Jat’s numbers continue to decline

No turnaround in Jat’s passenger numbers

Jat Airways has failed to stage a recovery in May with its passenger numbers continuing to decrease for a fourth month in a row. Figures were not affected as badly as in April when the airline saw a 16% passenger plunge. The carrier’s downward trends are being primarily affected by a large number of cancelled flights due to an ongoing fleet shortage. In May the Serbian carrier handled 109.393 passengers, a 3% decrease compared to the same month last year. The average cabin load factor stood at 73%, down by four points. The core of the cancellations came on Montenegro bound flights with 17% fewer services than last year. As a result, Jat recorded a 7% passenger decrease to and from Podgorica and Tivat in May. Euro Mediterranean flights saw a 3% decrease despite a 1% increase in the number of operated flights. The only high point in May’s results were charter services which saw a 59% passenger boost compared to the same month last year.

In the first five months of the year, Jat Airways has welcomed 421.869 passengers, a decrease of 4% compared to the same period last year. The average cabin load factor stood at 67%, down by four points. Overall, the number of operated flights has decreased by 6% this year, with a 13% reduction on services to and from Montenegro, an 8% reduction on Euro Mediterranean services but a 94% increase in charter flights. Jat will hope its planned partnership with Etihad Airways in the coming months will help turnaround the ongoing negative trends.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN77.962 463
FEB61.275 259
MAR82.395 170
APR90.844 1667
MAY109.393 373


  1. Anonymous11:05

    is it possible we get numbers for sceduled flights only? the charters help passenger number, but what are number on normal routes? I bet much lower.

    1. Scheduled traffic JAN-MAY – 7% flights reduction, 5%pax reduction, 4% CLF reduction. Scheduled traffic for MAY – 2% flights reduction, 3% pax reduction, 4% CLF reduction.

    2. Anonymous18:08

      what does CLF stand for?

    3. Anonymous18:16

      cabin load factor

    4. Anonymous18:25


    5. Anonymous20:12

      is there anywhere we can verify these figures, or do we just have to take your word for it?

    6. These are official statistics received from Jat itself.

    7. Anonymous23:04

      the questions remains, are we able to verify these figures, or do we just have to take your word for it?

    8. Anonymous23:26

      Alo bre pa nije vam ovaj decko Tanjug ili Beta. Uzmite pa se informisite sami ako ne verujete. Vecina ljudi i dalje ne konta da je ovo BLOG. A ne b92 ili RTS.

    9. when zagy23:36

      He claims the are "official statistics received from Jat itself" then provide other bloggers with the link to these figures, or reveal where the figures were sourced from.

      If he want's to be a BLOG then he should be honest and admit that the numbers here are pure speculation and/or his own wishful thinking, he cannot claim to provide NEWS then provide no factual support for the "stories" he publishes.

      You can't have it both ways pal.

      Unless that is what floats your boat, I suppose..

    10. As I said before, these statics are provided by the Jat Media Center and have been provided to EX-YU Aviation News for the past several years. Since EX-YU Aviation News has been publishing Jat’s passenger statistics for three years now, you can refer to the numbers which have been published here and the airline’s end of year results and notice that they do in fact match. I do not have such an imagination to sit up making passengers figures and cabin load factors for an airline such as Jat. If you still do not believe they are true then its perhaps time to find another site you believe is more trustworthy.

  2. Anonymous11:37

    This is great for Jat only a 3% drop in passengers from last year when they have almost half the fleet of last year.

    They will make huge profit no wonder Etihad wants to take them over!

    1. JATBEGMEL13:08

      What huge profit? Again this year JAT will make more losses. More than half the aircraft flying = less flights = less tickets to be sold = less profits, to put it simply.

      Half the fleet didnt fly because the government wont approve of the delivery of spare parts. Now they made the process more complicated asking for a tender process to be announced before they can order spare parts, which can take months!

      And the charter traffic being up by soo much is because they cancelled alot of flights which will fly the next day as a charter flight, ie: JU108 gets cancelled for the evening departure to SJJ, but flies the next morning at 5am as JU8108 - a charter flight!

    2. Anonymous15:41

      I think he was speaking of the potential, especially since it is obvious that Serbs have no issues flying with Jat, even if they are having a hard time coping with their fleet.

    3. Anonymous17:04

      That issue with the spare parts...i bet it is an EU thing!
      What makes me angry is that Serbia is so desperately eager to join EU that they adopt every nonsense that is coming out of Brussels!
      Nobody in Germany,France or elsewhere wants Serbia
      in EU,so why dont Serbia grows up and finally takes responsibility for its own issues?
      Even member states complain about stupid regulations that hinder business and boost an ineffective and expensive bureaucracy.

      The real reason Serbia wants to get into EU is because there is a safe haven for corrupt and blown up governments.
      You only have to look at Greece!
      Greece was run by lazy b...ds that did nothing for their country than stealing and thus lead themselves into deep shit.
      Sometimes i wish that Etihad not only will announce new management for Jat but also replace the ones in the government responsible for economy!

    4. Anonymous18:11

      why would buying Boeing parts be an EU thing? That is just silly to say.

    5. Anonymous19:06

      Im silly because you are too stupid to understand?
      The delivery of spare parts from Boeing is made more complicated so that Serbia is forced to buy Airbus aircraft!
      The EU wants to boost its own aviation industry(Airbus)
      by discriminating foreign manufacturers(Boeing).
      The government ruins Jats fleet intentionally!
      Outdated Boeing fleet = fleet shortage = fleet renewal = new aircraft from Airbus.
      Problems with the delivery of Boeing spare parts will speed up this process.
      The buy of Airbus aircraft is a condition for EU-negotiations.

    6. Anonymous19:55

      I was wrong you are not silly, more like retarded.

      Serbia is not part of the EU, so the EU have no say whatsoever over what can or cannot be purchased or imported into Serbia.

      Boeing is an American company, who are loosing market share to Airbus hand over fist, so you think the American government will just stand by and let Airbus destroy their access to the european market?

      If as you so eloquently put it that
      "The buy of Airbus aircraft is a condition for EU-negotiations" then answer these questions:

      Why does British Airways have 19 737's, 55 747's, 21 767's, 52 777's and a further 36 787's on order? Why does Lufthansa have a fleet of 38 737's and 29 747's and why does Air France operate 62 777's. Not to mention Ryanair wit it's 303 737's

      Furthermore, if there was such a thing as "The buy of Airbus aircraft is a condition for EU-negotiations"
      Do you think that the US would not raise an objection with the WTO and UN for un-competitive trade practices? And cancel their FTA and put trade sanctions against the EU as a result?

      You should learn about basic business and international corporate law before you open your obviously uneducated mouth.

    7. Anonymous20:05

      makes sense, Airbus probably want Jat to buy boeing, so they panes not linked to such a bad airline.

    8. Anonymous21:28

      The US give a shit about Serbia (if they even know that it exists).So they easily ignore the Serbian market they give a shit about!
      Serbia is not part of EU and it will never be but its government is a bitch to Brussels and will do everything their masters in Brussels dictate!
      Look how they sold Kosovo for nothing.
      As i already said the EU and especially Germany and France grab the Serbian politicians jaje and will never let loose but sqeeze!
      For the stupid people in Serbia the EU is god.
      They would even eat shit if Brussels wants it!

      Also Germany and France are the bosses in the EU and can do what they want.
      In the time they bought Boeing planes there were no alternatives.You buy what theres available!

      And Britain,well it is in EU but does it own thing.

      And i really feel honoured to be called retarded by you.

    9. Anonymous21:50

      So you should.

      However after reading your post, I feel it is unnecessarily cruel to intellectually disabled people for me to associate them with the likes of you.

      The intellectually disabled are far more intelligent and capable, and may actually contribute something of value to the world. Unlike yourself.

    10. Anonymous23:01

      @JATBEGMEL June 22, 2013 at 1:08 PM

      It makes sense! with half a bit more than half the fleet they had at the same time lats year, Jat claims that it has only a 3% reduction in passengers.

      It stands to reason that if they have approximately 40% reduction in fleet size, there would be around a 40% reduction in operating cost.

      Under these circumstances to only have a 3% drop in passengers should result in a huge increase in profits, or a considerable decrease in losses.

      I would not be surprised to see other airlines slashing their fleet numbers to follow this shining example set by Jat.

  3. Considering all that happened to Jats fleet this numbers are great

    1. Anonymous12:17

      that was already said in the post above you.

    2. Anonymous12:22

      Darko Marjanovic, maybe it's the time to change the picture, don't you think?

    3. Anonymous12:36

      Hey anonymous June 22, 2013 at 12:17PM, with that, you've proved yourself as very bad mannered.

    4. Anonymous18:14

      Hey Anonymous June 22, 2013 at 12:36 PM, why is it bad manners to point out the obvious?

    5. Anonymous18:24

      because serbs don't like hearing the truth thats why!.

    6. Anonymous20:18

      Changing avatar is a personal thing but changing manners isn't.
      In addition, what is obvious is that you are jealous on him.

    7. Anonymous21:03

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    8. Anonymous22:50

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    9. Anonymous22:52

      of all the comments to remove, why that one?

    10. Perhaps because it’s in direct breach of the commenting guidelines and has absolutely nothing to do with aviation whatsoever.

  4. Anonymous12:22

    OT: new regular destination from 01.08.2013, Adria will fly LJU-KWI-LJU once per week.

    1. Anonymous19:09

      Why not PRN-KWI-PRN ?

    2. Anonymous20:10

      why not BEG-LAX-BEG?

  5. Anonymous12:40

    Hasn't it come to anyone's mind is that people simply don't trust to fly Jat any more? I fly a lot, and I avoid flying Jat. I know lots of people whose flights have been delayed for long periods of time (up to 12hours) who have bought tickets on the spot to fly another 'normal' airline, and who will never ever again fly this sorry excuse for an airline.

    I hope that Etihad comes to salvation real fast, because this sorry excuse for an airline is giving a very bad name to the country.

  6. Anonymous13:33

    First three weeks of June : flights 2% reduction, passengers 4% reduction (in comparison with June 2012), 130 cancelled regular flights (in comparison with the timetable which was effective around May20th), 60 more cancellations ( all of them scheduled flights) by the end of June.

  7. Anonymous13:42

    They should stop those charter flights and give to to AGX! Concentrate to normal routes and AGX is anyway a charter airline. Best wishes from Basel

    1. Anonymous18:15

      as if AGX could handle the charters with one 732. that is just silly...

  8. Anonymous15:42

    B&H Airlines are looking into leasing a Airbus A318....what do you guys think....that would be great for them especially to open up a few more routes like to Amsterdam for example

    1. Anonymous16:58

      Unless you can come up with a source for this other than wikipedia, I'd have to say this is bull. Just because they can't even finance maintenance for their second ATR.

      Don't get me wrong, I wish BH all the best, but the incompetency of key figures is enormous.

    2. Anonymous18:22

      B&H would most likely get a 318 long before Jat gets Adrias 319's.

      You are right about wikipedia, they say that Jat has 15 aircraft in their current fleet, and it was updated 12 days ago!

    3. Anonymous19:18

      The Airbus 318 is a very inefficient type of aircraft.
      Dont touch it.
      Air France and Tarom were never happy with them in their fleet.
      B&H should look after the A319.

    4. Anonymous22:23

      I think they would be better with two F100 or two smaller CRJ, they could get more routes done with little jets.

  9. Anonymous21:20

    Speaking about responsibility. I remember that the previous JAT management has announced some 8 months ago, maybe even after the last summer, that the company will need new aircrafts if it the good trends should be kept with out the flight strikes. Govermenet has promised many options, they promised and even announced an agreement with airbus, than they had some other options. - But for me it is clear that the government is having a responsibility for this year declinies not the management.

    1. Anonymous21:59

      Of course with someone like Mrkonjić in charge of Jat. the only way it could go was down!