Belgrade Airport posts record October figures


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport registered its 28th month of consecutive passenger growth in October by handling 495.881 travellers, up 3.2%. The number of aircraft movements stood at 5.284, representing an increase of 2.1%. The results mark the airport's busiest October on record. During the first ten months of the year, the airport welcomed 4.897.157 passengers through its doors, up 5.7%. The airport also reported its quarterly earnings data, with a profit of 14.4 million euros registered during the third quarter, representing an increase of 5% on the same period last year. Overall, during the Q1 - Q3 period, the airport's net profit stood at 23.4 million euros, up 3.1%. Belgrade Airport will welcome its fifth-millionth passenger of the year in November.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN333.989 1.3
FEB297.430 5.3
MAR366.099 6.5
APR447.681 7.5
MAY479.384 10.8
JUN539.169 6.4
JUL670.354 6.4
AUG689.308 7.5
SEP577.862 1.8
OCT495.881 3.2


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Solid results. Interesting that Passengers grew more than the operations meaning airlines saw better loads. Luckily JU seems to have stabilized it's operations so there are no more large fluctuations.

    1. Anonymous12:56

      Probably we shall be seeing bigger birds (A321) almost on daily bases from FCO, IST (it already is), ZRH, FRA, MOW, DOH...

    2. Anonymous15:21

      Tonight is also the first night flights operated by OS, they are sending the Q400.

    3. Anonymous17:00

      BEG is seeing limited growth this November, I guess another month of 3% growth.

  2. Anonymous10:36

    15 thousand additional pax is a lot....

    1. Anonymous12:48

      Belgrade added almost 265 thousand so far in 2018.

  3. Anonymous11:43

    Interesting how October is stronger than May. Who would have guessed.

    1. Anonymous12:13

      In Germany there are 2 weeks holiday for children in October. Something you do not have in May

    2. Anonymous12:23

      you have 4 bank holidays in May

    3. Anonymous12:29

      Not in all parts of Germany. Somewhere there were 3 and somewhere there were 4 bank holidays in May 2018.
      Anyhow kids need to go to school after them (together with weekend it is not more than 4 days) and in October they have 2 weeks in a row including one bank holiday

  4. Anonymous11:44

    Da upotpunimo ovu vest
    – Na aerodromu je u oktobru 2018. godine zabeležena opšta tačnost poletanja od 86,3%, dok je redovnost letova Er Srbije iznosila čak oko 91%, dok je svega 2,5% letova bilo sa kašnjenjem većim od 60 minuta.

  5. Anonymous11:45

    By the numbers it is quite obvious that the growth is slowing, regardless of how many pax were absolutely added. But this is a phenomenon across all airport of Europe.. the party seem to be over with increasing fuel prices..

    1. Anonymous12:06

      across all airport of Europe?P examples pls or you are making this up

      P.S go look at VIE's numbers

    2. Anonymous12:07

      EU airport growth avarage this year is +3%.

    3. Anonymous12:12

      You can't compare VIE with the rest because it's a battleground like Sofia was. Dust will settle and growth will drop.

    4. Anonymous12:19

      Growth is bigger in Oct than in Sep so I do not see what is so obvious.
      It is not realistic from the busiest airport in ex-yu to have each month growth of 10%

    5. Anonymous12:25

      Why is it not realistic? FRA or VIE have growths of around 10%. BEG being the only bigger airport in Serbia would let you expect bigger growth rates...

    6. Anonymous12:26

      Do you hear yourself? Which cities from which countries with what sort of economies you are comparing to BEG. Get real.

    7. Anonymous12:37

      Oh please get real.
      As already mentioned VIE become battle field so therefore they have artificial growth. Similar as Sofia had in last year or two 11-16% growth and in 2018 only 5%.

      Please check the facts before tlaking about FRA

      2013 58 mil
      2014 59,5 mil
      2015 61 mil
      2016 60,8 mil (!)
      2017 64,5 mil

      Where do you see here 10%?

      Increasing in 2017 mostly contributed by LCC (FR,U2.W6)

    8. Anonymous12:40

      we are in 2018 and I am talking aboit this year

    9. Anonymous12:45

      You can be sure BEG will have it as well if FR comes

  6. Anonymous12:06

    Starting to get worried about BEG.
    I was expecting at least 9%, 3% is just below average.

    1. Anonymous12:16

      No need to worry at all.
      There are so many carriers who increased their frequncies during next winter that BEG has no single reason for worry.
      Each month until March it is expected growth to be min 3-5 % and when Vinci takes over summer season will be very fruitful.

  7. Anonymous12:23

    Next year
    February goes over 300.000
    August goes over 700.000 (!)
    October goes over 500.000

  8. Anonymous12:49

    So SOF is ahead of BEG with almost 1 million PAX
    Until the end of September SOF have 5,347,818

    1. Anonymous12:51

      Good for them. And?

    2. Anonymous12:53

      We all know why SOF grew so much but anyhow and this year it returned to 5% growth only.

      Let me remind you in 2016 it was 16% and in 2017 11% due to the war between FR and W6

    3. Anonymous15:22

      Plus I think both FR and W6 have cut a lot of flights from SOF this winter.

    4. Anonymous15:44

      Only W6 have cut. FR have added flights compared to last year

    5. Anonymous15:54

      So far this year W6 has cut flights out of SKP, SOF, ATH, BEG, OTP, BUD, PRG, WAW...

    6. Anonymous15:56

      Cuts were much more severe in Sofia than other airports.

    7. Anonymous16:55

      I guess that's why SOF has not published its numbers since May.

    8. Anonymous19:56

      Yeah, SOF for you is all about FR and W6.
      How about U2 new UK routes? LH 3rd daily FRA, QR increasing capacity. FZ increasing frequencies, SU additional daily frequency, Antalya Onur charters and TK soon 3 daily, arrival of JP or all this does not count?
      Similar to BEG, SOF also has seen new additions.
      U2 will deploy A321 for the first time this winter.
      LH was regularly sending Neo and A321.

      If it's not BEG vs ZAG then it's always BEG vs SOF.
      Same old story.

    9. Anonymous20:04

      SOF growth:

      2008: 17.7%
      2009: -3.0%
      2010: 5.2%
      2011: 5.4%
      2012: -0.2%
      2013: 1.1%
      2014: 8.9%
      2015: 7.2%
      2016: 21.8%
      2017: 30.3%
      2018: 7.8% (so far)

      So as you can see, there was always growth but it was rather normal until war between FR and W6 started. That's what people on here have been saying from the start. I am sorry but 21 and 30 growth is not normal nor natural.

  9. Anonymous19:59

    SOF (01.01.-30.09.) - 5,347,818 +7,7% (+400,000)
    BEG (01.01.-30.09.) - 4,401,028 +6.0% (+250,000)