Charges filed over Adria Airways bankruptcy


The National Investigation Office (NPU) has filed criminal charges against four suspects in its investigation over alleged irregularities at Slovenia’s former national carrier Adria Airways. The charges relate to crimes involving abuse of office and damages amounting to 3.6 million euros. Adria’s bankruptcy administrator, Janez Pustatičnik, has said it would make sense to file a lawsuit against Adria’s German-led management team, which oversaw its collapse. Adria was managed by turnaround fund 4K Invest, which is believed to have funnelled money from the airline and inked a number of highly damaging consultancy agreements on behalf of the Slovenian carrier with other companies in its ownership. Allegations of abuse of office and business fraud, including the theft of 5.000 US dollars from the company’s safe following its bankruptcy in September 2019, are also being investigated by police. Last year it was announced that the NPU was investigating Adria’s last two CEOs - Arno Schuster and Holger Kowarsch.


  1. germans are guilty for Adrias bankruptcy

    1. Anonymous10:54

      Definitely. Adria was in excellent conditions when it was sold, right? They had a sound business model, the whole fleet was fully owned, there were no debts and they were making profit for decades...

      Then Germans came and everything went down.

    2. Anonymous11:07

      It was in much better shape before 4k..

    3. Anonymous11:56

      If it wasn't for the last bit of help from the government (without which they wouldn't be able to sell it), Adria would have gone bust in 2016.

    4. Anonymous15:55

      @anon 10:54

      but it provided good connectivity to Slovenia which we don't have anymore and will never get back without national carrier. If profitability would be the only condition if company should live or not then we would travel by donkeys in our region.

    5. Anonymous20:16

      "the whole fleet was fully owned," Not true

    6. Anonymous20:57

      You missed couple of more sarcastic points there.

  2. Anonymous10:53

    Will Alenka Bratusek a.k.a The Black Mamba also be held responsible for selling the company to these crooksters?

    1. Anonymous10:55

      "Black mamba" hahaha

    2. Anonymous12:23

      No. She's "ours". She believes in revolution and just distribution of goods. Sort of.

  3. Anonymous12:16

    Yes, the theft of 5000 $ from the company's safe was the biggest issue in this

  4. I still remembre some selfproclamed analyst (who's wisdom was placed in severall articles) claiming that Lufthansa will purchase Adria from 4K. Even wrote some speculations that Croatia and Montenegro Airlines shall be a part of future Lufthansa-Adria venture. Anyone else remember that?

    1. Anonymous16:45

      Isti samozvani ekspert iz Zagreba sada je pun savjeta na temu ToMontenegro airlinesa. Necemo ga imenovati. Znamo o kakvom se "strucnjaku" radi ;)

  5. Anonymous13:38

    Who is really responsible for Adria Airways bankruptcy, in the long run:

    1. Pilots (union and a few individual pilots) and Cabin Crew (as union and as individuals)
    With unrealistic expectations that the company has to pay for everything (license revalidations, medical checks, 5 set of uniform per person, etc...), salaries (captains not realizing that they are working for a small regional airline, and senior cabin crew members with salaries higher then Chief of Operations for example), min 4 star hotels during simulator training (in Germany a 4 star hotel is a luxury), most expensive simulators and training center, expensive training and upgrade system, and so on and so on... if the management didn't agree, they started threatening with a strike, and it's been going on like this for 15+ years.
    The pilot and cabin crew union even managed to change a few CEO's in the past, because they didn't like they way some CEO's tried to make the company profitable.

    2. Mark Anžur - this guy made so much damage to Adria, he practically solely created the conditions for 4K take-over and later bankruptcy

    3. Government of Alenka Bratušek
    It is somewhat understandable, because at the time Adria was sold, the company was already in such a bad shape, that they just wanted to get rid of a "dead" government owned company...

    4. Individual Management
    Especially for not being able to stand up and fight with the pilot and cabin crew union.

    5. 4K
    This guys basically just used the situation that was prepared by all the above, and took whatever they could and bankrupted the company...

    Germans, although doing a lot of shady businesses, are the least to blame for Adria Airways bankruptcy.

    1. Anonymous14:14

      agree with you

    2. Anonymous14:38

      I'm one of those captains you are referring to.

      Unrealistic expectations?? Medicals, uniforms, sim checks? Are you f*cking kidding me? Am I supposed to pay for my annual sim check? Like you guys in Ryanair (I assume you work for them, since a uniform is apparently a luxury your company can't provide)? Why didn't you mention we wanted free parking?

      Wow, 4 star hotels. Talk about luxury. Have you ever been to Pristhina? And one of their luxurious 4* hotels? Or perhaps Temisoara?

      Not realizing that we are working for a small regional airline? So I guess it didn't matter if I was working more than my colleagues at LCCs and earning less. My net salary was 4000 eur, which is some 50% less than my mate's at Ryanair. But then again, my one uniform (which was falling apart after 4 years - since it was the only one we got) was free.

      Since you're more than obviously one of the zero to hero guys working for an LCC, I have an advice for you. All those things that you mentioned are free in a normal company. And Wizz or Ryanair are not one of those companies. Just as a side note, First Officers in Wizz are currently on 800 euro basic salary. All in, they earn 2200 eur gross. But then again, it's a huge salary for Kutaisi, right? Too bad most of them live in Western Europe.

      It's because of guys/gals like you, conditions in aviation have so drastically decreased that nowadays a free uniform and parking is considered a privilege. Good luck to you and I'm sure you'll love the shafting that is yet to come.

    3. Regarding the hotels, well 4 stars is a standard. Romanian charter who has 3 airplanes offered that as many others. As sim checks, uniform etc. Yes, we had sim in Istanbul and i have no idea why Adria sticked to Amsterdam one, there is everything expensive, included dinner of 25euro for one time. Even airtaxi offered Hilton 4 stars in Vienna, while i was waiting for maintenance to be done :))) i have no idea in which world are you living in

    4. Anonymous20:55

      it is interesting how they say net salary and do not want to add all the monthly bonuses they did get.

      It is easy to spend when others always have to pay it.

    5. Anonymous21:22


      Would you care to clarify what bonuses you are referring to?? The amount I stated at 14:38 is the amount I got into my bank account. If you're referring to the brown envelopes guys at Emirates got, I have to disappoint you. There was no such thing in Adria (at least not in the last 10 years). Stop posting bul*hit.

  6. Anonymous17:18

    Hehe..nice explained...
    Just one more thing. We had the highest salaries , but gross, and after tax the lowest...
    But we did pay taxes, a lot of taxes. And this is as well cause for not beeing competitive..

    Yes, enjoy working as a slave and enjoy avoiding taxes, but let me tell you...if you have or you ll have kids someday, it is you who has destroyed his normal life.
    Ex proud AA pilot