Skopje Airport removes Alexander signage


Skopje Airport has removed all signage featuring its former name "Alexander the Great Airport" over the weekend in another goodwill gesture to Greece, as the two neighbours work to resolve a 27-year-old name dispute of the former Yugoslav republic. On Saturday, the three-meter-long letters spelling out the name of the famed ruler of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia were removed from Skopje Airport's terminal. In a statement, operator TAV Macedonia said, "We have begun implementing the government's decision. The sign featuring the name on the terminal building has been removed, while we are also in the process of removing signage from all other facilities". The Macedonian government earlier this month decided to rename the airport to Skopje International. Road signs featuring the now former name of the airport have also been removed.


  1. Anonymous15:01

    Finally! Well done, Macedonia! Country is finally opening up towards the world!!!

  2. Anonymous15:18

    Good. Happy for Macedonia.

    Now someone talk to the works manager. These guys should have helmets on.

  3. Anonymous16:09

    It should be renamed to Kiro Gligorov airport.

  4. Anonymous16:28


  5. Anonymous16:30

    I flew with Qatar today to SKP and some 10 days from SKP to Qatar, the loads were very very poor, not sure if its the slow period, but today there was maximum 30 passengers on the flight and I was the only person in business class. Talking with the cabin crew they told me that the flight is fully sold during the high season but is not doing good off season.

  6. Anonymous18:06

    Let the direct flights to ATH and SOF begin at once!
    BRAVO MK!!!!

  7. Anonymous22:45

    Rename ot Traitor Zaev & Co

  8. Anonymous08:09

    Or Gruevism & Mijalkov Inc.