Air Serbia posts improved 2016 results

Air Serbia recorded a third year of operational growth in 2016, driven by the launch of new routes, including New York, and the introduction of a new wide-body aircraft. The carrier handled 2.62 million passengers during the year, up 3% on 2015. Over the course of 2016, Air Serbia ran 33.171 scheduled and charter flights, of which 1.213 were operated by its leisure brand Aviolet. The carrier recorded double digit growth in cargo operations, with 4.913 tonnes of freight and mail uplifted in 2016, representing an annual increase of 31%. The airline's on-time performance (OTP) at its hub in Belgrade was 87.3% (up from 86% the year before), while the overall OTP for the whole Air Serbia network came in at 84% (up from 83.6%).

Network capacity, measured in available seat kilometres (ASKs), grew 11% year-on-year, from 3.65 to 4.06 billion. The average passenger load factor, a measure of seat capacity utilisation, increased to 72.4% in 2016, compared to 70.7% the year before. The growth of Air Serbia’s network capacity was fueled by the launch of services to New York, St Petersburg, Kiev, Hamburg and Ohrid, which widened the airline’s network reach to 44 destinations. At the same time, the Air Serbia fleet grew to 21 aircraft as the airline took delivery of its first wide-body jet, a 254-seat Airbus A330-200. During the year, the company also signed codeshare agreements with another four airlines, bringing its total number of codeshare partnerships to nineteen carriers and expanding its connectivity to 127 cities.

Commenting on the results, Air Serbia's CEO, Dane Kondić, said, "Air Serbia continued to grow its passenger and cargo operations in 2016, bringing more choice and convenience to travelers across Serbia and Southeast Europe. The launch of New York, our biggest operational undertaking to date, really showcased the full benefits of our membership in Etihad Airways Partners in terms of fleet development, training and so forth". He added, “In 2017 we will continue to focus on the long-term sustainable growth of Air Serbia to ensure we continue to hit on the commercial objective set out by our two shareholders, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Etihad Airways”. The Chairman of the Air Serbia Supervisory Board, Siniša Mali, noted, "2016 was a year for the history books at Air Serbia. The airline achieved major fleet and network milestones and managed to deliver sustainable growth in a tough business environment. The development of Air Serbia is intertwined with the development of Serbia, and was integral to the economic growth recorded last year, the likes of which have never been seen before".


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Good operational results but what about finances?

    1. Anonymous09:26

      Deadline for submission of financial statements is 28 February. They should appear in the online business register some time in March or April.

    2. Anonymous13:04

      They don't need to report to the business registrar until June

    3. Anonymous19:12

      All local companies have to report their financial performance by the end of February, not June.

  2. Anonymous09:07

    I'm surprised the LF grew even though they added the A330 to the fleet. But they still need to work on increasing the LF.

    1. Anonymous09:12

      Well there were certain factors that helped such as reduction of some destinations which saw very bad loads, suspension of WAW and the introduction of Adria's CRJ which flew full all the time.

    2. Anonymous09:32

      Jat's LF in 2013 was 64%, maybe even lower. So it increased by 8% in 3 years which I think it's quite good if we consider the seasonality of the market and the * Alliance perimeter all around.

    3. Anonymous09:44

      Hilarious how you compare Jat with Air Serbia.

    4. Anonymous11:21

      Why not comparing them?

      Also if you think their LF should have reached 80% in the first year of operations you are free to call them and present them with the plan. I'm 100% sure they would immediately hire you as COO with a 4-digit salary in foreign currency.

    5. Anonymous11:34

      Why not? If Dane's salary can be 3.000.000 RSD then I don't see a reason why I can't get a four figure salary.

      You can't compare them because their business models were completely different. On top of that one never aspired to be a boutique/legacy carrier while the other pretends to be. So it's like comparing apples to oranges.

    6. Anonymous11:52

      Did Jat actually have a business model ? Other than aspiring to being a broken airline (which it managed to do rather well), what was it ?

    7. Anonymous12:18

      Jat had a business model to serve the Serbian diaspora and to meet the needs of local travelers.

    8. Anonymous12:26

      Thx for that clarification ... if that was indeed the business model, then it was doing poorly, as evidenced by it's declining market share while others were growing directly at its expense.

    9. Anonymous12:35

      Jat had a business model to serve the ruling party members and most loyal supporters by providing them with very well paid jobs compared with the rest of the country and with 100% job security.
      And it succeeded in doing so.
      The diaspora was and is much better served by affordable and plentiful low cost options.

    10. Anonymous12:45

      Unfortunately, just like Jat, Air Serbia is not doing a really good job at preserving its position in BEG. There isn't a single market where they triumphed over their competitiors. Quite the opposite really. It will stay like that until a new CEO comes.

    11. Anonymous12:47

      Kicked Wizz from Brussels and Adria on Ljubljana line

    12. Anonymous12:51

      Easyjet pulled out of Rome and Milan, while Wizz Air pulled out of Belgium - that's at least 3 triumphs, or did you miss that news ?

      Also, their share at BEG airport has grown from 40% to just over 52%.

      Further, they are single handedly responsible for the significant growth at BEG airport since they were established. Did you also miss this news ?

    13. Anonymous13:18

      1. JP left after a code-share with JU was signed, they weren't kicked out.

      2. Wizz Air pulled out of FCO when Jat was around, does it mean they defeated them too?

      3. Wizz Air pulled out of Belgium because BEG hiked its fees, not because Air Serbia defeated them.

    14. Anonymous13:22

      1. Why didn't they sign a codeshare with Jat Airways but chose to sign it with Air Serbia? Yes, they were kicked out.

      2. True and yes they were. Jat also defeated Air France and British Airways.

      3. No they used that as a reason because they didn't want to say their loads were badly affected. Why didn't they launch Belgium this summer during their new round of expansion (even though prices are the same at BEG as they were 3 years ago)?

    15. Anonymous13:38

      Or if Wizz claimed that fees were too high, why didn't they withdraw from other destinations they continued to fly from BEG and even now continue to introduce new destinations ?

      Simple fact is that their loads were poor and thats why they withdraw... so yeah, they got their butts kicked

    16. Anonymous13:47

      JU is also responsible for BE|G's slow growth last year compared with every other regional airport. I mean ex-yu region AND the rest of the Balkans and Greece.

    17. Anonymous14:00

      So who kicked JU's butt in BRU given that they are reducing it from 7 to 4 this summer? Obviously the market is not there so it wasn't Air Serbia's superiority that chased Wizz away.

      Also, CRL wasn't the only destination W6 suspended or reduced as a result of higher fees in BEG.

      W6 kicked JU's ass in LCA and they will most likely do it in STR/Baden now and Hanover/Hamburg this summer.

      Air Serbia will not become competitive until a new CEO doesn't come. Hope it happens soon.

    18. Anonymous16:01

      Then if it wasn't JU who forced Wizz's withdrawal from the market, why don't they go back ?

    19. Anonymous16:23

      Who said they eventually won't? They are re-deploying their capacity to route with greater potential.

      If JU was the one who kicked them out then they would have been increasng their own flights, not decreasing them. Wouldn't you agree?

      Seems like JU and W6 are failing there for the same reason.

      Given that JU resembles more and more to Jat, maybe they can link AMS and BRU like in the good old days.

    20. Anonymous17:45

      It sure does resemble Jat - i remember well sitting in Jat's Premium business lounge thinking what movies i was going to stream on my iPhone while eating my 3 course meal served by a young flight attendant while seated in their new business class seats.

      The resemblance is remarkable

    21. Anonymous18:28

      Exactly, nice that you agree with me. I do have to warn you, this year the business class will be gone as part of the hybrid model. ;)

    22. Anonymous19:46

      There has been no mention in the company whatsoever that business class could be removed. Stop spreading your pathetic lies.

    23. Anonymous21:06

      What's a hybrid model ?

    24. Anonymous22:26

      Pathetic lies? Sure. The first aircraft should be changed this year so you won't have to wiat for mch longer. :)

  3. Anonymous09:12

    Good results. Will they be introducing any other new route other than Venice this year?

    1. Anonymous09:15

      Most likely not, the B733s are leaving the fleet soon and these birds played an important role. Losing 4 of your aircraft is not a little thing for an airline such as JU.

    2. Anonymous09:47

      When the A320NEOs arrive they absolutely NEED to keep some of the present A320s as substitute for the 25 year olds 737s.

    3. Anonymous10:04

      B733 isticu resursi, cak 3 idu na secenje u toku 2017 godine.

    4. Anonymous10:22

      A što su onda objavili oglas za zaposlenje za 737 flight crew?

    5. Anonymous10:42

      Јер је један део отишао у пензију а други прешао на Ербас.

    6. Anonymous11:30

      Postoji i opcija da ce dva aviona koja su se do sada koristila za delove biti osposobljena za aviolet. Njima je problem sa resursima motora i provlacila se info da ce motori sa trenutno letecih aviona biti prebaceni na njih.

    7. Da li je ta opcija i dalje aktuelna?
      Pre neki dan smo ovde imali jedan komentar da se od te ideje odustalo

    8. Anonymous12:51

      Ja nisam siguran u to, rekao mi je tako u nedelju jedan radin Jat tehnike, koji je sedeo samnom na istom letu.

    9. Neko rece da planiraju da vrate YU-ANF i YU-ANL

    10. Anonymous13:59

      Deo je otišo u penziju, deo na Airbus? A gluposti. Ovo je već 3 put u 2 godine da traže posade za Boeinga. Pa kolko ih to ide u penziju.

      A da je tako zapošljavali bi na Airbusu, a ne da bi ove sa Boeinga prebacivali na Airbus, pa zapošljavali za Boeing. Valjda bi bilo logičnije i jeftinije odma zaposlit za Airbus.

      To nema ni malo logike

    11. Anonymous14:11

      Има зато што Јат није запошљавао нове пилоте неких 20 година. Дакле целокупна група пилота је била пред пензијом.
      Сви млађи су се одмах прешалтали на новије Ербасеве.

      Исто тако, ЈУ није запослио ни једног новог пилота за Б737. Сви су били или за Атр или за Ербас.

    12. Anonymous16:42

      Two 737s are retiring in 2018, one used A320 is arriving at that time. And then in 2019, the last two 737s are leaving followed by another used 320 coming in. No news on NEOs any time soon....something has stalled and it's seems they are further away from coming then when the original news was announced.


  4. Anonymous09:14

    These are ok results, 3% passenger growth is nothing to write home about.
    Air Serbia seems to be concentrating more and more of O&D passengers given that it refuses to invest in marketing and that it probably needs to secure additional cash.

    What's disappointing is that this summer they will reduce so many European destinations. This is not a good sign. It shows that they can't/won't get an additional Airbus to either run some charters or boost regional flying.

  5. JU520 BEGLAX09:29

    What happend to KBP? Finito?

    1. Anonymous09:42

      Yes, KBP will not be re-launched and neither will VAR. LCA might be suspended once again, maybe even this summer.

    2. Anonymous09:43

      Your information about LCA is completely false.

    3. Anonymous09:48

      Yeah they will suspend Larnaca during the summer when the plane is constantly full. Please guys wait for the official summer timetable before making up things.

    4. Anonymous09:56

      LCA last year grew by 25%. More than 6.6 million passengers according to Wikipedia.
      That is massive! It would be stupid for ASL to abandon such a market to W6.

    5. Anonymous09:57

      They aren't. The route provides JFK feed too.

    6. Anonymous10:07

      AUH proposed it.
      It gets feed but the finances are quite bad since passengers have to spend many, many hours at BEG. In the end it's not worth it unless the price is so low.

    7. Dejan10:48

      Why don't they change the timing of the flights to help connections then?
      Abandoning the market seems foolish to me.

    8. Anonymous10:50

      Because scheduling is done in AUH where people have no clue when it comes to Europe. Remember the €170 promo fares to Budapest? lol

    9. Anonymous11:51

      I don't take much notice of glossy information sheets that's distorts accuracy. So if I'm right KBP, VAR, IST and LCA are out, Add JFK, Ohrid and VCE.
      JFK promo fares at €170 return from a number of European cities. 21aircraft includes ancient ATRs and 733s and the lease on the A330 (also an older version) is high and operates 3 x per week 6 months of year?
      I'm not confident that the actual financials next month will be that exciting

    10. Anonymous11:56

      No you are not right since LCA is not and will not be suspended.

    11. Anonymous12:16

      Stopping KBP was a stupid decisions. It is growing fast, it is a monopoly route and it can feed flights to Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece.

    12. Anonymous12:29

      Yields from Ukraine are very poor. If they were that good, they would have continued with the route. The fact that Ukraine Airlines isn't flying the route says much

    13. Anonymous12:39

      Ukraine is a 40 million people market that grows fast!
      And JU could not make it work while having a monopoly not only to Serbia but to the whole of ex-Yu region.
      That is not the fault of Ukrainian market, it is the fault of JU management for failing to succeed even under these favorable conditions.

    14. Anonymous12:42

      LED is not even year-round, I think KBP should be blamed on the JU management, not the market itself.

    15. Anonymous12:46

      Why then isn't Ukraine International Airlines flying the route to BEG or to the other countries you have mentioned if it is a fast growing market ? Didn't also EK and Wizz withdraw from Ukraine under such favourable conditions ?

    16. Anonymous13:08

      UIA is heavily in debt and more heavily in to loses.
      More and more foreign airlines return to the market as is evident by the huge increases in passenger numbers.
      W6 needs bilaterals to fly to Ukraine, same as with Turkey.
      Simple enough?

    17. Anonymous13:22

      BEG and KBP have been connected for decades, even when Ukraine was part of the USSR.

      AeroSvit operated this route until they went bankrupt and UIA serves the market via OS and VIE.

      So I guess all this demand went away the moment JU suspended KBP. Interesting.

    18. Anonymous14:18

      You missed the comment earlier - a very low yielding market - so there's no more to it than that, no matter how big the size of the market.

    19. Anonymous14:37

      Lower yields than SOF or TIA? Right.

    20. Aэrologic15:13

      JU should rather fly to LWO/ODS with Atr instead of KBP. OS and LO are flying double daily to both cities as of this year. LWO is very near. KBP was providing lots of feed to JFK and also point to point pax albeit prices were all but cheap.

  6. Anonymous09:56

    In February PLF is falling to 62%, down 3% yoy. Best performing route in terms of PLF is ZRH, while PLF for JFK is well bellow 50% in February.

    1. Anonymous10:08

      Why dont they fly to JFK only in summer season?

    2. Anonymous10:53

      Because they are paying lease for the A330 12 months a year. Plus it is a relatively expensive lease contract for an A330-200 of that age compared with current market values.

    3. Anonymous11:32

      Says who ? You because you are a leasing expert and know the cost of leases, maintenance reserves required, mandatory engineering checks, not to mention a whole bunch of other things ?

      PAH-LEASE .. go back and play with your lego blocks

    4. Anonymous11:53

      @Anonymous 11:32 AM
      I hit a nerve right? Thank you for proving my point with your angry rant.
      A330-200 lease rates around the world right now are between cheaper and a lot cheaper than the rate JU is paying to Air Seychelles.

    5. Anonymous12:00

      @anonymous 11:53AM

      I love when I see experts like you to write nonfacts comments, for example ASL is leasing aircraft from JET Airways, not from Air Seychelles.

      Anonymous 11:32AM
      He is all yours. Finish him lol

    6. Anonymous12:00

      *Correction, Jet Airways.

    7. Anonymous12:01

      Gee, aren't you one for pin point accuracy.... You want to make such a strong point and argument, yet you don't know from whom they are even leasing this aircraft from... stop with the lego blocks and do something easier, like colouring books

    8. Anonymous12:03

      @Anon 12:00
      Air Serbia is paying 500.000€ a month for a ten year old Α330-200!!!!
      That is way above current market value!
      Can you dispute that?

      ps: I just finished on you.

    9. Petar12:07

      Guys it is true that ASL rents the plane from the EY alliance at a rate which maybe is more expensive than what others would offer them.
      But this is how alliances work, each partner helps the others when they are in financial trouble.

    10. Anonymous12:17

      Petar +1

    11. Anonymous12:25

      People there is no "alliance", "partnership" or anything like that as you keep on writing. These are just marketing words.
      There is only the ETIHAD group of companies.
      It is ETIHAD management who decides what the subsidiary airlines will do.

      If EY wants JU or any other airline to help one of the struggling members like Jet by leasing surplus aircraft at expensive lease rates it can do it and it does.

      This is because it is not an alliance of independent airlines but subsidiaries of Etihad.

    12. Anonymous12:41

      Anon @ 12.03.... colouring books too difficult for you ? I'm out of suggestions for something easier for you to do instead of posting comments on this site which is meant for people who have some knowledge of aviation, or at the very least, post intelligent comments.

      For a start, the lease agreement is denominated in USD, not EUR. That aside, how do you know how much they are paying ?

      Have you factored in credits for maintenance, reserves and redelivery ? Ah, of course not, how would you when you don't know the details and terms of the agreement.

      Anyways, keep on going ... if nothing else, it will provide light comedic relief during the day....

    13. Anonymous12:48

      Instead of getting angry Anon 12:41 you should provide some facts.
      Mali himself last year declared that the lease costs of the A330 is 500.000 Euros a month. Not dollars, Euros!

      That is what a new A332 goes for, not a 10 year old that soon will need a D-check that we will have to pay.
      So go wipe your face from me finishing on you and leave this discussion to adults.

    14. Anonymous12:54

      So Sinisa Mali is a reliable source for you when it fits your agenda. When he says something that does not fit your agenda he's a lying politician.

      This is even better than Lego. Do carry on.

    15. Anonymous13:00

      Now the 'facts' come out ... Mali said it so it's true... ofcourse, i missed that one. Mali also said alot of other things and they are all true as well - a second A330, flights to Kazakhstan, Iran and God knows where else.

      For a moment there, you had me extremely worried - thought you were a genuinely serious commentator.... You should seriously think about those colouring books to better pass your time with

    16. Dejan13:00

      Anonymous February 25, 2017 at 12:25 PM
      That is unfortunately the truth.

    17. Anonymous13:03

      Love it how I made you lose it Anon 12:54-1:00.
      Can't argue with Dear Leader and his public statements huh? LOL!
      Go cry to your mommy. In this adult discussion you got slapped.

    18. Anonymous13:15

      Today A330 (BEG - JFK) connected with two jetways.
      I saw a lot of passengers

    19. Anonymous13:46

      You need to go to comedy central and post your comments there .... YOU were the one who cited Mali's comments as 'fact' to support your comments, not me ....

      Too funny... best you leave it at this moment and go outside to get a dose of vitamin D given that it's such a nice day - does wonders for the body and brain

    20. Anonymous13:54

      Are you trying to dispute public statements by the company's director regarding the lease rates for the A330-200?
      LOL! Are you that desperate? Personal insults do not change the fact that you lost the argument.

      Or are you going to provide us with different numbers that contradict JU's official position?
      Come on, ridicule yourself a bit more.

    21. Anonymous14:04

      Sinisa Mali said 2 weeks ago that Air Serbia was profitable in 2016. I assume you agree with that since Mali was the one who said it. Or will you be the first one to dispute the numbers and say that he is a politician and is making things up?

    22. Anonymous14:06

      One of most supid comment here: "Guys it is true that ASL rents the plane from the EY alliance at a rate which maybe is more expensive than what others would offer them.
      But this is how alliances work, each partner helps the others when they are in financial trouble."

      So, why huge Jet, with no financial trouble did not help tinny Air Serbia to start with risk and expensive adventure called JFK?

      It should be like that in alliance, not upside down.

    23. Anonymous14:13

      Anonymous at 1.54pm ... didn't Sinisa Mali state that a second A330 would arrive by the end of 2016 and that Air Serbia would be flying to Chicago as well ?

    24. Anonymous14:14

      @Anonymous at 2:04 PM
      it is nice that you finally admit losing the argument.
      A330-200 lease rate for JU is 500.000€ a month to Jet. FACT!
      That is a lot more than the market rate for a 10 year old A330-200. FACT!

      If Mali wanted to tell a more positive story for this transaction than the real one he would have quoted a much smaller number.

      But in the real-adult world CEOs do not lie like 6 year old boys about something so easily proven as how much two international companies pay and receive for an aircraft lease.

      Maybe this is not the proper place for you to converse with other people. Ask you mom to take you to the park and play with the other children.

    25. Anonymous14:21

      Same Anon as before now at 2:13.

      You are seriously claiming that Mali quoted a much higher amount than the real one?
      Why would he willingly make things look worse for JU instead of quoting a smaller number?

      You should really learn how to quit when you have lost the argument so badly.
      Not keep making yourself look immature and ignorant instead.

    26. Petar14:42

      Anonymous February 25, 2017 at 2:06 PM
      That is a good question for JU and its management. Why they paid mere for the plane to JET than it's normal.
      Reality is not "stupid" it is just reality. You need to ask JU management for the answer.

      Kind regards

    27. Anonymous15:17

      OMG you damn kids stop this right now.

    28. Anonymous15:55

      dear Petar - what is "normal" ?

    29. Pierre16:00

      Are you seriously asking that last anon? I think it's pretty obvious, stop trolling.

    30. Petar16:08

      Dear Anonymous February 25, 2017 at 3:55 PM
      Normal is what all other airlines pay to lease a similar plane. A 330 of similar age.
      Looks like lease prices are lower if you get it from a lessor. But I don't know if JU is getting something extra along with the aircraft. Like parts, services, maintenance etc.

    31. Anonymous16:09

      I'm not trolling, i'm seeking clarification - you made the comment not me.

      Trolling is when you make a comment and don't substantiate or make it clear enough.

      if you don't know the answer, then that's ok, just say so

    32. Anonymous16:17

      You all go find a room, please.

    33. Anonymous16:17

      Sorry Petar, posted my comment before seeing your reply.

      Many factors go into what airlines eventually pay for a lease - chief of which is the lease term, lease conditions, especially redelivery conditions, credit rating/worthiness of the airline, rebates sought, maintenance checks, maintenance reserves etc etc. It is a very complex business that is far from straight forward.

      So the "price" offered is never the price you pay and for that reason, you can never compare what 1 airline pays over what another pays for what seemingly looks like the same vintage.

      Hope that helps - even a little

    34. Anonymous16:36

      Anonymous February 25, 2017 at 4:17 PM
      You most certainly can compare what an airline pays with others. In most cases it is public record. It is a marketplace governed by the laws of supply and demand.
      That is why airlines and lessors know what the going market rates are. And that is how airline professionals, journalists and us can see if someone is paying more, less or market rate for a lease.

      Hope that doesn't upset you too much.

    35. Dejan17:00

      Anonymous February 25, 2017 at 4:36 PM
      You are correct. I don't understand why all those posters are arguing all day about something so obvious.

    36. Airbus 330 je iznajmljen u USD i ispod 500.000..sve ostalo su obične izmišljotine

    37. Anonymous17:13

      Dejan, i don't think anyone is arguing, rather, it is a good debate between people who have different views/opinions.

      Isn't that the point of a blogsite focused on aviation ?

      There is no such thing as a "market rate". There is the market asking price, versus the rate that an airline eventually pays. They are never ever the same, because of the factors mentioned earlier. Every airline is different, as are their needs/requirements.

      Take the following hypothetical example - lets say you have an 8 year old A330 that is being offered for lease by one of the bigger leasing companies (BBAM or CIT).

      Do you think that the rate that Lufthansa eventually pays would be the same as that for Air Serbia, even though the asking price offered to the market would be the same ?

      If you answer no, then ask yourself why ?

      If you say yes, then i guess what you believe holds sway

    38. Anonymous17:28

      Be careful Hot Lane - i see the attacks about to be launched because of what you have just now said about the lease being in USD and not in EUR and because it is different to what Sinisa Mali said ...

    39. Anonymous17:32

      That should end the debate - USD500,000 (EUR450,000) - as stated by the PM himself !

    40. Airbus 330 je iznajmljen u USD i ispod 500.000..sve ostalo su obične izmišljotine

    41. Anonymous17:39

      Thx last anonymous !

      So anon @ 2.14pm - what say you ? It's ok to get your "facts" wrong and ofcourse, you can have the last word on this one ...

    42. Anonymous18:54

      What does Sinisa Mali about how much JU is paying? Anon posters on this blog know better!
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    43. Anonymous21:13

      That's not fair to anon @ 2.14pm .. only he knows all the FACTS ! (he sure does love that word, doesn't he ?)

    44. Anonymous22:03

      Vrlo zanimljivo kako neki tvrde da za Nov A330-200 leasing toliko kosta leasing

    45. Anonymous22:57

      Hot Line ovime si stvarno nadmašio sam sebe. Pa tvoja zaluđenost Air Serbiom ide do te mere da tvrdiš kako predsednik Nadzornog odbora ne zna koliko je platio lizing, ili da leže. Čoveče, jel s tobom sve u redu?

  7. Anonymous10:03

    OT: PRN with new incentives for airlines. PRN reducing 50% fees of ground handling services for airlines that carry only passengers and their luggage.

  8. Stefan10:05

    Ok results in my opinion. LF is the biggest of ex-yu airlines. I find it odd how EX-YU airlines struggle so much with the load factors. I assume it is a seasonality issue?

    1. Anonymous11:26

      Of course. Winter simply kills the aviation business in exYU. Ideally they would all prefer to operate in summer season only but it's of course not possible.

    2. Anonymous12:42

      Ex-Yu airlines rely heavily on foreign tourists and diaspora to fill their planes. Locals can not afford to fly often if at all and usually compare ticket airplane prices with bus prices.

  9. Anonymous10:06

    Sjajno je videti da LF iz godine u godinu raste. Kada uporedimo cene avio karta iz 2013 i iz 2016 to nas vodi do logicnog zakljucka da i prihodi ozbiljno rastu

  10. The female flight attendant, or just a model?, she always
    poses for Air Serbia's pictures...:😁

    1. Anonymous10:41

      All of them are models. :)

    2. Anonymous10:51

      Yes this one is a model - Ana. She appears in commercials as well. Others like the one in this commercial are actual crew

    3. Anonymous12:40

      she is cabin crew, not model.

    4. Anonymous12:41

      The one in the picture is a model who works for a local model agency, she is NOT a cabin crew.

    5. Ona nije nikakav model nego jedna od prvih devojaka koja je počela da radi kao stjuardesa za AS.

    6. Anonymous17:56

      @Hot Lane
      Ona je jedna od prvih stevki u ASL isto onoliko koliko je i mesecni liz za 330 iz tvog gornjeg posta ispod 500000 usd i isto onako kako si ovde pisao pre neki dan da je bilo 180 pax za jfk kad ih je bilo 60. Toliko o tvojoj kompetenciji i objektivnosti, a za sendvice danas necu da pitam da me admin ne izbrise

    7. Anonymous18:18

      Zove se Maja i jeste stjuardese u Air Serbia, nije Ana.

    8. Anonymous18:20

      Boze svasta zar je bitno?

    9. Nemjee19:11

      She's a model, not an f/a.

    10. Anonymous21:27

      How do you know she's a model and not a f/a ?

    11. Nemjee22:24

      Because the agency they came from used to cooperate with my friend's company.

  11. Air Serbia i pored velike konkurencije, zajedno sa svojm carter kompaniom AvioLet uspeva da se izbori za uspesno mesto u ovom delu Evrope.
    Obzirom da od iduce godine dolaze novi A320 NEO avioni, veoma znacajno bi bilo da od sadasnje flote formiraju malu LCC kompaniju i uposle sest sadasnjih A319 i A320 CEO. A ostala cetiri A319 zauzmu mesto Boinga B733. Zbog cena prevoza trziste se naglo okrece LCC prevozu ovde u Srbiji. Uz Niski, pitanje je meseca za aktiviranje Kraljevacke Morave i Ponikvi. Naravno za niskobudzetni saobracaj.
    Mozda nije mnogo realno razmisljanje, ali trziste se prilagodjava uslovima. A trebalobi.

    1. Anonymous12:30

      Trla baba lan aha ha

    2. Anonymous14:09

      A tko neće otvorit Ponikve i Moravu je brozov učenik!

    3. Anonymous16:09

      Last anon, OU will operate these flights as part of their regional bases.

    4. Anonymous19:57

      Gospodine Marinkovicu, da li vi zaista ne shvatate da Ponikve i Morava nece u sledecih par godina biti otvoreni za iole ozbiljan saobracaj. Ti aerodromi bez vrlo ozbiljnih investicija u RWY i sve TWY jednostavno ne mogu prihvatiti avione preko 20 MTOW. Nekad se da pomisliti da se vi salite ili sarkasticno pricate o ova dva aerodroma.

    5. Gospodine Anon 7:57 PM. Poznato mi je da je pista na Moravi radjena za male nosivosti koje Vi navodite. Znam da se u ovaj aerodrom mora uloziti vise od par desetina miliona evra da bi bio sposoban za avione do velicine A221. A aerodrom imao preduslove da bude samo odrziv uz ugradnju infrastrukture i opreme za kontinuirano odrzavanje mesovitog, prvenstveno LCC saobracaja. Osnovni razlog zasto pisem predhodne postove, jeste moje verovanje da dosadasnji ulozeni novac od strane drzave nemoze zavrsiti kao promasena investicija. Obzirom da se do skora od strane najkopetentnijih licnosti u vladi Srbije uveravali javnos, pa i ponekog koji pratimo razvoj komercijalnu avijaciju u svetu, a pogotovo u Srbiji. Medju mnogim koji pisu postove o ovoj oblasti, a zeli da infrstruktura aerodroma Srbije ne zaostaje za drugim vidovima saobracaja u ovoj zemlji.Trenutno za auto puteve i zeleznicu su dosta poznati, a rezultati vidljivi. Ali to nije slucaj sa putnickim aerodromima, dogradnjom infra strukture. Strategije i planovi koji se objave, zbog sporog ostvarenja, vrlo cesto se menja, odstupa... Kraljevacka Morava je najveci primer za to do sada.
      Vi ste mozda upozanati sa ovom problematikom za razliku od mene.
      U Srbiji vrlo problematicna otvorenosf, efikasnost, donosenje odluka i sprovodjenje u delo projektovanog.
      U svetu koji je deo mojeg zivljenja je dosta drugacije organizovan i odgovoran.
      To vreme dolazi i u moju Otadzbinu rodjenja. Verujem u to. Verovatno da ce mi ozbiljniji postovi od mojih prikazati buducnost i vreme svega o sto sam pomenuo u ovom postu.
      Sa postovanjem,
      R. Marinkovic.
      Kraljevo + Sydney

  12. Anonymous11:56

    Something which is often overlooked is the results that they have achieved with cargo - very imressive results. Good improvements in on time performance as well

    1. Anonymous12:43

      Yes, BEG - JFK doing a good job

  13. Anonymous13:23

    just came across this article. increase in seat capacity has been mentioned often here. Article offers some concrete figures for winter 16/17.
    LCC led the way, legacies flat.

    Wizz +19%
    Vueling +14%
    Norwegian +13%
    Ryanair +12%
    Eurowings +14%
    Transavia +35%

    1. Anonymous13:58

      Transavia is on fire! Wizz is doing good too.

  14. Anonymous14:11

    OK I can not understand something. A330 more than half year, CRJ 900 4 months. That should be more than 3% of increasing capacity. If so, how can than LF be better with just 3% increasing of passenger and bigger increasing of capacity?

    1. Anonymous14:35

      Lot's of cancelled flights in Q1 of 2016

    2. Anonymous14:36

      Load factor is not calculated by number of passengers. It is calculated by taking the revenue passenger kilometers (RPKs) and dividing it by the available seat kilometers (ASKs)

    3. Anonymous14:40

      Anonymous at 2:36 PM
      Load factor is calculated by comparing number of passengers with available seats.
      That is how it is calculated by every single airline.

      +1 in comment 2:38 was going to Anon 2:11

    4. Anonymous16:06

      No, it is not how ALL airlines calculate load factor. They multiply the no. of revenue paying passengers (who pay more than 25% of the fare) by the no. of available seats by the distance flown and then divide this number by the total number of seats offered times the distance flown.

      Hope that clarifies it

    5. Anonymous16:31

      Anon 4:06
      I am sure some CEOs would like to make the real performance of their airline look better than it actually is but all SERIOUS airlines of the planet Earth when they report load factors they talk about no. of passengers by available seats.

    6. Anonymous21:23

      Thanks for that. In that case, i will tell my bosses here at LH that the way they have been calculating load factors, including all the other airlines in the LH group, as well as our Star Alliance partners, have been doing it wrong all these years. Just as well i happened to be on this website today, i learned today how it is really done by all the other serious airlines in the world

    7. Anonymous22:19

      +1 Anon 9.23.
      EY partner airlines adopt their own unique approach to calculating LF hence why they're in a financial mess. AZ on brink of collapse. Virgin AU another half yearly loss loosing circa $1m a week with no future strategy. Has VA ever made a dollar? AB - living on a wing and a prayer. EY scrambling to find a $2.4b Loan to pay for its bad investment decisions. JU aiming high after announcing record cargo results mainly attributed to its A330 flights to JFK, albeit not daily and meanwhile selling seats at €170 return in the main cabin to try and snag a few pax from any airline and not promoting the 22 hour layover in BEG to ensure the fare is doomed not a total failure. Meanwhile Air Seychelles and Jet Airways is doing wonders at least contributing a few rupiah to the overall balance sheet

    8. Anonymous22:50

      Doesn't meter. Of course they use available seats by the distance flown but especially in that case A330 7 months in fleet + CRJ 4 months are much more capacity and with that much more capacity and just 3% more passengers, how can LF be better? No sense at all!

  15. Anonymous21:58

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anonymous22:01

      Ovo su odlicni rezulatati ASL i nadam se da ce imati jos bolje rezulate u narednoj godini . I nadam se da ce ASL jos nekoliko novih Destinacija otvoriti ASL ove sezone sto bi joj donelo jos nekoliko novih Transfernih putnika.
      I nadam se da ce biti promena u floti i da ce biti jos nekoliko prinova u wide body floti sa A350 :=)