a quick look at that blog shows a number of stories about the strike.

      This page would leave the impression that Jat is flying as normal.

      Why do you lie about things that are so easily disproved? Did you get dropped on your head as a baby or were you born dumb?

  8. Anonymous14:42

    Why is everyone so upset in regards to what is written about JAT ie. aircraft, Etihad etc. It is all a game with the public so as when JAT does declare bankruptcy, they will be able to say, it was someone elses fault because agreements couldn't be made. Th blame game.

    1. Anonymous14:50

      So you believe it is acceptable to continuously lie in order to make Serbs look like victims? This is a stunning statement.

      In the civilized world it is unacceptable to lie for any reason.

    2. Anonymous14:53

      It is all a game with the public.

      Yes with 1400 employees. A VERY expensive game.

    3. Anonymous14:58

      but it not be anyone else fault!

  9. Anonymous14:52

    But i want it the Etihad..... he mumbles in his sleep.

  10. Mindblower15:25

    The best argument against Zagreb airport is the reality: