Air Serbia - "new era, new direction"

 Ready for takeoff

Etihad Airways officially took over a 49% stake in Jat Airways yesterday and has rebranded the airline into Air Serbia. As part of the “groundbreaking deal” announced at an official signing in Belgrade, Etihad has been awarded a five year management contract, which President and CEO James Hogan described as the start of "exciting new opportunities for Serbia”. “We are delighted to welcome Air Serbia to our equity alliance and look forward to working constructively with them and their stakeholders to build a sustainable, competitive and profitable airline”, Hogan said. While the Etihad CEO admitted there will be some “tough decisions to make” he said he was confident “the financial investment by Etihad Airways and the Government of Serbia, together with the positive impact of our joint management expertise and experience, will help ensure this airline, with its proud history, now has an even brighter future”.

As part of Etihad’s five year management deal, current Jat Airways CEO Velibor Vukašinović has been replaced with the newly appointed Dane Kondić, who announced the new look Air Serbia, which comes with a new logo, new aircraft exteriors, redesigned cabin crew uniforms and ticket offices and a new advertising and marketing campaign. In addition to the rebranding and capital input, the agreement will see Air Serbia’s route network increase from 33 destinations to 45, thanks to a codesharing arrangement with Etihad Airways and its equity partner Air Berlin. As part of the redevelopment plan, the UAE national carrier will provide a 40 million dollar loan to Air Serbia, which will be converted into equity on January 1, 2014. A further 200 million dollars will be invested in the next five years. In addition, Etihad has agreed to provide an added 60 million dollars in the form of shareholder loans and other funding mechanisms.

Fleet and product

The current Jat Airways fleet of ten Boeing 737-300 aircraft will be retired from scheduled operations, and will be replaced by leased narrow body aircraft in the short term. In the longer term, an Air Serbia order will be made for 10 brand new narrow body aircraft. Air Serbia will take delivery of ten Airbus A319s by the end of the year. All aircraft will have a business and economy class section. The new interior will be identical to the ones currently used by Etihad Airways on its narrow body feet with in flight entertainment offered to all passengers and personal television screens placed in each seat. Ground handling, catering, pilot and cabin crew training, supplies, services and line maintenance of aircraft will be used jointly by both airlines.

During a staff briefing in Belgrade yesterday afternoon, Etihad CEO noted that the Boeing 737-300 fleet will not feature the new cabins and livery since they will be leaving the fleet in a few months. In the long term Air Serbia will consider other aircraft from the A320 family as well as new generation Boeing aircraft.

Air Serbia’s medium term plans are based around its product. The airline hopes to establish “operation excellence” which will, in the long term, lead to the carrier becoming “a leading airline in the region” and “and a conduit for easier access to Serbia”.

Livery design

The Air Serbia livery, unveiled yesterday, was designed by Tamara Maksimović. Two years ago, as a university design student, Tamara studied the Jat brand as well as future branding possibilities and posted her work online. While Etihad was undertaking its own research to rebrand Jat, they discovered Tamara’s work and contacted her. She spent a month in Abu Dhabi working with an Etihad design team to come up with the final product. Next week, Tamara will be flying out to the Emirati capital where she will finalise the design concept and work in other branding areas for the new airline.

Destinations and longhaul flights

EX-YU Aviation News has previously revealed the destinations the Serbian carrier plans to launch. “Among the first new Air Serbia destinations to be launched will be four flights per week between Belgrade and Abu Dhabi, from October, moving to daily when the new fleet grows to facilitate an increased service. The other destinations are Banja Luka, Beirut, Bucharest, Budapest, Cairo, Kiev, Ljubljana, Prague, Sofia, Varna, and Warsaw”, Dane Kondić said in a statement. At the employee brief, James Hogan said Air Serbia will be ready to launch long haul flights within the next two to four years. As EX-YU Aviation News exclusively learns, Air Berlin and Air Serbia are in the process of being granted regulatory approval for codeshare flights from Germany to the United States.

Message from the CEO

EX-YU Aviation News brings an exclusive message from Air Serbia CEO Dane Kondić to Air Serbia’s staff, “I am honoured and privileged to have been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Air Serbia. I was born in Sydney, Australia, to Serbian parents and have more than twenty years of experience in aviation and tourism. This includes fifteen years with Qantas in Australia and Asia in finance, commercial, and network roles and more than three years with Malaysia Airlines. We look forward to working closely with Etihad Airways, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and is the world’s fastest growing commercial airline. My pledge to you as we move forward with our exciting plans is to keep you informed of key developments in a simple, honest, and transparent manner at all stages”.

The Emir of Abu Dhabi and the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, commented on yesterday’s events by saying, “This is a great day for relations between our two states, and what is even more important than this ceremony is that in the next several months, citizens of the UAE and Serbia will see how serious our governments are in establishing these ties between our two countries, of which we can be proud”.

From tomorrow EX-YU Aviation resumes with news from the rest of the region and look out for an important announcement from Macedonia next week.


  1. DKinVXO09:06

    When will the flights be bookable? I'm extremely curious to see their prices to and from Varna and if they will connect well on flights from Copenhagen.

    1. Anonymous09:07

      I am sure that Copenhagen will be operated daily with some flight departing late in the afternoon from Belgrade arriving just around 23:00 which means you would have an hour to wait in Belgrade.

  2. Anonymous09:06

    Do we know when the winter timetable will be loaded into the system?

    I really wonder what will become of Adria and Tarom's presence in Belgrade now. I am sure Adria will not last at all.

  3. Anonymous09:09

    No news on the uniforms?

    1. Anonymous10:47

      all female staff will be wearing a hijab.

    2. Anonymous10:57

      What a failed attempt to be funny.

    3. Anonymous11:22

      you are right, it's not funny, it's Hilarious!!!

    4. Anonymous14:54

      Lol...that's a good one :)

  4. Do you like the photo? :)

    1. Anonymous09:41

      1578 times better than the one revealed yesterday! Tamara must give an awesome blowjob...

    2. Anonymous09:44

      The photo is really amazing!

    3. Anonymous09:49

      Did you create this? You're amazing!

    4. Anonymous20:29

      Can't stand the sight of that garish pseudo-monarchistic coat of arms, we're not a monarchy. Good effort though.

  5. Im intetested to see what will happen to double daily flights to Mosvow SVO and JUs codeshare with Aeroflot.
    Also, what will happen with slots (time wise) at CDG, AMS, FRA, FCO, MXP, DUS, TXL, LHR and LGW.
    Since JU is spreading its wings through out the region, whats gonna happen to seasonal flights to Croatia?
    Will JU maintain LCA, TLV and TUN/MLA/MIR?

    1. Anonymous10:27

      AirSerbia can only run flights out of BEG. So seasonal flights to Croatia will remain the same. AirSerbia will have no effect on the Croatian market.
      Who from within Europe will want to fly to Croatia via BEG and turn a domestic flight into an international? It's too stupid to even contemplate.

      Of course this is all dependent on the Serbian government coughing up $100m, which I don't see happening.

    2. Anonymous10:29

      I think you misunderstood his point, unfortunately that did not stop the flow of bitterness from your behalf.
      I guess he was referring to Jat's flights from Belgrade to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula and if there will be any changes to them.

    3. Bittercup11:46

      What are you talking about? what bitterness? I'm simply stating facts.

    4. BA88814:04

      Time wise at LHR?

      No change or "so long" me thinks since LHR is full...

      Cheaper option would be leaving LHR and moving to any of the other five...with the most profitable being Southend.

    5. Anonymous14:17

      @BittercupAugust 2, 2013 at 11:46 AM

      totally agree, it is sad every time you try to talk to a nationalist on this blog, they instantly call you a hater.

      Air Serbia might be popular with strong Serb community in Bosnia, but I honestly can't see them creating much out of all this, Arab money or not. Wizz Air has taken over Skopje, about to take over Pristina, taking strong stake at Bosnian market too, other low cost airlines are coming to the region as well and its only a matter of time before market is swamped with low costs.

      How Air Serbia hopes to crave a market share in ex-Yu is baffling, are they hoping they'll take over Croatian Airlines non existant share in ex-YU, perhaps Skopje or Sarajevo ????

      I simply can't phantom what is cooking in brains of Air Serbia management,are they hoping to gain some market share in Slovenia o Croatia who are in the EU and somehow attract transit travelers for Middle East, when Qatar and perhaps Emirates will soon fly out of Zagreb. BTW Qatar happens to be 5* airline.

      I simply don't see it happening tbh, I can see Air Serbia doing ok at Belgrade Airport gaining Bosnian Serb and some Croatian Serb market out of Eastern Slavonia, perhaps few Macedonian, Montenegrin transfers but nothing spectacular.

      Kosova, much of Bosnian market, whole of Croatian and Slovenian market are not even in the picture, W/E someone might say, including Purger who is among very few Croats that flies to Belgrade on a regular basis out of Zagreb.

    6. Anonymous15:55

      Last anonymous, you should e-mail this to Etihad and warn them of how they failed to do their homework. I am sure they will hire you right on the spot as you will save them from making a huge mistake.

      Bitch please, Etihad got where they are today by knowing where to invest. Apparently they consider that there is something to be made out of Jat/Air Serbia so...

    7. Aэrologic16:00

      The fact that you're unable to understand, doesn't mean that it doesn't make sense or that it isn't going to happen - it only testifies of your own limited mental abilities.

      Given your wording and the self-confidence you put into it, i might suggest that you're an airline CEO, of Qatar Airways maybe, and that you have more knowledge money and experience than both Hogan, Kondic and the entire Etihad's management combine, right? So who are you to think that your arguments have such a grounding and weight, would you be kind enough to tell us?

      I comment rarely on this blog but think that such people like you need not only to be grounded but literally smashed to the floor when they dare to write that sort of nonsense. So, let me put your arguments in perspective and summarize them in a few lines:

      1 - Air Serbia will be flown only by Serbs from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia

      2 - Air Serbia has no prospect in Skopje or Sarajevo because of Wizz Air, let alone Pristina (where JU doesn't intends to fly anyway)

      3 - No market or region exists outside the low-yielding ex-Yu countries

      4 - I can't fathom what an idiot Hogan might be to invest in Jat, cause i don't see any reason for him/Etihad to do so

      5 - Qatar Airways is a 5* airline so Etihad can't compete with them

      6 - Emirates will fly to Zagreb

      7 - "perhaps few Macedonian, Montenegrin transfers but nothing spectacular."

      Without saying it directly, this also implies:

      -> Air Serbia isn't gonna fly anywhere else outside the ex-Yu region and will not connect ANY passengers outside of it

      -> Because of Wizz Air - Austrian, Lufthansa, Turkish, Qatar or any other airline (let alone Croatia, Adria or B&H) have a future in the ex-Yu region, no matter the money and means invested

      -> Etihad has not a single idea of what they're doing

      -> Because of Qatar Airways 5* in Zagreb all the other airports in the region are insignificant and can't compete to the Middle East

      -> Zagreb is supposed to be the top South-East European hub, where Emirates is gonna launch flights (ahead of Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade and i would say even Kiev that was launched only not long ago)

    8. Aэrologic16:13

      So those were the arguments. Now this is the reality:

      - Air Serbia is gonna fly to a much larger region than the low-yielding ex-Yu one and this is more than obvious if to look at their network and expansion plans which only includes Ljubljana and Banja Luka in the ex-Yu region. Air Serbia is gonna become a transfer airline not on the regional level but on the Euro-Mediterranean level, from Beirut to London, from Rome to Moscow, from Copenhagen to Cairo and Abu Dhabi, from Kiev to Tivat and from all the cities across its network in South-East Europe (including non "ex-Yu" countries - tired of that lame name) to Abu Dhabi and from Abu Dhabi to the world both on Etihad and where JU is code-sharing. Only in South Eastern Europe, we're talking of a market of 60 million people that would be covered with Etihad (fastest growing airline in the world) through their hub in Belgrade.

      - Wizz Air and Air Serbia (or Etihad for the matter) cater to a completely different market and fly to different destinations. Jat has been doing well despite Wizz Air's presence so far, i can't see them doing worse now that's Etihad's company in the heart of Europe. On the other hand, Wizz Air had to cancel or reduce routes out of Belgrade due to legacy carriers competition. If for example, EasyJet has to fill 90%+ their flights with O&D passengers out of BEG for them to be profitable, the legacy carriers earn money on transfer passengers, where Wizz and others have no say. For complete comparison of the LCC vs. legacy model please look somewhere else but what you say implies that Croatia Airlines or Adria are actually in a much greater danger while i certainly don't see all of legacy carriers in SE Europe disappear, failing and falling into the low-cost trap. Even if they all fail, Air Serbia will be the last one so don't worry yourself too much about it, you have a more ill patient right in-front your nose.

    9. Aэrologic16:14

      - Croatian pax WILL fly from Belgrade for a lower price Qatar or not, period (same way they fly from BUD, VIE or VCE). Besides, i don't see the rational for your "getting high" pride about QR in ZAG - they fly to ZAG via(!) Budapest and honestly the fact that two cities (one of those a major tourist hub in Europe) only manage to fill a daily A320/A321 is nothing much to talk home about. Without the Budapest connection, the Zagreb link will be unsustainable. Actually, Zagreb doesn't have any direct link to the Middle-East at all.

      - As said before, transfer pax to which Air Serbia will cater are from a much broader scope than the "ex-Yu" region. Who cares about it anyway, is there some sentimental or other attachment or duty that the Belgrade-based airline should have towards Croatia? If a given line is not making money, they'll close it down (or not open it at all), end of the story. Air Serbia will certainly not fail cause they will fail to attract Croatian or Bosnian pax, i mean what numbers are we talking about? If they were interested in Zagreb that much they would have launched flight already, instead of launching Varna, Kiev, Prague or Warsaw which are much more interesting and high-yielding destinations than Zagreb. That's like saying, "Emirates will fail in the entire world cause they'll fail to attract pax from IRAQ", big deal. I guess the Croatia's EU entrance didn't have the magic effect on Zagreb Airport you desired since not a single airline rushed to launch flights to there, including Air Serbia. So if so many airlines around Europe don't see any sense in flying to Zagreb, why Air Serbia should? Or why would they be an unsuccessful airline for the simple fact they decided to ignore the Croatian market on a regular scale?

      - The other reality is that all what i see that's Zagreb becoming even more insignificant in the future, with the prospect of Emirates launching flights there sounding as "derisoire" - for all those who understand French.

      Now please, get back to the ground or "land down to ZAG" if that's the place you like and stop talking non-sense fuelled by jealousy and hatred. Leave this blog and people in peace with that sort of unconstructive and mentally reckless comments, but at least i hope i helped you clarify things in your mind, cause you seemed pretty confused. Regards from Ukraine.

    10. Anonymous17:22

      @AэrologicAugust 2, 2013 at 4:14 PM

      U're full of shit, talking crap out of your mouths.

      How can Air Serbia with supposed *10 Airbus A319 become a leading airline, regionally or globally.

      Also you forgot Turkish Airline, they fly to Zagreb and they are Middle East, and have direct links to all major centers in the region.

      As to other crap you posted, just pure nonsense and nationalistic bravado. U had Jat which went broke with $266 million loss someone has to cover, and guess who is going to pay for that???

      Ethiad investment in to Air Serbia is highly political and nothing else, Ethiad was ordered by local Emir to do something about JAt just so that UAE can get their hands on cheap agricultural lands in Vojvodina, no miracle there.

      And yes Croatia is in the EU, Serbia isn't and won't be in the EU for a very long time, Ukraine will never be in the EU, and that is a fact! Jealous !!! regards from Zagreb.

    11. Anonymous17:39

      Yes, we are all very jealous. Actually we are sitting in the club of people who are jealous of Croatia being in the EU. You have regards from Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. They all say that one day they hope to be as successful as Croatia and that they could enter as well..

      By the way, why are you so proud of being in the EU? After all, you were so desperate to get in but the EU made you wait so long that even Bulgaria and Romania made it before you. lol

      Greetings from lovely Belgrade.

    12. Anonymous17:50

      Yep, totally proud we're in the EU, at least we no longer need to be in the same shity association with you.

      Switzerland, Iceland and Norway can afford to be outside the EU as long as they are in European Economic Area, i.e EU just without political mumbo jumbo. ;)

    13. Anonymous18:25

      ^ When Serbia is in EU you Croats will be reunited
      with them in the same shitty association!

    14. Anonymous18:26

      Hahaha yeah, because it is so great to be in the European Union, right? Especially now that France has forced you to limit your olive oil production and now when they will rape you with their neo-liberal legislation for which you are not ready. I would rather be in a shithole (not that Serbia is actually) than to be raped by Brussels technocrats.

      Since you are so cool and smart, tell me, how come Etihad refused to invest in OU? ;)

    15. Anonymous18:46

      You Serbs even sold your Kosovo for entering EU !
      So much about getting ass -raped. by the EU.

      We Croats at least entered in one piece.

    16. Anonymous20:55

      Kosovo was not lost for the European Union you uneducated fool. It was lost in 1968 (or 1974), remember, shortly after the Serbs liberated you from the Austro-Hungarian slavery. I guess you are used to being someone else's slave hence why you rushed into the EU.

    17. Anonymous21:51

      @AnonymousAugust 2, 2013 at 6:26 PM

      Fool, (A-team, Mr T)

      OU was never put up for sale, never looked for investors, state owns 99% of OU.

      Croatian government considered a sale of 49% but had re-capitalize OU, which caused issues with the EU hence the current mess with OU. If Croatian Government were to sell 49% stake in OU it wouldn't be for peanuts like Jat, but for some serious dosh.

      That being said, OU isn't for sale, at some point Croatian Government will sell 49% stake to someone, but only after 2017, and than for some serious money, $200-250 million at least.

  6. Anonymous09:39

    So much for the immediate arrival of new planes.

    So whan will the new airbusses arrive? with that hideous livery!

    1. Anonymous18:48

      When the Serbian government paid for 51% of the price of the new planes.

  7. Anonymous10:21

    What about the Q400's? Or are they planning to run a 319 to BNX?

    Or are they going to keep their fleet of decrepit ATR's flying?

    1. Anonymous10:27

      Why are you so negative? The Q400s were scheduled for next year, however they will still see if the Atr might be a better solution for them due to the rather short flights of the vast majority of their regional routes.

      The longest Balkan flight, Athens, might become monopolized by Air Serbia in case Olympic goes belly up. Which at this point might become reality. In that case they can run A319s without a problem.

    2. Anonymous10:44

      No negativity, it was a legitimate question. The story says nothing about Q400's only Airbus, also how do you know that the Q400 will be coming next year?

      If you are relying on this blog for that, remember that it was said here that 319's would be arriving immediately. Don't see them yet.

    3. Two of A319s arrive until the end of the August and other 8 will come from October to the end of 2013th. Regarding new livery, it is not finished yet, still working on it, small but important details...

    4. Anonymous10:56

      I am referring to the information from the meetings yesterday. The A319s are arriving during this month while the decision on whether to keep the Atr or switch to the Dash will be made soon.

      As for this blog as the source, I would like to point out that so far the information they have presented to us have been valid.

    5. Anonymous11:27

      First A319 will not come till the end of September.

    6. Anonymous11:27

      yeah, the lease of Adria's 319's was dead on the money wasn't it? What about the delegation from Airbus in January? That was accurate as well.
      Nothing in the stories of the last 2 days mention prop aircraft.

      I could go on, and on, and on. But I think you get the point.

    7. Anonymous11:35

      You are confusing your facts. It is not the blog's problem that the Serbian government was incompetent in running the avition sector of the country.

    8. Purger11:44

      I am not confusing anything, this blog is constantly passing off speculation, wishful thinking and outright lies as facts. And people like you are always ready to jump up and defend this site.

      A bit of constructive criticism or a legitimate question that shatters the illusion that the blog creates, and the insults start.

    9. Anonymous12:18

      You Croatians should be worried when your Embrers will come, not when Air Serbia Airbuses will come

    10. Anonymous12:23

      The blog is reporting what the government and Serbian media are reporting. Your anger should be directed towards them, not Ex-Yu.

    11. Anonymous12:32

      the Embrers that this blog reported on? You are a funny guy!

    12. Anonymous12:33

      those Embrers are like the 319's Jat was getting from Adria, complete lies.

    13. Anonymous12:42

      So what? OU wont even try with Embraers? They will just declared bankruptcy? That's cool. Even bigger market for Air Serbia to expand to...

    14. Anonymous12:54

      Why would they try Embraers? they have just dropped one plane, as per ther restructure plan. Why would they declare bankruptcy? People want to fly to Croatia, so OU will always have a market.

      This is more wishful thinking from Serb haters.

      You are aware that SerbAir can only fly to and from BEG? How do you expect them to expand into the Croatian market?

    15. Anonymous13:23

      They could expand in the Croatian market by adding flights to various cities across Croatia thus offering various connections for passengers. I am sure that is what people thought. No one would think that Croatia is that profitable for carriers to set up bases there.

    16. Anonymous14:35

      @AnonymousAugust 2, 2013 at 1:23 PM

      Why would anyone from Croatia fly to Belgrade???

      I mean really, why would anyone from Croatia fly to Belgrade??

      None of my friends in Zagreb are in partcular hurry to visit Belgrade, or dalmatinici from Split, Zadar or Duborvnik, or Istrians from Pula.

      I am bit confused as to who would actually fly to Belgrade from Croatia, perhaps a business travelers, well for that they can drive or use excellent train service.

      Croatia is in the EU to use or travel to Belgrade as an transit option would be like going from Zagreb to Sarajevo to reach Osijek. ridiculous notion if you ask me.

      For Middle East Croatian travels have a choice of Turkish Airline and Qatar Airways, for Australia Qatar Air is best option as is for Far East out of Doha Airport.

      Istanbul AtaTurk airport is also a major hub with 45 million pax so you're bound to have excellent links to Rest of the world out of there.

      For Europe, the EU and North America, Croats use London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Munich, all major hubs.

      For South America, London, Madrid and Lisbon are superbly connected, Iberia, TAP and British Airways.

      Rest my case.

    17. Anonymous15:53

      LOL you can rest whatever you want because Croats will fly via Belgrade if the trip is the shortest or if the offer is the cheapest. Croatia is a predominantly poor country hence why they can't be picky when travelling.

      Why would someone fly from Croatia to let's say Thessaloniki, Sofia, Varna, Kiev... via Vienna or Munich when a flight via Belgrade would be the shortest?

      Maybe you need to set your nationalism aside and reopen your case.

    18. Anonymous16:23

      Dont fool around you stupid!
      Who wants to fly with an airline that is painted like grandmothers praline-box?!

    19. or use excellent train service.

      Since January, there's only one train a day between Belgrade and Zagreb and it takes 6 1/2 hours.

      I'd hardly call that "excellent"

    20. Purger21:37

      Post at 11:44 AM was not written by me! Someone use my nickname.

  8. Anonymous11:21

    Including Abu Dhabi, there are 12 new destinations. So is it true there will be 14 new destinations or this is the final list for this year?

  9. Anonymous11:34

    It is interesting to read the Etihad press release.

    It says that the deal is not yet finalized. There is no mention of Catering, Tehnika or Su-Port. Are they still part of the deal?

    1. Anonymous11:48

      Yes, they'll be included in the deal. Etihad is insourcing those 3.

    2. Anonymous12:10

      How do you know? there is no mention of this in either of the press releases, I'll wait for confirmation from the parties involved before I believe it.

    3. Anonymous12:19

      I saw it yesterday, I think it was the employee briefing or something. Etihad and goverment of Serbia will be injecting extra 20m RSD into thise companies.

  10. Anonymous11:47

    Ја мислим да би сви Хрвати били срећни када би ја ово написао па зато то и радим:



    1. Anonymous11:49

      No, Purger is still bitter. LOL

    2. Anonymous11:59

      Is that even possible?

    3. Anonymous14:04

      LOL, good one

    4. Anonymous14:17


    5. Brka14:40

      I nama statistima, unajmljenima preko omladinske zadruge, su obecali po dvaes marona al' od toga nema nista koliko vidim!

  11. Anonymous12:16

    These day some reconstructions at INI are starting. Does it have anything to do with Air Serbia?

  12. Anonymous12:27

    On Etihad's flight to BEG next Thursday there are 20 free seats in economy class and 12 in business.

    1. Anonymous12:32

      Excuse me, what's the point of this info? Today we are Friday.

    2. Anonymous12:40

      That means 70% load factor which is not bad at all.

    3. Anonymous13:21

      Anonymous at 12:32, the point is to see that the loads are not bad at all. Anon at 12:40 got it.

    4. Anonymous13:21

      May be a reasonable load factor but 12 seats free in business class indicates terrible yields.

    5. Anonymous13:36

      Etihad has an overdimensioned business class on their A319!
      QRs business class on A320 is 12 seats.
      With such an overblown business class EY can never get good...

  13. Anonymous12:55

    @Anonymous August 2, 2013 at 10:27 AM
    I am sure "people from Europe" wouldn't mind to turn from domestic to international flight if they have good reason for that (connection time, superb service, and so on). I'm talking about real Europeans, not frustrated ones.

    1. Anonymous13:16

      Yeah right, real Europeans will love to pack their passport and go through customs, just for the honor of flying an Arab airline.

    2. Anonymous13:20

      Europeans can fly via BEG (and enter Serbia) with their IDs. Actually this has been possible since 2009 so I don't know what you are talking about.
      Also, with 51% owned by Serbia I fail to see how Air Serbia is an 'Arab airline'.

    3. Anonymous13:26

      @Anonymous 1:16 PM

  14. Anonymous13:29

    @Anonymous 1:16

    Hey, "European", how about "Arab" London? You obviously missed the lesson on European values. Bok /EuroBOK!

  15. Anonymous13:30

    I already hate the new livery!
    Its even worse than the one of Aeroflot in the Nineties...
    We hoped for the best but what we will get in the end will be the same S..t as usual.

    1. Brka14:43

      Shitty comments as usual, coming from ignorants most of the time.

    2. Anonymous15:43

      I think Brka is that Tamara Maximovic woman.

      You know thats the "designer" that ruined Air Serbias "rebranding".

      Rest my case.

  16. Anonymous13:33

    I think it's quite appalling how everytime the commentary fields are filled with the eternal serbo-croat antagonies. And it makes me puke. As someone said here a couple of days ago, best to skip commentaries and just read the articles! I'm very happy for airSerbia, and as a croat I wouldn't hesitate a minute to use them if I have any use of it price- or convenience wise.
    But now to all you serbies who think that you will now become "rigijonal lideri", chill down. You are bragging about your modern fleet that you will get and talk crap about OU maybe getting Embraers... well OU had A319s and A320s since the 90s. So while you have been flying with your flying coffins since BEFORE YU broke up, you are now laughing at others??? Gosh this is just to much.
    Do you guys think the croats will let this pass? Time will tell! OU has swallowed the cucumber this time but she's not done yet. Beware babes :)

    1. Anonymous13:40

      Beware of what exactly 'babe'? A dysfunctional carrier who is desperately trying to find a business model but each time it fails more miserably than the last?
      Yes, maybe Jat was in a bad place flying old aircraft. However that was not our choice, the circumstances made us do it. The bottom line is that we have decided that we can't run a successful aviation business, the same applies to Croats. The only difference is that we have found a solution to our problem.

      The problem here is that advocates of OU will keep on saying how one day OU will wake up and take over the region. Well, sorry to inform you but vegetables of life support never wake up.

    2. Anonymous13:46

      That's the difference "babe", there are not many croats here that SAY that OU will take over and become a regional leader. Oh and don't get upset dear, this was not pointed at all serbs, just the ones being very cocky now so chill down

    3. Anonymous13:59

      When Mr. James Hogan, Aviation CEO of the Year in 2008 and Visionary of the Year in 2010, SAYS so, we trust him......babe.

    4. Anonymous14:02

      daj jedi prsut :)

    5. Anonymous14:05

      Traditional Croatian sense of humour! :) Maybe you'll fly AirPršut one day, ha?


    6. Anonymous14:07

      Well we will indeed offer pork ;)

    7. I don't know what are you talking about. I usually skip the news and go straight to the comments. That's the most interesting part. the news itself you can get anywhere

    8. Anonymous14:16

      Well SM I do admit it has some entertaining value doesn't it... but let's face it this blog has a sense of "commonship" us ex-YUgos amongst, and atleast how I get it, wants to show something that we have in common. But all this commonness is being destructed by bad comments from both sides and it evokes irritation and bad statements from each others. So my whole point with the first commentary was that it's so unnecessary to laugh at others just because it right now goes well for your country's airline and worse for your neighbours.
      There are many fora where people can spew out their nationalistic trash, don't let this one become like that too. Well it already has... anyway I'm off to make some istrian cannelloni, containing PRSUT!
      CHILL BRO'S I love you all

    9. Anonymous14:23

      Peacekeeper who sets the fire.

    10. Anonymous14:25

      haha no if you read what I wrote you will just realize that I only reacted to it:)

    11. Anonymous14:34

      You said you're off?!

    12. Anonymous14:48

      On and off inbetween, so?

    13. Anonymous16:22

      About becoming the regional leader in Central/South-Eastern Europe, that was said by James Hogan and his colleagues, now if you wanna call them nationalistic idiots from Serbia then go ahead.

    14. Anonymous16:27

      With their new colours they will maybe become leaders
      in Africa or North Korea but not in Europe...

  17. Anonymous13:45

    The rebranding cries big and loud FAIL !!!

  18. Brka13:51

    Good afternoon haters. How are you today?

    1. Anonymous14:39

      Hey Brka what has criticism to do with hating?
      As a Serb i have high expectations for our new national airline!
      And than we get THIS !!!
      I can not describe how DISAPPOINTED i am!

    2. Brka15:06

      I am A Serb too, so what? Beside the fact that I'm in the aviation industry for so many years I'm also an educated graphic designer, involved in the creative industry for a long period of time. I've been working on the huge re-branding projects for major international clients, so I am pretty much familiar with this kind of projects. In this case, I must admit that the typography is a bit questionable, but the stylization of the eagles heads is done perfectly, especially with that ornamental touch.

    3. Anonymous15:25

      I guess I could live with the tail, such as it is - even though the ornament is too busy and a bit pretentious for my taste - but the typography could be vastly improved if moved forward and aligned on top of the windows instead of across them, exactly like this. I'd even use this exact typecase - so much more elegant and contained. it would be a HUGE improvement overall.

    4. Anonymous15:32

      ^ Ornamental chaos you mean probably!
      From a distance you can not recognize it...
      Eagle head,snowflake,whims whams...
      the imprint of car-wheels into mud!
      Whatever it is it looks ridiculous.
      Somehow in the whole article,which raises more questions than answering them it is indicted that the design is not the final one..?
      Excuse me,but that Etihad let this disaster happen really does make one fear what comes next ...
      The uniforms probably will remind on circus artists!
      And when you are a graphic designer i would advise your employers to fire are ridiculous!

    5. Anonymous18:39

      What do you say now Brka,you little bitch!

    6. Brka19:18

      Hahaha ;))

    7. Anonymous22:11

      Take it up your ass Brko!

    8. Brka22:13

      I love to take it from all sides
      Hihi...I am such a bitch

  19. AUS-Tasmania14:05

    When I see how little effort was invested in the new design then I have my doubts about the rest of the plans for "Air Serbia".

  20. Anonymous14:07

    We all just have to wait and see how this pans out. I was involved with two different companies,in the financial industry, where the company invested into another financial company.These are companies who made big time profits and still are. To make it short, what is said and what actually happens are two different things. There is always room for adjustments during the process.

  21. Anonymous14:22

    From tomorrow EX-YU Aviation resumes with news from the rest of the region and look out for an important announcement from Macedonia next week.

    Looking forward to this!

    Happy National holiday - Ilinden - to all Macedonians visiting this blog.

  22. Anonymous15:51

    Air Serbia - "new era,new direction,disgusting ugly livery"
    : (

    1. Anonymous16:58

      For sure not more disgusting as the actual livery and the one from Swiss!

      Best wishes from Basel

    2. Anonymous18:36

      Even the old dots are better...
      I would never have thought of saying this before.
      : (

  23. Anonymous18:09

    Just looked at the Belgrade website. Flights are still listed as Jat Airways.

  24. Edit profile18:33

    I read some other sites in the internet and they all state that whatever investition Air Serbia will do,the Serbian government aka the Serbian taxpayer has to pay 50% of it!
    Thus leasing ten A319: half of the lease is paid by the Serbian taxpayer!
    Buying new aircraft: Half of the buying price wil pay the Serbian taxpayer!
    New aircraft with IFE: even much pricy!
    Not included are the 200 million EUros that the Serbian taxpayer has to pay off for Jats debt!

    So the Serbian taxpayer wil again pay the majority for the new Air Serbia - the airline with the most ugly livery in aviation business!

  25. JU520 BEGLAX19:05

    Serbian taxpayers does not pays only JU, but as a taxpayer we pay also Ryanair etc.
    Can u imagine that these b..... are earning money over your shoulder.
    For example Zadar being a Ryanair Airport. Airport is making nice profits. Citizens of ZDR have to pay for every Ryanair flight to ZDR extra. And who is putting the big paycheck in his pocket? for sure not that citizen of Zadar. Maybe some of them, who Restaurants, Hotels etc

    actually to be once and for ever clear: Airlines like Adria, JAT, Swissair they should have disappeared immedialtey.
    the US market is a good sign how a bloated market is killing profits.
    in Europe more 60% off all carriers should disappear in order get a healty forest again

    1. Anonymous20:29

      Yes,Serbian taxpayers pay for Ryanair in Zadar...

    2. Anonymous20:52

      He was referring to the taxpayers in general, not the Serbian ones in particular (in relation to Zadar).

    3. Anonymous21:45

      He is an idiot.

  26. Anonymous20:25

    I find it interesting that still does not have any new branding. All they have there is the same old stuff about "JAT Airways". When I typed in, I was redirected to so presumably the new Air Serbia will redesign in the near future.

    Any idea when the rebranding of the web site will take place? When will the new flights be available for booking on their web site?

  27. DLDTWSKP20:39

    Who gives a s**t about livery. Performance, route network, customer service, safety is much more important than what the livery looks like (by the way it is hiddeous lol).

    As for the Macedonian market, WizzAir dominates. ZAG, BEG, LJU, VIE and ZRH are important for transfers from North America. For example if you originate in the US or Canada, most have 1 or 2 stops via Western Europe and through one of the 5 above mentioned airports.

    As for all the nationalistic talk, if the airlines worked together, they couldve formed an SAS like carrier with an extensive network. But our roots, greed and nationalism will never allow that.

    1. Air Serbias livery is UGLY as hell21:50

      "Who gives a shit about livery?"
      Obviously Etihad.
      Otherwise we would not have that shitty livery we get eye-cancer from.

    2. Anonymous22:18

      I really think that drinking age and commenting age should be equal, 21 years old, so most of you kids, that get a boner when looking at plane photos, disappear.

      And that includes these guys over 21 too... Go jerk off to an airport render.

  28. Purger21:57

    Hi its me again !
    I have to sayw
    after every bottle wine i have emptied that Jats new ?design *** grows more and more on me