Zagreb Airport maintains growth


Zagreb Airport handled 336.618 passengers in June, representing an increase of 1.5% compared to the same month last year. The result was achieved despite a 0.9% decrease in the number of operated flights, which stood at 4.088. Overall, during the first two quarters, Zagreb Airport welcomed 1.534.105 travellers through its doors, up 4.2%. It added an extra 62.477 passengers on 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
FEB181.154 6.2
MAR232.978 4.2
APR280.790 10.6
MAY311.368 3.6
JUN336.618 1.5


  1. Anonymous14:07

    Poor growth in June, but can probably be attributed to last year's football WC charters. Nice to see growth despite drop in operations, means LF on most flights is higher.

    1. Anonymous14:23

      It is really so funny that you manage to find excuse for every single month where ZAG had bad numbers.
      We heard here handball championship was responsible for results in January, Eastern is taken every single year as a reason for bad / good results (depending from the month) and now we hear WC football charters!
      1,5% is pathetic!

    2. Anonymous14:57

      WC charters accounted to maybe 30k passengers in June and July this year, so every kind of growth is good.

    3. Anonymous16:41

      Anon 14:23, not an excuse, just an explanation. Statistics without explanation or insight is just a bunch of numbers. There's a reason why April is 10% and why June is 1.5%.

    4. @Anonymous2 July 2019 at 14:23

      You're mixing things. There wen't any new routes and it says, even less flights operated, so how do you expect to have double digit increase? It's something completely different the fact that there weren't any new routes and/or airlines flying to Zagreb.

    5. Anonymous17:01

      But we should discuss why there were fewer flights during the high season.

    6. Weren't there some charters to Russia in June last year? I can't recall. I know there were some in July.

    7. It's just 1,5% growth bc Croatia has 7 other airports & it's summer as well, that's why Split will have 700K,

    8. Anonymous17:13

      What do other airports have to do anything with ZAG. ZAG and SPU are not even in the same catchment area. Bad meme.

    9. Anonymous @ Obviously you're not from Croatia, passengers from April to Nov have options to travel w LLC directly to the Dalmatian coast, during the winter Zagreb is the main entrance for all pax coming to Croatia.

    10. Anonymous17:27

      Yeah summer charters and the sea have nothing to do with anything. Get real.

  2. Anonymous15:14

    There is a stagnation in many European cities. Forget about the 2016-2017 boom.

    1. Anonymous15:57


      From 100 biggest European airport only 9 had traffic in 2018 lower than in 2017.

      Obviously stagnation.