Pristina Airport opens new terminal

Pristina’s new terminal “ready for the world”

Pristina Airport has opened the doors to its brand new terminal building, which has been under construction for the past two years. The opening ceremony, which began at 12.00 CEST, was attended by the Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Taçi, The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Albanian PM Edi Rama. Prime Minister Taçi said “Kosovo is becoming a regional hub and a leader in civil aviation. This modern infrastructure, the public private partnership and the investment worth more than 100 million euros will transform Kosovo’s links to the world”. Mr. Erdoğan echoed his counterpart’s words saying, “Kosovo now has the most modern and beautiful airport, built by a Turkish company with the capacity to handle five million passengers”. The ceremony was also attended by senior government officials from both Kosovo and Turkey as well as the Ambassadors of the United States and France to Kosovo.

The new terminal building is significantly more advanced than its predecessor and will use the latest technology available on the market to improve passenger flow and make the traveller's stay more comfortable. In a statement, Pristina Airport said, “Except for the fact that the airport features modern architecture, it will also be one of the most modern airports in the Balkans, equipped with the latest technology on the market. The most impressive part of the terminal is the monument to Adem Jashari at the entrance to the building”. It adds, “We will now make an effort to have a scheduled bus service from the airport to the city. First impressions of a country are made at the airport. Pristina Airport is ready for the world”.

The 130 million euro project, financed by the Turk-French operator Limak and Aéroports de Lyon, includes the construction of the 45.000 square metre terminal building, air bridges, new aprons, control tower and a car park with the capacity to handle 1.750 vehicles. As a result, Pristina becomes the second largest airport in the former Yugoslavia by size and is expected to maintain its position as the third busiest.


  1. Anonymous10:21

    Air Serbia received the new website here the link


    1. Anonymous10:22

      It just sends you to Jat's website.

    2. Anonymous16:20

      U people have no decency, but to spam even this thread with your Air Serbia nonsense.

      Who cares about air Serbia, its about Pristina Airport not stupid Air Serbia.

      @admin blog,

      can't you make a separate thread or section for air Serbia only so all Serbs here can go there and post about air Serbia, how great it is and how no one outside Serbia gives a fuck.

      Really disappointing that few Serb nationalist here have taken over the asylum and you can't even read about other EX-Yu republics without these idiots spaming threads with how great Serbia is.

    3. Anonymous16:44

      Your problems with Serbia are clearly way beyond the scope of this blog. It's an unwritten rule that exclusive information is posted as off-topic within the latest thread. The same was true for PRN, ZAG and all other news. I'm sorry if the launch of Air Serbia has overshadowed the opening of PRN's new terminal, but it's no reason to spill hate.

    4. Anonymous16:53

      Why not kick them out ?!
      What has the occupation of Kosovo to do with
      Ex Yu?
      I see here everywhere Turkish,Albanian and Uno flags.
      Where those countries ever part of Yugo?
      Of course not.

    5. Anonymous19:07

      @AnonymousOctober 23, 2013 at 4:44 PM

      Reason why no one posts on this blog (other than Serbs) is cause most Serbs take over other threads with their Serb power nonsense.

      Its not hate but observation.

      instead of being about say Pristina airport, its all about air Serbia, Sorry but no one else gives a flying fuck what air Serbia is doing, (other than Serbs).

      So this is why this blog is more or less dying out cause you're loosing all the ex-YU posters that used to come here and post about relevant information about other republics.

      Example, did you know that Split airport is to build new 60 million terminal in 2014, that construction on new Zagreb Terminal is about to start, with preliminary ground works already started in late September, that Dubrovnik airport will go ahead with 2nd phase of new terminal expansion this winter, works should start in November with new new terminal section being added by the end of 2015, and that Podgorica plans to expand its current terminal to accommodate larger passenger volume.

      All these are relevant news from ex-YU, but all we get is Air Serbia nonsense 24/7, sorry but only Serbs care for Air Serbia, no one else does, it won't affect anyone else in the slightest.

      And I know some Serbs might think o Air Serbia will dominate ex-YU, I can tell you now, Air Serbia won't be here beyond 2017, its hyped out by current Serb government as salvation for Serbs, its utter nonsense, world has moved on since 1990, days when national airlines could mean something are long over, low cost and global players are now who matter most.

      BA, Lufthansa, Air France, Iberia, KLM, SAS, in europe, + low costs such as Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Valueing, Norvegian, German, Air Berlin...

      Big players, everyone else is either playing of the sheet tune or goes bust.

      Also only hubs that matter now are London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid and Amsterdam.

      Everyone else is a second fiddle, and this even includes Munich, Gatwick, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Zürich and Vienna, and these are secondary hubs.

      Everything else is just small fries.

      U really want to see how insignificant air Serbia is, and whole region you got to fly to one of these major top 5 European Hubs, and you'll see how insignificant you really are, and this also includes Croatian air, Adria...

      Its end game, EU market is closed off to non EU airlines unless special agreements are in place, so you can trump about how great this and that is, reality is, global players is all who matter, small fish won't matter for much longer.

      Only nationalist still cling to their ideas of national airline or nation state, how important is to be a Serb or a Croat, I'll tell you this, grow up, world is moving really fast, and money is the king, nationality is so yesterday.

    6. Anonymous19:12

      Oh buddy, let's talk in 2017 on a flight from Belgrade to New York on Air Serbia's A330. Deal? :)

    7. Anonymous19:23

      And you belive that nonsense, really come on, A330, without going in to too much discussion, but A330 is $300 million aicraft, I have no idea who'll sell you one A330 or even lease one, (lease for brand new A330 is around $30 million per year) I mean that idiot of Deputy PM you got in Serbia is example of moronic stupidity I was referring to,

      Nation Sate I was telling you about, long over, long done and dusted, we are in 21st century now, glottalization is in full wake, you either catch up and do it fast or you end up 2nd tier country. You need smart politicians and leaders not nationalistic morons and idiots that are ruining your country and selling you dreams.

      Dreams won't pay for your food, health care, home to live in, family to support.

      life is hard as it is, why make it harder with fairytales.

    8. Anon19:26

      You really need to blow off some steam. Chill... Time will tell....

    9. Anonymous19:32

      @AnonOctober 23, 2013 at 7:26 PM

      I'm perfectly calm, I am totally chilled out, just letting you know that I live in a real world, it would be wise you wake up and do the same. ;)


    10. Anonymous19:35

      Wait... weren't you the one who was bitching how Etihad will never buy Jat? Or were you the one who said that it will become a mere feeder for Air Berlin and Etihad? :/
      Such a shame you were always proven wrong. Must suck to be you.

    11. JU520 BEGLAX21:44

      I m not serb but currently the hottest news are the ones about Air Serbia and Etihad.
      If there is airport news fm ZAG SPU DBV I welcome them very much but its ex YU to inform us about.
      also BEG always used to be the main aviation gateway for the former Yugoslavia. Here were the most intercontinental flights, JAT had its headquarter here etc etc

  2. Anonymous10:59

    Aviokarta published a nice table of Air Serbia's winter timetable. Hmm.. I wonder which destinations besides Larnaca (which was announced as daily A320) will be increased/upgauged in the summer.


    1. Anonymous11:02

      Interesting how only Moscow and Larnaca depart at around midnight this winter season while the morning wave of departures will be fed by Abu Dhabi and these two destinations. Interesting move and very different from what kind of thing Jat attempted of doing until now.

    2. Anonymous21:11

      Interesting how your petty serbian jealousy has completely blinded you from writing anything about the opening of the largest Airport terminal in ex-yu. Continue writing your non-topical nonsense, but trust me, you won't feel any better. The new terminal in PRN is here to Stay. Cheers!

    3. Anonymous22:06

      Дечко, не дрогирај се.

  3. Anonymous11:07

    Vrlo lep aerodrom. Napredak je dobro dosao svakom! I onima koji ce sa njega leteti i onima koje investirao novac.
    Sto se imena tice o tome odlucuju i namecu politicari. Svidjalo se ili ne, realnost ostaje realnost u svemu dok se realnost ne promeni, Ako se ne promeni, glavom se ne ide kroz zid. To je tema za politku. Sa tog aerodroma necu imati potrebe da letim, ali imam potrebe da zelim napredak, i uspeh ljudima koji su izgradili tako lep terminal sa ostalim objektima i koji ce koristiti ljudima koji ce sa njega leteti. Tako osecam i govorim jer se ne bavim politikom vec
    putnickom avijacijom koja je predmet nasih prica.
    Kada pocinje realizacija dogradnje i gradnje terminala i novih
    objekata na Aerodromu Beograd?. Hajde o tome da razgovaramo, diskutujemo, nadamo, radujemo da ova vazdusna luka bude aerodrom o kome ce se govoriti iskreno i pozitivno od strane Engleza, Nemaca... Strucnih avio i aerodromskih magazina... Kome nije stalo da ima dobre ljude vrhunsku uslugu i uslove aerodroma i letenja koji su dostojni i ravni drugim uspesnim aerodromima sa oko dvanaestak miliona putnika godisnje. Beograd ima taj potencijal ako ga vode profesionalci i otvori se privatnim investicijama. Hoce li to hteti? A moze, jer Pristina nebih danas otvarala nov terminal sa ostalim da nije otvorena za investitore. AIR SERBIA krece napred! Aerodrome Nikola Tesla kreces li i ti istim putem Mnogi ce me napasti zbog iznosenja "neobjektivnosti"... Govorimo stalno o dobru da bi nama dobro bilo i drugima. Pljuvanje pravi ljutnju, svadju, nastavljanje, bes... Ovaj portal je prepun toga svaki dan..Budimo ljudi! Mozemo. Hocemoli? Velika je ovo zelja.
    Rod Marinkovic, AME Griffith.

    1. Anonymous22:45

      ... realnost ostaje realnost u svemu dok se realnost ne promeni ...

      Another great quote from our friend Rodni AME from Griffith Australia.

      Thanks man, keep it 'realnost'

      -- Charlie

  4. Anonymous11:26

    Ex-Yu can I make a suggestion:

    Could you make a timeline of how Air Serbia's winter timetable will change as it receives new aircraft? The initial winter time table will look 100% different by 2014. It would be interesting to know. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous11:41

    If you are deleting irrelevant comments, you should be consistent and delete the Air Serbia love fest...

    1. Anonymous11:45

      Why? Air Serbia is the only topic which constantly produces the most comments.

    2. Anonymous16:23

      @AnonymousOctober 23, 2013 at 11:41 AM

      Totally agree with you, all Serbs want to talk is air Serbia, no one else gives a damn about Air Serbia, should be about Pristina Airport, not stupid air Serbia, which I now hope goes bust.

    3. Anonymous16:45

      Is it Air Serbia's fault that no one cares enough to comment about Pristina Airport?

    4. Anonymous18:45

      Well, nothing is stopping all the fans of PRN to comment on here, where are they? ;)

    5. Anonymous21:17

      @AnonymousOctober 23, 2013 at 4:45 PM

      Ehm, you got it all wrong. No one else is to blame why all serbs got riled up in hate and jealousy for this magnificent project. By writing non-topic related things serbs are desperately trying to advert the focus from what is really bothering them.

      It's actually fun to watch. The more I see "Air serbia" posts the more I realize how much the news on new PRN terminal burned them. I say, keep 'em coming. :)

      By the way, congratulations to PRN for becoming the largest Airport in the ex-yu.

    6. Anonymous22:03

      You do realize that similar, off-topic, posts always appear on almost every news? It's not like it only happens when there is a thread about Pristina or UNMIK Kosovo*.

  6. Anonymous11:51

    YU-APC just started from BEG!

  7. Anonymous17:34

    New terminal looks very nice! With plenty of space and airy feeling. Let's hope there will be enough passengers to fill it throughout the day. Onward and upward!

  8. Anonymous18:52

    It's ok, Kosovo Albanians are just furious Air Serbia can't fly to Pristina Airport. :( It's ok, you will be able to fly with one of the best European airlines from Skopje, Tirana (hopefully soon) and Nis. :)))

  9. Anonymous20:16

    Guys don't worry everyone know that Serbians are always JEALOUS!! Pristina PRN is getting better than any other airport in Balkan quickly.

    Congratulation :)

    1. Anonymous20:50

      In the Balkans!? Omg wow... you are right. lol

  10. Anonymous20:49

    Here is a piece of news that will satisfy all those Serbian hating cunts out there.

    easyJet will fly from Glasgow to Split in summer 2014! :O

  11. Anonymous22:10

    O.M.G. what's in the air today that made all these haters attack our poor Serbia. I remember when Skopje was supposed to be opened, Ex-YU reported about it very often, the same when the construction of ZAG was supposed to take place and so on... give it a break. I think that some people are just too frustrated that Jat is no longer a lost hope.

  12. Anonymous22:13

    'Kosovo is Turkey and Turkey is Kosovo.' Erdogan said this today when he visited Kosovo during the opening of the new airport. Hmm... so basically PRN is a regional Ottoman airport.


  13. Anonymous23:11

    Wow, reading these posts was a big waste of time today. Guys if you don't have anything relevant and constructive to write, then -- please DON'T. Spare me the bullshit about who's ... is bigger.
    This is an interesting blog to read but sometimes it is hi-jacked by morons, to bad.

    Good luck to PRN !

    -- Charlie