Mahan Air to resume Belgrade service


Iranian carrier Mahan Air will resume seasonal flights between Tehran and Belgrade from April. Despite uncertainty over whether the service would return in 2020, the carrier has scheduled two weekly rotations between the Iranian and Serbian capitals, each Tuesday and Sunday, starting April 26. The flights will depart Tehran at 06.30 in the morning and arrive in Belgrade at 08.00. The return journey is scheduled for 09.30. Flights will be maintained with the 202-seat Airbus A310 aircraft. Tickets have been put on sale through the airline’s website.


  1. Anonymous10:34

    A certain media portal was so toxic towards this route and was claiming it was suspended because of low sales. I guess Mahan wasn't flying empty as they claimed since they are coming back.

    Great news for BEG!

  2. Anonymous10:39

    The other day Belgrade officially celebrated the Chinese New Year in Kalemegdan where the Chinese ambassador spoke Serbian and so on. This was the first time such a celebration was organized on such a high level. I am sure this will encourage even more Chinese to come and visit Serbia. A lot has been invested but more can and must be done given the economic ties between the two countries and the fact that there is no visa regime.

    Mahan is introducing these flights for Chinese tourists and I hope they will be quite successful this time around. Cool to see A310 land in Belgrade once again.

    1. Anonymous11:13

      Not the first time, it was same last year.

  3. Anonymous11:08

    Welcome back!

  4. Anonymous11:27

    It didn't work before and it won't work now. Especially now because of PS752 effect and because of coronavirus effect on travel. Both will linger on for most of 2020. On top of that, route was abused in the past by refugees, Mahan is not in the good standing in the West and there was a string of aviation incidents in Iran in the previous few days. Overall a perfect storm for another failure of this route.

    1. Anonymous11:52

      And what are you basing on the argument that they failed in the past? Mahan is a private airline that is trying to build its hub in IKA. The fact they are bringing back this route only means that results were not all that bad the last time around. People are turning their wishful thinking into supposed facts. That's not good or wise.

    2. Anonymous11:55

      I suppose you should explain it to Mahan as they obviously do not have insider's information as you do.

      They will start flying in April and in April coronavirus will be already forgotten.

      Refugees were flying this route at the time visa free regime was introduced. Now visa regime is again implemented and no Iranians can board the plane without proper Serbian visa.

      Mahan Air is flying in Europe to Barcelona and Athens, why not BEG?

      And if at the end of the day this route from any reason does not perform well nobody in Serbia would financially suffer because of it.

      Maybe some of them would be happy because of jeaulosy, but I will surely not be among them

    3. Anonymous12:15

      Don't know if Mahan or SSJ causes more xenophobic comments on here. People get so triggered by either one of the two topics. If Mahan thinks they can make it in Belgrade then why not? Also last year it was reported that Mahan is after Chinese tourists and these flights are perfectly timed for those. They are no different than Qatar or Etihad.

    4. Anonymous13:04

      Mahan Air no longer flies to ATH.

  5. Anonymous12:45

    BEG's Middle East network will be quite respectable in 2020:

    1. SAW
    2. BEY
    3. TLV
    4. AMM
    5. CAI
    6. IKA
    7. AUH
    8. DXB
    9. DOH

    1. Anonymous12:56

      There is also HRG as year-round destination flown by Air Cairo.

      Tickets could be purchased online

    2. Anonymous13:02

      My bad, forgot about them.