New Zagreb Airport terminal progressing

Zagreb Airport's new terminal set to open in December 2016

Work on Zagreb Airport’s new multi million euro terminal is advancing with construction said to be two months ahead of schedule. According to the airport’s management, the new terminal, which will eventually have the capacity to handle five million passengers per year and feature eight air bridges, will open its doors to the public in December 2016. The CEO of Zagreb Airport, Bruno Mazurkiewicz, expressed his satisfaction with the construction progress so far and noted that when completed the airport’s capacity will stand at 3.5 million passengers per year, compared to the existing 2.2 million. In addition, the airport will later be expanded in subsequent phases to reach an annual capacity of five million passengers. Joško Mikulić, the CEO of Viadukt, the Croatian equity partner in the Zagreb Airport concession, as well as the subcontractor for the entire construction project, said some 450 people are working around the clock on the site with the only disruption to the construction work being rain. Besides Viadukt, there are three other Croatian companies currently working on the project.

Last week, the Croatian Minister for Construction and Spatial Planning, Anita Mrak-Taritaš, and the Minister for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Siniša Hajdaš Dončić, visited the construction site. Ms. Mrak-Taritaš said, “I am really happy to be able to visit, especially nowadays when there a few active construction sites around. Taking into consideration the amount of work done in such a short period of time, I believe we are in an excellent position”. Mr. Hajdaš Dončić added, “The new terminal project has been well-prepared and is progressing even though we were labelled national traitors for granting it to a private investor”. The project involves a total investment of 331 million euros, 243 million of which is for the design and construction of the new terminal and 88 million for the maintenance of airport infrastructure over the entire period of the thirty year concession, awarded to the French-led Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC).

During the first nine months of the year, Zagreb Airport has recorded a 9% increase in turnover and several airlines have announced new flights to the Croatian capital. In addition, the French company ALSTEF was recently awarded a contract for the design and installation of a new baggage handling system at the airport. ALSTEF will install one additional check-in island at the current terminal building. Furthermore, the company will design and install a comprehensive baggage handling system, including automated baggage handling, hold baggage screening and sorting of bags at arrivals and departures, two new fifteen check-in desk islands (with the option of adding a further two), two screening lines, an automatic sorter and four baggage delivery lines at the new terminal building.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    How is Croatia Airlines doing? I remember their Amsterdam route was one of the most profitable, have they been affected by KLM's return? Have the fares dropped?

    All these airlines arriving will not be good for the airline.

    1. Anonymous09:23

      Well one thing is for sure the Ceo Kucko still keeps on flying evert week up and down to Amsterdam nothing has changed ,the route ZAG -AMS-ZAG has become his private flt like the flt ZAG - BRU - ZAG only or majority Politicians .

    2. Anonymous13:01

      My friend was flying to AMS 2 weeks ago, A319 was 100% full from ZAG-AMS and few days later A320 was 80% full from AMS-ZAG.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    Isn't this the same capacity that Skopje airport also has, 5 million is not much (I know Zagreb has more potential than Skopje...)

    How is ex-yu countries doing in Zagreb?
    Does Skopje and Sarajevo do well?

    1. Anonymous09:10

      What do you mean by how are ex-YU countries doing in Zagreb?

    2. Anonymous09:17

      If you mean pax numbers this is what I found from ex-yu aviation site for first half of 2014 for Croatia Airlines

      Bosnia and Herzegovina (+6.9)
      Macedonia (-8.4%)

    3. Anonymous09:22

      Hmm... what could be the reason for their passenger numbers falling in SKP by 8.4%?

    4. Anonymous09:31

      Sorry, i meant pax numbers from Zagreb to ex-yu countries...Zagreb - Skopje - Zagreb etc...

    5. Anonymous09:32

      Fewer flights and fewer Macedonians transferring Zagreb. For example now you have Alitalia flying there.

    6. ZAG airport terminal is designed in such a way to be able to easily accommodate a growing number of pax. 3,5 mil is enough for the start as is 5 mil.
      In a combination with the old terminal this gives a total capacity of 8 mil. All this is plenty...

      Now Skopje...I don't know if 5 mil capacity is correct, but if it is - that's an oversized infrastructure and is irrational as Skopje will in now way break 2 mil pax anytime soon (perhaps by 2020-23, just around time of Macedonia entering the EU), not to mention 3 or 4 mil...

    7. Anonymous10:30

      we'll see...skopje is still not connected with moscow, manchester, geneva, amsterdam, barcelona, madrid, prague and budapest and there is big potential in this routes

    8. Anonymous17:17

      Hahahah yeah, tonnes of people travelling SKP-MAN every day.

    9. Anonymous17:37

      +1 :)

    10. Anonymous18:34

      Enough people for 2-3 weekly flights from maybe Easyjet A319 you pessimist, ugh

    11. Anonymous20:45

      @PetarOctober 14, 2014 at 9:34 AM

      Skopje might brake 2 million sooner than 2020, 3 million by 2025 is quite feasible, I think you're underestimating the potential Skopje has, remember Skopje and Macedonia have really poor links to the EU and rest of the world, best and easiest way, and the cheapest is by air.

      Same goes for Podgorica, Pristina and Sarajevo.

      Zagreb and Ljubljana have best connections of all ex-Yu capitols and are in relative proximity to major industrial cities of the EU, Munich, Vienna, Milan, Prague, Frankfurt...

      The other cities aren't so for them air links are far more important, for us Croats, we can hop on a train or in to our cars and we are in Germany in matter of few hours, no borders for us, no visa problems and no restrictions. No so easy for the others in ex-YU.

      Zagreb will benefit from its new terminal and I think once new terminal is completed they'll soon enough need to expand it fast, traffic predictions for next year are very encouraging, with score of new airlines coming to Zagreb, Alitialia, Brussels Air, SAS, Finnair, CSA and few low costs are still missing from impressive list of airlines that do fly to Zagreb.

      Once these airlines start their flights to Zagreb, things will be going fast in terms of numbers, skies will literally be the limits, pardon the pun :)

      3 million mark can be broken even next year, although 2.8 million is quite probable now, 3.25 million in 2016 and after that things can go fast.

      5 million pax by 2020, 8 by 2025. :)

    12. Anonymous22:24

      How will OU's eventual bankruptcy impact ZAG and its new terminal? Do you think another lowcost might step in and create a base?

  3. hi ExYu - what does the "turnover" stand for - an 9% increase...? thnx

    1. Anonymous09:12

      Turnover - the amount of money taken by a business in a particular period

  4. Anonymous09:11

    Turnover shoud mean revenues. They have 9% increase after 3 quarters compared to 2013.

    Congrats on the progress. Any new terminal building is as good as great.

    1. revenue - that's right, thnx :)
      Now the pax stats for ZAG in September still have not been reported, although some reports indicate a 7% increase (around 250.000 pax)

  5. Anonymous09:14

    These are some great news, once this airport is completed almost all major ex-YU airports will have a new terminal!

    By the way, I was looking at some take off videos from Split and I wasn't sure but doesn't the airport have a taxiway parallel to the runway or do the aircraft have to taxi to the end of it and then turn?

    On a different note, it will be great if we could see some expansion in Belgrade as well. With almost 3.600.000 passengers handled the airport is getting crowded!

    1. Anonymous09:54

      Je li počela gradnja novog terminala u Splitu? Radovi su trebali početi ove jeseni.

    2. Anonymous09:58

      PM Vucic said that BEG will be going into concession next year. He's expecting €500m-€600m in cash and around €1b in investment, including a new terminal, for a 20 year concession. These are his words.

    3. Anonymous10:56

      500m cash + 1,000m investment for 20 yr concession would require 75m mean profit after tax just to cover initial investment. Hmmm... What is BEG's current annual EBIT?

    4. Anonymous14:03

      BEG could not fetch €250M this year.

  6. Aэrologic10:56

    The maximum numbers Belgrade can reach in the coming years in the current economical climate (while Air Serbia remaining profitable) is about 7.5 million per year, that's when growth should stabilize.
    On the other hand cargo has all the prospects to grow with a much higher pace, being less constrained by local economical factors and having only Budapest as competition.

    1. Anonymous14:05

      Belgrade could not handle 7.5 mil annual passengers in a current state.

    2. Anonymous19:27

      Nonsense. Belgrade could handle as much as it wants as long as it believes it can do it.

    3. Anonymous20:58

      Belgrade's current terminals can handle 9 million, it was designed for that, problem is of internal layout, which has to change. No need for new terminal at Belgrade for foreseeable time, after 2020 if Belgrade hits predicted 7.5 million pax by 2020 than yes, new terminal should be planned and constructed adjacent to terminal 2.

      @AnonymousOctober 14, 2014 at 9:54 AM
      Je li počela gradnja novog terminala u Splitu? Radovi su trebali početi ove jeseni.@

      Not yet, they need to sort their finances first, most likely they'll wait for the EU money, airport will raise its share, and the EU the rest, planed new 25500sqm terminal will add to current 12500sqm terminal and once complete combined terminal will have around 38000sqm, be 2nd largest in Croatia after Zagreb's new 65000sqm terminal and just ahead of 36500sqm at Dubrovnik Airport.

      Zagreb 1st terminal might expand to 22500sqm once new terminal is finished, it'll serve as a low cost terminal and for domestic flights, capacity will be brought to 3.0 million ballpark, with terminal 2 also expanded to 20 passenger boarding bridges by 2025, once terminal hits 5 million pax. Currently Zagreb will feature only 8 passenger boarding bridges, although right now Croatian airlines is negotiating additional 2 passenger boarding bridges for its sole use. As is, new terminal will be 165x155m main section and with piers it'll extend to 320m, if Croatian Airlines plan succeeds than piers will be extended to 420m.

    4. Anonymous22:20

      Belgrade is already overcrowded at peak hours, that is during the waves of departures. This year Belgrade will handle an additional million passengers and next year an additional 250.000. A new and modern terminal is more than needed, this one is outdated and can no longer serve an airline such as Air Serbia.

  7. Anonymous12:31

    Rujan 2013: 234,887
    Rujan 2014: 251,280 +7%

    1. Anonymous19:03

      Happy to see some growth, but this is weak!

    2. True, not really strong. However, given the fact that most of the growth is being fueled solely by foreign carriers, who hold only 40% of the total traffic share at ZAG, this isn't bad afterall...That means they are growing at a higher than 10% growth rate. Let's give it some more time. So far in 2014, the following ne airlines started/announced the soon start at ZAG:
      - KLM
      - FlyDubai
      - Eurolot
      - Swiss International
      - Air Nostrum (seasonal)

      Several other seasonal carriers had added new destinations (Vueling: Rome, Germanwings: Hamburg) or increased frequencies (Vueling: Barcelona, Iberia: Madrid, Korean Air: Seul, Onur Air: Antalya).

      The last, but not the least, are the new regional flights by Trade Air/European Coastal Service (Osijek, Rijeka, Rab)...Small, but significant.

      Keep up the good progress ZAG...Next year should be even better...

    3. Anonymous20:01

      Agree, but if Croatia Airlines restructuring and privatization fail, it won't be good for Zagreb and Croatia in general!

    4. Anonymous21:12

      @AnonymousOctober 14, 2014 at 8:01 PM

      why are you trolling!!!???

      Croatian Airlines privatization isn't imperative, airline is doing fine, and restructuring is complete, unless you lived on some other planet, the airline has plan to acquire 4 more regional aircraft in 2015, and this news was posted on this blog, and 4 brand new airbus A319 are joining the fleet in 2017, all paid for btw.

      Croatian Airlines has a bright future, problem is can current management remain at the helm of OU, most agree they can't and OU must be either privatized or a fresh management with a vision that can set some standards and goals for the airline.

      OU plans to maintain 20 aircraft in the fleet by, handle 3.2 million passengers and have a turnover of $550 million by 2020, this is their strategy and it can be achieved, but not with the present management, reason why Croatian Government wants to privatize OU so the new co-owners can achieve the set goals.

      OU is still the largest airline in the region, and I don't think this will change much, in 2015 OU will return to normal operations when they expect to handle 1.7 million pax at Zagreb airport, or same number they handled in 2012, foreign carriers are intensifying their presence at Zagreb with 42% share in traffic and passengers in 2014, and this ratio is expected to increase in 2015 to 43%.

      In other words, 2015 target for Zagreb airport is around 2.8-2.9 million pax,

      OU - 1.6/1.7 million
      Foreign carriers - 1.25 million.

      for total of 2.95 million, even 3.0 million mark can be broken next year. And as peter said, growth is generated by foreign carriers, not OU.

    5. Anonymous21:27

      Missed some news or coming back from another planet? ASL is the busiest carrier in the region by all parameters (besides number of failed privatization attempts, that title belongs to - OU) for several months already and the gap is only widening.

    6. Anonymous21:55

      Number of failed privatization attempts? They tried once. What about Jat? Hahahaha

    7. Anonymous22:06

      Yes, that's true. Air Serbia is officially the largest carrier. Sorry buddy.

    8. Anonymous22:18

      Hahahhahhahahahah three million passengers in Zagreb?! OMG
      First of all, foreign carriers are taking away passengers from OU, they are not creating new ones. Furthermore, just because OU managed to have a profitable year doesn't mean it will do it again, especially not with such fierce competition coming along .

      Do you honestly believe that OU will be privatized. Wake up man.

    9. Anonymous22:45

      OU je profitabilan posto ne placa nista =D =D

  8. Anonymous13:38

    easyJet has started selling its new flights out of Amsterdam starting from April 2015.

    Amsterdam-Dubrovnik 3 times per week.
    Amsterdam-Split was increased to four weekly.

    I wonder if we might see daily flight to Split if the sales go well by April.

  9. Anonymous14:33

    Zadar has 2 new Summer flights from Germany with TUIfly
    Frankfurt - 14May
    Hanover - 14May

  10. Anonymous15:57

    Admine sto ste obrisali moj komentar ja nista lose nisam mislio .
    A juce ste ostavili kako ASL dobija sve dzabe
    Koja gradjevinska firma gradi terminal ?
    Koliko su Francuzi platili zemljiste .
    Nadam se da necete ponovo brisati komentar =D=D


  11. Anonymous16:01

    flydubai mjenja red letenja za Zagreb, umjesto dane 2,5,7 letjet će 2,4,7 a za vrijeme božićnih i novogodišnjih praznika uvodi četvrti let tjedno 2,4,5,7 :)

    1. Anonymous16:46

      Pa bolje da su leteli Petkom da se moze doci na vikend =D =D

  12. Anonymous20:38

    INN-NS, a da ne pričamo o činjenici da Hrvatska ima oko 2 milijuna putnika više u zračnom prijevozu od Srbije, nekoliko međunarodnih aerodroma, preko 12 milijuna turista godišnje, a čak i ovako slaba Croatia Airlines će imati oko 1,8 milijuna prevezenih putnika u 2014.! ;))

    1. Anonymous21:03

      Pa BEG ima skoro ko svi aerodromi HR pa to je zbog mora.
      Pa ASL leti na 3 puta vise destinacija i ima mladju Airbus flotu ;))

    2. Anonymous21:49

      Pa sta tebe briga kad si iz Bosne? ;-)

    3. Anonymous22:01

      Ali pitanje koje treba da se postavi je koliko jos ce biti tako? Ove godine BEG ce imati oko 4.5 miliona putnika sto je samo 1.5 manje. Sledece godine ce spasti na svega milion i tako...

    4. Anonymous22:13

      Anonymous at 9:49 PM
      Ko je iz bosne =D =D
      Anonymous at 10:01 PM
      Pa BEG stalno raste a ZAG je opadao nekoliko puta ako se nevaram ovr godine normalo da nece da raste po 40 % mozda ce rasti od 1-10 % =D =D

  13. Anonymous21:44

    Enivej novi direktor niske zahebancije od aerodroma. SNS kadar