Adria suspends Istanbul, adds three new routes

Adria to compensate Istanbul suspension with three new routes in 2016

Adria Airways will suspend services between Ljubljana and Istanbul from January 1, 2016, the Slovenian carrier said in a statement yesterday. On the other hand, it will introduce flights from the Slovenian capital to Cologne, as well as services from Pristina to London and the previously announced Tirana - Munich route. Adria’s Istanbul service ends following strong competition from its Star Alliance partner Turkish Airlines, which is maintaining daily flights between the two cities this winter season. Adria will continue to codeshare on Turkish’s service. The Turkish carrier was the third busiest airline operating out of Ljubljana in 2014 and is believed to have edged past easyJet to become the second busiest this year, operating ten weekly flights during the summer. Istnabul was Ljubljana's third busiest route last year. As a result, from the New Year, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport will no longer see Adria serve Turkey’s largest city, nor will Swiss International Air Lines operate its Zurich flights, as it will suspend the service on January 3.

On the other hand, Adria will compensate for its Istanbul suspension with the introduction of three weekly flights to Cologne next summer season. “The Monday, Tuesday and Thursday departures will be suitable for both business travellers and those wishing to spend a long weekend in the famous capital of Rhineland”, Adria said. Furthermore, it will operate two weekly flights from Pristina to London, complementing existing services from the city to Frankfurt, Ljubljana and Munich, as well as seasonal routes to Malmo and Dusseldorf. The airline is yet to put tickets on sale for the two new services. From Tirana, Adria will introduce four weekly flights to Munich, which have been scheduled and put on sale through the airline’s website.

Adria says it is continuing to expand in the Balkans with its two new routes from Pristina and Tirana and will “continue to support and facilitate travel in this part of Europe”, The Slovenian carrier positioned itself as the second busiest airline in Kosovo last year with some 180.000 passengers handled on its flights to and from Pristina. Adria benefited from the demise of Belle Air Europe in late 2013 and saw its passenger numbers grow over 20% in Kosovo last year. In 2014, the airline’s CEO, Mark Anžur, said, “The Slovenian market is small and is not growing. We now receive 70% of our revenue outside of our main market”. Earlier this week, the Slovenian Minister for Transport, Peter Gašperšič, said the carrier was eyeing entry into the Hungarian market in 2016.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    So Turkish wins another route. Same happened with Zagreb. They kicked out Croatia Airlines and went double daily. I'm assuming they will go double daily to Ljubljana next summer too.

    1. Nemjee09:10

      It's not so much about winning or losing as it has to do with Adria's new business plan. Istanbul was ideally timed to offer connections in LJU. The flight would arrive at 06.10 and at 06.50 you would have your first connection.

      JP is moving away from a hub system towards a p2p model. Having your flight arrive to IST at 03.00 and depart at 05.00 is far from great. Moving to SAW with a revised schedule would have been more appropriate.

    2. Purger09:16

      1. They did not kicked out Croatia from the route but Croatia have to sold one plane and to shrink frequencies because of restructuration (it was instructed by EU). To stop flying IST was logical as there was Turkish as partner in code-share and CTN did not lost that connection after all, but just have it on code-share with partner airline. For me they should stay on the route and to ask Trade air to fly some other routes for them (for example BCN, AMS, BRU, CPH, SKP or PRN).

      2. To stop flying where you have code-share with TK is really something. I start to doubt if JP management went to instructions to OU as they do some more than stupid moves.

      3. For sure TK will in short time start to fly double daily on IST-LJU route and will kill potential flights by JP. Same thing they did in ZAG. Even if OU decide to start again to fly on ZAG-IST route after restructuration they have no chance today whan TK has two flights per day.

    3. Nemjee09:35

      But even if there is a code-share agreement put in place, I highly doubt OU is selling any tickets. I just checked some random dates for February and OU comes out to be €270 while TK is just €190.

      Finally, there really isn't any reason why someone would pay more to fly on the OU code.

    4. Well either way, the only ex-yu carrier left in Istanbul is ASL. Rather disappointing in my opinion because in the past we used to have Adria, Croatia, B&H, and according to Wiki, also MAT.

      Anybody know if Montenegro ever served Istanbul?

    5. Anonymous09:39

      I don't think Montenegro Airlines ever flew to Istanbul. Turkish is also doing great business there too now.

    6. Purger10:09

      Nemjee, there is. By law all Croatian government institutions (army, ministries, agencies...) and state owned companies must use CTN and even if CTN has no flights they must pay ticket by CTN. And trust me they are huge percentage in ZAG passengers. I was once in plane with one Croatian army representative in NATO and his ticket to OTP was paid by Ministry of defense for 425 EUR to CTN (not a one leg was by CTN, but 2 were by Austrian and 2 by TAROM), same ticket I pay on Austrian for 210 EUR.

      Also I think that connecting flights from ZAD, PUY, OSI, DBV and SPU via ZAG to IST (there are no direct flight to IST exempt from ZAG) should be cheaper by CTN than TK with connection to CTN.

    7. Nemjee10:13

      Yeah but how big is the government market between ZAG and IST? Or generally the market between Turkey and the Croatian coast? I mean if it was that big wouldn't TK be flying to places such as SPU and DBV? I know they were planning on launching DBV but nothing came out of it.

      My point was that OU should have negotiated better fares so as to be at least a bit more attractive. Like this they are much more expensive than TK.

    8. Anonymous10:16

      Since the restructuring process of OU ends by the end of this year, they could open new routes in 2016, how come they are not doing it? What's holding them back? Lack of capable management? Kucko? Lufthansa?

    9. Purger10:56

      Nemjee, of course it is not so big number, but still there are some. Turkey is in NATO (big army collaboration), there are huge business and political connections between Turkey and Croatia, there are tourists from Croatia to Turkey but also there was 26.000 tourists from Turkey in Croatia in 2014 (for all of them you need some government support), you have Embassy of Croatia in Ankara and Consulates in Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir.

    10. Anonymous12:08

      neverovatno i sa svom pomenutom drzavnom gimnastikom uprava OU je uspela da upropasti nekad sasvim solidnu kompaniju - svaka cast.

    11. Nemjee12:36


      In case that there is really that much demand, or better potential, then one can assume that there might a possibility of reinstating ZAG-IST flights in the near future.
      They could easily operate them with the Q400.

    12. Purger13:21

      @Anonymous 12:08
      Ma nije ta državna gimnastika nešto neuobičajno u EU, dobar dio zemalja (ako ne i sve) ima tu opciju. I Amerikanci to rade, pa se sječam da je i KLM registrirao KLM USA da može prevoziti američke državne službenike u Europu i dalje. Logično je da ako imaš poduzeće u svom vlasništvu onda tražiš od državnih službenika da lete sa njima. Pa ako je karta i skuplja u konačnici novac ostaje državi (manja potreba subvencije ako je gubitaš ili profit ako je kompanija pozitivna pa uplačuje novac u proračun i opet ga vrača državi...)

      Not exactly. Situation is much worst today than it was in 2012.

      1. Croatia is in EU today, so Turkish citizen must have visa to travel to Croatia. They didn't have to before we enter EU.

      2. Croatian government force Turkish Airlines to make real reciprocity on ZAG-IST route. War was on for few months when Turkey did not want to give good slots to OU and OU forbid TK to fly more than 4 flights per week. At the end of the war there was 7 TK weekly flights and 7 OU weekly flights with good slot, all in code-share. Today you have 14 TK flights and for sure Tk will not step out from this privilege. For 3rd daily flight there is no more room (exempt LCC like Pegasus). As TK has their wave 100% covered with those 2 flights they are more than happy and for sure will not go into code-share on 3rd OU flight. For that reason I thing it would be more than stupid for OU to get into this adventure. They should be more than satisfied with code-share on TK as it is today.

    13. Nemjee13:59

      Then OU should be smart about it and launch Athens in cooperation with Aegean, they could make the best of this partnership through the TAG programme.
      By sending their Q400 they could offer 4,5 weekly flights which would be well coordinated with Aegean's Asian destinations.

      In such a way OU would get back some of the passengers it lost to TK and JU. I feel that this deal with Aegean is their last chance.

    14. Purger14:12

      Of course Nemjee, I told them so for million times. But it is like you speak to the wall! They don't care.

      And deal with Aegena is just one of the possible deals. They should force them all to answer to JU expansion. Out of 15 urgent measures I propose they did nothing! Just as there is no JU expansion and like situation is same as 2012.

    15. Anonymous15:01

      They are governt employess!
      They just do not care because their jobs are not in danger.
      OU needs to be privatized ASAP.
      Only then will people with something to loose would be acting in the best interests of the company.

    16. Anonymous21:07

      Kako EK prevozi Americke drzavnike ali zbog codeshare sa B6.

  2. Anonymous09:18

    Koln is an interesting choice from Ljubljana.

  3. Does Adria run a banked hub at LJU? If so, they should consider movin to a rolling hub.

    Most of their connections would be butchered, but overall the utilization of planes would be greatly increased. Planes could be scheduled for minimum turnarounds and a smaller fleet could fly more flights per day.

    1. Purger10:26

      considering the fact that their connection is so modest:

      SJJ 4 flights per week
      TGD 3 fpw
      PRN 6 fpw
      SKP 7 fpw
      TIA 9 fpw
      durign summer one more to PRN and one more to TIA.

      So, they should not concentrate on those connections at all. I would put them overnight in those destinations, so they would come to LJU at 7:15 and leave LJU at 22:30; and that should do the trick.

  4. Anonymous09:23

    Sorry their entire strategy seems hectic. Opening up new routes, while your CEO goes public and says that they don't have enough crew, that they had operational issues all though summer (leasing A340-300!) and then randomly picking up Lufthansa's leftovers like Munich - Tirana. It seems they plan from month to month without having any long-term strategy or goal.

    1. Anonymous09:25

      The point is to show how your passenger numbers were up 15% or 20% which is great PR. Meanwhile your debt is at 32,3 million EUR and growing

    2. Anonymous09:35


    3. Anonymous14:40

      Anon 9:25
      Reminds me of JU's strategy too.

  5. Anonymous09:23

    OT: Does anyone know why JU's BEY flight last night returned to BEG 45 minutes after take off?

    1. Anonymous09:30

      Also, seems like the seasonal flights to ATH and ZRH start today. JU is such a gasterbajter carrier.

    2. Anonymous10:14

      Yeah, Athens is especially known as one of the main Balkan gasterbajter points - so many of them living there, eh?

      And even if both routes were gasterbajter, so what? Their money is not good for you? TK is increasing dozens of routes these days for the same reason and no one calls them 'gasterbajter airline'.

    3. Anonymous10:17

      Greek gasterbajteri returning from DUS, TXL and STR. ;)

      The main difference is that TK has a decent schedule the whole year. JU doesn't, this winter is the best proof of it. They can't even make IST daily in winter. lol

    4. Anonymous10:31

      Another pitiful hater. Thought as much.

    5. Anonymous10:40

      Anon 10:17,

      Why would Greek gastarbeiters use JU transfers instead of direct flights from DUS, TXL and STR?

    6. Anonymous10:49

      Because very often connecting flights tend to be cheaper than direct ones.

      Anon 10.31

      So when you are out of argument you resort to insults, interesting.

    7. Anonymous14:34

      Actually Athens is full of Bulgarian, Romanian and Albanian immigrants.
      But they don't need to take JU to fly home. A3 and plenty of other airlines have multiple weekly frequencies.
      Those that need a better price take one of the numerous gastarbeiter buses. JU would need to sell their tickets really, really below cost to get some of that market and that would be just stupid.

    8. Anonymous17:15

      So you should just shut down cause Serbia is poor and transfer passengers will always use direct or better options?

    9. Anonymous18:30

      @Αnon 5:15
      Who told you to "shut down"???
      Just that you shouldn't expect much gasterbeiter business because other more convenient and/or cheaper options exist.
      Unless of course you want JU to offer really, really cheap fares.
      That would only make JU and the country poorer.

  6. Anonymous09:24

    More news about Adria for 2016 on this page.

  7. Anonymous09:38

    I'm assuming there were not a whole lot of passengers if they are suspending the flights at such short notice.

    1. Anonymous10:43

      Either way it is not a smart move. Aegean sticks to its Istanbul flights very strongly and will never give them up. The message is plain and simple and I do not understand how OU managed to fail reading it.

    2. Anonymous12:05

      The ATH-IST market is massive and oddly too A3 also gets a lot of transfer passengers from IST.
      So why would they cut it?
      I think during summer season they add flights to SAW as well.

    3. Anonymous12:55

      My point exactly, they have no reason to cut it and so they keep them.

      But then you have Adria who fails to understand this and they cut their own route.

    4. Anonymous13:42

      Well, have in mind that also LH canceled their MUC-IST flight, same happened with OS (VIE-IST)

      Who is going to fly JP (and pay for a bottle of water) when u get a HOT MEAL on TK??? Nisam lud!

    5. Nemjee13:53

      A3 is actually increasing IST to 21 weekly flights this summer.

      IST is one of those markets for which there is demand from anywhere in Europe so if an airline fails there it's because of its own incompetence.

    6. Purger14:15

      So true Nemjee! So true... Expansion in IST is huge! Those who can not make benefits from it are

      yes, incompetent!

    7. Anonymous14:28

      I think IST is not only a market that JP should have been flying successfully from LJU but also fly to it from TIA and PRN too.

    8. Anonymous17:31

      No hot meal on TK IST-LJU...

  8. Anonymous09:38

    Hoping they don't go Pristina - London SOUTHEND like from Maribor.

  9. Anonymous09:39

    What about Spain and Italy witch were mentioned by Adria months ago? Does anyone know anything about this?

    1. Anonymous09:53

      Yes they also said they were considering Italy as well. But as I said, they change their plans from month to month. Last month the CEO said they would not grow much next year and then they announce 3 new routes.

  10. Purger10:02

    A320 koji dolazi u TRADE AIR je:

    A320-212 sa motorima CFMI CFM 56-5A3
    Datum isporuke: 28.4.1998 (17 godina)
    Serijski broj: 795

    Tvornička registracija: F-WWDX
    Kasnije registracije: C-FTDA (Kanada) i CS-TKJ (Portugal)

    28.4.1998. Airtours
    3.6.1998. SkyService
    28.2.1999. Airtours
    1.11.1999. SkyService
    30.3.2000. Airtours
    1.11.2000. SkyService
    10.3.2004. vračen ILFC
    22.4.2004. SATA International

    Znači avion je sve do 2000. preko ljeta letio chartere u Britaniji, a preko zime u Kanadi. SkyService nije imala previše letova, mi se kompanije sječamo jer je sa 757 letjela Toronto-Zagreb. Od 2004. je letio za SATA International. U SATA-i se poprilično letjelo jer su letovi dugački kako do SAD-a tako do Portugala i ostatka Europe (4 i više sata po legu), no još uvijek SATA nema eksploataciju aviona kao europske kompanije, a posebno zimi nisu previše zaposleni. Konačno SATA je posljednjih par godina u velikim financijskim problemima (175 milijuna EUR duga), pa je smanjivala flotu i broj linija, a od siječnja 2015. su ozbiljno reducirali broj letova. Ukupno su ukinuli 21 liniju, a zadržali tek 19. Zbog toga u posljednje vrijeme ovaj avion nije previše letio.

    Iz svega se da zaključiti da je Trade Air dobro tržio. Avion je OK i u floti će moći biti još nekih 15 godina.

    Kako i Fokkeri još nisu pretjerano izraubani za očekivati je i da će njih ostaviti u floti

    9A-BTD je isporučen 13.11.1992. (23 godine) i letio je za American 12.1.2005. kada dolazi u Trade Air. 6 mjeseci je bio skladišten u Mojave pustinji. Iako se u Americanu naletio do iznemoglosti zadnjih 10 godina nije pretjerano rauban.

    9A-BTE je isporučen 10.10.1992. (23 godine) i letio je također za American također do 12.1.2005. kada dolazi u Trade Air. I on je 6 mjeseci bio u Mojave pustinji. U načelu i on nije previše rauban osim 6 mjeseci kada je letio za Croatiu Airlines zbog kašnjenja ispourke Q400.

    Znači da oba Fokkera 100 mogu izdržati još par godina, najmanje 5, možda i 10 uz smanjenu eksploataciju.

    Dolaskom A320 Trade air će imati 4 aviona u floti, od kojih su 3 vlasita i jedan se unajmljuje od BAS-a (Embraer 120)

    1. Nemjee10:07

      Jel ce oni bese krenuti da lete DBV-ZAG?

    2. Purger10:43

      Pregovarali su oni za DBV-ZAG

      1. Sa Croatiom da od njih preuzmu tu liniju 2012. kad je krenula restrukturacija da CTN ne bi morala rezati linije i frekvencije jer bi im se time oslobodio avion (sjetit ćete se da je CTN morala izbaciti jedan A320 iz flote). Uz to ponudili su preuzimanje još nekih linija, te otvaranje vlastitih linija koje CTN nema, a na kojima bi CTN samo stavila code-share. Pravnici CTN-a su rekli da bi se to protumačilo kao izvrtanje uvjeta restrukturacije što znači vjerovatne sankcije EU CTN-u i odbili isto. Iskreno ne vidim kako bi to moglo biti tako, ali znate onu kompleksno malih nacija: "Mi moramo biti veći pape od Pape". Prihvačena je jedino linija OSI-ZAG, te RJK-SPU-DBV koju leti Trade air a CTN ima code-share.

      2. I sami su pregovarali sa gradonačelnikom Dubrovnika za eventualne letove ZAG-DBV uz korištenje onih subvencija koje daje grad (20 EUR po legu). Grad se odlučio za CTN, a potom je CTN jednostavno podigla cijenu karte za tih 20 EUR i na koncu putnik ima istu cijenu kao i prije (i kad mu grad vrati tih 20 EUR po pravcu), samo CTN ima bolji yield na toj liniji i 40 EUR više za povratnu kartu :-)

      U ovom momentu nema šanse da Trade Air krene letjeti na liniji DBV-ZAG.

      Nešto je najavljivao Limitless, i navodno su trebali početi letjeti u 11. mjesecu. Ali se to, eto, nije desilo.

      Šteta, na ovoj liniji ne vidim rizika. Prosječna cijena povratne karte je 150 EUR za let od 50 minuta. Odlična cijena. Popunjenost je preko 90% i u najgorim mjesecima ne pada ispod 80%, a u top sezoni je 99%. Zimi u ovom momentu ima 20 tjednih letova, ljeti 32. Iskreno mislim da uz isplativu cijenu od 100 EUR za povratnu kartu može se bez problema zimi puniti 4 dnevna A320, a ljeti bar 6-7 A320 dnevno.

      Cvijinu sam predložio da leti na ovoj liniji dva puta dnevno

      ZAG 07:00 - 07:50 DBV 08:30 - 09:20 ZAG 123456-

      ZAG 18:30 - 19:20 DBV 20:00 - 21:00 ZAG 12345-7

      Ljeti imati tri leta tjednom, te po četiri petkom, subotom i nedjeljom. No, Marko se ne slaže.

    3. Anonymous10:54

      Zanimljivo je to sto su odbili code-share na liniji DBV-ZAG a pritom su to isto prihvatili na ZAG-IST. Mislim da je to bio samo jedan nacin da se izbegne suspenzija linije koja ne samo sto ima dobru popunjenost vec se i dobijaju subvencije.

      Ah da, to je bio Limitless, pobrkao sam ih sa Trade Air-om.

      Kao sto je neki Anonimus gore napisao, bice zanimljivo pratiti sta ce se desiti sada kada se ukine zabrana... ako se ista desi na kraju.

    4. Anonymous10:54

      Ovaj gore komentar je Nemjee nego mi telefon ne daju se upisem.

    5. Purger11:04

      Ma OK, budimo pošteni i da sam ja CTN ne bih se odrekao linije koja nosi zlatno jaje, vjeruj mi Nemjee, DBV je daleko najisplativija linija koju ima CTN.

      1. Uz prosječnu cijenu od 150 EUR i popunjenosti od 90% to nosi opake pare.

      2. Na tu ogromnu lovu moraš još dodati i subvenciju od države koja je ogromna, a kojih 40% ide na dubrovačku liniju. Ako bi to preuzeo Trade Air prije ili kasnije aplicirali bi sami za tu subvenciju.

      Da sam ja Kučko dao bih Trade Airu da leti u code-share LSZ-PUY (oslobođeni Q400 bih stavio na BWK-ZAD), PRN, SKP, ATH (cjelogodišnja), te da otvori OMO, TZL, PRG (prije nego je krenula OK), OTP, SOF, HEL, OSL, ARN i MPX

    6. Danijel11:53

      Purger, sta Croatia ceka sa ekspanzijom?
      Svi ostali: kolko moze trajati nekakav a320 prosjecnog koristenja?

    7. Nemjee12:34

      Da sam OU, DBV-ZAG bi mi bila najvaznija ruta jer je tu mala verovatnoca da ce ikada dobiti neku vrstu druge konkurencije. Autoputem bi trajalo predugo a put kroz Bosnu je nezgodan zbog reljefa. Opet, cak i da uspostave neki brzi voz izmedju Zagreba i Dubrovnika, on bi isto kao i autoput morao da kruzi zbog oblika Hrvatske.

      Ovaj A320 je odlicna vest za Trade Air jer ce konacno moci ozbiljnije da konkurisu stranim prevoznicima, t.j. u carter saobracaju. Foker jeste odlican avion ali cesto grupe traze kapacitet sto ovaj avion nazalost ne moze da im ponudi.


      Sve zavisi koliko ce ga forsirati tokom zime. Ne bi me cudilo da ga penzionisu sa 27, 28 godina. Sve zavisi sa koliko sati letenja ovaj avion stize u flotu Trade-a.

    8. Purger13:04

      Kao što je rekao Nemjee, sve ovisi o satima kolko je letio. Obzirom da vidimo gdje je letio sigurno nema puno sati. U načelu A320 se koristi oko 25 godina, ali isto se može produžiti na 30-tak godina ako se nije previše ekploatirao. Pogledaj Air Serbijine Boeinga 737-300 koji imaju 27-28 godina i još ih planiraju koristiti. I bez obzira što je jedn dio života ovaj avion malo korišten (sankcije) ipak je to bio linijaš koji se opako raubao (krajem osamdestih letio je dan i noć, preko dana linija, a onda bi čak znao otperjati neki charter u IST npr.).

      Nije baš tako. CTN nije svjesna kako lako može dobiti konkurenciju na ovu liniju

      Trade Air - iskreno se nadam da će prije ili kasnije krenuti sa ozbiljnim redovnim letovima, a onda je jedina realna feeding destinacija i isplativa domaća linija DBV

      Limitless - oni se pak nadaju tako zimi zaposliti avion, a ljeti ga dodatno raubati, te uletiti na subencije države

      Sea Air - njima i ovako i onako profitabilnost nije prioritet, očito se radi o nekim drugim razlozima (neki tvrde pranje novaca) jer ovako šaroliko, nedefinirano ili čudnovato letenje bez ikakvog rezona može lako rezultirati i letovima za DBV, u stilu "pa da probamo", a pritom to može početi donositi novac i može naškoditi CTN-u iako to nije ni svjesna

      easyJet - razmislite da je easy drugi prijevoznik u Hrvatskoj, da ima 11 linija iz DBV sa nekih 40-tak tjednih polazaka. Više nego dovoljno da se bazira avion. Francusko i njemačko iskustvo nam govori da onda kreću i na domaće linije. Obzirom da je SPU puno preblizu za komercijalno letenje (400 km autoputom iliti 3 sata autom) gotovo nevjerovatno je da bi oni uletjeli na ZAG-SPU (ne lete takve destinacije niti u daleko bogatijoj Francuskoj).

      eurowings - ako oni dođu u Zagreb, a ja sam uvjeren da hoće onda će se Zagreb-Dubrovnik sigurno desiti.

      Bog te pitaj kome to još može pasti na pamet (nekom LCC koji će se otvaranjem novog terminala sigurno bazirati na ZAG poput Transavie, Ryanaira, Norwegiana..., možda krene ekspanzija Air Francea u ZAG zbog francuskog vlasnika ZLZ pa doše HOP!, možda i LH krene sa CityLine iz Zagreba, kako je Adrija krenula moglo bi i njima pasti na pamet da baziraju avion u DBV...)

      Jedino što je sigurno to je da bi CTN mogla isto spriječiti na način da stavi cijenu povratne karte na komercijalno isplativih 100 EUR, da time poveča broj putnika i samim time poveča broj frekvencija na 4-5 sa A319/320 dnevno zimi i 7-8 A320 ljeti. Time bi sigurno ubila svu konkurenciju u startu jer nitko ne bi krenuo tome konkurirati. No, mi govorimo o Croatiji koja nije ni prstom mrdnula od ekspanzije JU, a imala je niz jeftinih mjera koje je mogla obaviti. Svojim spavanjem zimskog sna doslovce je olakšala posao Air Serbiji i prepustila joj tržište bez i najmanjeg otpora i borbe. I onda očekujemo da će taj management na vrijeme preventivno djelovati. Moš si mislit!

      Vlak do Dubrovnika se neće desiti u idućih 10 godina, a vjerovatno ni duže jer bi to značilo ogromnu investiciju od Splita do Dubrovnika gdje nema pruge ili od Ploča do Dubrovnika pa kroz Bosnu (što je ludilo). Autoputa fali još 100 km (i trebat će još par godina da se dovrši), a i kad će se desit to će biti 600 km (5 sati vožnje) dakle i dalje će se koristiti avion.

    9. Nemjee13:50

      Ne, ne. Pa nisam mislio na avio-kompanije, kada sam rekao drugu vrstu konkurencije mislio sam na onu zemaljsku, ne vazdusnu.

      Sto se tice vazdusne tu se slazem, mogucnosti su ogromne posebno jer je dosta veliki potencijal.

    10. Anonymous14:36

      TDR je po meni jedina prava Aviokompanija u HR kako vidim sve su sami stekli .

    11. Purger14:47

      Pa kažem ti ova zemaljska nije opcija:

      I kad se za par godina (5-6) napravi autoput do kraja imaš 600 km i dvije granice (jer Pelješki most neće biti gotov ni za 10 godina), to je sa jednim obveznim stajanjem najmanje 5 sati vožnje automobilom. Avion sa 45-50 minuta leta je više nego konkurentan automobilu. Konačno tu je i pitanje cijene.
      1.200 km = oko 1.200 kn za benzin (u slučaju mog prežednog đubreta od terenca i 1.900 kn)
      400 kn cestarine
      200 kn dodatna hrana i piće
      200 kn amortizacija automobila
      = 2.000 kn iliti 2 avionske karte po 750 kn bile bi debelo isplative, a i za 3 bi se već isplatilo ići avionom da se ne moraš mrcvariti 10 sati na cesti!

      Vlaka nema! Bilo koja racionalna opcija uvođenja vlaka znači
      - preskupa pruga do Ploča (zavojit planinski kraj) i nastavak preko Bosne što je ekstemno sporo i nekonkurentno (dok je vozio ovaj vlak je putovao nekih 18-19 sati iz Ploča preko Mostara i Sarajeva do Zagreba)

      - još skuplja opcija do Splita, također sporo (i sad se do Splita putuje "brzim" nagibnim vlakom 6 sati, znači da se napravi supermoderna (i superskupa) pruga do Dubrovnika bez rekonstrukcije dionice do Splita to znači nekih 9 sati puta. A konačno pruga do Dubrovnika nije isplativa (govorimo od 100.000 stanovnika i turistima koji su puno predaleko za željeznicu, jer malo tko bi putovao željeznicom 1.000-1.500 km)

      Autobusna linija je spora, biti će spora i kada se napravi autoput. Brze linije bez stajanja su preskupe i preriskantne (sada busevi profitiraju upravo na tome što na usputnim stanicama uđe po par putnika, na lokalnim putnicima između dviju usputnih stanica, te na čestoj izmjeni putnika...). Da brze linije (bez stajanja autoputom) nisu realne pokazuje i primjer Splita koji je daleko veći od Dubrovnika, pa od 34 dnevna polaksa ima tek 8 takvih brzih bez stajanja i još 7 sa 2-3 stanice. A i ta moguća brza linija bez i jednog stajanja osim tri minimalna stajanja za WC značila bi nekih 9 sati vožnje iz Dubrovnika.

      Brodska linija do Rijeke traje skoro cijeli dan (mislim da je 23 sata) i onda još od Rijeke treba doći do Zagreba. Ona je više egzotika i romantika nego konkurentna linija.

    12. Nemjee15:24

      Hahah pa slazem se, ja sam od starta rekao da nema druge opcije sem da se leti. :)

  11. Anonymous10:20

    Admin ,,,the route PRN-DUS is not seasonal,,is all year round but chartered by tour operator

  12. Anonymous10:23

    Still no news from Adria about this years Maribor season... :(

  13. Anonymous10:43

    Admin there is new news for tomorrow
    NEW CHARTER flights resuming tomorrow from Pristina to Basel, Dusseldorf, Munchen, Hannover, Stuttgart from Pristina with airlines Adria Airways & Small Planet Airlines.
    Ticket sales agents for Adria and Small Planet are :

    On the other hand there will be competition from SmartLynx Airlines which also will operate charter flights to Basel,Dusseldorf,Munchen and Stuttgart.
    Ticket sales agents for SmartLynx are :

    1. Anonymous10:48

      this was already reported here.

    2. Anonymous10:51

      Not all :)

  14. OT: Remember how Delta's CEO said couple of months ago that there is a bubble in the used wide-body market and how one can buy 1o year old B772 for $10M. Just today he announced that they bought one for $7.7M. No info on how old it is etc. but still. List price for B772 is well over $20M.

    1. Sorry, meant to say well over $200M

    2. Sorry, meant to say well over $200M

    3. Anonymous19:56

      Leasing an A332 for 500.000$ a month is crazy.

  15. Anonymous14:19

    OT: I'm at the BEG airport and it looks like there system is down.
    Nordavia B737-500 departed. I'm flying with LX to ZRH A321.
    Best wishes

    1. Anonymous14:47

      Let us know how the loads were, please. You can even ask at the gate. :)

    2. Anonymous17:13

      So the inbound flight ZRH-BEG was full 198 pax including Mr. Brammertz. On the outbound flight BEG-ZRH we were 66 pax.

    3. Anonymous18:38

      Thank you! I guess it's the season when our gastosi are returning while it's still early for Serbs to go on holidays given that we don't celebrate anything on the 25th.

  16. Anonymous14:32

    Kao sto sam pisao to je potvrdio i G Mali da ce doci jos jedan A332 za jos USA letova.

    1. Anonymous14:51


    2. Дечко Тзар15:02

      Izvor je TV Pink. Detalji: Nabavka i drugog aviona nam otvara mogućnosti da ne letimo samo u Njujork već i u Kanadu, Čikago i možda neke druge destinacije u Severnoj Americi...

      bore se da JFK Terminal bude 8 (gde je AA, kao sto sam predvideo) a ne 4 (gde je Etihad i novi lounge)...

      U februaru pocinje marketing i najava cena. Karta ce biti jeftina ali ne najjeftinija...

    3. Anonymous15:18

      Ali je rekao i par gluposti, npr. da atina nema direktnu vezu sa ny, i da ce ljudi iz Izraela ici u ny via beg... A za lokacije tog drugog aviona naveo je Chicago i Kanadu... A kaze da se Asl bori za terminal 8, a nude joj se 4 i 8... Izvor: tv pink3

    4. Anonymous15:20

      Izvinjavam se, poceo sam da pisem komentar preko telefona dok nije bilo odgovora, pa sam primio poziv pa onda objavio komentar, dakle nije namerno

    5. Anonymous15:41

      ATH has flights with DL to JFK double daily during summer, UA to EWR and AA to PHL.
      Also lots of flights from Air Canada Rouge and Air Transat to Toronto and Montreal.

    6. Nemjee15:45

      If I remember correctly, ORD is the top unserved destination out of Athens (excluding Australia). If anything, that's the market JU needs to be after, not the JFK one. Especially not when they also have to compete with TK, AZ, LH, LX, OS, SK...

    7. Anonymous15:51

      YYZ je destinacija broj dva u saradni sa WS ako nije ORD koliko sam ja cuo nije u opste .

    8. Anonymous16:01

      Nema problema.

    9. Anonymous17:00

      Why wouldn't the Isarelis fly to JFK via BEG? PEK should be the next logical destination.

    10. Дечко Тзар18:02

      Comment about pricing sounds like Air Serbia is hedging against pricing race to the bottom that TK and possibly other StarA carriers may dump onto Air Serbia. When you have only one route it’s easy to get bullied, so offering Etihad level of service and convenience of nonstop (or easy BEG transfer) is an indication where marketing positioning may be going.

      JFK T8 is fresh and nice, airberlin is already there, but possibility of partnership and codeshare opportunities with American Airlines are even better. Air Serbia markets are perfect fit for AA hubs. No other US airline could benefit from Air Serbia growth from JFK to ORD (and possibly beyond to MIA or LAX) better than AA.

      Second A330 was expected from the start. We have to see when it will be added and where within family will it be sourced from, but it could be 9W again as they are pulling back from New York/BRU. There seems to be different seating config among their A332s and they lack USB ports in economy (not a problem 10 years ago, but big deficiency going forward), so it’s not just a straightforward reupholstery job as Alitalia did with recent refresh.

    11. Anonymous18:20

      BEG-MIA makes perfect sense!

    12. Anonymous20:38

      MIA does not make a lot of sense for BEG alone. TK and OS are new entrants to MIA counting on ex yu passengers, LO is rumored as next. However since there is no nonstop MIA-TLV and there is healthy demand, it could be interesting to see if JU will boost BEG-TLV line by offering connections to JFK, YYZ and possibly MIA, all in significant demand from TLV.

  17. Anonymous14:35

    LH krece sa 748 OS 11-12 pw svako pokusava da pokupi kajmak ali stvarno mi nije jasno ignorisanje IKA od strane ASL.

  18. Anonymous14:50

    IKA and CAI are must haves for an airline in our area to help its flights to North America.
    JU shouldn't just fly 5 times a week to NY but also develop further its network in the USA and Canada.
    For that you need good connections to the rest of the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Middle East and also Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia would be very, very useful additions.

  19. Anonymous14:51

    With what aircraft would they operate these flights? They've got barely enough for their current needs.

  20. Anonymous15:09

    They should LEASE A320s and retire the Aviolet 737s too.
    Lease rates have been going down and with the record low price of oil NOW is the best time in years to expand into new markets.

  21. Anonymous15:56

    Imaju od UN A32B oni sigurno mogu jeftino da se nabave na leasing .
    potrebno je jos 4 32A i 2 32B

  22. Anonymous16:00


  23. Anonymous16:29

    OT: Is this SR Technics investment in Serbia trully happening?

    Article from 16.11.

    Today GoS signed investment subsidies agreement with SR Technics for Aircraft Maintenance due to last for next three years.

    1. Anonymous16:32

      Wonderful. As foreigners get subventions I have to pay poreze i doprinose 70%.

    2. Anonymous16:34

      Sorry, I forgot to put the link

    3. Anonymous17:02

      Pa imaces za doprinos i 22000 din platu sta ces vise.

  24. Anonymous16:58

    All the Boeings flying again two years-on.

    1. Anonymous21:00

      Almost all departures were around 30 minutes delay. Not good, not good...

  25. QR 92117:19

    JU is a stupidely run airline by a bunch of idiots with an over-inflated ego. JU doesn't have a single destination in Eastern Europe besides Moscow. They're struggling even in Bucharest! You really need to be an idiot to fail in markets such as Budapest and Larnaca on one side and totally ignore Tehran and some other markets on the other while the fuel is at its lowest. Let's only hope the money they'll be loosing on the NA flights might prove to be a necessary wake-up call.

  26. Anonymous17:21

    Soon even Croatia will start Tehran.

  27. Anonymous18:45

    SN Brussels is launching BRU-SKG, two times per week. This route is aimed at offering connections onto SN's north American network. SN also announed flights to Toronto earlier today.

    I hope JU doesn't forget about SKG when it launches JFK flights.

    1. Anonymous18:57

      Also, AB is launching daily TXL-SOF flights. Wouldn't it be just easier to route everything through BEG?

  28. Anonymous20:06

    The rapid drop of oil price and the availability of many cheap A320s to lease should make the JU/EY management to expand the network.
    Not only because it makes economic sense but to also give much needed transfer passengers for America.

  29. Anonymous20:46

    What the f*** in the world they are waiting? We're having pretty much the same network as JAT in 2008.

  30. Anonymous20:50

    What does Croatia to do with this? We know they are running by idiots and that they are near to fling to Tehran. But here some people thing Air Serbia is near to Singapore Airlines and even PM put Air Serbia infront of Aegean and Turkish. So, yes Croatia is shit company, but news to you, Air Serbia is same shit. You just have to find it. Don't worry, you will, when the time comes.

  31. Anonymous20:53

    *not even near to fly to Tehran

  32. Anonymous21:45

    I am sure one of the next articles will be that JP is considering expanding into Iran. lol