Air Serbia to offer new on board long haul product

Air Serbia promises "best transatlantic long haul product in Europe"

Air Serbia will offer a new on board product on its two-class cabin Airbus A330-200 aircraft, which it will utilise on flights from Belgrade to New York JFK Airport from June 1, 2016. The carrier's CEO, Dane Kondić, said the product would differ from that of its short haul fleet. "I can reveal some of the planning that has already gone into this and, dare I say, we will probably have the best product flying transatlantic from Europe. We are fortunate that we have a one aircraft operation as opposed to a forty or fifty fleet aircraft operation. Our positioning is very much such that we are a boutique offering in Europe and as a boutique offering we can bespoke what we have and that will give us an enormous competitive advantage", Mr Kondić said. He added, "However people have been pleasantly surprised with our offering today, which by and large is the very best business class offerings in Europe, that is exactly what people can expect with our long haul offering".

Air Serbia is currently considering lease options for the A330-200 with Etihad Airways Partner airlines as well as with other external companies. The Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, noted that the aircraft will likely come from an Indian company (Jet Airways). Jet Airways operates eight 254-seat (eighteen in business and 236 seats in economy class) Airbus A330-200 aircraft, one of which is on lease to Etihad. The President and CEO of Etihad Airways and the Vice Chairman of the Air Serbia Supervisory Board, James Hogan, added, "Another advantage is that we have so many Serbians at Etihad, we will be able to bring Serbians back into Air Serbia that have long haul experience, because you have to have experience within your cabin crew ratio. So, by combining the Air Serbia team, as well as Serbians within Etihad coming back, we are going to have experience in the cabin for long haul services. It's going to be outstanding".

Jet Airways A330-200 product (buisness left, economy right)

Air Serbia will become the first airline from the former Yugoslavia to operate transatlantic services since the country's breakup and the first to operate medium to long-range wide-body aircraft. Serbia's Prime Minister let slip that the carrier is considering Beijing as its second long haul destination sometime in the future. Flights to JFK are expected to go on sale as soon as the airline is issued government approval. "We are finalising the approval process. November 6 was the sixtieth day since we applied for approval. We have contacted our attorneys in the United States and there is nothing questionable about it. We are just waiting for someone to put a stamp on the documentation. We are expecting that to happen any day now. The deadline expired last Friday, so this will happen in a matter of days", Mr Kondić concluded.

Belgrade - US flights

The first commercial service between Belgrade and the United States was launched in 1963 by Pan Am from New York. With the arrival of the Boeing 707, JAT Yugoslav Airlines had the ability to launch services to the US as well, which was home to a significant Yugoslav diaspora. Starting with three weekly flights in 1970, over time, JAT would introduce daily services to the States. The Belgrade - Zagreb - New York service was introduced on June 15, 1976. Charter flights to Chicago followed on April 10, 1980, with scheduled services commencing as early as November 4 that same year. Flights to Chicago were operated via Cleveland during the summer season. Furthermore, during the summer, JAT also operated charters to Detroit, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. Scheduled flights to LA commenced on May 1, 1987. In 1989, JAT ran fourteen weekly flights to the United States. They were reduced to twelve weekly in 1990. That year, the airline handled 103.532 passengers on its services to the States, carried 4.156 tonnes of cargo and netted 65.5 million USD in earnings.

In 1990, JAT suspended its flights to Los Angeles, Detroit and Cleveland and shelved the Zagreb stopover on its transatlantic services. Furthermore, flights to New York were reduced from seven to four weekly, while Chicago flights went from four to two weekly services. On May 21, 1992, the United States introduced an embargo on all flights from and to Yugoslavia. JAT operated its last service from Chicago on May 17 and from New York on May 19. On June 3, federal police, in accordance with the US Treasury, sealed off JAT's New York office at Rockefeller Centre and ordered the airline's employees to leave. On September 18, 2003, Uzbekistan Airways launched two weekly flights from Belgrade to New York in cooperation with Jat Airways. The service, operated by a Boeing 767, would be short-lived and last just a year. This marked the last time Belgrade was connected with a scheduled non-stop air service to the United States.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Interesting. Jet Airways has pretty much the same seats as Etihad does they just changed the color of the seats. But seeing as Air Serbia's J class on short haul is different to Etihad's I assume it will be different on the A330 too. This really is a milestone. First widebody operating for an ex-Yu airline since JAT!

    1. Anonymous09:15

      What about Adria this summer with A340? :) Congratulations to Air Serbia.

    2. Anonymous09:18

      I think that their economy product will be important if they want to serve more than just the ex-Yu diaspora and they will have to in order to fill these planes.

    3. To IFE or not to IFE would be the main question I guess.

    4. Anonymous09:21

      ^ Agree lx. I think Air Berlin does not have IFE, right?

    5. Anonymous09:24

      Qatar CEO said a few weeks ago that getting rid of the traditional PTVs in seats was the future for IFE. Instead airlines will offer streaming and internet and passengers can just get them off their tablets.

    6. Anonymous09:24

      Apsolutno nigde nije spomenuto da će to biti partner Etihada, kamo li Jet Airways. Rečeno je samo da će to biti indijska kompanija...

    7. Anonymous09:26

      Between a 900€ ticket with metal cutlery and an 899€ with plastic cutlery ~95% of passengers from the Balkan region and Eastern Mediterranean will choose the 899€ fare.
      Don't shoot the messenger, this is our market.

    8. @ Anonymous November 10, 2015 at 9:24 AM:

      The official Air Serbia press release states: "Air Serbia is currently considering lease options for the A330-200 with Etihad Airways Partner airlines as well as with other external companies".

    9. Anon 9:26,

      I generally agree with you (although it is not only about metal cutlery). The point is, if ASL goes for the lowest price the route will never be profitable as they will never be able to keep unrealistically low prices of tickets longer than LF or AF. If they enter that ring they will lose big time.

      Someone mentioned yesterday: they will probably aim for diaspora who may seek some value in product and not just the base fare, plus transfer passengers. When I take into account the capacity of the route, the potential market and the competition, a boutique product for a bit bigger cash seems quite a sensible approach. Similar to a small boutique hotel trying to make something even though on its location there are monster chain hotels left and right. I think the chance is there but it will be up to ASL to offer and maintain a good and sustainable product.

    10. Anonymous09:59

      ASL can not offer price comparable with LH. LH has new fleet of A380 which need passengers to fill it just to earn a lot of money in first class. Anyone talking about fight with LH and Turkish do not know anything about aviation. ASL will have its portion of passengers od strina sa zagrebackih trznica, tetki iz bosne i niskih pijaca koje idu kod dece da cuvaju unuke ukupan kapacitet preko bare je samo nekih 70000 mesta. Dobro poslovanje u regionu je i dalje na prvom mestu za ASL ne let preko Atlantika u ovom trenutku. Videcemo da li ce slati avion negde na Istok ili sve ide preko Etihada. Ako neko prica o samo pet puta preko Atlantika da ga podsetim da je pomenuto da se ostala dva dana pominju letovi preko Dizeldorfa i Berlina sa AB.

    11. Anonymous10:14

      What about strine i tetke from BEY and TLV? You really want to believe that nothing exists for Air Serbia outside of Ex-Yu? Romania alone is a much bigger market to start with than the rest of Ex-Yu combined.

    12. Anonymous10:31

      Anonymous 10:14 AM is tight.
      But neither the Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish or Greek markets have a lot of demand for luxuries and porculan plates.
      Low price is king for those customers.

    13. Anonymous11:11

      Air Serbia will 18 business class seats, not 50, not 70, not the whole plane. So what's your problem?

    14. Anonymous11:12

      @10:14 Na svakom letu preko Atlantika iz NYC imas hasidics but not big number. Mnogo ces para da se namlatis iz RO.

    15. Anonymous11:13


  2. Anonymous09:11

    Somehow I doubt that a "boutique bespoke offering" is the competitive advantage that the potential customers of ASL's flights to US look for.
    In this part of the world competitive price is of far greater importance than luxury.
    Or maybe J.Hogan is mixing BEG with LHR and the Balkans with the London metropolitan area.

    1. Anonymous09:31

      Bespoke could always be marketing talk for 31 inch pitch in Eco and just three rows of business class.
      That would greatly increase the number of seats available and decrease CASM.

    2. Anonymous10:14

      It's gona be a single 5pw destination operated with a single a/c. And we all know that it will loose money for some time. But hell, why not go with luxury offer? After all they can hardly fill even those 230 Y seats and with all that capacity available let try something different. What they could loose? With actual AirSerbia narrow body product one can expect no less than a touch of luxury long haul service. Make sense to me1 but we will se.

    3. Anonymous10:33

      What they could loose? Lots and lots of money!
      Maybe enough money that would make them to question the route.
      So they better launch this route with low CASM and stay to it for longer.

    4. Anonymous10:41

      You don't really need lot of luxury to be better than competition. Enough would be universal power charger for every seat, more up to date entertainment equipment (with connectors for external devices), free Wi-Fi, more leg space (1-2" means a lot), extra luggage allowance, clean plane, good choice of food that doesn't taste as paper, proper A/C, kind crew.

    5. Anonymous10:46

      The latest IFE hardware on every seat, free wi-fi for all on a transatlantic flight, and 1-2 extra inches of leg room cost a lot more than you think both in upfront costs and in average cost per flight.
      Also the extra luggage allowance will reduce extra revenue for charging for the additional kilos.

    6. Anonymous12:23

      I think you do not understand modern trends in industry. You can have more seats in row just for more inches between seats and WiFi is new norm for entertainment systems. I think that they have better insight.

    7. Anonymous14:16

      The A330 has 8 seats in the row for the last 20 years. Unless they intend to go 9 abreast like Air Asia this is their trend and extra seats would have to come at the expense of legroom or extra legroom will come at the expense of seats.

      Also I dont think that anon 10:41 says that they will have either Wi-Fi or seat-back IFE with boxes underneath. He suggests that they would have both!

    8. Anonymous14:54

      It is normal offer of Airbus.

  3. YYZ2AUH09:17

    Bravo Air Serbia!

  4. JU520 BEGLAX09:22

    How about 34-35 inch seatpitch, free amenity kits and choice of 2 or 3 menus in Y class.
    wine in C Class ME airline level as the Europeans are saving drastically. What else? Food kiosk in Eco like LX will offer on their 773s?

  5. Anonymous09:34

    I think that two checked bags in economy class would be good asset against the competition, since many people fly with Turkish just because of that

    1. Anonymous09:36


    2. Anonymous09:42


    3. Anonymous10:31

      +1 for two bags or 30kg limit instead of 23kg

  6. JU520 BEGLAX09:37

    Good point with the baggage, also key factor for diaspora traffic

    1. Anonymous09:46

      I usually travel over the Atlantic just with cabin baggage but immigrants like to bring whole used furniture with them.

  7. Anonymous09:54

    Given that Air Serbia boasts about its business class offering which is the best (or let's say among the best ) in Europe, it would be interesting to know how high is its actual average load factor in business class.
    Admin, could you please give us any insight into that matter ?

    1. JU520 BEGLAX10:01

      Quite interesting question of anonym 0954h

    2. Anonymous10:06

      samo ne prati kada ljudi daju popunjenost aviona. ponekad puna c klasa ponekad prazna cesto zavisi
      od mesta.

    3. Anonymous10:35

      Anon 10:06 of course but there is an average load factor for it.
      What is it?

    4. I flew ASL's business class twice and on both occasions I was the only one in it. Not a representative sample but just to mention it.

      The economy cabin was >95% full though.

    5. Anonymous12:30

      I flew ASL's business 17.07. BEG-AUH. 5 out of 8. = 63%.

    6. Anonymous14:12

      I flew ASL's business to AMS, 2 out of 8
      load factor 25%. Service was excellent but I don't think it was profitable for them with such low load factor.

    7. Even when full you don't know if some of the pax were bumped from economy. So it's hard to estimate this number

    8. Anonymous22:19

      SM is correct. Yield is far more important than loadfactor.

    9. Anonymous22:25

      I know that in W15 the best lf in business was to CDG, 28%. This is from official JU data I had a chance to look at.

  8. JU520 BEGLAX10:11

    Ex YU tx for sharing the JU history part wirh us. I m delighted about all the photos and historical data u hve available. Nice that these milestones in the regional aviation history are preserved and kept documented and illustrated somewhere

  9. Aэrologic10:12

    I think in the same way that many were surprised at the cuts we're seeing this winter with some routes underperforming, we will be pleasantly surprised as to how this route will perform and that the demand might be even bigger than originally predicted. With the right price, quality service and intelligent schedule i expect Air Serbia to succeeded on this route and for it to be a catalyst for further network consolidation and Eastern/regional expansion.

    On a more personal note, i would say it was nice to see Mr. Hogan yesterday, just to remind ourselves from where it all started.

    1. Anonymous11:07

      Do we know who is gonna be their partner in the Americas?

    2. Anonymous11:14

      Not yet, but most likeley either American or jetBlue

  10. Anonymous10:49

    OT: Etihad i Mubadala otvaraju MRO za uskotrupne putničke avione u Srbiji? ... -u-srbiji/

  11. Nice article.

    Since they are going for "the best product available" I would say that they are broadening their market to capture a larger area than the Balkan region.

    The only issue I have with the article is where Kondic stated that a one aircraft operation will give them some time of financial advantage. Now with the amount they are investing in their product I think this is a little hogwash.

    1. Anonymous11:25

      +1 Exactly. I don't see the point in those saying "who from the region is gonna fly them". Fu*k the region, JU flies well beyond there and hopefully keeps on expanding. Lets remind ourselves that Greece and Romania alone are a 7 times bigger market than Croatia which is taken as an example here or the reason why should those flights fail.

    2. Anonymous16:07

      Most of Croatian diaspora won't fly with AirSerbia, this is US based diaspora, don't forget these are HDZ voters, most of them, you simply cant' expect them to fly back on AirSerbia, however, AirSerbia might capture some market in Croatia if transfers are good and price is right, my m8 flies to London often with AirSerbia, problem is, his transfers are really bad, also he is SDP voter, so he isn't prejudiced, he doesn't mind flying with an "enemy" airline if price is right.

      However AirSerbia's penetration in to Croatian market is very small and limited with less than 60 000 passengers per year flying to Belgrade out of Zagreb, Most Croatian's have very good service via Frankfurt, Munich, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome and Vienna, with choices of many airlines and fares, skyscanner is a brilliant service you can check any flights out of any city around the world and get best deals, I recommend you guys check it out. I am sure there are other services out there, but this is the one I use and get really cheap flights every time I fly.

    3. Anonymous16:09

      I assume they will be going after foreign tourists visiting Croatia and transferring to Split and Dubrovnik.

    4. Anonymous16:22

      @AnonymousNovember 10, 2015 at 4:09 PM

      if that's the case, they must offer great price and really good transfers, you can't have tourist stranded at Belgrade airport for 18 hours, that airport is really badly laid out and it is very small airport, terminal,

      Might be 33000sqm or one of larger terminals in ex-YU, atm 3rd largest I think behind Pristina and Skopje but still very small, if you look at Vienna, Prague, or similar sized cities and their terminals you get the idea what I am on about, traveller can stay in these places for a while and can wait for their transfer flights in relative comfort, at Belgrade airport that isn't a possibility and nearest hotel is 6-7km away, too far to be of any use to a transfer passenger.

    5. Anonymous16:38

      PS, if all the expansion are added by 2020 Belgrade airport terminal 1 and 2 ~@'49000sqm gross are might be sufficient to accommodate transfer passengers in relative comfort like other world airport if they create enough space for transfer zones, otherwise it might be bit of a same story as it is now.

  12. Anonymous11:12

    Ovo su klasična srpska posla... Dozvolu nismo dobili, karte naravno nisu puštene u promet, aerodrom nije spreman i niko nema pojma od koga će se avion uzeti. Mislim da je najava za mesec jun glupost, jer se apsolutno ništa ne zna i ASL može imati velike probleme...

    A Vučić je juče komentarisao da ATH nema ni letove za Njujork niti za Peking, što nije istina.

    1. Nemjee11:35

      Жасу. Притом Делта појачава своје присуство у Атини а Јунајтед враћа континенталов лет из Њуарка.

    2. Anonymous11:48

      Jbt.. pa ne planira letove ASL Vucic nego Etihad?!

    3. Anonymous12:31

      Да летове заиста планира Етихад, онда далеких дестинација не би било ни у сновима, док је ово ништа друго него испуњење управо његових снова и деспостског хира чије ће трошкове сносити сви српски грађани.

    4. Anonymous12:38

      Hehehe... Cela Etihad grupa ima oko 700 aviona.. da li stvarno mislis da ispunjavaju muzicke zelje partneru od 0,5%?!

    5. Anonymous12:43

      @12:31 Prvi je interkontinentalne letove sponeuo Hogan, btw, i to prilikom prvog dolaska pre potpisivanja ugovora sa srpskom vladom..

    6. Purger12:50

      Da, naravno da je... ali pritom je partner istovario par desetaka milijuna EUR da ispuni svoj mokri san. Puca Etihadu prsluk, oni će pritom zaraditi.

      Danas kapital uzima svagdje gdje može, a ne samo tamo gdje je ogromno. Jer puno malih donosi više zarade neko jedan veći. I zato se LH "osvrtala" na DLT, bmi, Dolomite, Eurowings, Croatiu, Adriju, a ne samo na Austrian, Swiss, Brussels... Kao što je i British uletio u bmi, Dan-Air, Brimon, a ne samo u Iberiu i Aer Lingus.

    7. Anonymous15:43

      Purgeru, firma je pola-pola, tako da se i "mokri snovi" dele na pola.

    8. Purger16:19

      Da se ne vračamo na ovu temu, može. Evo što sam napisao na CAF-u i to stoji:

      Istočni susjedi su
      - odlučili poboljšati zračni promet
      - otvorili kesu
      - otputovali u Emirate, dali zemlju, kombinate, brdo novaca i još što-šta
      - postavili parametre suradnje (svoje želje i mogućnosti)
      - prebacili upravljanje Etihadu i ne mrcvare ih po balkanskim načelima
      - nema više po babi i stričevima, zapošljavanja po političkoj osnovi...
      - postavili plan
      - isfinancirali svoje želje (od kojih su neke megalomanske i egzistencijalno opasne)
      - realizirali apsolutno sve što su najavili
      - imaju i razvojni plan nakon 2016.

      A mi planiramo, hoćemo, budemo... je je.. baš će to bit jeftino i lako za napravit kad ovi krenu sa letovima.

  13. Purger11:20

    Ok let's be realistic here.

    Those flights will never be financially positive. This route is political one, and it will be financed by Serbia. Why I thing this cannot be profitable:

    - Connections to those flights must be 100% from feeding routes. That is not a problem as flights can be:

    JFK 22:45 - 12:15 - BEG 17:15 - 20:45

    So, most of feeding flights can be in wave 13:15 - 16:15. Problem are Zagreb and Ljubljana flights that will not have good connection time (they will have to wait for some 7 hours in BEG) and they can be only motivated with extremely low price of ticket, or they can change those flights to East/South wave what is not good as most of connection passengers from ZAG and LJU are to that market, or they can make those routes to 4 daily what is not so unrealistic with ATR 72. But for sure if Air Serbia wants those flights they must have feeding routes every day, and that is not just daily flights to ATH, OTP, TGD, SJJ, SKP, SOF and TIV, but also all year daily flights to BNX, BEY, SKG, TIA, OMO, OHR, SPU, DBV and PRN.

    - To make competition to TK, LH, LX, OS, SU, LO, SK, AF, BA, KL, IB, SN, AZ, DY, who all have flights to this region and perfect, very cheap connection to JFK ticket have to be at least 10-15% cheaper than those of competition. One more time let me point that they are already very cheap by competition. At the end of the day it is about price. One passenger will buy ticket that is 50 EUR cheaper, and if there is family of 4 they will even use ticket which will cost 25 EUR less per person (100 per family).

    - Big players will attack those flights as long-haul is only market they get money from, so they will make even more discount on JFK flights from exYu market, especially Belgrade

    - For sure premium service on those flights will make them ever more expensive, and one plane in fleet is much more expensive to exploatate per unit than in those companies who have several dozens of long-haul planes.

    - In next 5 years Air Serbia must put even more money into promotion, branding, support of route and basic costs to make potential passengers to use those flights (and to make this in USA is much more expensive than in exYu market)

    - Without investment in system (Air Serbia and Belgrade airport) and if there will be so many delays and problems with luggage as today, that will make long-haul connections and compensations for that even more expensive

    - With just one plane it is huge risk for problems and cancelations and that will make even more costs for rerouting and compensations

    But in same time there are positive effects on those flights which for sure are reason why Serbia should invest in those flights:

    - Huge support of trade and tourism

    - More connectivity and that will make feeding routes with bigger LF, yield on them will be higher, and because of that there will be possibility to make even more flights to other European airports

    - Connection with Diaspora

    - ontime destroying possibility to open USA flights in region especially by national carriers in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Albania, BiH, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Greece

    And, again, I have to point that at the end of the day it is all about mathematics and to see are benefits that are coming from this system (long-haul including) worth to amount of money that is put, and will be put in by Republic of Serbia.

    For the end, let us not forget that big companies bankrupt or put themselves in huge problems because of long-haul flights (Austrian, Swiss, Brussels, Aer Lingus, SAS, LOT, ČSA, Alitalia, Olympic, TAROM, Malev, bmi...), and that much bigger players does not have USA routes (Aegean/Olympic, ČSA,/Travel Service, Air Baltic, TAROM...).

    1. Nemjee11:31

      Another thing is that they will have to be cheap in order to attract the relatively small local market. Lufthansa already sells New York (via VIE) for as little as €417 which is nothing, it's almost the same price as BEG-BEY on JU. lol

    2. Anonymous11:32

      Purger as usually wrote a great and very informative post for people who are int facts instead of fantasies.

    3. Anonymous11:50

      Agree with Purger on all points but maybe ASl should have developed its short-haul network a bit more before going long-haul.
      Aegean is going to have a huge amount of destinations next year (by Balkan standards at least) flying to 111 international and 34 domestic airports.

    4. Anonymous12:06

      Provincijsko razmisljanje tako isto i Purger, Etihad je u BEG dosao da napravi letove preko bare. To sto vi ne verujete sve sto cujete i imate svoje projekcije ko vam je kriv.

    5. Anonymous12:09

      Slazem se sa vecinom stvari koje je Alen napisao ali, ipak AirSerbija nije sama. Da je sama, ovakvi letovi bi bila tragicna avantura. Etihad se i organizuje kao grupa a ne kao gomila samostalnih avio kompanija.

    6. Purger12:14

      Osobno mislim da je neracionalnost najveća odlika provincijalizma.

      Vi ste iz mog posta mogli isčitati da ja smatram da transatlantski letovi nisu dobra stvar i da Srbija ne treba investirati u njih? Ja to napisao nisam, već samo kažem da treba vidjeti koliki omjer je uloženih para i koristi koje se dobivaju. A takva odgovor može dati samo vrlo malen broj ljudi u Srbiji. U svakom slučaju povijest će to pokazati. Samo, nažalost, ako je odgovor negativan onda je povijesno pokazivanje jest puno prekasno.

    7. Anonymous12:26

      Opet o Srbiji, ne planira se ovo u Srbiji. Jednom kada postanes deo Aldia sve se tamo planira, iz Zagreba idu tamo samo podaci. Pri tome Etihad ASL jako malo kosta za razliku od AI i AB.

    8. Purger12:39

      Ma apsolutno je to ogroman plus:
      + imaš podršku Etihada koji ti uleti sa posadama, održavanjem, evenutalno nekim ekstremnim problemom (avion ti je nekoliko dana izvan uporabe radi održavanja i oni ti ulete sa rezervnim avionom)

      + smanjuju ti se troškovi (u paketu ideš sa održavanjem, hendlanjem, cijenom... na JFK i drugim potencijalnim aerodromima), i nabavka aviona je jeftinija, i održavanje...

      + možeš uletjet sa nekom linijom via Abu Dhabi kao što to ima Air Seycheles (via AUH za HKG)

      + alternativa je preko partnera (ako crkne avion u JFK Etihad ti pomaže u otklanjanju kvara, ali i u preuzimanju putnika preko AUH, TXL, DUS, FCO, MPX)

      No, ima to i svoje negativne efekte:
      - u pakretu ćeš snositi posljedice koje će imati udar USB3 (Delta, American, United) prema MEB3 dakle i prema Etihadu (nema šanse da se to neće reflektirati i na Air Serbiu)

      - stvaraš močne neprijatelje (u prvom redu Lufthansu i Turkish koji opako odgovaraju na Etihadovu ekspanziju)

      - Etihad u prvom redu misli na svoju guzu pa će te opako oderati za svaku uslugu koju ti daje (od rentanja aviona preko školovanja, rerutiranja...), a nemaš alternative u suradnji sa nekim drugim

      - linije prema Istoku su ti NO-NO, nema boga da ti Etihad dozvoli išta istočnije od Abu Dhabia osim eventualno kao izuzetak jedna linija via AUH (kao što sam gore spomenuo)

      - Etihad će prvenstveno preferirati Alitaliju i Air Berlin, a tebi što preostane, a ako dođe drž-nedaj prvo će Air Serbija ukidati nauštrp Alitalije i Air Berlina (pa i ovu liniju)

      - Etihad te uvijek drži za jajčeka, i nebojte se da će deal sa novim A320neo i ovi letovi preko Bare biti predmet ucjene 2018. godine kada će se opet morati izmusti neka lova od Srbije, kao što budite sigurni da su produžili subvencioniranje od strane Srbije nakon 2016. radi ovih letova prema JFK i da upravo ta godina nije slučajno postavljena za "kraj subvencioniranja" (tada se trebalo prekinuti subvencioniranje Air Serbie, a držite me za riječ da se neće).

    9. Anonymous12:42

      Sta sam buce rekao danas ocekuje evo ostvaruje se .
      Pritom se zaboravlja da ce mnoge regionalne Aviokompanije imati codeshare sa ASL i ko kaze da nece neko van Balkana putovati i tu se vidi da vi ne znate ko sve putuje sa ASL ali bitno da se pametuje.

    10. Anonymous12:52

      Purgeru, juce je Konde cak spomenuo kupovinu goriva za godinu dana u napred za NYC letove.

    11. Purger12:58

      Ano 12:52
      Da o tome ja govorim. I nije to samo gorivo...

    12. Anonymous13:04

      Mislim ne znam kada ces da svaris da je JAT nasao kupca a ne CA. Prosto sa tim ide sve. Ameri ne vole nikog. Leteo sa njima, jer sam MORAO kao neko ko je bio placen iz njihovih fondova. Time sam zavrsio pricu o slobodnom trzistu u avio saobracaju.

    13. Purger14:35

      Mene ova vijest ne da nije pogodila, nego sam oduševljen nad činjenicom da ću za sitne novce moći putovati za JFK, kao što sa Air Serbijom letim na niz destinacija u Istočnu Europu.

    14. +1 Purger for the analysis

    15. Purger15:10


    16. Very good analysis, Purger.

      Only thing is that I sense that you are forgetting that not everyone has the privilege of travelling for €500. Prices from North America to Europe during the summer start at about double that figure, and certainly Air Serbia will make the bulk of their profit from travelers who pay those fares.

      Flying those cheap Ex-Yu pax will be more of a thing just to fill up the plane and not have it be empty than to make big money.

      Also, Air Serbia will have a much lower cost base than most transatlantic airlines:
      -low fees at BEG
      -fuel is cheaper in Serbia than most of Europe
      -Wages in Serbia are nothing
      -Much lower taxes compared to Europe
      -Savings from Etihad alliance (scale)

      -Single plane fleet is bad for utilization
      -poor scale for supply chain

    17. Anonymous20:28

      -Much lower taxes compared to Europe

      This is not true. Serbian corporate taxes are among the highest in Europe... however, I wonder if JU has to pay any to the government.

    18. ^^ Isn't Serbian corporate tax around 15%?? I always considered that extremely small. Germany's corporate tax rate is just below 30%.

    19. Anonymous22:23

      It depends, Serbian corporate tax can go up to 53%. Then you have the 'porezi i doprinosi' which are at 70% which means that if you pay someone €1.000 you have to pay the government a tax of €700!!

    20. Do you have anywhere where I can read more about this?

  14. Hi to all, I am not pro in aviation business but just a fan. I would like to ask why first route is to NYC but not to Chicago when majority of ex-YU diaspora is there in USA? On this way these people still do not have direct flight, and in non direct flight market there are many other options. Thanks!

    1. Anonymous13:09

      Chicago is not place where majority Serbs live in USA nor Croats nor Slovenes. It is just big International airport called O'Hara.

    2. Where do you get that information?

    3. Here, for example...

    4. Anonymous20:46

      And Blic is a serous source? By USA Census in all USA there are 160.000 Serbs. So how can just in Chicago be 400.000?

    5. Anonymous20:53

      Americans don't take Americans of Serbian origin into consideration. A lot of them who emigrated in the 1980s and 1990s did not renew the Serbian passport/citizenship once Serbia was finally freed in 2006.

    6. @ Uros...
      you are correct. many people are sadly so idiotic. Chicago is home to the largest population of Serbs in America...... possibly the largest city with Serbs next to Beograd, if not Vienna.

      You people don't understand statistics.... 160,000 may be Serbs who were born in Serbia and live in Chicago, You are forgetting the hundreds of thousands who are from Bosnia and Croatia and still considered "Bosnians" and "Croatians" by the American government....

      Not to mention the young diaspora born in America that still visits and are in touch with their culture. Serbs in the US number up to a possibly million. Rough numbers everywhere, but thats is the truth..

      If you even go to Chicago, you will see how many Serbs there are. The number of festivals, folkfests, concerts. I've spoken with leaders of churches all around America...

      San Diego / Los Angeles estimated 80,000 Serbs (of all origin)
      Chicago 450,000
      Cleveland/ Akron (Northern Ohio) 150,000

      Reasons why Air Serbia is launching JFK first?

      1) If they partner with AA and/ or JetBlue, JFK is probably the greatest hub for these connections. From JFK, all of America and even Canada is accessible to the west mainly. California, Illinois, Ohio, Toronto, people can fly AA to JFK and connect.

      2) Prestige.... connecting Serbia with New York first may be a sign of power. Also, many Serbs visit New York. Many have also been moving there recently, and New Jersey nearby and parts of New York such as Buffalo still have decent sized Serbian / balkan communities. (Macedonians - New Jersey)

      3. New York is by far a larger tourist destination.

      4. Chicago I bet will be rolled out eventually, but I definitely see the importance of launching New York first. Go Air Serbia! And I hope many close minded people understand how come this is what it is.

      And that is it from me today. :) pozdrav -AN

    7. Anonymous22:43

      And again, and again, and again... Even Serbian Office for Diaspora don't have even near to those numbers.

      So by USA Census:

      "Po službenim statističkim podacima popisa stanovništva, u SAD-u živi duplo više Hrvata nego Srba, jer je hrvatske korijene istaknulo 434.425 građana Amerike, dok se 176.666 stanovnika izjasnilo da su srpskog podrijetla."

      If by you 176.666 Serbians are few million, how many Croats are in America? By same standards.

    8. Anonymous22:54

      Točno 179.806 stanovnika s one strane Atlantika podrijetlom je iz Slovenije, a njih 182.423 iz Albanije. To praktički znači da je Albanaca za 5.757 više nego Srba, dok su Slovenci brojniji za 3.140, navodi portal.

      Miroslav Zdravković, ekonomist za (prenio Jutarnji list):
      "Domaćoj javnosti se plasiraju priče o milijunima Srba u Americi, a dijaspore Albanaca i Hrvata su brojnije i mnogo organiziranije, one znaju odrediti interese svojih država i naroda u drugim zemljama, za razliku od Srba."

    9. Anonymous23:15

      Hoćete li, za ime božije, ikada prestati sa tim idiotskim prebrojavanjem i premeravanjem dijaspore??

    10. Anonymous23:18

      Nebitno ima li vise ovih ili onih. ASL leti za Albaniju i za Hrvatsku i gradjani tih zemalja vole dobru uslugu i povoljne cene. Nema razloga da se ta tradicija ne nastavi na letu za JFK. Godinama sam vidjao "Balkan miks" kako sede jedni pored drugih u LH ili OS pa mogu i na ASL.

    11. 400 thousand Serbs in Chicago means that 1 in 7 people in who live in Chicago would be of Serb origin! Really? is that what you really want to believe??

      Doesn't leave much more room in the population for Italians, Pols, the Irish, Chinese etc.

      You would be lucky to have 30 thousand Serbs who live in Chicago and even if there are 370,000 more who have somehow managed to elude the offertories for decades well they would probably have little or no link to Serbia and would not fly Air Serbia anyhow.

  15. Anonymous13:06

    Него, мени су хитични сви који сада лицитирају какав ће бити сервис током лета, какав систем забаве, јер ето Кондић најавио нешто уау.

    Па другари, да вас подсетим да је тамо негде Августа 2013 чика Хоган обећао да ће ентеријер 319-ица бити исти као у Етихаду, па се овде свршавало и балавило нагађањем да ли ће бити Панасоник ИФЕ или неки други, па 116 седишта па луксуз брате. Када је дошао Октобар и први авион приспео, десио се прц. Ништа ни налик на кабину Етихадових 319 и 320.

    Исто тако силна се галама дигла и почело се пишкити у гаћице са најавом увођења интернета. Када је уведен, опет прц - није бесплатан како се нагађало већ је цена коришћења међу највећим на свету.

    Поучени искуством, немојте се ни сада пржити да ће 330 који се планира и који сада шета индусе бити ремек дело услуге и изгледа ентеријера и да ће комплетан сервис нокаутирати и одувати и туркиш и луфтханзу и све остале конкуренте. Све ће бити само просек и ништа што други већ нису осмислили или увели

    1. Anonymous13:12

      Odakle ti takve glupave ideje da ce internet biti besplatan za ekonomsku klasu. ASL ima bolji servis od LH. Kraj price.

    2. Anonymous13:21

      На европским летовима су мање више исти. Не заборави да је ЈУ погоршао своју услугу у поређењу са прошлом годином, ето недавно су уклоники кесице, или барем тако планирају.

      Што се тиче дуголинијског саобраћаја, не, неће бити бољи од Луфтхансе која има сасвим солидан производ.

    3. Anonymous14:03

      nema paprinih kesa za hranu i nema flasice vode..

    4. Anonymous14:03

      Dragi mrzitelji.. kapiram da ste razocarani, prijatan dan vam zelim ;)

    5. Bože koliko ljubomornog naroda na jednom mjestu. AS stvarno ima najbolju uslugu a to mogu slobodno reći pošto putujem skoro svaki mjesec barem jednom i ni jedna Evropska kompanija nema ni približno dobru uslugu. Što se tiče JFK mislim da će i usluga i Cena biti veoma prihvatljiva i da oni koji vole Ryan air me trebaju da putuju sa AS pošto oni nisu taj nivo i ne bi trebalo da se spuste na tako niske grane.

    6. Anonymous17:35

      Него, где сте ти и теби слични били кад је Ер Србија уводила нове линије, увела wi-fi on board, где сте били када су узимали нове авионе? Где сте били када су увели online check-in за који сте је критиковали преко 2 године јер га нема? Где стe били тад да похвалите то, то шта сте тако пристрасно тражили да уведу? Нешто се оглашавате само да критикујете и пљујете, кад нешто треба да се похвали одма' вас нема, испарите.

      Предвиђати да понуда на њиховим летовима неће бити ништа посебно је подједнако глупо и бесмислено попут нечијих предвиђања да ће то бити нешто сад на нивоу Емирејтс-а, али наравно појединима је овде сиромашно аргументовани песимизам очигледно дубоко урезан у главу.

    7. Anonymous20:25

      Откуд ти знаш да ти исти које ти нападаш нису исто тако похвалили ЈУ на унапређењима у услузи? Престани да лупетараш. Нормално је да људи буду скептични, посебно када је у питању фарса попут ЈУ где све изгледа лепо споља.

    8. Anonymous22:00

      Postovani, ako je ASL za vas farsa, onda vi imate problem.

    9. Anonymous22:19

      Зашто бих имао проблем? Јел свако ко се усуди да ишта каже против Ер Србије је или луд или хејтер?

    10. Anonymous22:37

      Ma kakvi, pa krajnje je normalno da ste vi dezurno skepticni...nemojte se samo toliko nervirati, nije to zdravo...

    11. Anonymous22:59

      Anon at 10:19, vec smo 100 puta dokazali da imate problem. Reci nesto protiv JU je normalno ali reci da je farsa je suludo. Nisi napisao "JU mi je izgubio kofer i nisam dobio nadoknadu" ili "avion je kasnio 3 sata" sto bi bila kritika, vec si napisao da je cela kompanija farsa. Hiljade bezbednih letova, daleko bolja usluga, milioni zadovoljnih putnika za tebe je sve to farsa? Kako reci bilo sta osim boles?

    12. Anonymous23:04

      @10:59 svaka ti je ka u Njegoša!

    13. Anonymous00:05

      Значи по теби да би авио-компанија била фарса њој авиони морају падати са неба, точкови да отпадају док авион рула...
      Не. То не мора то да значи. Ер Србија је фарса јер је постала политичка игра за спровођење болесних идеја одређених политичара. У тренутку када се ЈУ буде водио са Новог Београда а не из Немањине, онда можемо да причамо...

    14. Anonymous00:27

      Баш тако. Ер Србија је уместо прилике да се направи квалитетна компанија постала скупи маркетиншки пројекат једне политичке странке и место за испуњење хирова њеног вође, што ће функционисати само док постоји и странка. Када пукне странка пуца и компанија.

      Узгред, Пургер је у свом ранијем коментару којег је пренео са КАФ-а направио једну грешку цитирајући успехе компаније: Рекао је да нема више страначког запошљавања, а тога има много више него што је било у Јату.

    15. Anonymous03:55

      Anon 12:05 opet menjaš temu? Sad je farsa jer je "politička igra"? Žalio si se da svako ko kritikuje Er Srbiju bude označen kao lud ili hejter, a onda umesto da kažeš neku konstruktivnu kritiku ti jednostavno zameniš temu i kažeš da je sve to politička igra, naravno bez ikakvih dokaza i argumenata. Pa ko je sad lud ili hejter? Možda te zaslepela politička ostrašćenost pa ne vidiš stvarnost, ili možda radiš za drugu stranu pa te baš briga za stvarnost dok kaplje lova?

    16. Anonymous04:04

      Anon 12:27 Vidi se da ne znaš kako se prave pare. A i da vidimo tvoje dokaze da stranačkog zapošljavanja ima više nego u Jatu?

    17. Anonymous09:11

      Зато што сваки пут када су овде изношене чињенице из фирме ви сте подсмевали и омаловажавали народ. Колико пута је народ овде писао o мобингу који се дешава у фирми? Колико пута су писали да је Етихад одбијао да се уведу ноћни летови јер Балканци не воле да лете ноћу? Наравно на ову дебилну констатацију Ер Србија је само ћутала и прихватала без поговора. Онда, не заборавимо огроман број људи који је побегао из фирме током ове две године. Неспособност управе, посебно АСГС-а, да се успостави систем који функционише. Процедуре се само мењају и погоршавају.

      Фирма нема комерцијалног директора. Дане води те послове што не треба да буде. Гедошев још није замењена, дакле фирма послује без ПР-а. Немањина захтева да се спроведу одређене ствари које немају логичне основе (као што су летови за Њујорк).

      Дакле, ја имам више него довољно материјала овде да изнесем али нећу јер нема сврхе. А ви, ако сте баш толико паметни, распитајте се зашто су овог лета Атрови летели без пртљага. ;)

    18. Anonymous09:23

      Анонимни од 4 ујутро ...

      Који део мог коментара те је више заболео? Да је фирма скупи маркетиншки пројекат једне политичке странке или да запошљава своје страначке махом неинтелигентне и нестручне људе?

      Узгред, лепо је знати када нас је више који делимо слична размишљања и користимо ћирилицу да вам табамо мозгове

    19. Anonymous09:24

      Haha.. imam materijala, al necu da ga iznesem :))) ovo je fenomenalno ;)

    20. Anonymous16:39

      +1 vidi se da nema ni jedan dokaz pa drami kao dete. Mozes da puknes od besa ali Er Srbija cr nastaviti da bude jos veca i bolja. Izabrao si da navijas za pogresan tim.

    21. Anonymous20:04

      - 1 Чисто да се анулира овај твој плус иако је мала шанса да се икада пробудиш из тог сна у који си упао

      Ер Србија је велика само у машти пицоустог и причама којима фасцинира вас који сте у немогућности да правилно користите разум и логику. Свет изван ваших снова је много другачији

    22. Anonymous02:06

      Ер Србија у стварности лети сваки дан и добија похвале непристрасних страних експерата а ти настави да острашћено машташ о пропасти и политичкој игри. Кад будеш имао доказе јави се.

    23. Anonymous09:52

      У стварности Ер Србија је претворена у скупи маркетиншки пројекат једне политичке странке, коју највише хвале они које странка плаћа сендвичима, како би неутрализовали бес и гнев путника који су у транзиту изгубили лет или којима су нестручни радници погубили пртљаг и покварили путовање.

    24. Anonymous14:10

      Mora da i dijaspora dobija sendvice kad ih toliko vole?

    25. Anonymous17:13

      Дијаспора доказано највише воли сендвиче које купује на летовима Визера. Јефтинији су изгледа од оних на Ер СНС

    26. Anonymous17:37

      Znaci Wizz ih placa da botuju, pa stvarno boles! A sta je sa dijasporom iz Amerike, Australije, Kanade, njima Wizz ne znaci nista? Slaba ti je teorija, ne mozes pobediti nikad!

    27. Anonymous18:07

      Чивијаш ће тек да пукне ако му кажу да врх Алиталије и Ер Берлина исто има Етихадов имејл. Оптужиће их да и они раде за сендвиче!

  16. Anonymous14:23

    Rekli su juce da Aerodrom Beograd jos nije spreman za letove za Ameriku. Sta jos mora da se uradi na aerodromu?

  17. I have traveled with Jet Airways this year with both Airbus 330-200 and -300 versions and I was pleasantly surprised in terms of leg room. There was a lot of space to stretch and even if somebody reclined the seat it was not a disaster. On the other hand, the con of A330-200 version is that it had the older versions of the IFE when compared with -300 model. It was a bit unresponsive at times and the touchscreen took few seconds every time.
    At same time I am surprised that ASL is starting N.America flights with only 1 destination and 1 a/c. By getting 2 a/c they could have easily done 3 p/w ORD, 3 p/w YYZ, and 3-4 p/w JFK/EWR. What happened with those BKK flights lol?

    1. Anonymous15:21

      Kako sam ja cuo od nekih izvora bice ih 2 na kraju ORD nije u planu samo se jos o YYZ prica.

  18. Purger15:07

    Upravo su me na CAF-u demantirali i napisali da će let do JFK i nazad trajati bar 9 sati i 30 minuta.

    U tom slučaju Air Serbija ima još jedan ogroman problem, a to je nemogućnost kvalitetnih konekcija na letove za SAD:

    BEG 17:15 - 21:30 JFK 23:15 - 14:30 prekasno za konekcije u dolasku,

    a ako letovi krenu ranije onda u odlasku
    BEG 14:15 - 19:30 JFK 21:15 - 12:30

    Dakle, ovo bitno, ali bitno onemogučava kvalitetnu konekciju, te poskupljuje letove.

    1. Anonymous15:38

      Ups, kapiram da su sada oni iz plana i programa u Abu Dabiju skapirali da su u problemu... ako, mladi su.. naucice.. a mogu i da prate forume pa da vide sta im se isplati ;)

    2. Anonymous15:44

      Purger, napisali ste ovo:

      "Vi ste iz mog posta mogli isčitati da ja smatram da transatlantski letovi nisu dobra stvar i da Srbija ne treba investirati u njih? Ja to napisao nisam..."

      Točno je da niste to napisali ali isto tako niste napisali niti da su transatlantski letovi dobra stvar te da Srbija treba investirati u njih. Ono što ste napisali je milijun razloga zbog kojih če čitava stvar propasti nakon što poždere ogromne novce.

      Vidite, svi ti vaši razlozi mogu biti na mjestu odnosno mogu biti 100% točni. No ukoliko postoji makar jedan razlog ZA takve letove (a ne samo protiv njih) onda vrijedi pokušati. Kada čitam vaše postove meni se uistinu doima da ništa na ovom svijetu nikada ne treba pokušati jer je sve što bilo ko pokuša osuđeno na propast. Poslovni se uspjeh postiže između ostalog i velikim entuzijazmom a vaše analize nepogriješivo ubijaju svaki entuzijazam i najmanju želju da se nešto napravi. Da su veliki izumitelji i istražitelji nepoznatog pred sobom imali vaše liste prepreka i uzročnika propasti, danas bi Amerika još uvijek stajala neotkrivena a mi ne bismo putovali zrakoplovima več konjskim zapregama.

      Ako vam je več drago što čete za male novce moči letjeti na JFK mogli biste dati prijevozniku kojeg čete koristiti makar malo potpore, primjerice: "OK, doima se zanimljivim, pričekajmo da vidimo što če od svega toga biti". Od čitanja vaših postova čovjek stvarno može pasti u depresiju.

    3. Anonymous15:44

      A ko ti je rekao da ce leteti bas u to vreme?

      Juce je Aerologic preglagao:

      BEG 0900 - 1300 JFK
      JFK 1500 - 0600 BEG+1

    4. Anonymous15:49

      Cudi me vas kao visoko sposobnog coveka nisu trazile Aviokompanije da radite za njih posto ste pametni i od EY managera koji su jedni od najboljih na svetu i jos se sigurna vremena ne znaju ceka se petak a naravno Prof Aэrologic je ponovo kao i uvek napisao najbolje resenje .

    5. Purger16:14

      Ano 3:44
      Danas se poslovi ne rade na temelju entuzijazma ili zbog jednog razloga "za", nego na temelju analiza, računica i procijena. I kada sve to pokaže zeleno svjetlo postoji niz efekata na koje se ne može utjecati, a koji su stvar čiste sreće kao što su:

      - elementarne nepogode, ratni sukobi, bolesti, terorizam
      - niz nesretnih ili nepovoljnih okolnosti
      - nepromišljeni potezi koji nisu racionalni ili ih niste mogli procijeniti (dumping konkurencije koji je dug i iracionalan)
      - unutarnji problemi (ljudski resursi, štrajk, pritisak medija, loši potezi pojedinaca u managementu)
      - nepoklapanje predviđenih postulata, te rušenje sinergije istih
      - nekooperativnost vanjskih suradnika ili partnera u projektu (u ovom slučaju Zračna luka Beograd, NIS, Etihad...)

      Dok sam 2010. Croatiji predlagao mjere sve što je naprvila Air Serbija sam ja predlagao tolike godine prije (i sustav valova, i konekcije u regiji, i flota, čak identična usluga u business klasi), ali kad je tema bila interkontinentalni letovi ja sam rekao NI U LUDILU. To je prevelik rizik, konkurencija bi nas satrla (dumpingom i nižim troškovima), Croatija to ne može preživjeti. I tražio sam da flota naraste na najmanje 24 aviona (2x320, 6x319, 8x CR9, 8x DH4) nakon čega bi se nabavila 2 širokotrupca. Iako se to tada nije sviđalo mojim nalogodavcima (sindikat pilota) ja sam ipak to prezentirao.

      Ja sam savjetnik Hrvatskog sindikata prometnih pilota (zadužen za analitiku), angažirale su me neke kompanije u široj regiji da za njih radim analize, neke konzultantske kuće u zračnom prometu me redovno angažiraju. Bože me sačuvaj da i sanjam da sam blizu nivoa stručnjaka u Etihadu. Taj kapacitet nisam ni izblizu. Ali sam bogami i daleko od srednjoškolskog zrakoplovnog enduzijasta. Za razliku od tebe, mladiću, ja znam svoj domet i kapacitete.

      Amp 3:44
      Ovako je izledao red letenja Jata:
      zima 1990: BEG 1150 - 1600 JFK 1900 - 0930+ BEG D10
      ljeto 1991: BEG 1225 - 1600 JFK 1900 - 0930+ BEG D10

      Danas let za JFK traje nešto duže radi zagušenosti zračnog prometa, a posebno JFK. Rotacija VIE-JFK traje 18:25 sati, što znači da bi BEG bio realan sa 19:30 sati.

      Ovo što je Aerologic napisao je dušu dalo za dolazak u JFK, ali ne pokriva primarne konekcije. U odlasku pokriva tek one koji tijekom noći lete za BEG, a takvih je jako, jako malo i to isključivo zimi, a u dolasku se čekaju konekcije za feeding destinacije cijelih 7 sati, što je puno previše. Nadam se da nitko ne očekuje da bi ova linija mogla biti P2P i bez konektiranih putnika.

    6. Anonymous16:24

      Well, under Aerologic's case it would include introducing new night flights and early morning departures to places such as BEY, i'll copy the comment, it was discussed yesterday:

      "AэrologicNovember 9, 2015 at 10:07 PM

      That schedule could work well however i tend to give more importance to destinations such as TLV, BEY, SKG, ATH and IST (if a night flight is introduced) than the Ex-Yu region all combined. I am in favour of a third daily to Zagreb at night time. Anyway it wouldn't fit in either of the two schedules as it currently stands."

    7. Anonymous16:27

      Ono što ja želim reči je da svakomu možemo pronači milijun razloga da negdje ne leti. I Emiratesu i Lufthansi, a ne samo Air Serbiji. Ali isto tako možemo pronači jedan ili dva razloga da se leti. Svemu što je do sada uradila Air Serbia vi ste pronašli milijun slabih točki i milijun prepreka na kojima če se izlomiti, no ipak uživate u svim pogodnostima koje Air Serbia donosi svojim putnicima. Stoga i kažem, dopustite im makar da nešto pokušaju. Lako čemo im se smijati ukoliko budu fulali.

    8. Anonymous16:35

      Prvo je velika razlika u godinama izmedju nas dvojice pa da me nazivate i ponozavate kako sam samo srednjoskolac a videcemo za 5-6 godina.
      Takodje mislim da je greska sto ste rekli da CTN nije te godine trebao uzeti sirokotrupca trebali su uzeti A333 i mogli su brdo para samo u letnjoj sezoni da zarade kao charteri .

    9. Anonymous17:13

      Covek nastavlja da bulazni, sastavlja planove za ASL dok im se komapnija kod kuce raspada, a vi se raspravljate sa njim. Nije mu lako.

    10. Anonymous18:28

      Bravo, Anonymous 5:13 PM, pa nije Purger Aleksandar Vučić da sastavlja planove nacionalne aviokompanije, od rasporeda pribora za jelo do reda letenja!

    11. Anonymous20:26

      AnonymousNovember 10, 2015 at 5:13 PM

      Да ли то значи да ми Срби нисмо смели ишта коментарисати ван Србије за време док смо имали Јат?

    12. Anonymous21:46

      @8:26 Znači. To je bilo baš patetično.

    13. Anonymous22:18

      AnonymousNovember 10, 2015 at 9:46 PM


    14. Anonymous23:02

      Zasto? Pa prvo se smece cisti u svojoj kuci..

  19. Anonymous15:18

    Jos jednom sve cestitke za sve iz ASL:
    uz JFK bi trebalo dodati jos IKA,KPB i HEL a pogotovo IKA zbog velikog broja putnika koji bi dalje leteli sa ASL.

  20. Anonymous15:31

    Stupid, stupid, stupid move..... way too early (if ever the right time) for a small South European airline with (still) a weak feeder network through BEG.

    Serbia (together with its future potential feeder network) has weak and highly seasonal VFR traffic to the US - 5 weekly won't attract heaps of business travelers despite the admittedly excellent on-board product.

    Premature and egoistic decision. Best of luck nevertheless.

    1. Anonymous23:32

      Džoker, ne slažem se. Nije prerano nego 24 godine prekasno, letove nije trebalo prekidati.

      I nije problem u skromnoj mreži koju ima ASL. Lete ljudi iz Bejruta za Pariz preko BEG i baš ih briga kakva je mreža ASL, njima je bitna dobra cena i dobra konekcija. Tako će ASL izabrati nekoliko ciljnih destinacija za konekcije do JFK i avioni ce biti puni. ASL ne planira 10 destinacija u Americi pa da mora da pravi kompromise oko dugog cekanja u BEG, vec samo jedan jedini let oko koga će prilagoditi ključne destinacije. LOT nije imao čak ni svakodnevni let do BEG pa je optimizovao različita vremena da bi konekcije prema ciljnim destinacijama kao što su YYZ bile sa optimalno kratkim vremenima čekanja. Nema razloga za brigu znaju EY i JU šta rade.

    2. Anonymous00:00

      Ја се пак не слажем са тобом. Не можеш поредити Лотове летове за Београд са Ер Србијиним летовима за Америку, то су бабе и жабе.
      Лот је од самог почетка имаo сасвим солидну мрежу ка северној Америци а исто тако је имао одговарајући број конекција из којих је црпио трансферне путнике.

      На крају крајева, још један разлог што не можемо поредити ЈУ и ЛО је зато што Лот има огромно локално тржиште које може да им попуњава празна седишта, Ер Србија то нема.

      А тај аргумент да Етихад зна шта ради... па да толико зна не би Ер Берлин био на рубу пропасти толике године.

    3. Anonymous03:10

      Razlog nije nesposobnost Etihada, već što Lufthansa ima zastrašujući uticaj koji koristi za uništenje avio kompanije iz Berlina u crveno belim bojama, poznatijim pod nazivom Interflug, pardon Air Berlin. Ali već ulazimo u unutrašnje pitanje Nemačke.

    4. Anonymous03:21

      "While their overheads are lower of those at AF and BA, an A330 TATL flight still costs a small fortune - and low-yielding pax in the back will not help their shaky bottom line."

      Džoker zaboravlja na Air Canada Rouge. Oni imaju manje troškove od AF, BA i AC (ali ne od JU), imaju 763 (žednijeg od A332) i jeftine putnike pozadi (zapravo i napred i pozadi, RV uopšte nema biz klasu), pa opet rasturaju!

    5. Purger08:54

      Interflug nije bio Air Berlin. Air Berlin je bio PAN AMova kompanija u Zapadnom Brlinu, Interflug je bio Istočnonjemačka kompanija. U komunističko vrijeme letjeli su za YU za Beograd, Zagreb, Split i Ljubljanu.

      Pitam se ako je Lufthansa toliko utjecajna da uspije uništiti močan Air Berlin koji ima 127 aviona i 32 miiljuna putnika, što onda može napraviti malenoj kompanijici kao što je Etihad Regional (Darwin), Air Serbia ili Croatia (ako se odmetne i odluči ići sa nekim drugim)?

    6. Anonymous08:58

      Јесте, само што је Руж базиран у богатој Канади и лети ка мање више добро стојећим тржиштима. Њима се може да наплаћују скупље карте, нешто што ЈУ неће моћи.

    7. Anonymous09:18

      You are all wrong. Foreign businessmen sill pay extra to fly with ASL and experience "world famous Serbian cuisine", "WiFly" and a windowless lounge in BEG!

    8. Anonymous16:32

      To sto je Rouge baziran u Kanadi nije prednost vec mana u odnosu na jeftinije troskove koje ima ASL!!! Rouge od leta ide za BUD sto nije neko "premium" trziste, a isto vazi za mnoge druge destinacije kao sto je Varadero. "Njima se moze da naplacuju skuplje karte"? Da li imas makar osnovnu skolu? Vidi se da ne razumes trziste u Kanadi, da ne shvatas da Rouge ima razmak od 29" u nekim avionima, da nema biz klasu i ne moze da napacuje velike cene.

  21. Anonymous16:21

    I can't help to think that if elections are called, Vucic will campaign on how flights will start to the USA. This will be his big acheivement, and the Serbian people will vote for him, just because of flights to the USA. Even if they can't afford it.

  22. Anonymous16:43

    Since Air Serbia is naming its planes after living legends, does it mean that the A332 will be named Aleksandar Vucic? ;)

  23. Anonymous16:47

    Thanks ex yu admin on great coverage in the past two days! Active updates, exclusive details and historical facts, this was by far the best coverage. Thank you!

    On the other hand, I should not forget to mention active posters like Purger, Nemjee, Belgrey, Zmajček and others on their invaluable contribution! Fantastic opportunitiy to see your reactions to this important announcement!

    1. Anonymous16:51

      to anonymous 4:47.....i totally agree with you. The names that you mentioned, are always my favorite comments to read. People who truly know the industry. We may not agree with what they have to say at all times, but it does have us think of what is going on in the industry.

    2. Anonymous17:41

      @Anon at 4:51 LOL, exactly! Captains of the industry, they are! Well, just keep calm and carry on.

  24. Anonymous17:03

    "Od nove 4 destinacije izgleda da je Riga jedna od njih. Videcemo uskoro." Comment posted on ASL skyscrapercity forum page. Anybody know more about this?

    1. Anonymous17:24

      Potpisan codeshare sa Air Balticom, a nema direktne veze. Logicno.

  25. Iz zagreba nema nidge za sitne pare. To je prica za budale.

  26. Anonymous22:43

    AB To Start BOS/DFW/HAV/SFO From DUS 

    New AB management is fighting back. Eurowings and LH are getting a kick in the teeth. I can also see ASL announcing more codeshares in the future!

    1. Nemjee22:51

      And what will happen if their newest restructuring plan fails? It's not as if anyone takes them seriously anymore and they surely do not represent a threat to any airline out there. In my opinion Etihad better concentrate on Alitalia which actually stands a chance. Air Berlin is a lost cause.

    2. Anonymous23:05

      If it fails, Etihad will buy Aegean. Etihad family will get more love on this site.

    3. Nemjee23:19

      The only flaw in your theory is that Aegean is not looking for a buyer. ;)

    4. Anonymous23:36

      Sve stvari pa čak i neki ljudi imaju svoju cenu

    5. Anonymous23:59

      Vi mislite da AB lose stoji sa putnicima u opste ne oni su imali nelogicnu i i zmesanu flotu tek kad se tese svih 737 i 738 onda mogu da odanu i previse su se koncentrisali na Chartere a slabo na putnike i nisu znali dali su LCC ili Full Service Kompanija jednostavno im je bivsi Management nije bio najbolji .

    6. Anonymous00:02

      Ја најљубазније молим народ да једноставно игнорише Марков коментар јер последње што нам треба сада је да се опет развије бесмислена дискусија која никуд не води.

    7. Anonymous08:32

      No chance EY buying A3.
      A3 is not being given for free nor will it come with free airport charges and government subsidies for years as a bonus.

    8. Nemjee08:52

      Not to mention that A3 is profitable, they are growing and their closest partners are TK and LH. Even their honeymoon phase with EY didn't last long which we saw how fast they suspended their AUH flights.

  27. Anonymous07:49

    OT: Fresh Octobre Fraport stats for LJU
    M2M: + 9,4%
    Y2Y: +10,6%