Croatia targets four long haul routes

The Croatian Minister for Tourism, Gari Cappelli, has said the country is looking to secure flights from four far away markets in the coming period and is in talks with a number of carriers. These include Japan, China, South Korea and the United States. Speaking to the "Globus" weekly, Mr Cappelli, said, "One of our main goals is to improve Croatia's air connectivity. The establishment of new flights is crucial to increasing the number of arrivals, especially from far away markets. We are particularly focusing on Japan, with which we recently signed a bilateral Air Service Agreement, but also China, South Korea and the United States, which all account for a growing number of tourists". Currently, Korean Air and Japan's ANA serve Croatia through summer charters to Zagreb and Dubrovnik respectively.

The Croatian government has authorised the Minister for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butković, to commence talks with his Japanese counterpart over the establishment of scheduled flights between Zagreb and Tokyo. Korean Air has been granted approval by the country's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which allocates air transport rights on an annual basis upon request, to operate up to five weekly scheduled services to Croatia this year. The Korean carrier may or may not exercise those rights, although the airline recently said it was exploring opportunities to expand its presence in the country. Its long haul low cost subsidiary, Jin Air, previously confirmed it would launch operations between Seoul and Zagreb in 2019.

On the other hand, the Chinese Ambassador to Croatia recently emphasised the need for the establishment of nonstop flights between the two counties in order to attract more tourists. "Now is the time for these services to begin", he said. Furthermore, Croatia has intensified talks with airlines and tour operators for the launch of nonstop flights to the United States. Mr Capelli previously said services between Croatia and the US would begin this year on a seasonal summer basis, before being upgraded to year-round operations in 2019. At the time he noted, "We are in serious negotiations over the introduction of year-long flights from Croatia to New York, most likely from Zagreb and Dubrovnik, even from Split".

The Minister for Tourism noted that several years ago only a small fraction of tourists holidaying in Croatia arrived by plane, with that figure growing to 20% this year. The Ministry has launched a four million euro project entitled "Positioning Croatia as a airline destination", with plans to double its budget next year. "The project aims to attract carriers from far away markets", Mr Cappelli said.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    We have been reading articles identical to this one for a few years now.

    1. Anonymous09:51

      And since than Zagreb gets:

      7 pw Emirates
      4 pw Toronto by Air Canada
      2 pw Toronto by Air Transat + Montreal on few flights

      + Iberia, Brussels, CSA, KLM, LOT, Swiss, Silver, El Al, Aegean, Norwegian, new routes on Eurowings, 10 new Croatia Airlines routes + much more flights on Qatar, Lufthansa, Croatia, Trade Air...

    2. Anonymous10:07


      last anon

    3. Anonymous10:16

      Emirates is not long haul route..

    4. Anonymous10:28

      What 'much more' was there on Lufthansa? The only more we got is the number of downgrades to regional jets from mainline.

      Also, most of those you listed are seasonal with some like SN and OK reversing their decision to fly year-round.

      It's a mixed bag of results.

    5. Anonymous10:34

      By Eurocontrol every route longer then 4000 km is long-haul. So Zagreb-Dubai is long-haul. Plus, it is operated with wide-body.

    6. Anonymous10:38

      Lufthansa opened 7 more weekly flights last year so now it operates:
      - 2 per day to Munich + 2 per day by Croatia = 4
      - 2 per day to Frankfurt + 3 per day Croatia = 5

      OK is not seasonal as it will fly all year this winter. It is not true that "most of listed are seasonal". Here is the fact:

      - all year new routes:
      some of Croatia new routes

      El Al
      Air Canada
      Air Transat
      most of Croatia new routes

      As you can see it is not "most".

    7. Anonymous10:57

      Anon 10:34, Association of European Airlines defines medium haul as flights to north Africa and Middle East. So, Zagreb, Belgrade, Vienna,Paris-Dubai is medium haul routes..

    8. Anonymous11:02

      Eurocontrol is authority, AEA is just small uninfluenced association. You can not compare this.

    9. Anonymous12:04

      All those new flights and Zagreb barely moved from 2.8 till 3.1 million passengers, still not making it into top 100 European airports. Is it just me or there is something wrong?

    10. Alen Šćuric Purger12:17

      It is just you.

      Zagreb airport has steady increase of 6 do 12% per year without LCC, only on legacy carriers. LCC in Zagreb is more than modest (just 8 routes from 3 airlines). When Zagreb will open to LCC (and that will happen sooner or later) it will have huge jump of several hundred thousands passengers. Something Skopje, Belgrade, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Tuzla... already done.

    11. Anonymous13:02

      Then there is something wrong.

    12. Anonymous13:18

      Of course there is something wrong but no Croat will admit it publicly. Anything they do is flawless just like LH Mainline being replaced with regional is great news and 5% growth in April is of course because of Easter.

      Meanwhile more realistic airports around such as LJU, BNX, OSI... are attracting airlines locals actually need.

    13. What are you talking about? Who said that we and everything we do is flawless? Obsessed much?

      And you've lost any credibility with "more realistic airports".

    14. Anonymous13:47

      @AnonymousMay 29, 2018 at 1:18 PM

      You're just trolling now!!! I mean you troll all the time it seems.

      Munich - Zagreb distance is barely 400km, there's a high speed rail connection and motorway all the way to Zagreb from Munich, you could literally be in Munich in less than 4 hours and once Schengen Area comes in to effect, with in 3 hours.

      The fact Lufthansa flies out of Munich with E195/CRJ900 twice daily for route that is so close is a good think, the fact it flew only once a day beforehand, with B737 300 (before Boeing fleet was retired)

      Out of Frankfurt, Lufthansa mainline flies twice daily with A320/A319 year round.
      Zagreb is top 20 destination for Lufthansa out of Frankfurt and Munich, and Lufthansa will only increase number of flights to Zagreb.

      I'll admit one thing though, I do miss EasyJet in Zagreb, they should be enticed and replace MonarchAir on flights to LGW, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.
      Hope they return to Zagreb soon, clearly there's demand for flights as Monarch was doing really well on Manchester and LGW route.

    15. Anonymous14:17

      Excuses and justifications coupled with theories. I prefer reality and hardcore facts.

      A fact is that this year SKP will have more A321s than ZAG. I wouldn't be surprised if this autumn/winter SKP has more passengers than ZAG. Difference is down to just 200.000 passengers despite PRN being next door!!!

    16. Anonymous17:03

      Anon 2:17, we got the announcement. Where are you now?

    17. Anonymous18:36

      When will Korean officially announce the route?

    18. Anonymous20:14

      Ok,it is almost certain Hainan Airlines will be adding Zagreb year round from Spring next year, the talks are in final phase, 3 weekly flights in summer months and twice weekly in winter months direct from Beijing to Zagreb.

      ANA airlines will be announcing something soon, so it seems they're quite likely to also start direct flights to Zagreb, from Tokyo at first, with Osaka possibly at the later stage.

      So Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo will be connected with Zagreb year round from next year,with Seoul from September this year, Tokyo early spring next year and Beijing from May 1st 2019.

      ANNA should announce their flight sometimes early next month, Hainan Airlines will be announcing it towards the end of June.

      Singapore Airlines is also in the game, as they're looking at seasonal flights connecting Singapore with Zagreb from Summer next year. The talks are ongoing and we'll know early next year regarding Singapore.


      Korean Air
      Hainan Airlines

      are coming to Zagreb, really great news. Very exciting times ahead fro Croatia and in particular Zagreb.

      Also, not related, Hilton is looking to build 5* Hotel in Zagreb, 250 room hotel will be very centrally located. Also as we speak 9 brand new hotels are under construction in Zagreb, all 4* hotels with one possibly 5* hotel.

      Zagreb will need at least 20 new hotels by 2020, to meet the demand.

    19. Anonymous20:18

      Anon 8:14, the company is called ANA (All Nippon airways).

    20. Anonymous22:12

      Hilton opened in Belgrade yet it didn't really stimulate any extra demand. Don't see the point of mentioning that.

    21. Anonymous01:48

      @AnonymousMay 29, 2018 at 10:12 PM

      No, I am just saying 2nd Hilton Hotel in Zagreb, Kempinski is also looking to build an hotel in Zagreb, all 5*, so far Zagreb has only three 5* hotels,

      Esplanade - 215 rooms
      Westin - 457 rooms
      Shereton - 325 rooms

    22. Alen Šćuric Purger09:05

      Last year hotel La Premier with 5***** was opend in center of the town (Kralja Držislava 5). Hotel has 62 rooms.

      So all together it id 1059 rooms with some 2.100 bads in 5*****.

      Zagreb has 20 4**** hotels.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    We are finally getting the flights! Think whatever you want, but first announcement is next week! Stay tuned ;)

    1. Anonymous09:06

      I have been 'tuned' for a few years now and all we got were charters.

    2. Anonymous09:22


    3. Anonymous09:22

      CTN788 ZAG - MIA with Q400 incomming!

    4. Anonymous09:32

      Will it operate via SPU or DBV like Rome?

    5. Anonymous09:52

      Yes, huge intercontinental route next week.

      Just wait few days.

    6. Alen Šćuric Purger15:16

      So, even you don't need to wait. Here it is big news

      KOREAN to Zagreb 3 flights per week from 1st September:

    7. Anonymous15:46

      Three times per/w is rather optimistic.

    8. Alen Šćuric Purger15:54

      It it minimum logical frequency if you want connection and all possible passengers not just tourists (for them two pw is OK). But with 500.000 tourists in Croatia that is no risk at all. 3 pw is some 40.000 seats, or 30.000 passengers to make this profitable. That is just 5% Korean tourists to Croatia + connected passengers (Japan, China, Taiwan)

    9. Anonymous16:47

      I have to correct myself (Anon 9:04), second big announcement is next week! Didn't know Korean will announce the flights today! Again, stay tuned ;)

    10. Anonymous16:58

      Well Korean didn't announce them yet. They will probably when tickets go on sale.

    11. Anonymous17:02

      Anon 4:58, you know what I meant, I suppose. Anyway, next week, 2nd announcement! :)

    12. Anonymous17:26

      ANA from Tokyo is next! To be announced, it was about time!

  3. Anonymous09:04

    Asiana launched Venice from where they will visit the Croatian coast.

  4. Anonymous09:04

    It's good that they have the initiative. Hoping we see some results.

  5. Anonymous09:05

    The same story again... and again...
    Really hope it will materialize one day... some day.

    1. Anonymous09:53

      Unlike Emirates, Air Transat, Air Canada which never materialized!

    2. Anonymous09:54

      Those they never even announced. These ones - Korea, China, US they have been announcing literally for years.

    3. Anonymous10:18

      It is not Air Canada, but Air Canada Rouge..That is not the same..

    4. Anonymous10:41

      Oh yes, so different. Dosn't meter that you can fly almost every day to Toronto from Zagreb (in combination with Air Transat), that you have connections via Toronto to Canada, USA and South America, that you have code-share on that route to Croatia, that you have code-share of Croatia airlines feeding routes... most important think is that it is Air Canada "soft brand" Rouge. Good for you.

    5. Anonymous13:16

      There is no code-share between OU and Rouge.

    6. Anonymous13:54

      There is:
      Air Canada will add its designator code and flights numbers onto several of Croatia Airlines' domestic flights this summer season. It comes in the run-up to its subsidiary, Air Canada Rouge, launching nonstop services from Toronto to the Croatian capital this June. The Canadian carrier will begin codesharing on Croatia Airlines' flights from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar, as well as between Pula and Zadar. The two Star Alliance member airlines already have a wide-ranging codeshare agreement in place. Air Canada has its flight numbers on services from Zagreb to Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, London Heathrow, Paris and Zurich operated by Croatia Airlines, as well as from Dubrovnik to Paris and Rome and from Split to London, Paris, Rome and Zurich. In return, Croatia Airlines codeshares on Air Canada's services from Toronto to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Paris and Zurich, from Montreal to Brussels, London and Paris, as well as from Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver to London.

  6. Anonymous09:08

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous09:13

      You really make my day funny! Go on! :)

  7. Anonymous09:09

    And who exactly will fly to the US? I don't see any of the big US carriers and there is no equivalent of Rouge or Transat there.

    Norwegian is overstretched so that's another no. United will not look at ZAG before flying to VIE first.

    Maaaaybe AA from PHL but that's such a strech that it's funny to think about it.

    1. Anonymous09:32

      I think there is a bigger chance for some US mainstream airline to start Dubrovnik seasonally.

    2. Alen Šćuric Purger10:47

      United would not fly to Vienna because Austrian already have several routes to USA for them (Chicago, Los Angeles Miami, Newark, New York JFK, Washington) + they fly Toronto.

      As you can see also Air Canada Rouge and Air Transat does not fly to Vienna but still flies to Zagreb. On same patters there is possibility that United would choose Zagreb instead of Vienna.

    3. Anonymous13:15

      Yes, United is rushing to launch Zagreb, they are just waiting to see if there are any available slots.

    4. Alen Šćuric Purger13:59

      No, they are not rushing, as we can see. And I did not say they are rushing, I said "On same patters there is possibility that United would choose Zagreb instead of Vienna."

      We discussed here that fact United is not flying to Vienna is not condition for Zagreb, as it was not for Air Transat and Air Canada. For sure United has its priorities and Zagreb, for sure, is not one of those. But it can have flights before Vienna, it is real.

      I would always say United will start flights before Air Canada, especially before Emirates. But, as we can see, Emirates and Air Canada did rush. So, everything is possible.

    5. Anonymous23:32

      @Alen AC Rogue and Transat don't fly to Vienna because there's no holiday demand to justify that flight. Austrian's YYZ-VIE heavily relies on transit passengers, and I know when I landed in VIE in June 2016 I was one of 6 or 7 people waiting to get their baggage

    6. Anonymous00:33

      No holiday demand for Austria? Are you kidding me? Austria has more income from tourism than Croatia, Vienna is the pearl of Europe as the capitol of the old Monarchy, not to mention winter skiing centers. So you got it all wrong bro

    7. Anonymous04:33

      @12:33AM not really much from Canada, no. Most people here don't care about Austria. Guess you've never left Europe in your life which is why you think the whole world revolves around it

    8. Alen Šćuric Purger08:58

      2015. u Austriji je bilo 107.081 kanadskih turista. Iste godine u Hrvatskoj je bilo 94.707 kanadskih turista.

      Bilo bi dobro idući puta provjeriti brojke prije nego se negšto ustvrdi

  8. Anonymous09:11

    "The Ministry has launched a four million euro project entitled "Positioning Croatia as a airline destination", with plans to double its budget next year."

    What do they do with this money?

    1. Anonymous09:15

      Subsidizing the launch of new long haul routes presumably.

    2. Anonymous09:19

      They are also using this budget to promote EK's flight to ZAG, The airline said it last year when the route was launched.

    3. Alen,
      Do you know if EK was "motivated" on the same way to start flying to ZAG?

      According to one of their earlier statements it could have happened.

    4. Anonymous13:56

      @AnonymousMay 29, 2018 at 9:11 AM

      Marketing and PR budget to promote Croatia in South East Asia, US, Japan, S. Korea and China.

      The marketing strategy costs loads of dosh. Normally €500 000 year long campaign with a PR firm gives you only limited exposure, if Croatian government has secured €8 million for these markets, say Japan, US, China and S. Korea, they have long term strategy to promote Croatia as a long haul destination.

      Zagreb airport itself offers good incentives for all carriers who start to fly to Zagreb, the incentives are spread over first 3 years and help new carriers establish their foothold on the market.

  9. Anonymous09:14

    Much ado about nothing.

    It's more of the same: we hope, we negotiate, we discuss ...

    Another summer seasons has come and gone without those promised flights from the US or Asia.

    Air Canada Rouge entered the market only because they saw how successful Transat was. In other words, Air Transat is the only carrier to have really taken a chance on the market here.

    These Koreans are annoying me. They got the rights but now they are too busy exploring opportunities.

    1. Anonymous16:42

      Anon 9:14

      I guess they are not annoying you anymore ;)

  10. Anonymous09:19

    Good luck! There is definitely potential.

  11. Anonymous09:25

    He says the same thing each year.

    1. Anonymous09:55

      I hope one day Emirates, Air Canada and Air Transat will come as it was promised.

    2. Anonymous09:58

      Like I said above those airline were never announced. They happened. While flights to the US have been announced each year since 2009. Maybe you are a HDZ supporter or a dihard patriot but seriously facts are facts.

    3. Anonymous10:49

      They promissed flights to Canada and Asia. So Emirates, Air Canada Rouge and Air Transat was "promised". The also did not mentioned which company will fly to USA, Japan and China. But they want to open routes to that market. Just like to Canada and Middle East.

  12. Anonymous09:31

    Great news. I think there is a lot of potential from these markets, especially China and I do not understand why more hasn't been done.

    1. Anonymous09:33

      Agree. Politicians have been talking about China-Croatia flights since 2014 and nothing has happened yet. It's time for some concrete action.

    2. Anonymous09:36

      Shame flights to Zadar did not materialize, they could use some extra passenger boost.

  13. Anonymous09:34

    They have been delaying flights from Zagreb to US each year. Hope it finally happens in 2019! Too late for this year.

    1. Anonymous09:37

      I think they can't find an airline to fly this route. But since Croatia plans to subsidize airlines, they might be able to now.

  14. Anonymous09:38

    Malaysia Airlines used to fly to Zagreb via Vienna. Could this route be resumed?

    1. Anonymous09:48

      Thai flies to Vienna so maybe it would be wise to extend the flight to Zagreb.

    2. Anonymous09:55

      No Malaysian is in deep shit.

  15. Anonymous09:39

    Well done. It seems the Croatian government is really trying to attract as many new customers as possible.

  16. Anonymous09:42

    I don't see how a route can be sustained purely on tourism which is highly seasonal in Croatia.

    1. It is not AS HIGH anymore as it used to be and also that's why there are seasonal flights to start with.

    2. Anonymous10:29

      Yes but seasonal flights are not as great for local businesses.

    3. Anonymous10:47

      They are good for tourism, so what's the problem?

    4. Alen Šćuric Purger10:57

      Much more all year flight this year to Croatia than 2 years ago

      Dusseldorf, Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Osijek

      Cologne/Bonn, Osijek, Split-Dubrovnik

      Pula, Zagreb

      Frankfurt, Munich, Rome, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Pula-Osijek, Rijeka-Osijek

      London, Madrid, Istanbul, Barcelona, Rome, Frankfurt, Zagreb, Split-Rijeka-Osijek

      Zagreb, Rijeka-Split-Dubrovni, Pula-Split

      more all year flights: Madrid, Prague, Athens, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, Barcelona, Lisbon, Mostar)

    5. Anonymous13:13

      Athens? The last time I checked it was seasonal and PRG might go seasonal again. OK cut it last winter unexpectedly, doubt much has changed.

    6. Alen Šćuric Purger14:01

      Aegean already announced it will be all year if load during summer will be good.

    7. Anonymous14:15

      Yes but we are talking about airlines that have alreayd loaded their winter flights into the system.

      Btw there are no year-round flights to Stockholm.

    8. Alen Šćuric Purger15:17

      Oh yes there is but not with Croatia, but with Norwegian.

    9. Anonymous19:45

      Nope, flights on Norwegian end in October.

    10. Anonymous19:52

      I thought Norwegian was flying last winter 1 pw to Stockholm.

    11. Anonymous22:09

      Maybe they were, who knows but this winter there is nothing loaded. Maybe they will add them later. However given the state of DY I wouldn't be surprised if they are going seasonal.

  17. Anonymous09:43

    Less talk, more action.

    1. Alen Šćuric Purger22:06

      As you can see there is action. Korean Seoul-Zagreb 3 pw all year.
      + Air Transat 2pw
      + Emirates 7pw
      + Air Canada Rouge 4pw
      In just two years!

      More then enough action

  18. Anonymous09:47

    They have been announcing flights to New York for years and years!

    1. Anonymous09:48

      Yes even since the time of National!

  19. Anonymous09:51

    They should try to get flights from Singapore that would give them excellent connections through south east asia and Australia.

    1. I agree, star alliance too but I think this would have been a perfect competitive choice for OU if they ever had the jaje to go long haul.

  20. Anonymous09:52

    I think Croatia Airlines will eventually launch long haul flights. They are building up their European network and after that is done I don't see why they wouldn't try to expand into the long haul business.

    1. Anonymous10:02

      It's an expensive adventure.

    2. Anonymous10:03

      You must be joking

    3. You don't see why? They are barely maintaining the company as it is and you think they could pull off a long distance flights?

    4. Anonymous10:07

      With what funds ?? They had to borrow money to service their engines and yet you believe that they have the means to launch prohibitively expensive long haul flights.

      Aegean airlines - which is almost 4 times bigger than OU - doesn't fly long haul nor does it intend on doing so, because it would be such a drain and strain on their resources, despite having a significant short haul network.

      They will be lucky to stay alive in the coming years, let alone think about such a foolish endeavour.

      Dream on ....

    5. Anonymous11:04

      But still Aegean argument and modest number of USA tourist in Serbia was not argument for not to open Air Serbia JFK flights.

    6. Anonymous14:02

      @AnonymousMay 29, 2018 at 11:04 AM

      Air Serbia is heavily propped up by Serbian government, it already owes to taxpayers over €450 million, could be €600 million, need to look at the latest figures.

      Air Serbia hasn't contributed to Serbian budget with any tax, since it was created.

    7. Anonymous17:17

      Anon at 2.02pm .... what crap are you talking about ??

      This is THE absolute comment of the day ie. that JU hasn't contributed to the Serbian budget with any tax since it was created !!

      It contributes by way of:

      1. PDV for goods and services that it consumes, from every aspect of procurement that is involved in running an airline - from raw materials in the production of catering; to fuel excises that it pays in buying jet fuel.

      2. Airport taxes and fees

      3. Indirectly, the income tax that its employees and all employees of it's suppliers pay...

      These are just 3 things that come to mind, but there are others as well

  21. Anonymous10:02

    Good to see the region has woken up in terms of attracting long haul flights.

  22. Anonymous10:25

    I think Japan, South Korea, China and the US are perspective long haul markets for Croatia. Happy the government is taking some action.

  23. Anonymous10:25

    strange..this talk about flights from Asia. on tourism front official stats grom Croatia show average overnight stay of 4 nights or less. is that preferable over a tourist who stays 7 or 10 nights? in 2019 barely any flights from London to Rijeka (just July and aug and will prob stop in 2019).. a few charters by Enter Air from Paris (ditto re 2019) and nothing from Italy. Spain or Ireland whikke every other Croatian coastal airport has increase for summer. strange indeed. maybe it is business traffic they expect from Asia not tourists?

    1. Anonymous10:33

      It doesn't really matter how long they stay if overall volume and anticipated demand increase is adding up. Duration of stay is more relevant to hotels for instance than for airlines - apart from possible influence on frequencies and days/times of operations, depending on general demand profiling.

  24. Anonymous10:39

    And beloved minister doesn't think we maybe need more Vueling, easyJet, Wizz Air, WOW...

    1. Anonymous10:45

      As long as passenger numbers grow around 12% annually without these, there is no need... with those growth would take similar numbers like in SOF and other cities that have them..

    2. Anonymous11:26

      What's the growth so far?

    3. Anonymous12:08

      So far this year ZAG added 83.261 new passengers and it grew by 11%. Growth was even large in the first three months but then April affected it.

  25. Anonymous11:25

    A list of nice wishes. I'll believe it when I see it.

    1. Alen Šćuric Purger12:19

      After Emirates, Air Canada Rouge, Air Transat, KLM, LOT, ČSA, Swiss, Brussels, Iberia, Aegean... everything is possible.

    2. Anonymous12:55

      Yes, another seasonal spectacular sucess maybe.

    3. Alen Šćuric Purger14:09

      Zagreb is tourist city (the biggest by number of tourists in Croatia, even more than Dubrovnik). So seasonal flights for sure are reality and very good option. Even more that is at least half of the year good connections.

      2 flights per week to USA, would be benefit, but for sure is not existential, as there are so good options for transfer via FRA (5 times per day), MUC (4 per day), VIE (4 per day), CDG (2 per day), AMS (2 per day), ZRH (2 per day), BRU (1,5 per day), IST (1,5 per day), LHR (1,5 per day), CPH (1 per day), WAW (1,5 per day), MAD, PRG, SVO, FCO, LIS, BCN...

      Anyhow one can see that there are more all year flights, and even Emirates just one year after they start route increase frequencies from 5 to 7 per week.

  26. I think China flights will happen soon. Chinese seem to be playing the political game and want their position in the world recognised and respected especially by smaller countries. Remember they all but announced a service to Zagreb a few years back (just before Belgrade was announced) which seemed to have been stopped at a Chinese government level where the Chinese ambassador said the flights would not go ahead because Croatia had not done enough to secure the service.

    Since then a few projects worth hundreds of millions of Euro's have been awarded to Chinese based companies and Rimac is making a factory in China worth a few hundred million euro's too. And you also have the decent amount of off season Chinese tourist numbers which keep going up.

    1. Anonymous12:39

      agree anon 12:03,
      especially now with peljesac bridge... there is demand for year round

  27. The Ministry has launched a four million euro project entitled "Positioning Croatia as a airline destination", with plans to double its budget next year. "The project aims to attract carriers from far away markets", Mr Cappelli said.

    I wonder who will get the most and what is a portion for EK?
    Or we shall continue reading that there was no subsidizing and that all new airlines would fly to ZAG based on purely increased demand?

    1. Are you saying that if EK wouldn't get any subsidize, there wouldn't be any visitors? EK is far from the cheapest option to the east.

    2. Croatia is nice country who attracts tourists so there is no doubt there would be many visitors, but probably not on EK flights...

    3. The flights are almost full in the summer and had a decent LF during off-peak months. So, what are all these people on these flights?

    4. Anonymous12:54

      If subsidies weren't around we would still have flydubai like in BEG, OTP, SOF, SKG ... or are you implying those are lesser markets than ZAG?

    5. I wonder who was transporting these passengers before EK arrived to ZAG?

      Or tourism developed in Croatia starting from EK arrival to ZAG?

    6. Anonymous13:12

      Croatia is not directly subsidizing EK, they are paying for some marketing activities around the world, that's perfectly legal.

    7. The demand is on the rise, especially for the last several years and all of the previous visitors has Qatar and Turkish in addition to FlyDubai at the time. FlyDubai left and EK jumped in. I don' see what is so confusing.

    8. Confusing is why we have no information about the amount of money EK gets from ZAG /Croatia any why is it kept as a secret when even Minister says that the amount of money for bringing new airliners will be 8 million EUR next year.
      Should we suppose that no similiar action was done regarding to EK? Sure.

      Or maybe EK would not have paid attention on Croatian market (like it doesn't on any other Ex-Yu market, even no that SJJ has 3x daily DXB with FlyDubai) without enough "motivation".

    9. Wow. You must be really obsessed with these "subsidizing". First, someone told you earlier it's the money invested in marketing and promotion, but no - you are certain that that was cash that was given so that EK would fly to ZAG and not to any other ex-YU airport. Aside the fact that Croatia is the most visited country in the ex-YU, so why would one EK fly here.
      This must itch you so bad.

    10. And I got false impression you were serious.
      Have a nice day

    11. Likewise, buddy.

    12. Anonymous14:13

      Well, as Petar posted on here the other day, crazy growth at HR airports is coming to its end and growth should be between 5% and 7%.

      Turkey, Tunis and Egypt are back in the game so they took away some of the tourists that went to Spain, Croatia or Portugal last year. That's why Split had no growth and Zadar actually had a 5% drop.

    13. Anonymous14:18

      @Nebojsa PopovicMay 29, 2018 at 1:36 PM

      It is not a subsidy, it is a marketing budget to promote Croatia as a long haul destination. You need to have a market before you can see airlines coming.

      Clearly there is a market,

      visitor projection for 2018.

      China: 225 000 (middle class+ population 330 million)
      Japan: 180 000 (population of 128 million)
      S. Korea: 500 000 (population of 51 million)
      USA: 575 000 (population of 321 million)
      Canada: 200 000 (population 37 million)
      Brazil: 80 000 (middle class+ population of 80 million)
      India: 90 000(middle class+ population of 260 million)
      Taiwan: 150 000 (population of 25 million)
      Australia: 250 000 (population of 25 million)

      You can see market potential especially in China, Japan and US.

      Although I think Croatia should promote itself in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. I know in Argentina and Chile most people associate Croatia with the wealthiest industrialist in these two countries, and that might be a bad thing, but perhaps country can try to promote itself and show the real face.

    14. Anonymous14:58

      @AnonymousMay 29, 2018 at 2:13 PM

      Peter is using a spreadsheet to see who is coming, how many new flights are being announced and who is departing, based on that he tracks number of new carriers and potential pax from available seats on the route.

      However, there's always a a charter market, seasonal charter and load factor, which in Zagreb's case is growing at 3-5% per year.
      You add these and suddenly numbers are not so bad.

      Also basing entire year on April performance is silly and childish. Zadar always had ping pong numbers, almost as bad as Rijeka Airport.

      Split isn't slowing down, it had a decent growth this year, and will continue to do so.
      2020 and onward where Split airport I expect will have less spectacular growth.

      I expect Zagreb airport will handle around 3.45 million pax this year, Split 3.08 million, Dubrovnik 2.75 million, Pula 720 000, Zadar 650 000.

      Egypt, Turkey, Tunis and so on, do not take travelers from Croatia, as Croatia is growing at steady rate of between 5% and 8% yoy since 2000.

      Also now a large number of visitors to Croatia come from Asia and North America, meaning Croatia is becoming very attractive destination for non-European visitors.
      Croatia will soon be in top 20 destinations for US Visitors, figures for 2017:

      Mexico - 22.5 million
      Canada - 8.5 million
      United Kingdom - 3.25 million
      Dominican Republic - 3.1 million
      France - 2.85 million
      Italy - 2.75 million
      Germany - 2.55 million
      Jamaica - 2.25 million
      Spain - 2.1 million
      People’s Republic of China - 1.8 million
      Bahamas - 1.65 million
      India - 1.6 million
      Costa Rica - 1.45 million
      Japan - 1.4 million
      Ireland - 1.25 million
      Netherlands - 1.11 million
      Switzerland - 920 000
      Austria - 870 000
      Philippines - 817 000
      South Korea - 735 000
      Colombia - 690 000
      Russia - 665 000
      Greece - 640 000
      Israel - 605 000
      Taiwan - 541 000
      Croatia 475 000
      Australia - 497 000

    15. And some of you guys think other airports in the region are not offering a packaged deal or subsidiaries to airlines like Emirates.

      The main reason Emirates came to Zagreb was because of the increased number of Asians coming to Croatia many of which like to use premium products like business and first class. Both these products offered by Emirates have been doing really well on flights to Zagreb.

    16. Anonymous18:37

      I am hoping we soon get direct seasonal connection to USA, however, only option that I can see is Delta and New York, I am looking at Prague, Budapest and similar cities where Delta only flies seasonally.

      With arrival of Korean, and soon ANA to Zagreb, we'd have all 3 markets from my list sorted. Getting Chinese carrier to get in, would than be the priority by 2020.

      I am also hoping Air Transat starts Zagreb - Montreal service, even at risk of Toronto reduction, 2020 would be ideal, perhaps they test the waters this year, with 5 scheduled flights and next year with perhaps 12 such flights and 2020 go seasonally.

      Getting Brazilian and Mexican carriers to do seasonal service to Zagreb say before 2025, would also be nice.

  28. Anonymous12:54

    what about ET...they are Star Alliance and have excellent coverage of Africa and Indian Ocean + they can combine ZAG with other point in EU and codeshare with OU...ATH for example which be excellent choice with 787 compared to DH8 product

    1. Anonymous13:11

      ET is about to sign a JV with Lufthansa. Their future expansion will take place at LH Group airports. ZAG is no interesting to me especially since they fly to VIE.

    2. Anonymous19:30

      JV with LH...from who you heard that?They already operate to almost all LH bases except MUC/ZRH...and no presence in EE ....

    3. Anonymous22:07

      Yes an ATI is planned between ET and LH on all flights between ADD and Germany.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Alen Šćuric Purger15:09


    SEOUL-ZAGREB, Korean
    tri puta tjedno od 1.9.
    cjelogodišnja (i zimi)

    više detalja na:

    1. Anonymous15:19



    2. Anonymous15:23

      thanks alen for this exclusivity

    3. Anonymous15:29

      Hvala Purger:
      "Istim će Zagreb od rujna (septembra) imati čak 16 tjednih letova na četiri linije i sa četiri prijevoznika (Emirates, Korean, Air Transat, Air Canada Rouge) sa širokotrupcima (za Seoul, Dubai, Toronto i Montreal). Svakog dana tako će u Zagreb slijetati po dva širokotrupna aviona, osim srijede i četvrtka kada će ih biti 3. Korean će koristiti širokoptrupni gate 8, obzirom da Emirates odlazi 20 minuta prije dolaska aviona iz Seoula. Zimi će Zagreb imati 10 širokotrupnih letova. Ovo je i druga svjetska kompanija koja će nuditi vrhunsku prvu klasu na letovima za Zagreb"

    4. Anonymous15:29

      Korean - SOLVED :)

    5. ZAG-ZRH by 789... will it be on sale, too?

    6. Alen Šćuric Purger15:50

      don't think so. But it is ICN-ZAG-ZRH-ICN so it is just one way possibility, and for sure that is not good enough option. In summer it is nonstop without ZRH.

    7. Anonymous16:19

      is this going to have influence on actual flights ICN-ZRH in winter, or they gonna just add 3 more rotation with zagreb

    8. Anonymous16:25

      Congrats from SRB!

    9. Anonymous19:11

      @AnonymousMay 29, 2018 at 4:19 PM

      It shouldn't as Zurich in huge demand, there's 20 000 strong Croatian community in and around Zurich, some 80 000 Croats live in Switzerland. Right now, air passenger traffic between two cities is significant, 5th most popular destination behind Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna and Amsterdam.

      Problem i see if Swiss, they suppose to go year round, not sure this is now likely, as they'll see Korean as additional capacity.

      Croatia in winter months flies to Zurich daily with Q400, that is total of 550 per week, and demand in winters is around 1750, Korean Air will cover some of the demand,but there's room for additional flights. OU could send A319 and Korean with A330 trice weekly, would cover it. I guess we'll see if Swiss waits another year before extending year round.

    10. JU520 BEGLAX19:13

      Thats fantaaaaaastic. Congrats to ZAG fm ZRH. Hope they sell ZAGZRH, i m imm. on that flight

      Bravo Hrvatska !!

  31. Congratulations ZAG!

  32. Anonymous15:55

    Brilliant day for Zagreb. Welcome Korean Air!

  33. Anonymous16:23

    gdje su nestali hejteri? :)

    1. Anonymous16:45

      Tamo su sa hrvatima koji su se sprdali sa etihadom, jfk, pek, vinci...itd.

    2. Anonymous16:51

      Idući tjedan 2. objava, također Daleki istok, cjelogodišnja linija!

      Bravo, ZAG!

    3. Anonymous17:14

      Hejteri su mirni jer ih ne dotice vest, na jednom forumu mozemo videti opsednutost Beogradom I to na temi o ZAG.
      Pozz iz NS

    4. Anonymous17:25

      NS (Anon 5:14), u pravu si, ali budi objektivan do kraja. Opsjednutost, u ovom slučaju, nije jednostrana.

  34. Anonymous16:32

    This is huge news 1/2. 2/2 very soon, stay tuned!

  35. Anonymous16:33

    Emirates (Dubai) 7pw - year round
    Korean Air (Seoul) 3pw - year round
    Air Transat (Toronto) 2pw - seasonal
    Air Canada Rogue (Toronto) 4pw - seasonal

    zimi 10 širokotrupnih tjedno, u sezoni čak 16!

    Hainan (Seoul) 2pw - year round
    Air Serbia (New York) 5pw - year round

    u jednom periodu zimi svega 4 širokotrupna tjedno, u najboljem slučaju ljeti - 7.

    1. Anonymous16:35

      Ovo vise govori o tebi nego o BEG/ZAG.

    2. Anonymous16:39

      a što to točno? mislim da su ovo zanimljivi podaci, BEG ima puno više putnika od ZAG ali kaska u interkontinentalnim destinacijama i širokotrupnim zrakoplovima. Nadam se da te to ne vrijeđa, to su činjenice.

    3. Anonymous16:41

      Apsolutno si u pravu. Smesno mi je samo da ti je to bila najvaznija stvar. Kao i ludak koji je ovde ostavio bezbroj komentara tipa "Srbija na aparatima", "Gde ste sada Srbi" itd mada vidim da su mu komentari obrisani. Sto se tice BG-a iskreno ne brinem. A sto se tice Zagreba cestitam.

    4. Anonymous16:54

      Ali cemu sada poredjenje sa BEG, kada I sami kazete da je vas region VCE, VIE, BUD, LJU? Kompleksi su cudo, najbitnije je sta ce reci u Srbiji? Reci ce vam Bravo jer zelimo trku sa vama, eto.

    5. Anonymous16:56

      nema smisla usporedivati ciji je veci, za dobrobit cijele regije je da se zracni promet povecava, bravo ZAG
      pozz iz splita

    6. Anonymous17:02

      Tako je... na danasnji dan tako stoje stvari. Videcemo sta nam donose naredni meseci, brojke su tu da bi se menjale.
      Pridruzujem se cestitkama Zagrebu.

    7. Anonymous17:05

      Glupo je očekivati da će ZAG ikad stići BEG po broju putnika, to i nije poanta. Meni je drago što ZAG ima sve više linija i prijevoznika. Isto vrijedi i za BEG.

    8. Anonymous17:07

      Split@ slazem se, I drago mi je na kraju ali realno je da kada odgovara uporedjujete sa BEG a kada ne odgovara onda niste u istoj regiji. Ne ti licno, nego generalno pricam. Dao Bog da vam I vise bude ali malo realnoati nije na odmet.

    9. Anonymous17:54

      Nema ko sta da napada Srbe ovde. Kada je objavljeno da ce Iranci leteti i povecavati letove za Beograd odmah ste krenuli sa pricama kako ce tu leteti migranti. Pogledajte samo sta se desilo juce sa RAM-om.

      Ovde ima barem vise Srba koji vam cestitaju dok sa vase strane sem Purgera nesto nisam video cestitke.

      Ne verujete mi? Prebrojte cestitke iz Srbije i uporedite ih sa brojem cestitki iz Hrvatske na jucerasnjoj temi.

    10. Anonymous19:03

      Hrvati ne priznaju te linije tipa Teheran, Cassablanca, Minsk...
      Drugo, mislim da BEG nikako ne kaska u odnosu na ZAG po pitanju long haul destinacija, ima Peking I NY, ZAG ima YYZ i ICN. Druga stvar je broj aviokompanija koje odrzavaju taj let I koliko cesto. I jedan I drugi imaju let za DXB samo sto ZAG ide sa Widebody a BEG sa narowbody

    11. Anonymous04:57

      Opet mjeraci mjere nemjerljivo.
      ZAG nikad nece dostici BEG po broju putnika.
      Isto tako, Srbija nikad nece dostici Hrvatsku po broju putnika.
      To su cinjenice.
      2 razlicite drzave sa 2 razlicita temelja razvoja zracnog prometa.

    12. Anonymous07:12

      @anonymus 5:54
      O cemu ti to?
      Sto ti imas s BEG da bi ti ja cestito?
      Ili sto ja imam s ZAG da bi mi ti cestitao?
      Niti radim za njih, niti sam sudjelivao u bilo kojem od poslovnih pothvata istoga.
      Mi smo samo mali kozumenti usluga istih.
      Poistovjecivati se s istima......stvarno djetinjasto.

    13. Anonymous08:05

      Poenta je da ima mnogo vise pljuvanja na srpskim temama nego na hrvatskim. Zato sam i dao primer ove dve teme.

    14. Anonymous08:49

      No budemo iskreni anonymours 8:05 ovo stvarno, ali stvarno nije istina!

    15. Anonymous08:51

      Da, ima puno djece na ovim forumima.....

    16. Anonymous08:52

      Cini mi se kako je neciji krhki ego krhkiji nego se to mislilo........

    17. Anonymous08:59

      Pusti....covjek ima opasnih pitanja sam sa sobom....obraca se u mnozini.
      To dovoljno govori o dijagnozi krhka ega.

    18. Anonymous09:09

      Uvrijedjene djece

  36. Funny how Zagreb has 2 airlines flying to Toronto and next year could have 2 different airlines flying to Seoul.

    1. Anonymous19:22

      That would be strange indeed. And when ANA comes we'd have 3 major East Asian carriers in Zagreb, imagine JAL decides to come in 2020, lol, however, ANA, Korean Air, is all I want, it would suffice.

      Chinese carriers next, China Air or China Eastern perhaps ? Would also like to see Singapore Air in Zagreb, they've shown interest for the route, and CAA has been talking to them for a while now, they might be enticed to come next year.

      Of European Carriers we still need:

      SAS - Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo
      Finnair - Helsinki
      Air Baltic - Riga, Vilnius, Talinn
      Aer Lingus - Dublin,
      Easy Jet - LGW, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh
      TAP Portugal - lisabon, Porto - Seasonal
      TAROM - Bucharest
      Ukraine International - Kiev
      AlItalia - Rome, Milan, Bologna, Genoa, Venice
      Transavia France - Bordeaux, Nice, Lyon and Marseilles
      Vueling - year round service to Barcelona
      Seasonal to Valencia and Seville

      If we can get all these carriers by 2020 or in 2020, that'd be something really great.

  37. JU520 BEGLAX19:36

    EK KE AC Rouge are the entry door for more airlines to come. Once airlines see that competitors open a dest, they follow too. I m sure that China and USA will be next, which is excellent news for all the region. Slovenia for example is benefiting fm the Koreans hype in HR as there is 1000s of them visiting LJU and Bled too

    1. Anonymous19:42

      Agree, Slovenia and Croatia are already cooperating regarding tourism and it would be good news for both of these countries.

    2. Anonymous22:17


  38. Anonymous19:39

    Ana has announced non stop HND-ZAG starting Nov 01

    1. Anonymous19:40

      Where? It will happen next week, according to my sources!

    2. Anonymous19:42

      Nice try but ANA doesn't have that many slots at Haneda so if they were to launch Zagreb it would be from Narita.

    3. Anonymous22:40

      agree with 7:42PM, it should be narita!

  39. Anonymous19:55

    DXB-ATH will be served by EK with A380, can ZAG get the same just like PRG and before BUD?

    1. Anonymous20:01

      No, Zagreb isn't certified for A380, other than emergency landings, airport operator will be adding A380 gates next year when the terminal will be extended ahead of schedule.

      And this is primarily due to Emirates request, the earliest we could see A380 landing in Zagreb is 2020. No idea when Budapest suppose to get its A380.

    2. Anonymous22:13

      Zagreb is certified for A380 in new terminal. It was not in old termial but in gate 8 they can service A380.

    3. Anonymous07:11

      ATH has 2 daily EK flights, ZAG 1daily just 1 year. So I doubt ZAG will have A380 very soon. Maybe just one flight like in WAW, but not no regular base.

  40. Anonymous22:17

    Btw I noticed that EW has been almost exclusively sending the Q400 from DUS to ZAG. Wasn't it initially planned to be operated with Airbus?

  41. Anonymous01:35

    Great news about year round Korean Air flights to ZAG!! I have flown Korean Air and they are a top notch airline as far as service goes, actually my favourite airline to fly on! They may even pick up some passengers travelling from Australia to Croatia :)

    1. They can be competitive on prices to th US and Europe from Australia.

    2. Anonymous02:27

      They are pricey on Australia to Korea flights but seem quite competitive on Australia to Europe flights (via Incheon) ... go figure :)

  42. Anonymous04:16

    If Korean Air will fly to ZAG before ZRH during the winter season I wonder about the likelihood of Thai Airways doing something similar with their reinstated Vienna service so we see say BKK-ZAG-VIE-BKK say 3 times per week? That would bolster TG's position in Central and Eastern Europe, would give ZAG a direct link to SE Asia, Croatia Airlines could codeshare to some places as a Star Alliance member and A350s woukd grace the runway at Pleso. Possible or just my wishful thinking? :)

    1. Alen Šćuric Purger08:47

      It it possible, but that route has less reason. Much better options would be flights from Japan, China and Taiwan.

  43. Anonymous06:18

    Already in the system:

    KE920 ZAG 17:20 - ICN 11:30 ---4-6-
    KE920 ZAG 17:45 - ICN 11:55 -2-----

    KE919 ICN 11:00 - ZAG 15:45 -2-----
    KE919 ICN 11:05 - ZAG 15:45 ---4-6-