Zagreb Airport’s new terminal takes shape

Zagreb Airport’s new terminal to open March 4, 2017

The construction of Zagreb Airport’s new multi million euro terminal is progressing and on schedule, with the concrete structure of the terminal building almost complete. Touring the construction site on Monday, the Croatian Minister for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Siniša Hajdaš Dončić, said, “The concessionaire is good. They have secured all necessary finances and, as far as we are aware, construction is two and a half months ahead of schedule”. Construction work has already been completed on baggage sorting facilities, which will be located eight metres below the ground, as well as the apron, while work on the supporting columns for two of eight air bridges is also in its final stages. According to the airport’s management, some 25% of the terminal’s interior has also been completed.

Zagreb Airport says that by the end of the year it will finish work on the terminal’s roof, purchase necessary equipment and begin with the facility’s testing phase on December 1. It estimates that all construction will be completed by December 2016, when it will apply for an operating license. The airport has officially set March 4, 2017 as the opening date of the new terminal building. The management notes it has boosted passenger numbers at the airport over the past year as a result of new arrivals such as KLM, Flydubai, Eurolot, European Coastal Airlines and Air Serbia. So far in February, Zagreb has recorded double digit passenger growth, following on from an 11% increase in numbers in January.

Zagreb Airport’s new terminal will have the capacity to handle 3.5 million passengers per year, compared to the current 2.2 million, once the first phase of the project is completed in December 2016. The airport will later be expanded in subsequent phases to reach an annual capacity of five million passengers, though no firm timeframe has been set for future development. The project involves a total investment of 331 million euros, 243 million of which will be spent on the construction of the new terminal and 88 million for the maintenance of airport infrastructure over the entire period of the thirty-year concession, awarded to the French-led Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC).



  1. Anonymous09:17

    OT: Sorry to open up with an OT, but it's big news -

    Wizz Air executes its IPO, puts its market cap at €2b

    1. Anonymous09:21

  2. Anonymous09:25

    Good news for Zagreb construction has been pretty quick. Still dissapointed they didn't stick to the original project.

    1. Anonymous09:26

      What changed?

    2. Anonymous09:30

      Well they downsized the building and changed the roof construction but I will live. The current terminal is way past its use by date.

    3. Anonymous10:02

      Ah... what happened to the roof?

    4. Anonymous10:15

      Supposed to be a glass roof with solar panels and what not but then they decided it was too expensive when they were cutting down the project price.

    5. Anonymous10:31

      Ouch but will they keep the solar panels? I think solar panels are a fantastic way to reduce costs.

    6. Any pictures of the new re-designd roof etc?

    7. Anonymous14:18

      Also they cut down on the number of air-bridges, from 12 to 8.

    8. Anonymous18:38

      @AnonymousFebruary 25, 2015 at 2:18 PM

      There'll be 16 +4 bridges when final phase is completed, 8 bridges is only phase 1, phase 1.2 will see additional 4 bridges added, and 1.3 will see additional 4, with final 1.4 phase terminal will see left arm having bridges on both sides giving total of 20 bridges.

    9. Anonymous18:52

      Yup, in 2050.

    10. Anonymous00:17

      @FSXNOOBFebruary 25, 2015 at 10:35 AM
      Any pictures of the new re-designed roof etc?

      just google for pictures, I have high definition pictures on my computer of the entire terminal but need to find time to upload these, computer generated renderings and actual construction works, but i won't post personal pictures on this blog or internet cause of copy rights.

  3. Anonymous09:59

    Finally something good is happening in Zagreb.

  4. Anonymous11:12

    Wasn't there also a discussion about a rail connection to the airport once they build the new terminal and hence increase capacity? It is less then 3 km for a rail link, shouldnt be too expensive or complicated to build?

    1. I think that is one of the next phases along with the hotel. please correct me if i'm wrong.

    2. Anonymous17:33

      A rail connection, fast tram of sort not sure what yet as things are still in planing stages but yes, rail link will be built underground on same level with baggage sorting facility, or about 12m bellow ground.

      a 4* hotel and airport city are also planned independently of Airport project, Austrian firm is building 4* hotel and another 4* hotel might be built by Shereton or Hilton Groups, we'll see how things go, right now only one hotel is planned but there are indication for 2nd hotel at some point, or perhaps Austrians are building hotel for Shereton,

      Construction of Hotel should start this year sometimes, no idea when exactly, airport city is part of independent development slated for 2017, investors are Austrian, German and Dutch groups with Croatian firms doing all the construction, seen some designs, not impressed, they're still need to hold some sort of public consultation and architectural competition, so we won't know much till late 2015 or early 2016.

      Društvo Arhitekta, look for all the relevant projects.

  5. Anonymous13:39

    Congratulations to ZAG. Looking good.

  6. Anonymous14:02

    Presentation dated 23.02.2015.
    Please refer to page 19
    ZAG NPT ostali datumi budućih glavnih aktivnosti
     Početak probnog rada i preuzimanja – 01.12.2015.
     Datum pretežitog dovršetka (uporabna dozvola) – 04.12.2016
     Datum puštanja u promet – 04.03.2017. DELAYED!

    1. Anonymous14:17

      What do you mean delayed?

    2. Anonymous16:14

      Original End Date was Dec.2016.
      Now is 04.03.2017!
      Will be even more delayed since delivery of major equipment is far too late.
      The easiest part is to construct the building.
      Terminal building has not been downsized as some comments suggest. From very beginning of this story it was 65 000 m2.Cancelled are shopping mall underneath and underground train station, which will need to be built by city / state / county, later on.

    3. Anonymous16:46

      You can't exactly say that reducing to 8 form 11 airbridges is nto downsizing. And as far as I know, both airport city (offices, not underground shopping mall) and train line were never planned to be built in the first phase, but later. And of course that French would not invest in train line, they don't have concession over it

    4. Anonymous18:33

      I am talking about NPT itself. In original IGH design NPT was 65 000 m2. Previous government asked IGH to split the project into three phases. This all was before French have taken concession. Basically, existing project is following mentioned IGH phase split. Positive of this project is that it could be conveniently expanded when required.
      I wouldn't mix BEG in this topic, since it is old socialist design that cannot be compared with the new, state of the art airports.

  7. Anonymous14:32

    So once built the Zagreb airport will still be smaller than BEG in capacity 2.5 + 3.5 million. Now that's what you call downsizing the original project. With mentions of the old one being closed altogether, it means the mgmt doesn't anticipates numbers much higher than 3 milllion in like 5 years from now. Disappointing.

    1. Anonymous14:51

      I thought the same... I was a bit surprised that they are closing the old one especially since there were so many rumours that it will remain open and used by the low-cost carriers.

      Regardless of all this, Zagreb needs a Wizz Air base!

    2. Anonymous15:59

      Not sure where they will fly to. Zagreb is already connected to all the places where it has some potential demand, especially with the arrival of Air Serbia (connections to the South and East). Wizz Air should rather go to Dubrovnik or smth.

    3. Anonymous16:31

      @ 2:32 and @ 2:51

      Not one single word in the article today about closing down the old terminal. It was mentioned here yesterday by someone whose wet dreams consist mostly or exclusively of BEG supremacy over entire ex-Yu, and especially over ZAG. Civil aviation today develops very fast, and plans for ZAG are big. Downsizing of original project was made possible exactly because of existing old terminal, which will remain in use for long long time. If it wasn't so, the French wouldn't have invested pretty much in its modernisation and refurbishment, which has been going almost entire last year, ind is still going on. Once the numbers of both terminals start to improve heavier, the new terminal will be extended, with railway link and hotel probably even sooner. Concerning Wizz, there might be some potential for them in ZAG, but I don't think that they will open a base there, at least not in nearer future.

    4. Anonymous16:44

      How do you imagine Zagreb handling anything more than 3-3.5 million with BEG, BUD and VIE around? The French are just being realistic.

    5. Anonymous16:52

      You don't need to imagine anything, you just have to wait and see. French are very realistc - it's precisely why they didn't spent more money in original project of new terminal, and downsized it a bit, as they have the old one which will continue to be operative. And they wouldn't have entered the business if they hadn't expected much bigger growth, much more passengers, and much more income. With your 3,5 mil. they will never have it, and that's why you are the one who is not realistic.

    6. Anonymous17:28

      Of course they will have, profit from higher taxes, which is what they did, while downsizing the project, making the tickets more expensive ;) Oh, they also increased the parking fares and duty free rentals, what else? Clearly, profit in Zag can't be reached by volume, therefore no need to invest so much in the infrastructure. The new terminal is all but impressive.

    7. Anonymous17:46

      First, no higher taxes in ZAG, only security fee, which is logical step following private security company taking over security tasks at ZAG, which had been provided nefore by the police, and financed by the state.
      Second, duty free rentals were not increased, as DF was part of the Airport before, becoming private business now, so it's similar as with the security. Both are transitional measures, not caused by restructuring. Third, increase in parking fares is so small and irrelevant when talking of total investment numbers that it proves absolutely nothing, for the people who are, as some people like to say, realistic. For people who are malicious, or jealous, they may prove something, but definitely not that profit in Zagreb can't be reached by volume. And last but by no means least, you may like or dislike the new terminal, speak of it in terms of unimpressive, lousy, shitty, whatever, but it's simply not important. What is important that it will enable huge increase in operations and passenger flow and income as a result, both for the concessionaire and the state, and benefit for the passengers as well. If you can't live with it, it's your problem.

    8. Anonymous17:48

      "not" before "caused by restructuring" should be omitted - typing mistake

    9. Anonymous18:06

      @AnonymousFebruary 25, 2015 at 4:31 PM

      There are no concrete plans to shut it down, but current owners have indicated that all the traffic will be moved to the new terminal and that there won't be need for old terminal, however should low cost operator decide to form a base at Zagreb (current operator is talking to German Wings and EasyJet over this possibility) than old terminal will be still in use by these low cost operators solely for their use, with airport even leasing the terminal to these low cost operators, these are all possibilities, and yes the French are talking to EasyJet as we speak, and there are some encouraging signs that EasyJet might return either later this year or April next year.
      The idea is that EasyJet, or GermanWings basically have a base in Zagreb and serve destinations out of this old terminal to some dozen cities currently not being served by any of the current operators, Dusseldorf, Lyon, Edinburgh, Manchester, Dublin, Seville, Marseilles and so on...

      Eventually Easy/German could have 2-3 aircraft based at Zagreb and make this one of their bases for entire region, something OU is totally opposed to and politicians at least for now are somewhat pressuring the French operator to postpone these plans a bit. So yes, these are the plans, alternatively terminal would be shut for it is no longer needed.

      @AnonymousFebruary 25, 2015 at 4:44 PM

      No, 3.5 million is just the random figure operator has put out, actual capacity of the terminal is around 12 million, phase one is 3.5 million, which will be reached in 2017 with relative ease, so practically new terminal would be too small if that was the case, 2nd phase is 5.5 million pax with 16 PBBs, so 200m extensions to each side of the terminal will be added, and additional 20 000sqm, increasing the size of terminal to 87000sqm, this also will also increase the cappacity to 8 million, with 4 more PBBs added on opposite side of left arm/pier should complete the final expansion, overall terminal 2 will have 20Pbbs (24 as 4 will be for large jumbo jets) and 8 for free positions will be added as part of the final phase, adding extra capacity, and giving the terminal its final look.

      U may totally disagree with my estimates here, but they are based on current trends at Zagreb Airport.

      Zagreb traffic in 2014 in 000: (projected 2015) {2016} [2017] by my self,

      Jan: 135.4 (150) {170} [200]
      Feb: 128.4 (140) {160} [185]
      Mar: 175.5 (200) {225) [255]
      Apr: 192.4 (215) {245} [300]
      May: 217.8 (250) {280} [325]
      Jun: 243.9 (285) {325} [375]
      Jul: 260.7 (310) {355} [420]
      Aug: 269.7 (315) {370} [430]
      Sep: 251.3 (290) {335} [375]
      Oct: 226.2 (260) {300} [340]
      Nov: 175.6 (200) {225} [255]
      Dec: 163.6 (185) {210} [245]

      @AnonymousFebruary 25, 2015 at 2:32 PM no it won't, it'll have capacity of 8 million, when all phases are completed, actually the capacity will be around 12 million. 20 PBBs (final phase) x18 (daily operations per PBB) x 364 days x 100 passengers per plane = 13.1 million.

    10. Anonymous18:18

      So you are telling us once OU ends restructuring it will become Europe's EK? We can see the best what restructuring in the case of LOT - shutting down of Zagreb, gives a hint?

    11. Anonymous18:39

      Hey dude, this is an aviation blog. Do you know the difference between the airline and the airport? What OU? What EK? The guy before you wads talking about Zagreb Airport, not Croatia Airlines, I don't believe you don't make the difference betwen the two !!!???

    12. Anonymous19:27

      Anonymous 6:18 PM, did LOT cancel Zagreb?

    13. Anonymous20:21

      Of course it did not, it can be booked, but you know, haters will hate no matter what, as they usually say here :)

    14. Anonymous21:23

      Eurolot is going bankrupt and ZAG is axed because of the poor loads (it had average of 10 pax)

    15. Anonymous23:04

      What I learned on this blog today:

      French operator will easily bump traffic to 3.5M in 2017 and soon after that to 8 and then 12M pax per year, just like that.

      Now that I know this, I should call Fraport guys in Ljubljana. They mentioned no new terminal for LJU but they should learn how to run an airport from the French and announce growth plans for 5 and then 10 if not 20 million annual passengers at Ljubljana airport! Fraport, just announce that LJU will have 20 million pax in less than 10 years and passengers will just appear out of nowhere!

    16. Anonymous00:12

      @"AnonymousFebruary 25, 2015 at 9:23 PM
      Eurolot is going bankrupt and ZAG is axed because of the poor loads (it had average of 10 pax)"

      U're talking nonsense, Eurolot had good loads airline went bust cause of internal issues, LOT took over service from April 1st.

      Loads on flights to Zagreb and Warsaw are actually very good at 65% for daily flights in winter is extremely good result.

      Air Serbia on the other hand has really bad load factor on Zagreb route, it is terrible, daily on both flights there are barely 60 pax, or 30 per flight. This has been going on since launch of the route,AS had to cancel loads of flights to Zagreb cause of poor load factor, having only one flight per day in many cases, and even than flights are half empty.

      So you should point your finger at your airline before you point at others. LOT and other international carriers are doing brilliant job in Zagreb reason why so many are coming. But than again you're a troll and a hater no point talking to likes of you.

    17. Anonymous00:52

      So many... = 2.4 million a year :D

      Given the number of flights, if your "statistics" are true, Air Serbia is doing just as well as LOT given the double number of flights.

    18. High from Holland00:58

      There wasn't a single cancellation on the Zagreb route for the last ten days at least and there is none scheduled either, so can you please refer to us more explicitely about which "every day" are you talking about? Do you have the actual numbers?

      Flights have been operated daily and loads are quite good for February, it's gonna be upgraded in summer. Wake up and smell the roses, stop talking nonsense left and right, it already became your trademark.

    19. Anonymous01:08

      Let's forget about Zagreb, it's only one out of 40 destinations flown by Air Serbia. Talking of a more exiting destination - did anyone notice Prague is getting more and more often upgraded to the A319?

    20. Anonymous09:06

      The most important thing is that JU's financial performance in Zagreb is around break-even and the average load is just below 60%.

      I think the poster above just can't deal with the fact JU does well in ZAG. He despises Serbia and he predicted that no one would fly on JU.

    21. Anonymous13:07

      He is a well known hater of JU, so don't worry, nobody pays attention to his kilometre long commsnts here anymore.

    22. Anonymous13:43

      He's an idiot, to put it more simply.

    23. Anonymous15:48

      @AnonymousFebruary 26, 2015 at 1:43 PM

      You're a neo nazi fascist, neo nazi psychotic ignorant nationalist with IQ of a baboon.

      @AnonymousFebruary 26, 2015 at 1:07 PM

      If that was the case why are you replying to my comments you moronic idiot??

      @AnonymousFebruary 26, 2015 at 9:06 AM

      I can cook books too, make them look all nice and smell of summer meadow, the fact is AS is bleeding money left, right and center and Serbian tax payers are propping a failed airlines.

      As to Zagreb, AS is loosing money badly, you can go on believing your own trumpets but fact is fact, load factor on the route is bellow 40% and rarely aircraft get more than 40 passengers, Monday, Friday and Wednesday do ok, the rest of the week is bellow a third.

      of course you can go and see one aicraft wioth 60 pax and asume that every flight is like that and trumpet your own bullshit, its not me who is paying for the tickets, you are, and all serb taxpayers.

      AS needs to pay Zagreb and Croatia for landing charges and overflight rights, than airport tax and pay for fuel or handling charges, so to me it is all fine, you can send 4 daily flights and believe they are all full, you're paying for them, not me.

      BTW a funny how trend in travel is going one way, at least on all AS flights, 20-40 pax for Belgrade, 40-60 pax to Zagreb, I wonder how come? Yep you can check load factor for each flight and see if for yourself.

  8. Anonymous15:28

    Bilo bi odlicno kad bi se KL vratio u LYBE..
    Koliko nedeljno puta leti BA za ZAG.
    Hvala unapred.

  9. 7 x tjedno BA leti za ZAG cijele godine, izuzev 2 tjedna mrtve sezone u prvom mjesecu kada preskače poneke subote... "mašina" je A320 5 x tjedno, a 2x tjedno ide A319. Prve godine (2013) je uglavnom išao A319.

    1. Anonymous16:19

      Teško da će BA za BEG,kao i neko povećanje frekvencija od ASL ,sve dok građani Srbije imaju vize za ulazak. Pogledajte broj letova za London iz Sofije,Budimpešte,Bukurešta..

    2. Anonymous16:25

      Ja se nadam da ce u skorije vreme u LYBE doci KL-BA- AY i mozda posle AF-EK-MS ili ET i naravno QF ali verovatnoca je 1 % ali to su samo zelje.

    3. Anonymous16:45

      @ INN-NS

      Šta ti dečko radiš...

    4. Anonymous16:57

      To su samo moje zelje a sigurno ce doci u narednim godinama KL-AY-EK a ove druge su isto samo moje zelje valjda nije zabranjeno izneti svoje zelje :)

    5. Anonymous17:00

      uglavnom pise ovde svoje zelje, onda za njih tvrdi da su istina koju su mu javili rodbina i drugari iz ASL i iz kabineta Mile Ronhila, i onda se svadja sa ljudima koji ga zbog toga ovde kritikuju

    6. Anonymous17:22

      pa ima prava covek da iznosi svoje misljenje.. u eu je sloboda govora bez premca, a posto je tema zag, dakle aerodrom u eu, moramo postovati svakoga na iznosenje misljenja. verovatno je i nekom madjaru iz budimpeste pre godinu i vise bila zelja da leti za toronto direktno i eto, ispunila mu se... prema tome i ja bih direktno za bkk iz beg-a.

    7. Anonymous17:29

      sve si u pravu, osim dve stvari : misljenje i zelja/zelje nisu isto, kao prvo, i, kao drugo, kakve veze sa danasnjom temom ZAG imaju njegove zelje i postovi da KL-AY-EK dodju u BEG?

    8. Anonymous17:38

      zelja je uvek oblik misljenja, ali ok, ocigledno je da se ne razumemo. niti je koga uvredio, niti ima zlu nameru. a drugo, na ovom blogu vec godinama ljudi pisu sta pozele, ili ako hoces, ono sto misle, tako da je OT uvek prisutan.

    9. Anonymous17:59

      Ja ZELIM da ASL i CTN prevoze godisnje po 10 miliona putnika, od toga pola sa sirokotrupcima.

      Ja MISLIM da ASL i CTN nikada nece godisnje prevoziti po 10 milona putnika, pogotovo ne sa siroktrupcima

      Molim te da mi objasnis kako moj prvi navod (zelja) moze biti deo mog drugog navoda (misljenja)

    10. Anonymous18:02

      I jos nesto sa cime se ne slazem : INN-NS vrlo cesto vredja i pogrdno govori o drugima, i mislim da vrlo cesto upravo sa zlim namerama provocira. I sa mnom se slaze mnogo ljudi koji prate ovaj blog.

    11. Anonymous18:24

      Someone here reveiled that ZAG would have seen growth of 12.5% in passenger numbers in February. Any information from other ex-yu airports ? Will SKP have the highest growth, will BEG figures decent ?

    12. Anonymous18:47

      by decent do you mean go down from 20% to like 7-8% or be in minus? BEG will be approximately around 11-12% by looking at number of flights. SKP will def be in 20% and ZAG around 10-13% just like BEG.

    13. Anonymous21:04

      Well, in if BEG one more time surpasses 10% growth that will be much better than decent. Btw, what is the number of flights so we could make forcasts by ourselves ?

    14. Anonymous23:03

      Anonymous at 5:00 PM
      Kao prvo to su moje zelje to mi niko nije javio i kakve veze ima Gospodin Milorad sa tim sto ga vredjate ne znam sto taj komentar nije obrisan,

    15. Anonymous23:05

      Anonymous at 6:02 PM
      To u opste Gospodine nije provokacija nego moja zelja ali nazalost vi mislite sve sto ja napisem da je neka vrsta provokacije

  10. Cevapi i Luk18:57

    I just found out that if a pax in either economy or business class on ASL misses a flight for some reason they are put into Crown Plaza hotel which is after Hyatt and Metropol the best option. I am not trying to say that ASL should put pax into "cattle" hotel with 2 stars, but I a am sure hotels such as Holiday Inn or Hotel In by Arena would be more than appropriate. Could this be due to a deal between ASL and Crown plaza which lowers price?

    1. Anonymous19:18

      You can bet your ass.

    2. Anonymous19:38

      ASL pays a 4-5 star hotels to passengers who missed connections who payed like 200 euros from Beirut to Amsterdam for instance. Waste of money=ASL, no matter how the good deal is

    3. Anonymous21:28

      So when ASL leaves passengers stranded - you complain. When they take care of them as any airline should in the case of unforeseen delays, you're not happy as well. Sounds like bordering schizophrenia to me.

    4. Cevapi i Luk22:04

      " Taking care" in a 5 star hotel. Really? Of course the company MUST provide passengers with food and hotel but at the same time I only asked why it is not a 3 or 4 star hotel not the top hotel in Belgrade. I also asked a question in regards to whether maybe there was some deal between two parties which slipped by and I might have not heard of it. Also your comment is rude and offensive for no reason. I did not insult anybody and just asked a simple question/argument.

    5. Anonymous22:05

      Man, are you so ignorant? They obviously do not pay 100-200 Eur. per night but about 50 which is how much the corporate rate is. Also, i'm sure the Crowne Plaza was chosen cause Etihad has a contract with Intercontinental chain, relax.

    6. Of course there is a deal between them. Crowne Plaza is a huge hotel that badly needs guests and they were certainly willing to offer a very good price to ASL. And I am sure ASL also asked Holiday Inn and a few other hotels for proposals and Crowne Plaza came out with the best price. Or they simple have a global agreement with Etihad.

    7. Anonymous09:00

      I think they chose it because it's close to the highway and the airport. Etihad crew used to stay in Metropol.

    8. Crowne Plaza in Belgrade is owned by Mišković, that is why. (And Air Serbia is now located in other Mišković's building in Bellvile, after government failed with putting EPS there.)
      So yes, in a way they probably get a "special" rate, which covers 1) costs of accommodation; 2) marketing and living costs of Mišković's prison stay.

    9. Anonymous13:22

      Crowne Plaza Bg is a 4 star hotel, not 5 star as you say, it's not one of the best eitherbut a very decent one with huge capacity which needs to be filled year round. And airlines get very low corporate rates for their pax as they bring a lot of guests during entire year, so JU is having a great deal there.

    10. Anonymous13:47

      razgovarate sa nekim ko ima nik cevapi i luk o tome gde asl smesta putnike? boze svasta, da je putovao aeroplanom znao bi takve stvari.

    11. Anonymous14:31


      I fail to follow your logic when you say that Air Serbia uses hotel because it is owned by Miskovic. I thought Vucic is supportive of Air Serbia while on the other hand prosecuting Miskovic was one of the first things on his agenda? Can you please clarify?

    12. Anonymous14:41

      ^ You don't follow Serbian politics too much. Vucic and Miskovic have made up. His arrest was just collateral damage so Vucic could inflate his popularity and ego. Many state tenders are being fixed in favor of Delta like the reconstruction of flooded homes from last year, state companies moving into property owned by Miskovic and so on. If you think Vucic is noble look at his statements from around 5 years ago. How he spoke about the West, the EU and others and compare them to today. He is a criminal, just like his brother and Miskovic himself.

    13. Cevapi i Luk15:57

      thanks for letting me know guys!

  11. Cevapi i Luk19:00

    Nice to see ZAG progress and look forward to flying from there in near future. Will the old terminal be used for low cost companies when the new one opens? Has there been any plans?

  12. Anonymous20:54

    Today AirSerbia sent a boing 737 to BUD? I wonder how much money they lost just by using that old horse. Also can somebody post that catastrophic load? Was there like 30 pax so they felt like they needed an upgrade :D :D :D :D :D

    1. Anonymous21:11

      The Atr's are undergoing C-checks before the summer.

    2. Anonymous21:59

      Is it that freaken hard to get another 2 atr since they need them anyhow.

    3. Anonymous22:23

      I guess for Air Serbia it is.

    4. Anonymous00:30

      Those 5 ATR's are so many time out of trafic that is looks like they have C-checks every 2 weeks?

    5. Anonymous00:51

      ^ BIG +1 DUDE

  13. Anonymous01:04

    ASL salje sutra A320 za FCO i to je jos jedan dokaz da je dobra popunjenost .

    1. Anonymous08:53

      Не, Ер Србија често шаље А320 из оперативних разлога, то јест зато што нема довољно А319.

      Знам да волиш Ер Србију и да ти је стало до ње али било би добро мало да се стабилизујеш.

  14. Anonymous01:36

    Ja bih hteo da asl ima 10 a350 i 2 atr i nista vise
    to je moja zelja da ljudi idu peske,na biciklu i autobusom do aerodroma lybe i svi bih bili u dobitku
    Despotovac-glavni grad srbije 2041