Air Transat sees Zagreb success

Canada's Air Transat has registered strong bookings for a second consecutive year on its seasonal flights between Toronto and Zagreb with the leisure carrier showing its confidence in the route by putting tickets on sale for the 2018 summer season last week. According to Nicole Bursey, Transat's Commercial Director, the service to the Croatian capital has been well received by travellers. “For a relatively new program, it’s been going amazing. It’s performing better than most new programs and I think it’s because there’s a pent-up demand and the value is so good”, Ms Bursey said. However, despite strong interest, the airline does not plan to extend operations into the winter months for the time being, maintaining that the route is highly seasonal. "Our estimates show there is low demand during the winter, so we are keeping it as a seasonal service running until October", the carrier told EX-YU Aviation News.

This summer, Air Transat is maintaining two instead of one weekly flight to the Croatian capital with its 345-seat Airbus A330-200 aircraft. Furthermore, services will run longer into the year, until October 18. The second weekly flight will launch this Sunday and operate until September 3. "Booking numbers are very good. There is a big Croatian community in Toronto and there is interest from Croatian travellers from both Europe and Canada", the airline said. The Canadian leisure specialist has also shown wider interest in the region, selecting the Belgrade-based office of the Discover the World tour operator for sales and marketing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

Croatia Airlines has also recognised the growing demand for travel between Croatia and Canada. The carrier expanded its codeshare agreement with Air Canada this April. The Canadian airline now has its "AC" designator code on Croatia Airlines' flights from Zagreb to Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, London Heathrow, Paris and Zurich, as well as from Dubrovnik to Paris and Rome, from Split to London, Paris, Rome and Zurich, and from Rijeka to London. In return, the Croatian carrier codeshares on Air Canada's services from Toronto to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Paris and Zurich, from Montreal to Brussels, London and Paris, as well as from Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver to London. Air Canada's leisure subsidiary, Air Canada rouge, has ruled out services to the former Yugoslavia for the time being. It said, "We are continuously looking at all opportunities, including Croatia, and other destinations. Like all airlines, there are a number of considerations involved when we are selecting a destination, including customer demand, airport infrastructure and competition from other carriers. The Air Canada rouge fleet is growing and that fleet growth will power both network and capacity growth".


  1. Anonymous09:02

    Great news! Would love to see Air Canada rouge in ZAG in the years to come!

    1. Anonymous10:20

      Hopefully by 2020.

      Air Transat might extend their season again in 2018 and in 2019 it is bound to extend it from May 1st to October 31st with three weekly flights. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I am just guessing here.

      However, what surprised me is A330 with 345 seats, this is way more capacity than usual A330, normally A330 carries 250-270 pax, Never seen an A330 with 345 pax.

      Air Transat planes must be packed like sardines.

    2. Anonymous11:12

      Air Transat A330

      Cabin Layout, 342 seats,

      Must admit, this is first time I've seen A330 packed so much. Clearly not ideal for long haul flights.

    3. Anonymous15:57

      YIKES !!!

      I wonder how many cases of Deep vein thrombosis they will have.

      This is almost inhuman.

      JU's aircraft - which is the same aircraft type - has 254 seats - just to give context... that's almost 100 more seats !!!

      I would much rather travel with OU and AC - my health is way more important that saving a hundred or so bucks packed like a refugee

    4. Anonymous00:50

      Beggars can't be choosers.

  2. Anonymous09:02

    Good news, and it shows how airlines can slowly develop a market. Better be cautious in the beginning an develop it steadily.

  3. Anonymous09:02

    I'm really glad these flights are working out. Maybe next year they could go 3 p/w.

    1. Anonymous09:26

      They are selling 2 flights per week for next year so it will stay the same like this year.

    2. Anonymous09:35

      So? They can always add another weekly flight for sale. There is a while year until then.

    3. Anonymous10:00

      Not really, charter carriers are not that flexible.

    4. Air Transat isn't a charter carrier. It's a leisure carrier.

    5. Anonymous10:42

      And difference is?

    6. Anonymous11:00

      Try booking a charter on the GDS.

    7. Anonymous12:23

      Do we really need to discuss differences between scheduled and charter ops on here?

  4. Anonymous09:06

    I think they should have left ZAG one weekly and introduced one weekly to Dubrovnik as well. Or if there is enough demand then 2x weekly ZAG and 1x weekly DBV.

    1. Anonymous09:09

      Zagreb is a safer choice then Dubrovnik because this way you get tourists and diaspora rather then just tourists.

    2. Anonymous09:15

      I also think DBV could actually work during high season, once per week.

    3. Anonymous09:16

      Agree with Anon 9:15!

    4. Anonymous09:36

      Split would also be a good option.

    5. Anonymous09:42

      Luckily Air Transat management consists of professionals.

    6. Anonymous10:25

      AnonymousJune 13, 2017 at 9:42 AM

      not necessarily, at least not according to this report from CBC:

      apparently Air Transat has been selling non-stop flights to Mexico and they have been making "unscheduled" stops to refuel

    7. Anonymous11:08

      Well the article confirms that there's a professional management able to adjust the flights according to the product they have in their hand. Everything they do is in line with the aviation rules. Apparently US carriers and their lobbyists are not satisfied with the commercial war against ME carriers, and they'd like to extend it as much as they can.

      And I wonder where the media gets the idea that the passengers are misled, while it clearly states in the ticket that the return flight is to be operated via MCI. Maybe the media thought the passengers are able to read flight plan filled for Mexican Civil Aviation? :))

    8. Anonymous12:27

      @9:06 Exactly my thoughts. If business is that good (not just LF-wise but also revenuewise) then why not starting DBV or SPU 1pw where they can charge even more to tourists also partially as there is less competition (connection options) compared to ZAG.

  5. Anonymous09:07

    They had around 5,000 passengers to ZAG last year. I assume this year it could double to around 10,000. Not bad.

    1. Anonymous09:09

      Who did these fly before? Lufthansa?

    2. Anonymous09:13

      Lufthansa, Swiss, Air France, British Airways, Austrian, LOT- but as the market is growing all will have their share.

    3. Anonymous09:14

      If a lot of these people are buying tour packages with Transat Holidays then many of them are probably first time visitors.

    4. Anonymous10:01

      I think last year before they launched any flights they said that they are mostly relying on the large Croatian diaspora living in Canada.

    5. Anonymous11:18

      @AnonymousJune 13, 2017 at 9:07 AM

      Closer to 6500, there and back, 12700.
      This year 25000 projected.

      @AnonymousJune 13, 2017 at 10:01 AM

      Might have been so initially, but Croatia had 110 000 Canadian visitors in 2016, Zagreb 32000. Zagreb is very popular tourist destination and growing one.

    6. Alen Šćuric Purger13:47

      Zagreb advantage is combination of diaspora + tourist.

      Air company should not care who are passengers, why should them? So even if 100% of those passengers are diaspora that is good for airline, good for airport, and for sure good for city and country (to have diaspora back in country to spent money and to have connection with homeland). But as it is not like that, and most passengers on that route is tourist, even better. More money into city and country, and diaspora is just extra benefit to fulfilled plane.

    7. Alen Šćuric Purger13:58

      why should they?*

    8. Agree fully with you. Am airline out if Montreal couldn't give a shot about you: it's about the profit with excess airplanes. The Canadian dollar tool a bashing with Caribbean destinations. Thank but don't look long term to this taxi service.

  6. Anonymous09:17

    Shame they don't want to try year-round.

    1. Anonymous09:21

      Maybe they could fly it via another one of their European cities during the winter. Via Prague or as a stop to Budapest.

    2. Anonymous12:29

      They should at least start few days before Easter till end of SUTT

  7. Anonymous09:23

    Would be nice to get Air Canada instead of these guys. They have one of the most dense seating on earth. They managed to fit 345 seats on the A330-200 in 2 class config -.-

    1. Anonymous09:26

      But, do you fly with them?
      So, if they fill those seats, why do you have problem with it?

    2. Anonymous09:40

      I've flown with them once and it was a horrible experience. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there is a link with Canada but would prefer a different airline (just my opinion).

    3. Anonymous09:47

      What is Air Canada Rouge like? Are they any better?

    4. Anonymous10:12

      Transat's business class is not bad actually.

    5. Anonymous11:22

      @AnonymousJune 13, 2017 at 9:40 AM

      I totally agree, travelers are packed like Sardines. Wouldn't want to fly with them.

      Ideally if route proves a real success, Air Canada might return, they used to fly to Zagreb three times per week in late 80s and 1990-1991, just before the war broke out.

      However, if Air Canada does come back, it won't be before 2020. they'll look how Air Transat is doing before they return.

    6. I flew with their A330 and B737 several times and found them both very nice, with decent amount of legroom (I'm 6'6" tall). I flew AC Rouge A320 and I think Air Transat is much better, more leg room, nicer cabin etc.

  8. Anonymous09:29

    Wouldn't it have been smarter for Croatia Airlines to make a codeshare with Air Transat and shuttle passengers from Zagreb to the coast like with Emirates?

    1. Anonymous09:31

      Air Transat is a leisure airline, the majority on these flights have a 7 or 14 day holiday package and everything is organised by Air Transat. I don't think they have the need to cooperate with OU.

    2. Even though OU can and do go out of the *alliance for code shares, I don't think AC would like that very much. Whole reason they created Rouge was to fight TS

  9. Anonymous09:31

    Great to hear that the loads are healthy. They could easily do a few rotations to Belgrade and Skopje during the summer.

    1. Anonymous09:39

      Skopje? Are you serious?

    2. Anonymous09:44

      Yes because there is enough P2P demand in summer. There were even charters in 2008 I think between Toronto and Skopje.

      You could always operate YYZ-BEG-SKP. I'm sure they would have 5000 passengers like on the Zagreb flights.

    3. Anonymous09:53

      There was an interesting article about this a few weeks ago

    4. Anonymous11:08

      +1 9.31 9.44

    5. Anonymous11:25

      Other than the Croatian coast, everywhere else in ex-yu is low yield VFR market, making it very difficult to make any money

  10. Anonymous09:37

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous10:45

      Evo ga moj omiljeni kolega s foruma!! Kako si burazeru?

  11. Alen Šćuric Purger09:42

    Air Transat have just few all year routes to Europe:
    London LGW

    Seasonal routes are:

    I wonder how comes that they don't connect destinations which has 2 flights pw and make at least 1 pw during winter like YYZ-ZAG-ATH-YYZ or something like that. If they have 4 flights pw on those destinations 1 flight pw with 1stop should work.

    1. Anonymous09:45

      Because they are in a very lucky position to not be dependent on a seasonal home market. Unlike most European Carriers they fly their equipment in Summer to Europe and in winter to the Carribean, where ther is a lot of demand.

    2. Anonymous09:46

      Why would they, if they can sell their capacity to Caribbean destinations during winter?

    3. Anonymous10:03

      Because the connected cities in winter don't make as much money. Not to mention that they would no longer be as competitive. Why would someone fly with them to Athens with a stop in Zagreb when he can then connect in Munich or Frankfurt and enjoy a much superior product?

    4. Alen Šćuric Purger11:10

      I know they do fly to Caribbeans, but when you look to their winter time-table you can see that still they have part of fleet stored. So, instead they can use it for flights like this.

      By same logic one could say that Peking-Prague-Belgrade flights will not be competitive. And that Doha-Ankara-Belgrade and Doha-Budapest-Zagreb were not competitive. Of course nonstop flight is better than 1stop.

      But there are benefits of 1stop flights compere to connected flights. I wrote about that several times. Especially if there is no nonstop alternative (and in that example there is no), and if one direction is nonstop (YYZ-ZAG and ATH-YYZ).

      Passengers don't care of number of stops, if they don't have to leave the plane and if price is good. Today only important think is price!

    5. Anonymous12:17

      Jel su se poboljsala punjenja EK na relaciji ZAG-DXB?

    6. Purger,

      TATL out of YYZ in winter is a very hard sell. One can just look at the prices. So, obviously for them it pays more to to fly to Caribbean plus store some planes than go to Europe. I also read somewhere that the terms of the contract with FAs is very favorable for them in terms of temporary layoffs etc.

    7. Alen Šćuric Purger14:03

      EK je više nego dobro popunjen. Dolazni letovi su oko 80%, za vikend 100%. Odlazni su ispod 50%. Što je i logično jer je sada turisti dolaze u Zagreb, a tek će se vračati za 7-10-14 dana...

      No, da ovako i ostane za EK je to super (održavaju oni linije gdje imaju i 60% popunjenosti cijelu godinu). A pogotovo što je to nova linija i treba joj neko vrijeme da se ustabili.

      Naravno, da će se LF povećati vremenom, a posebno kada se turisti kreću vračati. Onda će i odlazni letovi biti bitno bolje popunjeni.

      Ozbirom da je to nova linija LF je daleko veći nego što se očekivalo.

    8. Alen Šćuric Purger14:29

      Well, for sure you are right, as they have so many seasonal routes.

    9. Anonymous15:24

      *vraćati Alene
      Ako ne znaš razlikovati č i ć, koristi samo c. Tvoje tekstove je zadovoljstvo čitati, ali ovo upada u oči
      (samo dobronamjeran savjet)

    10. Alen Šćuric Purger15:40

      Sorry, ja sam kajkavac (Sjeverni dio Hrvatske govori kajkavicu), a kao takav jednostavno ne čujem Č i Ć (kao ni Slovenci). Mi imamo samo "Č".

      Sve svoje tekstove koji se objavljuju laktoriram, ali na forumima sigurno to radit neću. Mislim da nikoga neće ubiti pokoje krivo Č ili Ć, niti da je to jako bitna stvar. No, pisati C umjesto Č ili Ć radi moguće pogreške bilo bi još bitno gore. Ako to Vama tako jako smeta, iskreno mi je žao.

      Slažem se sa Vama. Očito je tako da nije sigurno ne bi imali toliko prizemljenih aviona zimi. Na koncu, oni sigurno znaju daleko bolje nego mi, imaju uvid u troškove i daleko preciznija istraživanja.

    11. Anonymous17:27

      Bravo Alene, dobar odgovor.

  12. Anonymous09:52

    I'm sure Air Transat will more than get their moneys worth out of these flights.

  13. Anonymous09:56

    Air Canada use to fly Toronto-Zurich-Zagreb once upon a time. Would be fantastic to see them back!

    1. Anonymous10:03

      That was a different era.

    2. Anonymous10:06

      How many times per week did they serve ZAG? and what plane?

    3. Anonymous11:11

      767 3x per week.

    4. Anonymous14:28

      And few years before YYZ-ZRH-ZAG on 767, when the service started, they had flown YYZ-ZAG-ATH on L15 (Lockheed Tristar 1011 series 500, very similar to DC10)

  14. Anonymous10:02

    It's surprising flights from the US haven't started yet. Canada is a much smaller market for Croatia than the US.

    1. Anonymous10:08

      I'm sure flights from US to Croatia will happen, talks in ZAG are still ongoing, we'll have to be patient!

    2. Anonymous10:12

      Croatian government said they expect seasonal flights from US will start next year.

    3. Anonymous11:27

      I am not surprised, there is no US airline like Air Transat that can operate flights.

    4. Anonymous11:37

      @AnonymousJune 13, 2017 at 10:12 AM

      Croatian government said it hopes the seasonal flights might start next year.

      Hope and actual, ain't the same.
      Ideally Air Canada will return to Zagreb by 2020, Delta or American might start flights to Zagreb by this point as well, hopefully.

      However, Zagreb is connected with all major cities worldwide, via major legacy carriers, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Austrian, British Airways, Iberia, Swiss, Emirates, Qatar.....

    5. Anonymous12:36

      Actually the thing is that US does not have a comparable leisure scheduled carrier!

      To serve lucrative Caribbean leisure market from US the airlines there can use A320,B738. However logically they cannot make it to (Southern) Europe.

    6. Anonymous12:44

      ...and NONE of the big 3 US carriers (all with many wide bodies in their fleet) will try any exyu destination when they can afford to completely neglect massive European markets such as Vienna with today already 30 Mio pax per year (VIE incl. BTS,LNZ,GRZ).

  15. Anonymous10:20

    Following the debacle that was Skygreece from Toronto, this is such a welcome change. Great to see a serious airline run this route.

    1. Anonymous12:46

      In fact I heared Skygreece was doing pretty well between ZAG and Canada but they really were bleeding money on relatively low yielding Thessaloniki and high competition ATH routes

    2. Anonymous14:36

      Usually there were 150-200 passengers (767, capacity 250 ), disembarking in ZAG from YYZ, and 30-50 passengers continuing to Greece, which cannot absolutely be called the debacle, at least when ZAG is in question. The fact that Greek airline went into bankruptcy, is debacle, but it has nothing to do with ZAG.

    3. Anonymous16:24

      When the banks in Greece closed they weren't able to pay even their fuel and they cancelled few flights which made the whole airline collapse.

  16. Anonymous10:29

    Congrats, Zagreb!

  17. Anonymous10:29

    Has Air Transat been using airbridges at ZAG this year?

    1. Anonymous10:35

      Yes it has. All the airlines flying wide bodies have- Air Transat, Emirates and Korean Air.

    2. Anonymous10:49

      Thanks. Would be great to see some pictures :)

    3. Anonymous11:07

      There were some. I remember someone posted. If they could again.

    4. Alen Šćuric Purger11:24

      Emirates is always on gate 8. On Mondays and Wednesdays Air Transat is in same time in gate 5/6 and on that way they can use gate 4 and gate 7 for A320. But still 3 planes in that time are in old (west) apron (last time there was Air France A319, Norwegian 737-800 and Croatia CRJ-1000).

      Same thing with Korean when it is in same time in terminal with Emirates.

  18. Anonymous10:33

    Really great news, cause Air Transat is outstanding and reliable airline.

  19. Anonymous10:39

    Wow 345 seats on an A330-200!!! That's a squeeze, especially on a 8+ hr flight. What are the ticket prices like? I can't believe airlines are allowed to add an extra seat to make it 9 across.

    1. Anonymous11:39

      Yeah, packed like sardines. Most leisure airlines are like that, pack them in.

  20. Anonymous10:50

    Anybody know their average loads?

    1. Anonymous11:39

      Last year they had very good loads, 85-90%.

  21. Anonymous10:58

    Would love to see Air Canada rouge in ZAG in the years to come!

    1. Anonymous11:07

      There is not enough room for 2 Canadian airlines to fly to Zagreb.

    2. Anonymous11:09

      *By room I mean the market is not big enough. Plus the Air Canada rouge person said they take competition in account when they consider starting a route.

    3. Anonymous11:23

      Rouge was approached by Zagreb but in the end Air Transat showed interest.

    4. Alen Šćuric Purger11:30

      Usually Air Transat comes first, than Canada Rouge start flights if it was successful, and than Air Transat terminate their rotation in favor of Air Canada Rouge (they don't fight competition). Just in few markets they stay together with Rouge.

    5. Anonymous18:40

      OT: 2 El Al planes from Israel to ZAG, scheduled flights, one of them is B757!

  22. Anonymous11:26


    BEG-IST on KK is overbooked tomorrow.

    1. Nemjee16:21

      Додао бих да је то за КК посебно занимљиво имајући у виду да су ових дана повећали Београд на 10 лета недељно.

  23. Anonymous11:28

    Good news that flights are already on sale for next year. This route is developing nicely.

    1. Anonymous12:01

      Yes but Air Transat has the perfect strategy for this route. Seasonal for diaspora and tourists. They sell packages, they allow your inbound to be to another city and outbound from Zagreb and vicersa. They are flexible.

  24. Anonymous12:13

    Air Transat doubled frequency and extended season while Air Serbia still doesn't see potential to start Toronto. Idiots.

    1. Anonymous12:28

      ZAG/Croatia and BEG/Serbia are 2 separate markets...

    2. Anonymous14:34

      You don't have to insult anyone. Cro&Srb are separate markets. Calm down

    3. Anonymous14:52

      ZAG and BEG markets have more similarities than differences: highly seasonal, mostly diaspora, low yield destinations. Still, it’s enough to make money with the right product as TS have shown.

      People surrounding Air Serbia have been talking about Toronto and Chicago as next destinations for a couple of years and that might have kept Air Canada Rouge and Air Transat away from BEG. For more than a year no one is talking about ORD and YYZ any more so Air Serbia probably gave up on those plans and this could mean TS or RV might be looking at BEG as a next destination. Apparently Canada and Serbia are working on updating bilateral so that’s another hint.

      Air Transat is replacing A310 with A330 but they didn’t announce any major expansion of the wide body fleet in the near future, however they could shuffle things around to make room for 1pw BEG seasonal service.

      On the Air Canada Rouge side, they will keep expanding 767 fleet as mentioned in the article and that could mean more destinations like BEG. Considerations they mentioned in the article for choosing a new destination are all in favor of BEG: customer demand – check; airport infrastructure – check (A330 to JFK); competition from other carriers – check (now that Air Serbia backed down from flying own metal and instead opting to codeshare with others like HU on PEK line).

      Based on all this, there is a reasonable chance we might see announcement for YYZ-BEG 2018 summer season in Sept/Oct timeframe.

    4. Anonymous16:50

      @AnonymousJune 13, 2017 at 2:52 PM

      ""ZAG and BEG markets have more similarities than differences: highly seasonal, mostly diaspora, low yield destinations. ""

      Actually, they don't. Zagreb flights are mostly packed with Canadian and US tourists, diaspora perhaps being 10-20% at most!!!

      Croatia had 112 000 Canadian visitors in 2016, 125 000 are expected this year. Zagreb had 32 000 Canadian visitors, even if Air Canada flew three times per week, year round, with B767 300ER /B787 800, that barely be enough for Zagreb demand alone, considering Canadian visitors to Zagreb will pass 40 000 this year.

      Air Canada if they come to Zagreb in 2020, projection indicates some 175000 Canadian visitors to Croatia, of which 50 000 to Zagreb won't be able to cope with the demand. Even with 6 weekly flights to Zagreb, Air Canada would barely cover 45% of the Demand for Croatia.

      BTW I am not saying Air Canada is coming to Croatia.

    5. Anonymous16:54

      Anon at 12.13pm - seems as though your wisdom and brainpower could well be used at Air Serbia since you figure they are such idiots.

      Make a strong enough case and i'm sure your talents would be put to better use than having them go to waste on this blog

    6. Anonymous17:00

      Anon 4.54

      Highly doubt it, many high profile people have left JU so I am sure there is no place for him either. ;)

    7. Anonymous17:55

      Really - like who ??

    8. Anonymous19:12

      @Anonpetar at 4:50

      "Zagreb flights are mostly packed with Canadian and US tourists, diaspora perhaps being 10-20% at most!!! "

      Delusional. Did you read what the airline said about their own passengers? Here it is: There is a big Croatian community in Toronto and there is interest from Croatian travellers from both Europe and Canada", the airline said. They would not say that is diaspora was only 10-20% as you claim! You must have been sitting under a sun for too long. Under a bluesun, that is.

    9. Anonymous19:32

      To thread starter: it's not the same for Air Transat (TS) and Air Serbia (JU) to start those routes. TS has advantage in very high density cabin without business class. JU has sparse layout not ideal for the market. JU would have to go trough many logistical efforts and expenses for seasonal once a week route to Toronto while taking away that plane from one JFK rotation. JU could for example fly 1pw YYZ and 4pw JFK, but JFK route makes money in the summer and it makes more sense to focus on JFK with 5pw than to split. It is easier for TS to start ZAG 1pw or 2pw as it has much larger fleet that's easier to optimize than a single A330 JU has. Last but not the least, JU stakeholders might have pulled their support for second A330 or any other long haul expansion.

    10. Anonymous19:54

      @AnonymousJune 13, 2017 at 7:12 PM

      I am not Peter, and the number of travelers with Croatian heritage on each flight does not exceed 20% if that. There's data available, just google it.

      Each flight is mostly tourist who visit Croatia and Zagreb, normally, Zagreb - Zadar, - Split - Dubrovnik.

      112 000 Canadians visited Croatia in 2016, 125 000 are expected this year, are you saying all these Canadians have Croatian heritage and they use Transat to come to Croatia. When out of Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto they have excellent links with Lufthansa, Air Canada, KLM, Air France, BA, Iberia... I mean really you must be smoking some heavy weed.

      OU has code sharing agreement with Air Canada, if anything Croats in Canada would use service with air Canada that is regular with daily congestion flights to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Zurich or Brussels.

      If you're looking for great deals, on flights, these are the websites you look for and not some leisure company that offers sardine style travel.

      You do know Croats don't need visa to travel to Canada and stay in Canada up to 3 months?????

    11. Anonymous19:56

      OU has code sharing agreement with Air Canada, if anything Croats in Canada would use service with air Canada that is regular with daily connecting flights to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Zurich or Brussels.

    12. Anonymous@7:12pm, this is ridiculous. This is me, Petar you are referring to. I never write under anonymous. And I dont work for Bluesun anymore anyway - so pathetic. You stalking me across the other croatian forums ? Happy to have just learned that I am popular among serbian stalkers... ;)
      although the argument of a previois anonymous was a bit stretched, there are differences in ZAG and Svrbian markets when it comes to Canadian tourists.

    13. Anonymous20:45

      "number of travelers with Croatian heritage on each flight does not exceed 20% if that."

      "You do know Croats don't need visa to travel to Canada and stay in Canada up to 3 months?????"

      Too bad, they are limited to less than 20%, including those that arrive from Canada according to you.

      Are you saying that Air Transat does not know their customers, but you know better by using google? Stop it, you are too funny.

    14. Anonymous20:58

      Ma dobro sto hoces dokazati? Da u Hrvatskoj ne dolaze turisti iz Canade?

    15. Anonymous21:33

      Claim that only 10-20% of Toronto Zagreb flights are diaspora and the rest are US/Canada tourists, is completely false.

    16. Anonymous22:04

      @AnonymousJune 13, 2017 at 9:33 PM

      Yeah all 112 000 Canadians arrived to Zagreb with Air Serbia via Belgrade.

      Jealous small minded brainless troll always use pointless arguments to prove their trollish point.

    17. Anonymous23:31

      You do realize that you are trying to make a point that goes directly against what the airline said?

    18. Anonymous01:00

      @AnonymousJune 13, 2017 at 11:31 PM

      You do realize, 112 000 Canadians holidayed in Croatia in 2016, Transat is a Leisure airline, and flies mostly tourist on organized visits.

      Mostly Canadians with French, Irish, English and Scottish surnames are on flights, You have perhaps 50-70 Croatian surnames on most flights.

      Airline caters for tourist mostly, however there are Croatians on these flights as well, but not diaspora only.

      Zagreb is well connected with Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal on a daily basis, via Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Brussels, London, Copenhagen, Zurich and Rome.

      Weekly flights via Madrid, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki............

      The choice is extensive and growing with each passing day. Most Croats I know in Toronto, (I live in Quebec City), use Toronto and usually Lufthansa or Air Canada to get to Zagreb. I usually fly with Air Canada, KLM or Air France. KLM has really cheap offers from Montreal and Toronto. Last year I flew with KLM to Zagreb for €750 return ~1100 CAD$.

    19. Anonymous02:47

      "Mostly Canadians with French, Irish, English and Scottish surnames are on flights, You have perhaps 50-70 Croatian surnames on most flights."

      If you want to be taken seriously, show us the flight/passenger manifest that proves it.

      I will also have to ask site admin to delete your offensive posts like this one: "Jealous small minded brainless troll always use pointless arguments to prove their trollish point."

  25. Anonymous14:35

    Good news for ZAG.

  26. Anonymous16:43

    Air Transat offers people the opportunity to purchase a ticket to say Prague and for you to return from Zagreb and charges as one return ticket which is really good for tourists. They also fly to Budapest. So a person can book a ticket to BUD, spend a few days there, go to Zagreb and return from there to Toronto.

  27. Anonymous16:52

    Yes, that's called open jaw.

    1. Anonymous16:52

      This was meant for comment at 4.43 :)

  28. Anonymous20:11

    OT: Pula in May

    35.089 / 48.132

    First five months
    48.556 / 65.842

    Airport was closed in February due to runway overhaul.