EX-YU airports see strong May growth

Macedonian, Montenegrin and Croatian airports record spring growth

The airports in Macedonia and Montenegro, as well as the two busiest airports on the Croatian coast have all recorded strong passenger growth in May. Skopje Alexander the Great Airport continued its dream run and is now on course to see its busiest year on record. Macedonia’s main airport welcomed 109.029 passengers through its doors, an increase of 24.3% compared to the same month last year. Flight operations were also up by some 22%. During May, Alitalia resumed services to Skopje following a six year absence with daily flights from Rome. In addition, the airport is reaping the rewards from Wizz Air’s network expansion which saw the low cost airline launch flights from the Macedonian capital to Beauvais, Hahn, Charleroi and Cologne in April. During the first five months of the year, Skopje Airport handled 418.698 passengers, up 20.4%. The airport is now set on breaking its passenger record from 2000 when it welcomed 1.019.905 travellers.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN62.362 1.4

Meanwhile, Montenegro’s two international airports have also been performing well so far this year. The airports in Podgorica and Tivat handled a combined total of 353.956 passengers during the first five months of 2014, an increase of 5.2% on last year. Growth was mainly fuelled by Tivat Airport while Podgorica welcomed 211.606 passengers, roughly the same as in 2013. Tivat Airport has seen 142.350 travellers pass through its doors so far this year, up 18.6%. In May alone the coastal airport handled 56.072 passengers, an increase of 9.4%. Passenger numbers in Tivat improved the most from Serbia, up 14.3%, and Russia where growth stood at almost 10%.

The airports in Split and Dubrovnik also did good business over the month. Croatia’s second busiest airport, Split, saw its numbers grow by 14.2% on last year as it handled 159.485 travellers. So far in 2014, Split registered 313.923 passengers, an improvement of 8.7%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
MAR27.580 16.8
APR79.284 19.6
MAY159.485 14.2

Meanwhile, Dubrovnik Airport outperformed Split during the month. The airport welcomed 181.898 passengers through its doors, an increase of 2.3% compared to May of 2013. Dubrovnik Airport is still catching up to last year’s figures after a lacklustre start to the year. Overall in 2014, the airport has recorded 322.008 passengers, down 0.3%. Other airports in the former Yugoslavia have also noted strong numbers in May with Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo all enjoying solid growth.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN15.950 15.5
FEB14.423 15.9
MAR21.963 29.6
APR87.774 12.7
MAY181.898 2.3


  1. Anonymous09:40

    Great results. Nice to see the updates on Montenegro airports. Could Sarajevo overtake Podgorica this year?

    1. Anonymous10:22

      I think SJJ will overtake TGD especially when Sarajevo has seen passenger number rise and TGD has practically the same amount of passengers as last year.

  2. Anonymous09:45

    If Macedonia had a national airline they would have surpassed that 2000 record a long time ago

    1. The record of Skopje Airport gona be down also to the end of this year.....

    2. Anonymous10:15

      If Macedonia had a national airline, we would've had another money-grabbing unprofitable company in the Balkans.

      Good thing there are proper professionals who can take care of things without politics and petty interests conflicting.

    3. Anonymous12:58

      Ok but Macedonia is still giving money to Wizz Air to fly there. And they have just launched a second round of subsidies. At the same time they could have created a small airline, employed locals and then it could expand with time as it became profitable. Unlike other ex-Yu countries with their airlines, Macedonia starts with a clean sheet and no losses from the past.

    4. Anonymous13:35

      I really wish your statements had any business backup. The amount of subsidies is miniscule to the actual investment involved.

    5. QR92104:00

      Come here and let me tell you something: people from Skopje think they're too important! They handle 3 times less passengers than Sofia, they handle 4 times less than near-by SKG! I mean, what's all the heck about Skopje? Ok, you got 2 WizZ Air plane, and that's pretty much all you can get. What do you want out-there, an Emirates-like outpost or what? People - get real! Skopje is lovely and all that but on the level of European aviatioan, it is pretty much insignificant. Get over yourself.

  3. Anonymous10:03

    Ex Yu why are comments closed for yesterdays topic?

    1. Because people abuse the comments section.

    2. @EX-YU Aviation


      Please, do that more often. I like this blog, i visit it for years n really seldom need to comment. But a lot of trashy comments make this blog... well, not as that good as it actually really is. Cheers!

    3. Anonymous13:46

      as Branislav Lečić in "Tri karte za Holivud" says:
      Udri narodna milicijo! :-)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Anonymous16:01

      Dusan I saw your post yesterday before it was deleted. Whole thread fully deserved to be deleted. I am not the admin but I am glad that was done. As for the freedom, you have all the freedom to start your own blog and moderate any way you want. When we join someone else's club, we have to follow the rules of the club.

    6. Anonymous16:12

      Bravo admin, you should do that more often. Can't stand that nonsense on who's got the biggest thing. Always the same. And btw,it is perfectly correct to cancel offensive posts,because this is NOT freedom of speech

    7. Anonymous02:52

      Mod, cogratulations for posting as Anonymous and giving credit to yourself for a highly unpopular move than many of us abhor, i really do not see what idiots would support this. As for others: you]re bothered by the comments - don't read them, as simple as that.

    8. Anonymous02:52

      There's no nonsense anymore to post. Here are the facts:

      - Belgrade airport handles the double of passengers than ZAG, will end this year with close to 5 million while Zagreb will maybe reach 2.5
      - JU has overtaken CRoatia by the number of passengers (leading airline in the region) and still growing
      - JU's fleet counts double the number of jets than OU's
      - All Croatian airports handle more passengers than Serbian airports (Nis sees no traffic as of now)

      These are the simple facts that probably won't change in years, besides the last one if Belgrade continues similar growth.

    9. Anonymous05:06

      @Anon at 2:52 AM

      Almost everyone positively reacted to active moderation of the blog. If you are bothered by removal of your comments, don't create comments that are part of the flame war, otherwise they will be wasted effort.

  4. Anonymous10:57

    Good numbers. This will be a good year for Ex-Yu airports. I think Split will overtake Pristina and Sarajevo will overtake Podgorica by the end of the year

  5. Petrovec11:11

    Why JU didnt took off this morning from SKP ? Is it a technical ?

    its causing severe delays for the other ATR destinations ( like LJU, Banja Luka is cancelled )

  6. Anonymous12:53

    Not sure how sustainable SKP growth is when it based on a low cost airline which is payedgood money to fly there

    1. Anonymous12:59

      dont worry , Wizz would fine even without subsidies

    2. Anonymous13:03

      Not sure we would be seeing so many routes. Treviso has an average annual LF of 60-65% to/from SKP and that's not sustainable for a LCC

    3. Anonymous13:37

      TSF never had such a low LF.

      I agree we might've seen some optimizations, but Macedonia is ripe for at least another base aircraft, with or without subsidies. Again, the amount paid is miniscule when compared to the total investment and the downside risk.

  7. Anonymous12:55

    Is there any news on the possability of Easy jet coming to Skopje... or even Ohrid?

  8. Anonymous13:06

    Does anyone know what Croatia Airlines is going to do with Dubrovnik this winter? Are they going to ignore it like last year or realise its potential finally.

  9. Stevan13:13

    Few observations:

    - Tivat doing really well despite close proximity of Dubrovnik. They are going to have a major problem with capacity with this or next year with that barn of a terminal.

    - Number of Russians flying to Montenegro still increasing even though Montenegro introduced sanctions to Russia.

    - increase from Serbia probably coming from added capacity by Air Serbia.

    - Podgorica stagnating despite Ryanair flights and new routes by Montenegro Airlines. This has been going on for a while.

    1. Anonymous13:58

      Of course Podgorica is stagnating. They don't have Nis transits any more :)

    2. Anonymous14:04

      It's been stagnating for a few years now ;)

    3. Anonymous14:15

      I hope Transaero start with B747-400 flights to Tivat.

  10. Anonymous14:11

    Nema veze sad sa danasnjim Vestima :).
    Fly Emirates otkazo 70 Airbus A350-900 i A350-1000 umesto toga ce porucit 150 B777X :)

    1. Anonymous15:08

      Airbus Fail

    2. Anonymous16:41

      Sad sam sazno da je Rolls-Royce izgubio preko 3,2 milijarde evra. :)

    3. Ni jedan izvjestaj ne kaze da narucuju 150 B777X

    4. Anonymous22:02


      Airbus Fail

    5. Da, ali ovo su vec porucili na Dubai Airshow. Iz tvog post-a cini se da naručuju dodatnih 150 komada

    6. Anonymous22:45

      Ja sam se pogresno izrazio:)
      evo link ali je na nemackom.

    7. Anonymous00:08

      Ne postoji kompanija Fly Emirates. Postoji FlyDubai i Emirates.

    8. Anonymous01:02

      Pise i na tarabi svasta.
      A to na dresovima je REKLAMA koja znaci "Letite Emiratima"
      A kompanija se zove EMIRATES.
      A to sto je "registrovana" kao "Firma Fly Emirates" to si bio kod seika na kafi pa je pozvao ministra saobracaja da ti pokaze registar operatera, jel?

  11. Anonymous16:13

    OT : Dalmatian started today online ticket sale. Operations start June 30. Destinations from Zagreb are: Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Zurich, Geneva, Vienna, Rome, Milan, Warsaw, Prague, Sofia, Larnaca. www.flydalmatian.com

    1. Anonymous16:32

      What aircraft has Dalmatian...

    2. Anonymous16:42

      Just checked prices - amazing - Hamburg return from Zagreb for 60 euro, Larnaca return from Zagreb 120 euro, luggage included

    3. Anonymous17:04

      Great news! At the same time I am also worried those concerned with low prices/profitability and Load Factors will have new airline to focus on.

    4. Anonymous00:10

      So many flights and to sell ticket just 19 days prior first flight? They will have LF even worst than Air Serbia.

    5. Anonymous00:32

      Dalmatian WILL have bad LF - speculation
      Air Serbia HAS bad LF - fact

    6. Anonymous03:13

      Bunch of JU routes had LF over 75% in the recent weeks, so bad LF for them is no longer a fact. During summer season most routes will have high LF.

  12. Anonymous16:41

    Is this above joke or real. If real this absolutely incredible for such small country such as Croatia.

    7 mil passengers yearly.
    7 international airports, eight one under construction,
    3 airliners

    Absolutely amazing.
    Bravo Croats

    1. Anonymous20:15

      Only 3 airplanes?!?!

    2. Anonymous20:19

      UAE and Singapore are smaller countries with a lot more passengers.

      Absolutely amazing!
      Bravo Singaporeans!

    3. Anonymous03:53

      Anonymous @ 8:19 pm,
      So what is your point?

      -- Charlie

  13. Anonymous17:16

    Admine ili netko drugi; zna li se, tj. može li se doznati broj paxova u osječkoj zračnoj luci? Tijekom cijelog zimskog reda letenja imali su liniju za Zagreb, a od 1.4. i za London, Rijeku, Dubrovnik i Split pa me zanima je li ušićarilo štogod putnika i kod njih?! Hvala.

  14. Anonymous17:55

    Imas te informacije na stranici Hrvatskog ministarstva za promet http://www.mppi.hr/default.aspx?id=2068

    1. Anonymous18:00

      Hvala! ;)

    2. Anonymous18:31

      can you explain that "tranzit" number please
      is that for transfer passangers ? (isnt that too low ? )

  15. Anonymous18:00

    OT: Tuzla-Antalya yesterday 180 pax http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PDoDCrHfMk

  16. Evening departures from BEG.

    JU 826 BEIRUT 23:40 (11.06.) 01:45 C1 Airbus A319 Gate open
    JU 656 MOSCOW 23:40 (11.06.) 00:30 (11.06.) C6 Airbus A320 Airborne at 00:51
    JU 800 ABU DHABI 23:55 (11.06.) 02:00 (11.06.) C2 Airbus A319 Gate open
    JU 506 LARNACA 00:00 00:30 A2 Airbus A319 Airborne at 00:29
    JU 526 THESSALONIKI 00:20 00:55 A4A ATR 72 Airborne at 00:59
    JU 132 VARNA 00:25 00:25 A4B ATR 72 Airborne at 00:38
    JU 166 SKOPJE 00:25 00:25 Cancelled
    JU 516 ATHENS 00:30 00:30 A9 Airbus A319 Airborne at 00:47
    SU 2093 MOSCOW 00:50 00:50 A1 Airbus A320 Airborne at 00:48

  17. Anonymous01:52

    SWISS cancels following flights:
    LX1412 ZRH-BEG 0705-0855 1_3_5__ 32S 27Oct14-27Mar15
    LX1418 ZRH-BEG 1730-1915 _2_4___ 32S 28Oct14-26Mar15

    1. Anonymous02:55

      Another victory by Air Serbia?

    2. Anonymous09:00

      And less pax for BEG!

  18. Anonymous02:38

    To the guy who wrote "OU has similar fleet to Air Serbia", man, did you learn to count? I don't see how 14 jets and 6 jets are one and the same... Air Serbia's fleet is more than double of Kroacija already.