EX-YU airports handle over 15.5 million passengers

EX-YU airports post record results

Airports across the former Yugoslavia handled over 15.5 million passengers during the first three quarters of the year, with seven of them welcoming over one million passengers. Almost all airports have seen passenger growth in 2015, with Tivat, Zadar, Pula and Brač bucking the trend. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, which handled its four-millionth passenger over the weekend remains the busiest in the former Yugoslavia, followed by Zagreb, which this month handled its second millionth passenger. Both Split and Dubrovnik have maintained their positions as the third and fourth busiest airports after they overtook Pristina in 2014. Pristina itself has staged a strong recovery this year but is unlikely to overtake its Croatian counterparts during the fourth quarter. So far this year, Split has already handled more passengers than it did for the whole of 2014. Overall, Croatia’s commercial airports welcomed over six million passengers.

AirportPAXChange (%)
Belgrade3.768.428 5.0
Zagreb1.993.994 6.9
Split1.762.312 11.8
Dubrovnik1.505.938 6.6
Pristina1.216.852 12.0
Ljubljana1.135.578 10.8
Skopje1.092.275 17.9
Tivat819.156 0.8
Sarajevo621.689 11.6
Podgorica599.117 8.2

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport is on course for another record year and will be close to overtaking its 2014 end-of year result by the end of the month. Turkey remains popular with travellers from Skopje with Istanbul (both Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen airports) the busiest route, holding a 14.4% market share. They are followed by Zurich, Vienna, Malmo, Basel and London (Luton). Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has also seen its numbers improve on the back of a resurgent Adria, as well as foreign carriers. On September 2, it welcomed its one-millionth traveller of the year, 23 days ahead of 2014, while its busiest day was August 23 when 6.960 passengers used Jože Pučnik Airport’s services. Unlike most, Tivat has seen its figures decline slightly this year, as it dealt with a sharp downturn in visitors from Ukraine. Managing Director, Damir Pinjatić, believes the airport will make up for the loss by year’s end. “With exception to Ukraine, the number of visitors from all of our other main markets - Serbia, Russia and Belarus - have been stable or have seen modest growth”, Mr Pinjatić says.

AirportPAXChange (%)
Zadar430.417 3.6
Pula326.918 8.3
Rijeka130.243 33.9
Ohrid91.453 40.0
Mostar66.151 16.2
Osijek24.809 9.8
Mali Lošinj12.287 127.2
Brač8.607 15.1

Among the smaller airports in the former Yugoslavia, Ohrid, from which Wizz Air launched operations earlier this year, saw its passenger numbers grow 40%. On the other hand, Zadar Airport recorded a slight decline in its figures. Irena Ćosić, the airport's Managing Director, says the disappointing numbers come as a result of the Nordic tour operator, Scandjet, relocating its operations from Zadar to Rijeka this year, as well as fewer services run by low cost carrier Ryanair and EuroLOT's bankruptcy, all of which have affected the airport's performance. Overall, it expects to handle 10 - 20.000 fewer passengers in 2015. In contrast, Mostar Airport has continued to post strong growth throughout the year. “We managed to increase our passenger numbers. We expect to handle some 80.000 travellers this year and surpass our record performance from 2012”, the head of Mostar Airport’s Traffic and Safety Department says. Banja Luka, Tuzla, Maribor and Niš airports have not been listed in the table above, as the four are yet to publish their full results for the first three quarters. However, both Tuzla and Niš have seen strong growth as a result of Wizz Air, while Banja Luka Airport’s numbers have plunged this year. Maribor has seen growth of over 30% primarily due to Adria's seasonal London service.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    Wow great news. Well done to all of them.

  2. Anonymous09:09

    Why didn't you include INI in smaller airports?

    1. Anonymous09:11

      +1 will be interesting to see how many passengers they will handle by the end of the year.

    2. Anonymous09:12

      there is no available data. they only publish yearly results

    3. Anonymous09:12

      If you actually read the article you would know why they didn't include Nis, Tuzla, Maribor and Banja Luka.

    4. Anonymous09:16

      Try reading next time

      "Banja Luka, Tuzla, Maribor and Niš airports have not been listed in the table above, as the four are yet to publish their full results for the first three quarters. However, both Tuzla and Niš have seen strong growth as a result of Wizz Air, while Banja Luka Airport’s numbers have plunged this year. Maribor has seen growth of over 30% primarily due to Adria's seasonal London service."

  3. Anonymous09:09

    Why did Mali Losinj grow so much?

    1. Anonymous09:33

      ECA, European Coastel Airlines,
      flights to Pula and Split

  4. Anonymous09:18

    I think ASL during those 9 months carried only about 15% of that.
    That is too low and it needs to be increased.

    1. Anonymous09:29

      And so it took us 18 mins to learn that having a 15M passengers in exYU is of course terrible news for ASL and just another indicator of their imminent collapse.

      Congrats! 18 mins may not be the all-time record but it will certainly be remembered.

    2. Anonymous09:40

      Anon 9:18 is correct that JU's share of the ex-Yu market is too small.
      Anon 9:29 on the other hand is just a cheerleader for ASL, kinda like INN-NS.

    3. Anonymous09:45

      Ha ha +1000000))))

    4. Anonymous10:00

      Anonymous October 22, 2015 at 9:18 AM

      Since you deem the figure to be too low, what would be a good percentage, and why?

      And since you are targeting JU specifically, why don't you tell us what should the market share of the other 3 national carries be, as well.

      I'm sure it's not only JU that has room for growth. No?

    5. Anonymous10:13

      JU s the one who is trying to become a regional leader, an airline which transports passengers through its hub instead of catering only to O&D traffic.
      It is an airline who needs much larger traffic flows than the present ones to feed its future transatlantic and intercontinental flights.
      So getting just 15% of its core markets, the ex-Yu countries is very little.

    6. Anonymous10:41

      silence......sound of a mosquito.....silence..come on fans and haters lets see some numbers instead of cheering and/or booing.

    7. Anonymous10:54

      Anonymous October 22, 2015 at 10:13 AM

      ASL has to get connecting passengers because the tourist traffic in BEG and rest of Serbia is very small compared with Croatia, Montenegro or neighbors like Greece, Hungary and even Bulgaria.
      It has to offer good connections in BEG to all the ex-yu and Balkan countries to rest of Europe and middle East.

    8. Anonymous11:24

      Anonymous October 22, 2015 at 10:13 AM
      Anonymous October 22, 2015 at 10:13 AM


      Totally wishy-wash. Adria has been positioning itself as a regional player since before Air Serbia was even created. And please don't tell anyone in Croatia Airlines that JU is the only airline that is trying to become a regional leader, as this will cause them much anxiety.

      So once again, experts, put the anti-JU tirade aside and give us the figures! You stated an oppinion, now back it up. I repeat myself, what would be a good percentage, and why?

    9. Anonymous11:35

      Not everyone who is not cheerleading for JU is a hater.
      You should learn to accept criticism.
      JU needs a far bigger slice of the ex-Yu market 8in order to effectively compete with regional rivals OS, W6, A3.
      They are after the same traffic flows and JU needs them to feed its future long range network.
      It is not just the ex-Yu market of which it needs to double it's present share but also start gaining market share in neighboring Balkan countries.
      Ads about the 'new wings of Europe" are not enough.
      Extra routes and especially frequencies are needed.

    10. Anonymous12:18

      Jedini Problem u ASL je manjak Flote i nista vise.

    11. Anonymous12:22

      Jedini problem je sto nece docekati petu godisnjicu ugovora, koji je sve osim dobar po Srbiju i njene gradjane...

    12. Anonymous12:25

      Ajde sada opet. Opet diskusija identicna od juce, prekjuce, nakjuce. Svaki dan jedno te isto. Kako ti ne dosadi covece vise? Ok necemo docekati. Smiri se i gledaj svoja posla.

    13. Anonymous13:52

      Anonymous October 22, 2015 at 11:35 AM

      First of all, nowhere did I mention that you are a hater. You have labelled yourself as such. Furthermore, nowhere did I indicate that I am a JU cheerleader. All I wanted is for you to back up your comment with figures, so that they can be analysed.

      You say: not just the ex-Yu market of which it needs to double it's present share but also start gaining market share in neighboring Balkan countries".

      Ok. So you estimate 30% is a realistic market share. Thanks for the numbers (at last!). Which means it needs to transport over 5 million pax per year, from within the ex-YU region. Which means it would need to more than double its passenger numbers in a period of a single year.

      I find your estimation very brave, yet unrealistic. A more realistic organic growth rate would see a move towards 20% of the market share by the end of next year, assuming intercontinental flights materialise.

      Please leave out your stupid hater vs cheerleader stories. i don't have time for petty Balkan backwardness. Lets talk numbers and lets stick to the topic.

    14. Anonymous16:21

      Anom 12:25
      Kako su samo ljubomorni zaposleni u ASL na nas koji radimo u dobrim stranim i stabilnim kompanijama...

    15. Anonymous17:38

      @Anonymous October 22, 2015 at 12:22 PM

      "Jedini problem je sto nece docekati petu godisnjicu ugovora..."

      Jedini problem je sto su ovakvi komentari pisani kad je najavljena Air Serbia 2013 godine, samo je tada bilo "nece docekati ni jednu-dve godine", a sada kad vide da je docekala dve godine, mrzitelji produzavaju rok na 5 godina, pa ce sledce mozda na 10, 20 godina itd. EX YU admin tolerise tvoje i slicne komentare i to je njegovo pravo ali to ne daje legalitet i validnost takvim komentarima. Bedno, zajedljivo, neistinito i bez ijedne cinjenice ili dokaza kao osnovu za razumnu diskusiju ili kritiku. Da postoji odgovornost i moderacija za komentare takvi kao sto su tvoji odavno bi bili izbrisani, ovako razumni citaoci koji nisu ni Air Serbia "fanboys" ali ni mrzitelji moramo da trpimo teror u ime slobode govora.

  5. Anonymous09:20

    Was just looking at the BHDCA site - Tuzla only in August 33,007 pax - impressive for the airport that looks like someones garage

    1. Anonymous09:41


    2. Anonymous11:10

      And rest of airports in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina. Finally you are getting one small but real airport.

  6. Anonymous09:45

    What about Rovinj?

    1. Anonymous09:49

      Sorry, I meant Portoroz. lol

  7. Anonymous09:51

    By the way, when is JU supposed to retire their B737-300s? This morning alone three of them flew. How do they plan on keeping it up without them? Especially for routes with odd schedules like TLV.

    1. Anonymous09:56

      When a few more regional planes get leased.

    2. Anonymous10:07

      Yeah, as if that's going to happen in the next few days. lol

    3. Anonymous10:32

      I was asking because I remember Dane saying how with the start of the winter season, they will be retired. Logically thinking, I don't think it's going to happen really.

    4. Anonymous10:43

      He never said that. Only Airline Routes wrote how the last B737 flights are scheduled for the end of summer as per GDS.

    5. Anonymous11:03

      He did, there was an internal announcement that they will no longer be flying when the winter season starts.

    6. Anonymous11:19

      If things don't improve for JU by next winter, it will be time to replace Dane.

    7. Anonymous12:55

      Things might be too late for JU by next year.
      Dane needs to leave now.

    8. Anonymous17:45

      If you are better than him, why don't you let us know in a couple of sentencies what would you do to make Air Serbia bigger and more profitable?

    9. Anonymous18:10

      That was already discussed here on numerous occasions so there is absolutely no need to start that discussion today.
      His biggest flaw is his open animosity towards his employees. But it's ok. I will not feed the JU-fan-trolls on here. This winter timetable is a good indication of the direction of the airline. Those are the facts. All serious European airlines are growing, JU is shrinking.

    10. Anonymous20:49

      That's his biggest flaw? CEO job is to lead the company towards owners goals like profitability and growth, not to create friends! I asked you to present your better plan and all you do is continue to criticise? You dont have any plan!

    11. Very hard to have a successful company when the employees are upset. Productivity and efficiency is much higher when employees are happy. Take a stroll around an airport such as Munich and observe how everything functions so well. This is because of a strong labor culture.

      And for those pointing at ASL's winter schedule as evidence that ASL has peaked and that it is only downhill from here, why not wait a bit longer and see if anything else is planned.

    12. Anonymous21:49

      Why don't you learn how to read first? I said that countless plans and proposals were presented on here and the last thing we need is yet another one.

      The thing is that Dane is only making enemies AND the airline keeps on going from bad to worse. Passenger numbers are growing but the yield isn't. Loads during the slower months are pathetic to say the least. Night waves are non-existent which means morning departures and midnight arrivals are empty...

      Winter timetable is the current reality. Few things will change unless something drastic changes in JU. Quality people are leaving and they are being replaced by incompetent yet obedient imbeciles. On top of it all, most employees are demoralized at this point.

      Also, I am not paid by JU to come here and present plans that could change the airline. Dane is paid €25.000 per month to come up with his own plans.

  8. Anonymous09:52

    Well done Belgrade! Handling over one quarter of all ex-YU passengers this year. Impressive!

    1. Anonymous11:09

      Congratulations to BEG for impressive 25% of exYu traffic.

      But in same time congratulation to Croatian airport which has 40% of all exYU traffic.

    2. Anonymous11:17

      Go Dalmatia!

    3. Anonymous11:19

      Go SPU! The future number two airport in all of ex-YU!!

    4. Anonymous11:42

      ... including the seaport..

    5. Anonymous12:20

      Mislite na onu ruznu zgradu nedaleko od muzeja vazduhoplovstva sto ima onaj lepi toranj i moderna dva terminala?

    6. Anonymous12:29

      ^ E bas taj! Svaka im cast.

  9. Purger11:11


    Njemačka vlast ponovo ne želi potvrditi code-share aranžmane Air Berlina i Etihada. Najveći problemi su code-share linije iz Berlina, na nizu domaćih linija, te na linijama za Abu Dhabi. Etihad i Air Berlin traže čak 65 code-share ugovora, a njemačka vlast nije spremna na toliko veliku brojku. Upitno je čak 29 code-share linija među kojima i linije za Abu Dhabi iz Berlina i Stuttgarta. Zimski red letenja kreće za 3 dana, a pregovori na relaciji Berlin - Abu Dhabi i dalje traju.

    Njemačka vlast je izjavila da je Air Berlinu i Etihadu naglasila da je velik broj code-share ugovora prošlu zimu i ovog ljeta bio izuzezetak i da isto neće postati praksa.

    Sve ovo nisu dobri dani za Etihad:
    - Lufthansa od zimskog reda letenja kreće sa vračanjem udarca u Njemačkoj, Švicarskoj i Austriji osnivanjem LCC Eurowings uključujući i long-haul letove,
    - Qatar je ušao u suvlasništvo Britisha,
    - British je kupio Air Lingus kojeg se Etihad nadao za iduću akviziciju (imaju 4,1% vlasništva),
    - Etihadov partner Air France je u vrlo lošem financijskom stanju,
    - Air Serbija je prisiljena na ozbiljne rezove, Alitalija i Air Berlin su u ekstremno lošem stanju,
    - Singapore se kupovinom dionica u Virgin Australiji približio količini dionica Etihada,
    - Njemačka vlada ih pritiska sa svih strana,
    - još veći pritisak imaju u SAD-u uz realnu mogućnost ukidanja open sky sporazuma

    1. Anonymous11:18

      Purger, zna li se što je s privatizacijom Adria Airways-a i Croatia Airlines-a?

    2. Anonymous11:18

      Open Sky between the US and the UAE is not going to be suspended for political reasons.

    3. Anonymous12:10

      Bad news for EY alliance airlines, that includes JU!

    4. Anonymous12:20

      Samo sto ce ponovo da odobre i Purgeru sto se toliko brinete za ASL imate dosta smeca u svom Dvoristu pa ne morate jos neke teorije zavere ovde da kujete .

    5. Purger12:33

      Nema tu teorija zavjere Sinko dragi, nego pritisak na MEB3 od kojih je Etihad daleko najmanji i najranjiviji zbog čega se odlučio na najriskantniju ekpanziju kroz riskantne kompanije Europe u nadi da će tako držati korak sa ostala dva takmaca u MEB3 (Qatar kupuje udjele u najboljim i najprofitabilnijim kompanijama, Emirates se širi isključivo sa vlastitom flotom i linijama). Samim time su si stvorili ogromnog neprijatelja Lufthansu koji ima enorman utjecaj na Njemačku vladu i Europsku uniju. I taj utjecaj opako koriste. Vrlo jednostavno, mladiću.

      Hoće li odobriti? Ha, vjerovatno i hoće još ovu zimu. Nisam ni tvrdio drugačije. No, ovo je vrlo indikativno. Jasno je da se vrši ogroman pritisak na Etihad i Air Berlin i da je sve to koordinirana akcija Lufthanse (uz Eurowings i ostale mjere, naravno).

      A to da imamo brdo smeća u svom dvorištu, o da, daleko više mladiću nego što ti i možeš pojmiti. 2010. sam rekao da je došao kraj i da ne vidim perspektivu za Croatia Airlines i hrvatsko zrakoplovstvo u globalu. Sada možemo biti sretni da Lufthansa kupi Croatiu i pretvori je u Eurowings. Nažalost. A nije trebalo biti tako.

      I to što mi imamo toliko smeča u vlastitom dvorištu bi trebalo predstavljati kakav konkretan argument?

    6. Anonymous12:52

      Great post Purger!

    7. Anonymous14:05

      Arab airlines aren't market orientated or competitive, they get massive subsidies from their respective countries sometimes in tune of 90% of their total revenue.

      If the EU and US impose limits on Arab Airlines, than order for new planes from carriers such as Emirates and Ethiad might dry up, with potential for cancellation of future orders, but realistically speaking these airlines shouldn't really be operating with vast fleets that aren't commercially viable.

      i mean Emirates has on order book for 90 Airbus A380, seriously they're ordering these aircraft like they are A320s. Considering how unstable and volatile these despotic regimes are, its only matter of time before they've are overthrown by local revolutionaries.

      Bahrain has been battling revolution for past 5 years, things in Saudi look really nasty and it is only matter of time before country turns on itself and all out civil war bakes out in that hell hole, UAE is just as bad with despotic sheikhs being challenged by the local democracy activist, Qatar is also looking at the precipice...

      I am totally with Lufthansa on this, we should ban these subsidy ridden state carriers from entering the EU.

    8. Anonymous14:40

      Wasn't OU a subsidy ridden airline until like a year ago?

    9. Anonymous14:51

      Just idiots do not know how much money pumped USA and Germany in their main airline companies. And now it is not Dzermanvings but Eurowings, How yes no.

    10. Anonymous15:09

      As long as Saudi Arabia is a goog US friend, revolution isn't going to happen. Same for Qatar.

    11. Anonymous15:42

      G Purger-u vi vrlo dobro Politicki odgovarate tako bacite kost za pojedince pa oni odrade u mesto vas posao za hejt.

    12. Purger16:24

      Koji bozji posao Sinko? Kakav crni hejt? Daj se priberi.

      Da ti nacrtam:
      Croatia je shit Air Serbia je za nju cudo od kompanije. Ali u Europskim relacojama obije su kompanije nebitne, minijaturne, i ocise o milosti gazda.

      Air Serbija je opako financirana od R. Srbije. Tako i treba biti. Jel zracni promet je strateska grana svakog gospodarstva, kao zeljeznica prije 100 godina. Kamo srece da je i Croatia tako financirana. Pravila EU o zabrani subvencionoranja su neokolonijalisticka glupost dizajnirana da veliki budu jos veci i bogatiji.

      Lufthansa i Etihad su isto globalisticko smece koji samo nastoje oteti sto vecu lovu tamo gdje dodju i musti nas taman toliko da jedva prezivljavamo, taman toliko da ne crknemo od gladi.

      Jedino pozitivno je da dok se oni kolju ja uspijem povremeno negdje jeftinije odletjeti. Koji puta preko Beograda, koji puta preko Frankfurta, koji puta iz Brca. Nazalost ne i direktno iz Zagreba. Neokolnijalisti nas dokrajcili.

      I zato ostavi me sa tim gluparijama o politickim igrama. I navijanjima. Krenuo je rat izmedju Luftice i Air Berlina. I to ce imati dugoricne posljedice na nasu regiju. Kratkorocno cemo profitirati kroz jeftinije karte dugorocno cemo opako popljugati. I to je svrha ovog posta.

      Koji crni hejt. Pa sine ja sam se u prosloj godini naletio sa Air Serbijom daleko vuse nego vecina gradjana Srbije i velike vecine ljudi na ovom blogu. E bas sam opaki hejter...

    13. Anonymous16:31

      ASL i CTN su prve zrtve tog rata, MGX i CTN su vec mrtve samo im niko nije rekao.

    14. Anonymous16:33

      pardon ADR i MGX

    15. Purger 4:24

      Railways, motorways, public transport, etc are all highly subsidized.

      The only reason why developed countries wish to keep everyone from investing in air transport is because these developed nations already had their airlines under state ownership for decades and they are all developed and they can easily compete against struggling airlines in developing nations that also need the same investment opportunities that Lufthansa, Air France, etc had in the 50s and 60s.

  10. Anonymous11:40

    What about MBX?

  11. In less than four months, since the low cost airline Wizz Air established its first flights, around 24 000 passengers flew from Nis airport.

    1. Anonymous12:45

      Go Niš!

    2. Anonymous12:46

      Go Ниш!!

    3. Anonymous12:58

      Wizz Air has decreased number of weekly frequencies for flights between Niš and Malmo, from three to two. Could somebody explain that ?

    4. Anonymous12:59

      It's called winter.

    5. Anonymous13:03

      Ne zelim da me pogresno shvatite, jako me raduju sadasnji a pogotovo buduci letovi sa INI. Ali jako bitna stavka je i profitabilnost koja je sa ovim cenama usluga nedostizna. Aerodrom mora jako puno da radi na povecanju broja kompanija u sezoni i van sezoni kao i na povecanju sadrzaja aerodroma da bi povecali prihode.

    6. Nemjee13:35

      Можда Ниш није успео да изађе из минуса али су им ови летови сигурно помогли да се губитак смањи.
      Не заборавимо да захваљујући овим летовима аеродром је добио још неколико извора прихода као што је ресторан, на пример.

      Да ли се наплаћује паркинг? Има ли аутобуске везе са градом?

    7. Da, parking se naplacuje.
      Od 2006.godine funkcionise kruzna autobuska linija 34 koja povezuje grad sa aerodromom sa polascima na 15 minuta.

    8. Anonymous14:08

      Pronadjoh zanimljivu racunicu na jednom blogu: Ako uzmeš u obzir da je minimalac sa svim porezima i doprinosima oko 35.000 i da Aerodrom Niš ima oko 150 zaposlenih, sa tim jadnim platama ukupna godišnja masa zarada je preko 500.000 evra. To znači da je potrebno više od 175.000 odlazećih putnika godišnje da se pokriju samo troškovi plata. Troškovi plata Aerodroma Beograd na primer čine oko 25% ukupnih troškova.

      "Poenta mog komentara nije da je ovo loš dil za Niš. Oni su upravo saznali koja je njihova tržišna vrednost – 3 evra po putniku "all inclusive". Sada je pitanje da li je rukovodstvo aerodroma sposobno da reorganizuje poslovanje preduzeća i nađe načine da umanji troškove a uveća dodatne prihode kako bi ostvarili profit za region. Politički imenovani direktori me nikada do sada nisu izneverili, ali nada poslednja umire…"

    9. Anonymous14:43

      & AnonymousOctober 22, 2015 at 12:58 PM

      "Wizz Air has decreased number of weekly frequencies for flights between Niš and Malmo, from three to two. Could somebody explain that ?"

      The reduction is referring to next summer season.

    10. Anonymous15:25

      Iako Wizz veoma malo plaća aerodromu, situacija se može kasnije promeniti i cene povećati.

      Cene letova nisu ekstremno male, na fejsbuk stranici fly from niš, žale se kako su neke cene i po 20.000. Znači niska naplata awrodromskih taksi nije razlog što ljudi putuju iz niša (jer to ne utiče na niske cene, koje nisu previše niže od onih u Beogradu.)

      Dakle dokazano je da postoji prava potražnja, i na tome treba zasnivati buduće pregovore o visini taksi.

    11. Aerodrom ima 89 zaposlenih, nakon sto je gradski prezov presao u direkciju za javni gradski prevoz.

    12. Anonymous15:55

      @Fly from Nis Drago mi je da je broj zaposlenih znacajno smanjen.. ipak i za 89 radnika i njihove minimalace, Aerodromu je potrebno 110.000 putnika.

    13. Anonymous16:05

      Don't you know that Nis airport is part of powerful "Airports of Serbia", it was announced, wasn't it ?

    14. Anonymous16:19

      Svima je jasno da aerodrom ne moze biti profitabilan, ali postoji pomak. Ako bi se nastavilo ovim stopama i uvecavao broj letova mozda ce jednog dana postati profitabilan. Privlacenje wizza je bilo jedino moguce sa ovakvim cenama, ukoliko ne bi dobili neke subvencije od grada ili tako nesto.
      E sad broj zaposlenih od 89 mi nije jasan. Aerodrom radi u dve smene i ima nekoliko letova nedeljno, nije mi jasno zasto je potrebno toliko zaposlenih da se opsluze max dva aviona dnevno?

    15. Purger16:35

      Osjecki aerodrom ima bitno vise letova a samo 40tak zaposlenika. Iskreno i to je bitno previse. Kog vraga ovih 89 radi, da mi je znati?

    16. Anonymous17:53

      Bingo! Razlog histericne radosti zbog doslaska WizzAir-a u Nis je ne zbog profita, vec zbog uhlebljenja desetina ljudi koji bi pre ili kasnije morali da ostanu na ulici a sada imaju izgovor da nastave da "rade".

    17. Anonymous17:54

      I ovo je napredak, do nedavno ih je bilo nesto preko 150!

    18. @Puger,

      Drzavna firma = socijalna ustanova, nazalost

  12. Anonymous12:24

    Admine, zasto NIS nije na tabeli ex yu aerodroma?

    1. Anonymous12:26

      Ajde malo citajte clanak

      Banja Luka, Tuzla, Maribor and Niš airports have not been listed in the table above, as the four are yet to publish their full results for the first three quarters. However, both Tuzla and Niš have seen strong growth as a result of Wizz Air, while Banja Luka Airport’s numbers have plunged this year. Maribor has seen growth of over 30% primarily due to Adria's seasonal London service.

  13. Anonymous14:10

    PORTOROŽ - #17

  14. Anonymous15:07

    Direktor People’s Viennaline je izjavio da ne planiraju nikakve letove izmedju Austrije i Federacije i da uopste vesti nisu dosli od njih.

    1. Anonymous15:14

      Jel si citao clanak uopste juce? Lepo kaze da ce direktor aerodroma najverovatnije iduce nedelje izaci sa detaljima linije ali da prevoznik nije spomenut. Samo uzdred pise da je u junu taj isti dorektor rekao da razgovaraju sa People's Viennaline. Ocigledno su nasli drugog.

    2. Anonymous15:21

      A ja kazem sta direktor kaze od te kompanije.

    3. Anonymous18:52

      Federacije? Bas si detaljista, pises li tako da je let Malme - Nis izmedju Svedske i niske oblasti? Mnogo si maliciozan i iritantan djecace, a nadasve nepozeljan na ovom blogu.

    4. Anonymous22:31

      Da, on se ponasa kao da postoje dvije drzave na teritoriju BiH.

  15. Anonymous15:09

    Jos nesto zanimljivo DY je porucio jos 19 B789 svaka cast.

  16. Anonymous16:34


    Today, at a press conference, CSA announced new flights to Zagreb (from 27 April 2016 4 weekly, ATR), Sarajevo (from 19 May 2016 4 weekly, ATR), and Skopje (from 19 May 2016 3 weekly, A319).

    Zagreb to be year-round, Sarajevo and Skopje seasonal.

    It also announced many other destinations (e.g. back to Birmingham, newly Kazan, Kaliningrad, Reykjavik, back to Ufa, back to Odessa, back to Minsk, etc.), but these fall outside of the scope of this blog ...

    1. Anonymous16:37

      Ode ASL u ...

    2. Anonymous16:41

      So, someone was obviously right on this blog regarding CSA flights to Zagreb! Great news for Zagreb, but also for Sarajevo and Skopje!

    3. Anonymous16:54

      2Anon 4:37:

      am not sure about this at all as CSA is not interested in transfer passengers, but it's entire new strategy is built upon P2P ...

      but of course, ASL may be hit to some extent on its own flights from Prague as these also served local passengers to continue to Skopje and elsewhere (but e.g. for Zagreb, the transfer times were horrible, so not much use to begin with).

    4. Where did you get this information? On CSA website there is no information about this announcement nor the flights are available for booking?

    5. Nemjee19:21

      Shame there is no BEG but they were probably deterred by JU's rather strong presence on the market. Also, I doubt the fares would have gone down even if they did launch flights. They used to be quite expensive the last time they flew here.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. http://ekonomika.idnes.cz/csa-rusi-bezplatne-obcerstveni-dm9-/eko-doprava.aspx?c=A151022_081250_eko-doprava_suj

      As a ZAG fan, I am now much more at ease. ČSA is definitely a nice addition of airlines present at Zagreb.

      In 2016, ZAG will have the following:
      - BA
      - AF
      - KLM
      - Iberia
      - TAP
      - Brusseles
      - Germanwings
      - Lufthansa
      - Austrian
      - Swiss
      - ČSA
      - LOT
      - Norwegian
      - Aeroflot
      - Air Serbia
      - Qatar
      - Fly Dubai
      - Turkish
      - El Al
      - Seasonal: Onur Air, Korean, Air Nostrum, Air Europa...

      Now out of all major european airlines, ZAG is only really missing: SAS and Alitalia.

      Presence of easyJet on a few routes would be nice as well.

      Has not playout as bad so far...

      Wish that OU recovers and opens a few more routes from ZAG in 2016.

    9. Anonymous21:07

      Air Transat

    10. JU520 BEGLAX21:16

      CSA flights I can confirm fm OK inside. Grats to SJJ SKP and ZAG. And ZAG nice to see what wide spread of Airlines they hve fm Europe.

  17. Anonymous16:51

    A sto je sa jucerasnjom vijesti da ce sljedece godine ANA letit sa 788 za LJU i DBV? Koliko je to istinito?

  18. Can someone explain what happened to the BEG - VIE route that it is constantly having 100+ PAX in the evening and therefore a B733 or A319? Even in summer this was not the case.Thanks.

    1. Anonymous18:18

      Jel si i ti neki šaljivdžija?

    2. A ti si klasican troll koji se hrani tudjom paznjom makar i negativnom a kojih na ovom blogu ima vise nego normalnih ljudi voljnih ozbiljnog razgovora? Ako nemas nista konstruktivno da kazes, ustedi vreme sebi. Hvala.

  19. Anonymous19:32

    Bog te mazooo...vi umjesto da pričate o avijaciji i aerodromima, vi opet torokate o nacionalizmu....saulišite se svi odreda........i svaka čast EX-Yu aerodromima na ostvarenom rastu u svakom pogledu