Wizz Air’s numbers soar in Belgrade and Skopje

Wizz Air’s EX-YU bases record strong growth

Low cost airline Wizz Air has posted impressive passenger growth from its bases in Belgrade and Skopje last year with the airline positioning itself as Serbia’s second busiest and Macedonia’s busiest carrier. Wizz Air handled almost 480.000 passengers to and from Belgrade, a share of 13.5% of all passengers using the airport. During 2013 Wizz Air based its second jet in the city and launched new flights. For 2014, the low cost airline plans to inaugurate services from Belgrade to Larnaca in Cyprus and resume seasonal flights to Sandefjord in Norway. At the same time, the no frills airline will suspend its seasonal flights to Rhodes and Corfu, leaving it with twelve destinations served from Belgrade this summer.

Wizz Air carried 380.000 passengers on flights to and from Skopje in 2013, an increase of 241% compared on the year before. During 2013, the airline opened several new routes from the Macedonian capital and it plans to continue growing this year. During 2014 Wizz Air will base a second aircraft in Skopje and launch flights to four new destinations - Beauvais, Hahn, Cologne and Charleroi. It will bring the total number of destinations served from the Macedonian capital to fourteen. Wizz’s Skopje base has performed better than the airline expected since it estimated it would carry 300.000 passengers last year. The low cost airline now has 38.6% of the market share in Skopje.

Wizz Air has seen passenger numbers rise by 12% in 2013 to 13.5 million. The airline plans to add eight 180 seat Airbus A320 aircraft this year to bring its fleet up to 53 jets. Its CEO, József Váradi, says, "We continue to bring low fares to new markets and are committed to growing our customer base in Europe and beyond. We now have over 300 routes to 35 countries on sale”. Besides Belgrade and Skopje, Wizz Air is also present in Tuzla as well as Split on a seasonal basis. The airline was instrumental in Ljubljana Airport’s passenger growth in 2013, with the airport now negotiating new flights with the low cost airline for 2014.


  1. Anonymous09:53

    So has Wizz Air replaced Corfu and Rhodes with Larnaca? I am surprised they gave up on these two island destinations as I suppose they could have sold their seats to travel agencies, especially since Air Serbia is taking forever to do so.

  2. Anonymous09:54

    What? No Corfu and Rhodes?

    I hope the main source admin got that info from is this map from aviokarta.net article published 4 days ago, and I hope that source is wrong.


    1. Anonymous09:58

      No, his source is probably the same as Aviokarta's, that is directly from Wizz Air.

  3. OT: A interesting review of JU by an international traveler. This was posted late yesterday, and not many people saw it.

    1. Anonymous10:24

      can you post it here ...it is not opening but it would be interesting to be seen. Thx!

    2. Anonymous10:41

      Guy mentioned that there is business lounge in Podgorica but Air Serbia has no access to it. Very strange. They have 256 potential passenger per day, and 16 in business class which have no access to business lodge. Very strange and not usual service for business class!

    3. Anonymous10:43

      Check the link on yesterday's topic, it's quite interesting since it's JU's business class product from Podgorica to Belgrade. It's really impressive.

    4. Well, Podgorica is far from being a premium heavy route so it's probably not financially viable to pay for the lounge.
      Air Serbia does not offer business class on its Atrs, right?

    5. Anonymous10:46

      Podgorica is one of the busiest routes in Air Serbia network and they don't have access to business lounge. What about business lounge in other airport exempt Belgrade? Business class passengers’ access to local business lounge is standard in air traffic. Why Air Serbia does not have this?

    6. Anonymous11:06

      Well, just because it's one of the busiest doesn't mean it's one that sees the a lot of premium passengers.
      Plus, Air Serbia is the most dominant airline in Podgorica so I am sure they have the upper hand so they can get away with not have access to the lounge.

      Have any of you thought that Podgorica lounge might not meet the standards?

    7. Anonymous11:54

      Again you tray to make excuses for Air Serbia unprofessionalism.

      1. Logic that there are just few business class passengers and that it is not profitable to invest in business lodge would make sense if they want to open their own business class lodge. And they are not, they just have to pay for few passengers per day to use airport business lodge which is already there.

      2. Even if business class lodge is not on “standard” of Air Serbia it is there, it is better than nothing, and not to have access to any lodge at all is definitely very low “standard” especially if business class passengers know that lodge is there but they can not get in.

      3. To say that Air Serbia is dominant on Podgorica route and that one is “sure they have the upper hand so they can get away with not have access to the lounge” is provincial thinking and can be done in African companies which don’t care about passengers. That kind of thinking like “we don’t have to act according to EU rules for take care of passengers (drink, food, hotel, information) in case of delays because we are not in EU” or “we have monopoly or domination here so we don’t have to give 100% service” is very wrong in long way and for sure will not attract more passengers especially business one. After same time you will get bad image because of those kind of behavior and it is very hard and expensive to change that image later. And with bad image potential passengers choose alternative.

      Access to business lodges should be one of first priority in October and Air Serbia for sure should start operations with access to business lodges on all their routes from very first day.

    8. Anonymous12:10

      Last anonymous,

      Say what you want. Air Serbia's constantly rising passenger numbers prove that they are doing something right and that passengers trust them enough. Also, if you bothered to read the report the guy was extremely impressed and did not really care that he did not have access to the lounge. It seems that at such a small airport it really is not a big deal.

      Once again, Air Serbia was under no obligation under EU law to provide food or drinks to the passengers since the delay was caused by weather, it was not the fault of the airline. I fear you have serious issues with the airline... or is it maybe Serbia you have a problem with?

    9. Anonymous12:22

      Once this project is completed, landing in Belgrade will be quite a sight!


    10. Anonymous12:41

      @AnonymousJanuary 20, 2014 at 12:10 PM

      "Air Serbia was under no obligation under EU law to provide food or drinks to the passengers since the delay was caused by weather,"...

      Whatever you want to prove ... this is not humane leve people old& young, ill&kids without basics? Even if ther is no EU low for Serbia, air Serbia could make move towrds those peolpe - here is just a BASIC HUMAN LAW.

    11. Excellent report

    12. Anonymous12:46

      That would be imaginary landing since this render only exists in lies the politicians use in election campaigns. We better hope Etihad will manage to make something of JU and BEG.

    13. Anonymous12:50

      I was there on this caotic day ... for sure I won't fly with this comany for a while...

    14. Anonymous13:19

      Yes, Air Serbia is not EU company. But it would be professional to give people food, drink and information in 10 hours delay. That is civilized level everywhere! It has nothing with EU rules. And it is Law obligation in EU even in case of vis major (fog etc.). And it should be in Air Serbia if we want to have regional leader or company on European level.

      Access to business class lodge is normal practice especially if you understand that someone pay a lot more money for business class service. That is part of business class service everywhere, even in Africa. And it should be in Air Serbia if we want to have regional leader or company on European level.

      And it is not against Serbia if you show mistakes, unprofessionalism or dilettantism. You have huge problem with your ego or mentality if you find any point which wants to make Air Serbia better as attack against Serbia. Huge problem!

    15. Anonymous14:04

      AnonymousJanuary 20, 2014 at 12:46 PM

      Please inform yourself before posting. The construction has already begun, that is the clean up of the area. Offocial work starts in September. So not so imaginary.

    16. Anonymous14:47

      My friend, I am very well informed. And if I were you, I would wait and see what will eventually be constructed - because Serbia has a long history of discrepancies between sexy renders and actual construction.

      That big tower you hope will enrich the landing in BEG - will never be built. Read again: never. According to various renders Belgrade already has 10 or so towers taller than 100m, unfortunately we can't live in renders but only in the real world...

      Abd btw, cleanup of the area started on a totally different location (former JNA HQ) - and even that is LIMITED cleanup as no one yet knows what to put there. They don't even have renders :(

      What should impress people who land in BEG is not a render of never-built projects from political campaigns but a new, modern terminal with all features required by transit pax. And the only hope the pax will see such airport is Etihad. Once it falls back into hands of politicians, it will become yet another render.

    17. Anonymous16:03

      Well, let's see how things play out. People made the same comments when they announced the EY-JU deal.If I remember correctly some even claimed it was part of the election campaign despite the country not have any elections scheduled back then.

    18. Anonymous18:07

      EY-JU deal involved a tangible airline EY could do something with. Political renders involve nothing more than 'vote for me' mumbo jumbo which people for some reason keep buying.

      Once more, hopes for JU and BEG lie with Etihad, not politicians. If Etihad pulls out and leaves them to politicians we will witness a biblical disaster.

    19. Anonymous18:21

      Hmm i do not know, this project is presented by a real estate company, not politicians from Abu Dhabi. The same way Hogan came to Belgrade when they came to sniff around Jat Airways.

    20. About that "Beograd na Vodi" project, doesn't prokop train station have to be completed before work can begin on the new project?

      Wow, you hold JU to a rather high standard. Do you expect the same from all the other carriers in Ex-Yu? No, nobody ever complains that OU has advertisments on board or that they don't serve anything. I only hear people complain about JU, and it is always over small things, like no lounge on a 50 minute flight!

  4. Anonymous10:43

    Nice news... but what about wizz air starting flights out of Ohrid? Are there any new informations about this?
    Also skopje this year is about to break its all time record with a second LCC to be announced to launch 3 new routes from skopje.. i hope to get some informations from you guys...

    1. 4 new routes - Brisel, Paris, Frankfurt, Cologne........ If Wizz Air start with flight out of Ohrid - this probably will not be before October........

    2. Anonymous18:59

      Yes i know about these routes but it was another LCC announced which wanted to launch 3 new routes from skopje... its not Wizz Air...
      Stupid that they dont introduce flights to Ohrid before the summer season...
      I hope to see flights fom SKP to Moscow, Barcelona and Copenhagen

  5. Anonymous10:44

    exYu you promise data about Air Serbia December LF. Today it is 20th January, almost end of month, and nothing. You was so expedite concerning first week in January and I was sure you would be so expedite in December data. What happens?

    1. Anonymous10:46

      I am more worried why Zagreb airport is refusing to publish their numbers, very unprofessional of them.

    2. Anonymous11:59

      I don't care about Zagreb airport, I will never use it. But I use Air Serbia and want that company to be regional reader. For sure LF is one of thinks which indicate where our company goes.

      And Zagreb airport number will not help or harm Air Serbia so I don't see any connections.

    3. Anonymous12:04

      Well, I am interested in Zagreb for the same reason why you are interested in JU numbers. Don't be so selfish.

  6. Anonymous10:52

    They have published today on the Sarajevo Airport website that Germanwings is introducing Berlin - Sarajevo and that the talks with Wizz Air are still ongoing

    1. Anonymous14:02

      15 april starting Berlin-Sarajevo 2x/week already bookable. Flights are Tuesdays and Thursdays

    2. Anonymous14:08

      Great! Thanks :)

  7. Anonymous10:57

    JAT's ATR75 today from LYBE to LDZD with Partizan basketball team on it ;)
    OU bought line from BAL BKPR-LFSB and they are flying it with A320.

  8. Anonymous11:08

    Etihad and Air Europa have signed a codeshare agreement. Let's hope this also means that Air Serbia will be doing the same soon.Would be cool to get a direct link with Madrid once again. Actually, Air Europa could also launch flights from Barcelona.

  9. Anonymous11:19

    Slightly off-topic but nevertheless interesting. Lufthansa is on the move and it will increasing its frequencies from Frankfurt to London Heathrow, Vienna and Brussels where it will fly 12 to 13 times per day! Paris will remain as 10 per day, no changes there.
    Interesting how Lufthansa is finally on the move, pursuing an aggressive strategy for the first time since 2012.
    I am really curious how Austrian Airlines will perform in the future as I have a feeling they will be getting more and more aggressive in our region. They are going to be very strong in Croatia this summer!

    1. Anonymous02:53

      Austrian is already strong in Croatia, they have 3 daily flights to Zagreb as it is, with Croatian EU entry that number might increase dramatically now.

    2. Anonymous08:11

      Actually, their three daily flights to Zagreb is not a lot. They fly up to four times per day to Belgrade which is 'hostile' to them unlike ZAG which is a Star hub.
      However, they are ratehr strong in other Croatian cities.

    3. Purger09:36

      No, that is not true. OS have 5 daily flights as they have code-share to 2 daily OU flights. Lot of OS passengers use those OU code-shares, even more than original OU passengers.

      And in top season OS/OU in code-share have some 4 daily flights from Adriatic airports, so that is some 9 flights per day from Croatia to Vienna.

    4. Anonymous11:49

      In summerc months they even fly to Brač from 2 cities in Austria

    5. Anonymous12:11

      Are the flights to Brac operated as charter flights or scheduled ones?
      Wasn't there an airport in Croatia that was almost closed down? Was it Brac or Mali Losinj?

  10. Anonymous11:33

    I dont like anything about wizzair, the only real LCC is easyjet.

    1. Anonymous11:39

      easyJet is anything but.
      It's a hybrid airline, an LCC wannabe. Compare the CASK numbers and you will understand.

    2. Anonymous11:51

      easyJet is still pretty low. I think they are the right model for a low(er) cost airline. Look at what Ryanair is doing now, they are changing their strategy because they admitted that it's not sustainable in the long run. It begs the question how much longer can Wizz Air keep this model going.

      Also, easyJet is not a hybrid airline. Airlines such as Air Berlin and airBaltic are.

    3. Ryan,Easy,southwest su LCC zbog safetija ,tj zahvaljujuci safetiju su tu gde jesu. to je sustinska razlika

  11. Anonymous12:05

    Da li neko zna zbog cega nema leta za AUH danas,sinoc je A6-SAA odleteo na vreme,ali nema dolaznog leta za BG danas,sta se desava?

    1. Anonymous12:13

      Можда га сервисирају у Абу Дабију? Сигурно је јефтиније него у Београду.

    2. Anonymous13:22

      Again problems, delays and cancellations?!?!?!?

      Air Serbia is more Jat than Jat was!

    3. Anonymous13:27

      There is no scheduled YU`s flight from AUH today. Inform yourself before starting to trash something.

    4. There is no JU flight to AUH on Mondays.. Stop trolling people

    5. Anonymous14:07

      @anonymous 1:27

      Well sir, as published on Amadeus and Air Serbias website, on Mondays Air Serbia should have flight from AUH departing at 0825 JU801 and arriving BEG at 1125. There is no information regarding this flight as being cancelled late etc.

    6. Anonymous14:21

      I know that, i came back to BEG with their flight on december 9th :). I was just stating that for today they have no scheduled flights. Both BEG and AUH websites have no JU801 on their timetables. Unfortunately i do not have access to amadeus so i cannot check there. If im wrong somewhere please correct me :)

    7. Anonymous15:42

      EY72 BEG AUH was cancelled today. same as EY90 (ATH-AUH) & EY24 (DUS-AUH) & also IST-AUH on EY... and and and...

      many flights cancelled, have no clue why.

    8. Anonymous17:07

      Sutra ujutru se A6-SAA vraca u Beograd

  12. Anonymous12:17

    Boeing ad Etihad are working on creating new jet fuel, another future advantage of belonging to the Etihad clan!

  13. Anonymous14:03

    Any news about wizz numbers in Tuzla?

    1. Anonymous14:07

      Around 58,000 for 6 months ;)

    2. Anonymous14:22

      Incredible! Good luck to them! I think wizz would have something like that if they flew to Mostar as well, especially because of Medjugorje pilgrims.

    3. Anonymous15:07

      hahahaha.... Nemoj spekulirati i siriti dezinformacije.... ni je taja brojka ;)

    4. Anonymous16:10

      That could be correct number for Tuzla. Full year they had 61,513 passengers and considering that be before entry of Wizz mid last year there was almost no traffic we can assume that Wizz alone has done around 60,000

  14. Anonymous17:56

    56 791 passengers used Wizz from Tuzla Airport from June to Dember, to be more precise.

    1. Anonymous08:57

      Wow, 9000 per month approximately;what a surge for TZL!
      Does anyone know the Air Serbia's average number of passengers on the BEGSJJ route since the flights started?

  15. Anonymous18:08

    YU-APF in service tomorrow, probably LHR.

  16. Anonymous19:26

    Interesting.Malo nas je, al nas ima :D

    1. Anonymous22:16

      I don't know how much of that is true!
      I have family in USA (Chicago), which say that they had an survey, and that in Chicago live more than 200.000 people that declare them self as Serbs.
      So mostly that they hide them self as Yugoslovenians.

    2. Anonymous23:41

      Kaže Telegraf:
      "Domaćoj javnosti se plasiraju priče o milijunima Srba u Americi, a dijaspore Albanaca i Hrvata su brojnije i mnogo organiziranije, one znaju odrediti interese svojih država i naroda u drugim zemljama, za razliku od Srba. Da je točno da smo mi (Srbi) brojniji i organiziraniji - nikad ne bi bila stvorena tako negativna slika o Srbima, ne bi teroristi u filmovima imali ime Dragan ili neka slična imena”, prokomentirao je Zdravković."

      Your comment is typical Serbian. But official USA statistical report is something what is exact.

    3. This has come up before when we debated the question of which country out of Croatia and Serbia would have a more realistic chance at establishing direct US flights. Really using these figures of the diaspora irrelevant is because they alone can not sustain non stop trans Atlantic flights.

      But for me it is interesting why many are so determined to believe that the number of Serbs living in the US and Australia for example is in the millions combined and that this 'population' dwarfs that of other former Ex Yu republics. This is simply not the case. You don't just have to look at the senses to see this but here in Australia you can also see it in every day life.

    4. I love statistics and demography, especially in news.
      Anyone noticed that there are no Bosnians?
      Latest Community Survey (estimates - number, followed by margin of error)
      Croatian 414,714, +/-13,877; Serbian 199,080, +/-10,617; Slovene 164,634, +/-6,540; Yugoslavian 310,412, +/-15,353.
      I did some digging a while ago, there is absolutely no non-biased evaluation of diaspora sizes in North America. Problem with US and Canada Censuses is that, although the question provides excellent opportunity for exploring national identities from here, the raw data is not adequately processed - it lacks some sensibility.

      Also, the number of, as they say in article "no-response", but I think it was "other, not listed" (and non-response wasn't too big) sounds rather suspicious.

    5. Anonymous09:42

      Sure, Americans are famous about "not adequately processed". Thousands top experts does not know how to do the job.

      Or it is "suspicious". I am sure that USA will loose credibility over 100.000 Serbs. That is their top national interest to falsificate data of that so important and huge nation in USA.

    6. Well, when it comes to Census and ethnic/racial background, there are some serious issues (e.g. Hispanic as a race or ethnicity, and until recently one could not indicate multiple racial identities).
      There is no significant or respectable literature on the issue of Serb/Croat etc. diasporas, and no one cares, so mistakes happen, very often. Census provides much more important data than the number of ethnic groups from the Balkans, so, in fact, no person actually cares.
      And yes, having 1/3 of population in category such as "other" is a significant problem, unless you have a very good theoretical and methodological explanation.

  17. Anonymous22:18

    „NOVOSTI“ ISTRAŽUJU Beogradski aerodrom: Častili Mađare sa pet miliona evra?

    Da li je "Viz er" u protekle tri godine bio povlašćen na Aerodromu „Nikola Tesla“. Mađarskom prevozniku 20 odsto niža putnička taksa, veliki popusti za zemaljske usluge

    MAĐARSKI "Viz er" je u protekle gotovo tri godine, zahvaljujući popustima koje je imao na beogradskom aerodromu, "uštedeo" 5.412.350 evra. U vazduhoplovnim krugovima već duže vreme kruže priče o privilegovanom položaju ove niskotarifne avio-kompanije, ne samo u odnosu na ostale strane prevoznike, već i u odnosu na nacionalni nekadašnji - "Jat ervejz". Ugovor beogradskog aerodroma i mađarskog prevoznika, aneks ugovora, cenovnik, ali i nekoliko faktura do kojih su došle "Novosti" pokazuju da su za "Viz er" važila ozbiljna sniženja.

    Primera radi, mađarski "loukoster" imao je popust od 20 odsto za putničku taksu na Terminalu 1. Umesto 12 evra, što je puna cena, plaćao je 9,6 evra po putniku. Dakle, u 2011. "Viz er" je imao 143.984 odlazećih putnika, puna cena za putničku taksu je 1.727.808, dok je "Vizu" naplaćeno 1.382.246 evra. Naredne godine bilo je 175.366 putnika u odlasku i umesto 2.104.392 evra naplaćeno je 1.683.513 evra. Lane je "Viz er" imao 232.721 odlazećeg putnika i platio je 2.234.412 umesto pune cene od 2.792.652 evra. Tako je samo po osnovu putničke takse "Viz er" za tri godine "bio dobar" za 1.324.681 evro.

    Zahvaljujući popustima za prihvat i otpremu aviona, osvetljenje i parking, "Viz er" je za tri godine uštedeo 4.087.669 evra. Puna cena po avionu za prihvat i otpremu iznosi 1.683,4 evra a za "Viz er" 629,88. Takođe, za osvetljenje puna cena je 177,12 dok se "Viz eru" naplaćivalo 123,98 evra. Za parking, cena je 129,6 a "Viz eru" je parking, po avionu, naplaćivan 90,72 evra. U 2011. godini mađarski prevoznik je imao 1.020 poletanja sa beogradskog aerodroma, za šta je po cenovniku trebalo da plati 2.029.992 evra, ali je fakturisan 925.731 evro. Naredne godine bila su 1.183 poletanja, što po cenovniku košta 2.354.311, a "Viz" je platio 1.073.667 evra. Lane su bila 1.573 poletanja, puna cena je 3.130.458 evra, ali su "Vizu" zbog popusta obračunata 1.427.623 evra.

    Inače, posle nacionalnog avio-prevoznika, mađarski "loukoster", imao je u protekle tri godine, činjenica je, najviše putnika sa beogradskog aerodroma, a slede nemačka "Lufthansa", "Montenegro"...

    Ostatak teksta: http://www.novosti.rs/vesti/naslovna/ekonomija/aktuelno.239.html:474228-Beogradski-aerodrom-Castili-Madjare-sa-pet-miliona-evra

    1. Anonymous22:24

      Baš su nas zWizznuli. :D
      Verovatno sad Kondić gura da se ovo ukine i da barem delimično izravna cene karata. OK je da Wizz ima nižu cenu karata zbog steukture troškova i gustog rasporeda sedenja, ali nema smisla da država sa nacionalnim avioprevoznikom subvencioniše low cost firme. Mada, ovde je najverovatnije korupcija bila u pitanju u svakom slučaju.

    2. Anonymous22:35

      Naravno da je neko ovde uzeo ozbiljnu kintu da dozvoli Madjarima ovakvo ponasanje... Posle pricamo drugi su nam krivi... Zavere sa zapada.... bla, bla, bla....

    3. Anonymous23:45

      Eto, na sreću Beograd je jedini koji nije subvencionirao Wizzair.

      Već godinama čitam na ovom blogu kako Wizzair nije subvencioniran u Beogradu, i već godinama me se pljuje kada kažem da to nije moguće jer zasigurno BEG nije izuzetak.

      Mislim da se sada jako smještno osječate!

    4. Anonymous23:48

      Wizz se širi u Beogradu samo zahvaljujući broju putnika i potencijalima. Wizz nije subvencioniran! Beograd je toliko rastao samo zato što je tako močan i jak. Nikakav novac se nije dao za to širenje.

      Eto, još jedna priča izašla na videlo.

      A tako se pljuvalo po Makedoncima. Oni bar to nisu skrivali od svoje javnosti. Naši su lagali i tvrdili da to nije istina.

      No, eto, Beogradska "bajka" zasniva se na subvencijama. Vi plačate da lete i prikazuju umjetni rast. Kao i Zadar, kao i Skopje...

    5. Anonymous23:53

      E Wizz je bio super kad je radio rast. Svi ste ga hvalili. Sad smrdi, smeta Air Serbiji, odjedamput svi pljuju po njemu i iznenada se objavljuju podaci koji su godinama bili demantovani i bili su razlog što je Beograd rastao.

      Do pre 6 meseci ste tvrdili da je Wizz svo blago ovog sveta i da nema šanse da se plača da bi leteo iz Beograda.

      Dvolično, jadno i bedno. Pa to je onaj isti Wizz koji je izvukao Beograd.

    6. Anonymous23:56

      Moćno. Još jedna srpska bajka se raspukla do mehur od sapuna.

      Gle čuda Beograd je morao da plaća Wizzu da bi leteo. I to mnogo para. Ma gde je to moguće da bi kod nas Srba tako što bilo. Pa mi smo Nebeski narod, ovde čak i Wizz leti bez para.

      Op, ode. Ode i ova laž.

    7. Anonymous01:12

      Mogli ste sve to i u jednom komentaru da napišete...

      Subvencije i popust od 20% na usluge nisu ista stvar - slobodno iskoristite Google da saznate razliku, jer mislim da ja nisam dovoljno stručan da Vam to objašnjavam.

      Uzgred, prema cenovniku Aerodroma Beograd, dostupnom na njihovom sajtu, aerodromska usluga je jeftinija na Terminalu 1 u odnosu na Terminal 2, jer je usluga "lošija" i check in šalteri su značajno dalje od pasoške kontrole i gejtova. Za ostalo zaista nisam dovoljno upućen, ali ne bi bio prvi put "Novostima" da nešto što je javno dostupno i potpuno normalno "otkrivaju" kao nekakvu prevaru veka...

    8. Anonymous01:52

      Koja je poenta da jedna osoba pise 5 apsolutno istih komentara. A vidi se da je jedna osoba jer u svakom postu pravi istu jezicku gresku.

      Smesno je koliko u stvari nemate zivot kada pet puta mozete da pisete isti komentar na razlicite nacine. ::rofl::

    9. @ 1:12 AM:

      Prema ovom tekstu, W6 je na T1 dobio nižu cenu čak i od niže cene na ovom terminalu (T2 16 EUR, T1 12 EUR, W6 9,6 EUR). A tu su i popusti na ground service, a sve predvidjeno ugovorom iz 2011-te. Ako drugi prevoznici nisu dobili ove cene (pri čemu W6 nije jedini LCC koji leti sa BEG), onda je W6 de facto subvencionisan.

    10. Anonymous08:07

      Јој људи знате ли ви уопште шта значи бити субвенционисан?

      Свака авио компанија која лети са београдског аеродрома има посебан уговор. Мало која плаћа оне цене које видимо на сајту аеродрома. Наравно, само је Јат плаћао више јер их је управа аеродрома драла. Што тај јако паметни новинар није прошњурао мало боље па би пронашао колике привилегије има Монтенегро Ерлајнз. Да али то значи да су и они субвенционисани? Наравно да не.
      Велика већина аеродрома у Европи даје попусте компанијама које могу да им донесу масу путника, баш оно што је урадио Виз Ер у Београду. Као што видимо, само у 2013. години превезли су 480.000 путника са своја два ваздухоплова у Београду. Притом, 2011, када је склопљен уговор, они су били много стабилнији него што је то био Јат тако да им је то била нека врста сигурносне мреже у случају да овај други пропадне- а да се не лажемо то је било врло могуће прошле године.

      Уосталом, зашто би Виз Ер плаћао исте цене у Београду као и остали када им је ту база и када су друга авио компанија по превезеним путницима?
      Виз Ер није никада добио ни динар од српске Владе нити од било које друге државне установе и то је оно што је најважније овде.

    11. Anonymous08:08

      Theres a certain member that loves to call growth with subventions artificial, I wonder if he'll stick to that line now that it concerns his home airport???

    12. Anonymous08:11


    13. Anonymous08:19

      "Виз Ер није никада добио ни динар од српске Владе нити од било које друге државне установе и то је оно што је најважније овде."

      Thats one way of looking at it, lol, another would be that instead of getting a subsidy of 5M euros from the budget they got it by paying 5 million less to a government owned enterprise. There are many ways to get a subsidy, now you may want to believe that this is just a case of Wizzair having amazing negotiating skills and that all is fair, in which case carry on....

    14. Anonymous09:09

      Here is the Oxford dictionary definition of subsidy:

      'a sum of money granted by the state or a public body to help an industry or business keep the price of a commodity or service low'.

      So stop embarrassing yourselves and stop trying to trash Serbia. It seems that you just can't deal with the fact that Wizz Air gets a discount just because it brings a large part of the passengers. After all, Athens airport has the same scheme. Does it mean that most of its larger airlines there are subsidised? No, it does not. It's just business. After all, that's what the French are getting ready to do in Zagreb.

      If you still do not understand you are wrong, a subsidy is when you get money to offer cheaper service. Wizz Air never received ANY money. ;)

      Deal with it.

    15. Anonymous09:31

      Oxford genius, nobody will trash Serbia by admitting that a PUBLIC enterprise owned by 7 MILLION citizens gave up 5M euro of its profit so that 480k pax could get a lower price for their flights.

      W6 deserves 20% discount for bringing 13% pax to BEG? Fine, how much we should grant to JU then? And how much to all carriers in the Top5 group?

      And W6 would never fly to BEG without this discount, right? Giving them priviledges was the only way?

      Or perhaps somebody received a nice bribe for saving W6 five million and keeping all info about it away from public.

      Exposing corruption and wrongdoing does not mean trashing Serbia. And your denials won't make our country less corrupt. Deal with it.

    16. Anonymous09:38

      If you believe that something qualifies as a subsidy ONLY if the government takes cash out of its coffers and gives it to a company you are truly ignorant. Why don't you educate yourself on the issue before playing the victim card!!!

    17. Anonymous09:46

      Ako su ovako skupi sa povlasticama i popustima, kakvi bi tek bili da ih nije bilo.

    18. Anonymous09:57

      It is simple as that:

      1. You can get 5 million from Serbian budget and with that money pay 100% taxes in BEG.
      2. Or you can get 20% «discount». First way is very easy to see, second way you can do secretly and for years you can demand that Wizz have any privileges. Bit it is same shit. Wizz did not pay same amount of money Jat or other companies did.
      3. In SKP Wizz gets money from state budget, but even in SKP they get much less money per year than in BEG. And you was so rude to SKP about their need to get subvention to grow.
      4. Wizz would never fly to BEG without those privileges. For sure BEG would have 480.000 passengers less than.
      5. When ZAG airport cancel those «privileges» to Wizz they cancel ZAG flights. Let me remind that Wizz came to ZAG much before to BEG. If BEG cancel those privileges Wizz will do the same thing. Leave BEG in a second.

    19. Anonymous10:13

      Well, at least we got something right, we are no longer speaking about subsidies but privileges. It seems that something got through your heads.
      Let me correct you once again, without these discounted charges Belgrade would not have a Wizz Air base, there would be still flights. I would like to remind you that these privileges were granted in 2011, Wizz Air already had flights to Belgrade from before. So how do you explain that? It just proved your theory wrong that they would never launch flights without getting privileges first.

      Even if Wizz Air got discounted charges at Belgrade, what's the problem? Many airports around Europe do it. Athens did the same for Ryanair, where is the difference between these two?
      You can't compare the subsidies Skopje gives out and the discounted airport charges Belgrade airport gives. Also, do you really believe Wizz Air pays regular charges at SKP?! I think not.
      Furthermore, Belgrade airport is a highly profitable company making yearly gains bigger than probably all ex-YU airports put together. Apparently they know how to run their shop.

      At the end, I would kindly ask you to not compare Belgrade and Zagreb airports. One handles 3.550.000 passengers while the other handles, what, 2.300.000? They are playing in different leagues. In 2014 this difference will only grown. So obviously Wizz Air could have served destinations such as Luton, Dortmund or Eindhoven without special privileges (something apparently they couldn't in Zagreb), which means that the O&D potential is incomparably larger.

      p.s. Belgrade airport individually creates the list of charges for each airline flying there. They create these depending on the needs of each airline. I am sure large carriers such as Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines or Aeroflot get a sweet deal. Otherwise they would not constantly add frequencies and capacity. ;)

    20. Anonymous10:14

      Last Anonymous,

      While I strongly opposed those childish denials of subsidies granted to W6 by BEG, your approach does not contribute the topic and will only inflame more 'whose is bigger' discussion.

      Whether W6 would agree to come to BEG or not is a pure speculation. You cannot know whether they would be able to fill a few flights without the 20% discount they received.

      And even if they stayed out, those 480 pax they carried would have still flown. They are O&D pax, not transit, and they would use other carriers with higher prices. I highly doubt they would all switch to buses or give up their journeys.

      So no need for you to come up with these hilarious claims that BEG would be 'second' without W6.

      This is not about who is first/second but about fair treatment of carriers and millions of taxpayers financing bargain flights for a fraction of the country's population.

    21. Anonymous10:25

      The only thing is that the Serbian taxpayers did not finance Wizz Air in Belgrade. ;)
      Just because their charges were reduced by 20% does not mean that airport is making a loss. It means that it can compensate this reduction through a large volume of passengers Wizz Air brings to the airport. Simple as that.

      If carriers were treated unfairly in Belgrade then we would have heard something about it by now. Since we did not then it means the airport is doing its job right.

    22. Anonymous10:37

      Just because BEG has a positive balance does not mean its political leadership is not corrupt and incapable. How diffucult is it to be positive with a SINGLE airport in a 7M country? The question is, could their 6M euro profit from 2012 have been much higher...

      Once more, what would happen with those 480k pax from W6 if the carrier did not receive priviledges? They would never fly from/to BEG? W6 was the only way to get those pax?

      And once more, if W6 deserves 20% slash for its 480k pax, how much of a discount should go to JU? And how much to TK, SU, LH, LX, OS...?

    23. Anonymous10:43

      First of all if those 480.000 would fly from BEG even without Wizz because of demand why on earth they did not fly before? Second, how can you know that those discounts are from 2011, and that before they were not even bigger? And sure that money did not came from people taxes, just BEG airport as public company pay less in budget because of those discounts. Well, the same shit!

      Third, and that is the point, you are the ones that treat SKP as shit just because Wizz has will to fly because of subventions. Every discussion about Wizz in SKP finish with "as you can see BEG does not need to pay to Wizz to fly and SKP must".

      Basically, LH, JU, TK, OS, AF and others are stupid not to take legal acts against BEG because of illegal subventions and illegally putting Wizzair in better position than others.

    24. Anonymous10:49

      Do you seriously believe that all the other lowcost airlines flying into Belgrade do not get discounted charges? Would easyJet be launching its second destination from Belgrade and adding more flights from Milan if they did not get a good business deal from people working at BEG?
      Would Turkish Airlines be increasing their flights to 17 weekly if the airport was ripping them off? Would Aeroflot send their A321s twice per day if the airport was too expensive? I would not worry too much about what kind of deal Air Serbia got from the airport. I am sure the government renegotiated a deal for them when the takeover was organized.
      Belgrade airport is a very diverse airport and the fact that their charges are kept at market value levels only goes to justify why so many airlines are announcing flights to there.

      Also, do you seriously believe that Serbia needs a second airport? Hungary which has 3.000.000 more citizens has only one real airport in the country. Anyone who argues that Serbia needs a second airport is disillusioned. After all, airlines have come to Nis and left as soon as the money dried up, I think that's the best argument against any new airport infrastructure in the country. ;)

    25. Anonymous10:53

      AnonymousJanuary 21, 2014 at 10:43 AM

      OMFG you are too stupid to even argue with. First of all, Wizz Air did not do it before because Serbian citizens could travel without visas from December 26 2009. After the visa-free regime was put in place they started expanding in Belgrade, the same way all other carriers did. If I remember correctly a total of 10 new airlines came that year. Belgrade even got an award.
      Your comment that the charges were even less before is absurd. Why on earth would an airline renegotiate their deal to make it only worse?! :D

      If there were any illegal subventions in Belgrade, which there are none, then I am sure these airlines would have voiced their concern. The simple fact they did not means that they are happy and that they feel they are not discriminated against. ;)

    26. Anonymous11:17

      @ 10:49 AM:

      1. I never mentioned second airport - I only said it's not a rocket science to make some profit in a single airport of a 7M country. Even a political management could do that, after all affairs and scandals they make over there.

      2. I don't believe anything. It is YOU who, when shown a contract that grants W6 a 20% slash (or even more) in BEG, suddenly BELIEVES all other carrier must be enjoying the same priviledges. And you are SURE the government renegotiated the conditions for JU.

      Well I am happy for your beliefs and assurance, however I will take them as arguments once we see their contracts with BEG. So far we have seen W6's and it looks all but fair or in the best interest of BEG.

    27. Anonymous11:40

      Yes, it's called common sense. No carrier in Belgrade would ignore open discrimination. Logically speaking it's easier to believe that carriers are happy here and that's why more are coming than to believe in some theory that one airline is privileged.
      If the journalist was professional enough, he would have presented us with proof that other carriers are not enjoying special treatment. ;)

    28. Anonymous13:37

      OK, let's start with JU who enjoyed the same treatment... Oh wait :)

      But the common sense should make us BELIEVE that JU is just an unfortunate exception and BEG normally approves very generous discounts to its customers :)

    29. Anonymous13:59

      Contract usually are secret, and I really thing that LH did not have power to ask BEG airport to show them Wizz contract. Even in Zagreb contract was not published, and in a second when it was out, and when other companies react, Wizz discounts were canceled, and Wizz stopped flights to Zagreb.

      You really think that this reporter found that contract by luck, or with James Bond metods? Air Serbia is not satisfied and they have possibility to see contracts so they published it to force BEG management for same discounts. And that shows how illegal that was.

      Public company can not go under published discounts. You have million examples where airports, gas companies (for privileged prices to some airlines), public companies etc. was sanctioned for such a behavior. We will see what will happen now after this document was published. Just wait and see.

      Concerning visa regime. How comes that your point is that visas was barrier for passengers to travel before, but in case of intercontinental flights to be opend out of BEG in 2016 visas are not barrier for you?

      As far as I know Wizz did not come to Belgrade in second after visas were removed, so, where is that argument that 500.000 P2P passengers could fly with some other companies because of demand. Sure, Belgrade will have increase of passengers without Wizz, which would never come to BEG without huge discounts, but in same time that increase would never be so high. Not even near. Increase is high because of low fares, which are connected to huge discounts. Without that there would be not so many passengers.

      And that was your point in criticized of SKP subventions. Now story is totally different when BEG is in same shit. Well, of course, it can not be same for “Nebeski narod”, wich is always right, even when documents totally discredit yours argument from just 2 days ago.

    30. Anonymous14:32

      Please stop that primitive chauvinist rethoric and stop labeling an entire nation with something you don't like about a single poster on this blog. You are no better than any of the guys who defend this deal between W6 and BEG - in fact you deserve each other (as far as possible from normal people though).

      On topic, if W6 can't fly from BEG without priviledges then they should pull out and make way for carriers who can operate flights without heavy discounts.

    31. Anonymous14:38

      Belgrade's case with Wizz Air is nothing like the one in Skopje, you just hate Serbia too much to understand that. But anyway, if Wizz Air pulls out I will not be bothered as I never fly on them. Personally I am happy that Air Serbia's fifth A319 is currently flying to LHR. ;)

  18. Anonymous10:55

    I don't want to read thru all the comments, as most probably don't make any sense. It is not unheard of that companies get discounts on big volumes.

    However, I do see space for a class action: if customers (end users) were paying the full fee for the airport tax (the airline is only collecting it on behalf of the airport), then all customers should be able to get reimbursement for the difference that they paid. Lawyers, please take this case!!!