Skopje Alexander the Great Airport renamed


Skopje's Alexander the Great Airport will simply be known as Skopje International Airport, the Macedonian government has decided in a bid to end its dispute with Greece. The airport will be officially renamed in the coming days once the decision is published in the Government Gazette. The former Macedonian government renamed Skopje's airport after Alexander the Great in 2007, renewing a diplomatic spat with Greece at the time. Kavala Airport, in north-eastern Greece has been carrying the same name since 1992. Last year, Greece's Aegean Airlines announced it would resume services between Athens and Skopje in 2018 after more than a decade but told EX-YU Aviation News that it has conditioned its return to Macedonia on the "resolution of certain contentious issues". Tickets for the new service are now expected to go on sale in the coming days.


  1. Anonymous14:12

    Straightforward, no nonsense name :)

  2. Anonymous14:24

    Congratulations to Aegean and Greece. This is an important move that will benefit both sides.

    SKP is in a deseperate need of a new airline that will offer connections to the east.

    1. Anonymous14:35

      lol. not everybody is so narrow minded like you

      btw its the same troll from yesterday

    2. Anonymous14:39

      Aegean has nothing new to offer east. all their destinations are already served by TK and Pegasus and flyDubai and Qatar ... and to some extent JU

    3. Anonymous14:42

      Who flies to Lebanon or Egypt from SKP via DOH or DXB?

      It's nice to see sanity return to Balkan politics.

    4. Anonymous14:47

      JU doesn't offer connections from SKP to the Middle East.

    5. Anonymous15:00

      of course they do. SKP-BEY 345€,

      even TLV

      TLV-BEG 8-10
      BEG-Skp 13.20-14.35...

    6. Anonymous15:16

      Yeah but look at the connecting times. JU has timed their times to connect passengers to New York and Western Europe.

    7. Anonymous15:23

      dude leave the macedonians in peace. spread your hate somewhere else

    8. Anonymous15:23

      Where is the hate exactly?

  3. JU520 BEGLAX15:12

    Bravo SKP. Others airports shld follow
    No need for personalcult, especially if men all the time. 50% of our society is gifted with women, no idea that barely woman name exist.

    1. Anonymous15:17

      One day you are saying how ex-YU airlines shouldn't expand in the east, now you are calling the society sexist... seriously?