Korean Air begins Zagreb Dreamliner flights


Korean Air has commenced operations from Seoul to Zagreb with its 269-seat Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, which will be utilised on the route until the start of the 2019 summer season on March 31. The jet can seat six passengers in first class, eighteen in business (prestige) and the remaining 245 in economy class. It marks a slight increase in capacity from the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft which was used on the route up until this points. As of late March, Korean Air will deploy its three-class 218-seat Airbus A330-200 aircraft between the two cities. The President of Korean Air, Won-Tae Cho, previously said that the next generation of fuel efficient jets, such as the Boeing 787-9, will allow the airline to "reduce costs and improve the business". Mr Won-Tae Cho added, "This will give us an opportunity to improve our results and further expand in markets such as Croatia. We will focus on various overseas routes".

Korean Air B787 first class seat

Korean Air B787 business class seat

Korean AIr B787 exonomy class seat


  1. Anonymous10:35

    Interestingly, Korean Air's first and business class seats on the B787-9 are identical. The difference is in the service.

    1. Anonymous10:42

      TV is a little bit bigger on F class, but yeah, seats are the same. Of course, service is different. I'd definitively choose B777, those seats looks way better!

  2. Anonymous10:37

    such a shame this route is not working now during the winter. I believe from W19/20 KE will go seasonal to ZAG.

    In November and December they had less than 50% LF to/from ZAG! horrible!

    1. Anonymous11:01

      Exactly! And I was attacked by saying that few days ago...

    2. Anonymous11:24

      LF is below 50% because Zagreb-Zurich route and without sales tickets for that route..

    3. Anonymous11:32

      LF sucks and it has nothing to do with ZRH.

      On some flights in November and December there were no more than 20-30 passengers to ZAG!

    4. Anonymous11:59

      LF has something to do with ZRH (it's not that good during winter, but not so bad as well), Croatia is packed with Koreans as we speak, especially ZAG.

    5. Anonymous12:10

      The fact that Croatia is packed with Koreans does not mean they all arrive by KE to ZAG.
      Their routes usually include flying to Germany and than visiting few more countries (Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic) by bus.
      Only Frankfurt has 3 daily flights from ICN (today for example 1xA380, 1xB747, 1xB777)
      Return flight is usually from the same airport where they landed.
      Therefore you see Koreans in Zagreb but LF is terrible.

    6. Anonymous12:22

      So, why aren't they using Frankfurt only and continue by bus instead?

    7. Anonymous12:36

      That is exactly what they are doing

    8. Anonymous13:39

      Guess who

    9. Anonymous14:00

      The Chinese?

    10. Anonymous14:07


    11. Anonymous14:42

      I think Slovenia and Croatia mostly promote themselves together as one destination in China, Japan and South Korea.

    12. Anonymous15:45

      @Anonymous3 January 2019 at 10:37

      You talking nonsense, I've seen the numbers for November and first half of December, they are above 57%, the lowest is 52%, on some days numbers are around 80% on some fall down to 52%. Korean Air is quite happy with the result, they didn't expect to do more than 60% on the route in winter months, cause of Zurich stop, they're working on getting 5th freedom. so they can fly passengers between Zurich and Zagreb. The Route is shared between Zagreb and Zurich, so flights are always split two ways, 50% lf on the route is a good result.

    13. Anonymous18:41

      U are giving wrong info here which is not ok. November and December had around 20 to 30% LF even on leg ZAG-ZRH, with numbers just ZAG-ICN it would ve around 15% and no, KE is not happy with those numbers. Also, there are no allotments on tjose flights, everything goes by booking which is sometimes more for ZRH and sometimes more for ZAG. There's no need to spread fake news.

    14. Anonymous18:52

      Anon 15:45/18:41, do you have exact numbers? Anon 15:45, you are exaggerating, it wasn't that good. Anon 18:41, you are obviously cheering for the route to be cancelled or become a seasonal one and you wrote more than 1 post in this topic today. Let KE know the numbers so they could cancel the route and make you happy.

    15. Anonymous23:58

      Wrong man. I gave real numbers and someone is offended now without reason.. I'll be happy if all those Koreans in Zagreb fly with their airline to/from ZAG. If that is case, KE would increase frequency to ZAG even this summer season... Unfortunately, situation is totally opposite.

    16. Anon at 18:41 How do you know the numbers Mr. Anonymous? And what is up with this obsession over Zagreb long haul LF? Every single time, probably the same one or two trolls pull numbers out of their behind.
      Either prove your claims or be prepared to be called out for spreading fake nonsense.
      Everyone can do that. Look: You're all wrong, I have the real load numbers for the last couple of months, all the way to 12/31 and they are on average 55% from ICN to ZAG alone. Prove me wrong.
      Just stop embarrassing yourself.

    17. Anonymous08:00

      People said the same thing when Anonymous posters wrote about bad EK loads. People attacked them and we all know how that worked out in the end.

    18. Anonymous08:51

      Mayve because I'm working in MZLZ as check in so I can see all numbers on any flight without any problem. Michael, yes, one some days LF was 50% but only with ICN-ZRH passengers onboard, or you don't know how to calculate LF.

    19. Anonymous09:06

      Anon 8:51, excellent, suppose you could present us LFs for other routes as well? Are you the one who asked me if I had visa for New Zealand even if I didn't need one?

    20. Anonymous09:13

      Whenever someone posts anything Croatia-related that is not "Bravo Hrvatska", "Bravo Zagreb" they are attacked by a pack of wolves here. Then when Emirates stops flying in winter it's an "upgrade" and because of "fantastic loads". I do hope ZAG or the government pays you for the support and internet patriotism.

    21. Anonymous09:40

      Anon 9:13, one could say the same for Serbia/Belgrade/Air Serbia. Oh, and, the obsession with Emirates in ZAG obviously continues, even in 2019!

    22. Anonymous09:48

      Actually no. One can not say the same. Go to any of those topics to read about the huge amount of criticism on Air Serbia's account about subsidies, service, organization, management. Something no one can write in any Croatia related topic even when criticism is warranted.

      It's not an obsession, at least not on my part. I just used it as an example when someone wrote that loads are poor in winter, they were also attacked by the same pack of wolves. When the flight was downgraded to Flydubai, the tune changed with statements "Bravo Zagreb, A B737 is an upgrade compared to the B777 etc".

      Btw 9.13 was my first comment on this post but reading the comments here, as in any Croatia related topic, it's just when there is any criticism or any negative comment it's as if that person should be banished. The purpose of this site is to discuss aviation news, not to write endlessly "Bravo [insert country]" and live in some parallel universe. The politicians in this region do a good enough job of that, but now I realize why those exact politicians are in power.

  3. Anonymous10:39

    Super good news! This is definitely a milestone for LDZA. Not even BUD has the honour to be served by one of the most modern and newest aircraft in the world.
    Very well done, Zagreb!!

    1. Anonymous10:43

      lol, this is not something important since Croats do not use this route...just Koreans

    2. Anonymous11:01

      Verz good point

    3. Zanimljivo.....3 clana moje posade i ja doputovasmo jucer bas s ovim....a nismo Koreanci.....

    4. Anonymous11:20

      Kap vode u moru

    5. Anonymous11:26

      Who has the statistics of the route based on nationality?
      Also what are the projections of the route? Will it become daily?

    6. Anonymous12:01

      The plane looks great! Congrats, ZAG! Weak(er) LF during winter, but full planes during summer!

    7. Anonymous22:44

      So not true. Many Croats and Slovenians use that route. Especial those to China, Japan, Taiwan. Even tu Austraia

  4. Anonymous10:43

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Anonymous12:36

    The prices from ZAG-ICN and viveversa are insanely expensive!

    ZaG-ICN 11-25th May - 905€

    ICN-ZAG same dates - 1053€

    ZAG-ICN 4-18th June - 855€
    ICN-ZAG same dates - 975€

    You can fly via AMS same dates for 640€ with nice transfer times in AMS.

    This clearly shows how this route is sold mainly to tour-operators.

    1. Anonymous12:43

      KE planes will be packed in season, no doubt about that! Would be great to see how many Korean tourists did Croatia have in 2018!

    2. Anonymous12:54

      Therefore KE will be flying seasonally.

      November and December 2018 will be a good lesson for them

    3. Anonymous13:09

      Anon 12:54, they won't be flying seasonally. No need to be jealous, really!

    4. Anonymous13:13

      Another beautiful pic from KE 787-9 in ZAG:


    5. Anonymous13:15

      I think there was a sort of a KE celebration at ZAG airport regarding the Dreamliner landing, not sure, though!

    6. Anonymous13:17

      No, there was nothing yesterday. Nothing official at least.

    7. Anonymous13:22

      I'm sure I heard it somewhere. Maybe there will be?

    8. Anonymous13:27

      Maybe there will be in the future but there was nothing yesterday. 2.1 is still a nonworking day. There would be no one from the management to welcome the plane.

    9. Anonymous13:39

      @Anon 13:09

      There is really no jeaulosy, just reality.

      Couple of days ago I mentioned here that KE LF on ICN-ZAG was terrible in November and December, but I was blamed to spread fake news. And at that time someone also mentioned jeaulosy.

      Now we see more and more people confirm it and suddenly we do not speak anymore about bad LF, but we speak again about jeaulosy only because very realistic alternative has been mentioned that KE will probably fly seasonally to ZAG.


    10. Anonymous13:57

      Hahaha, more and more people :D :D BEST Joke ever! You mean Anonymous and Anonymous and Anonymous and Anonymous CONFIRMING :D :D

    11. Anonymous14:06

      Is it really so difficult to accept the reality?
      In which hole will you hide when the official numbers come?

    12. Anonymous14:15

      There is no doubt that the numbers are weak in winter, but October and November were great, suppose summer will be crazy. No need to repeat about KE going seasonally, it will be their decision to make, hope it won't happen.

    13. Anonymous14:28

      Even (if) seasonally, Korean is a nice addition. American in DBV as well. Chinese carrier in the future will most likely happen.

    14. Anonymous15:18

      +1000000 to Anon 14:28

      Haters gonna hate, but Zagreb has the BEST airlines landing and taking off its tarmac.
      Some people here are so jealous, because their airports can't reach the ZAG horizons.

    15. Anonymous15:53

      You mean best in Croatia?

    16. Anonymous22:49

      There were some days where was only 30-40 passengers from Zagreb. But combined with Zurich that is OK especially that is just few days. Plane is always full combined with Zurich. But mostly there is 100-120 pax on board what is more than good concerning the fact there should be place for Zurich passengers on plane also. During two week Christmas - New Year there was 180-200 passenger from Zagreb.

  6. Anonymous15:02

    We read comments here that Air Transat will be leaving ZAG because AC is doing great and the 5 weekly will kill TS and how empty they are. That was the REALITY at that time. Today the reality is that TS will incraese Croatia to 4 weekly and AC will continue to fly 5 weekly. So Croatia will have 9 weekly flights to Canada.

    1. Anonymous15:08

      Pretty much everything you wrote is wrong. Air Canada Rouge flew 4 weekly to Zagreb last summer and will fly 4 weekly this summer too. And I don't remember a single comment that Air Transat will leave Zagreb. People were discussing would it be wiser for them to fly to Dubrovnik instead or launch Montreal-Zagreb. That is all.

    2. Anonymous15:28

      It would make more sense to launch a second Korean route and not Canada given that Croatia is so popular in S Korea.
      Seoul has 2 airports, so it would make sense to launch flights from Gimpo or S Korea's second biggest city Jeju.

    3. Anonymous15:53

      Well said anon 15:08!

      Anon 15:28
      Is it interesting you don't know that Gimpo is mainly used for domestic routes and has only few international destinations and not at one intercontinental?
      From Gimpo you can fly internationally only to Beijing, Osaka, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.
      And you want to have GMP - ZAG?

    4. Anonymous17:35

      Well, it's like the second airport in Buenos Aires (if you have been) - AEP Aeroparque Jorge Newbery. Their LCY version.
      Mainly domestic but also international but to nearby destinations such as GIG, MVD, etc.
      I got your point about GMP, though. It's quite limited as an airport.

    5. Anonymous18:39

      I was at Gimpo and I remember very well that I had to change airports (arrived to ICN) in order to reach Busan from GMP.
      Very limited airport for international flights

    6. Anonymous22:02

      I don't remember a single comment that Air Transat will leave Zagreb - really, is that some selective Alzheimer?

      15:02 is right, some claimed RV would kick out TS, then eventually upgrade from Rouge to AC and go Dreamliner all year long! Turns out, Transat will now offer more seats from Toronto to Croatia during key months of Jul/Aug than Air Canada Rouge.

    7. Anonymous08:01

      Anon 22.02

      Either give proof of Transat leaving or stop spreading fake news.

  7. Anonymous16:51

    Fantastican avion je ovaj Boeing Dreamliner 787- jedan ovakav avion kosta preko 335 miliona dolara-osnovni model u ponudi.Za istu cjenu od 335miliona dolara moze se kupiti cak 25 najopremljenih Sukhoi 100 superjet aviona u srebrnoj special metallic boji sa elegance crveni koznim enterijerom aviona i Recaro sport pilotskom kabinom i super zuto svetlo putnicke kabine za sve avione u konfiguraciji od 88 putnicka mjesta u kabini aviona.
    Ovaj Boeing787 je definitivno Rolls-Royce na nebu,apsolutno najbolji u klasi.

    1. Anonymous20:53

      Avionska krila avog aviona su veoma skupa i inovativna proizvode ih u Japan za Boeing,veoma skupa unutrasnjost aviona je proizvedena u Italiji,dok motore aviona su americke proizvodnje made by Washington engine assembly line,veoma jak,skup i dobar avion je Dreamliner 787.

    2. Anonymous00:18

      Japanska industrija je najbolja u izradi avionskih krila za Boeing787,oni koriste materijal carbon-fiber composite sa uni-multi layer sistemom proizvodnje ali taj materijal je veoma skupocjen i otporan je na koroziju.
      Dok u bivsoj Jugoslaviji postojala je samo jedna takva masina za proizvodnju krila borbenih prototipova aviona, trenutno danas u 2019 godini jedini specijalisti za proizvodnju industriskih masina za ultra-moderni materijal carbon-fiber je takozvani MicroSAM fabrika 203 Makedonija,bivsi sef proizvodnje je bio iz grad Ohrid, sad je neki drugi ali bitno je da jos uvjek aktivno posluju.

  8. Anonymous16:53

    I Fokker 100 avion ima Rolls-Royce motore ali polovni kosta oko 4miliona eura u najboljem stanju.

  9. This really is one good looking plane. Hopefully Korean secures the 5th freedom rights for next year, even though they would probably crush the OU's Dash "competition" on the flights to Zurich! :)