Air Serbia Moscow flight returns after another bomb threat


Air Serbia flight JU652 from Belgrade to Moscow was forced to return to Nikola Tesla Airport this afternoon while over Hungary following an anonymous e-mail warning of a bomb on board. It comes just three days after the same threat was issued for the same route, which turned out to be a hoax. There were 125 passengers on board today's affected service to Moscow. 


  1. Anonymous15:57

    My my my 288 daily seats offered by ASL are such a pain in the A for someone. Airlines flew from UK to Lisbon during the WWII and there is no EU membership candidate mumbo jubo that can overshadow our neutrality period!

  2. Anonymous16:06


  3. Anonymous16:24

    Last time email came from Ukraine.

    I wonder if Ukrainian airlines stopped flying to NATO countries in 1999 when NATO made an aggression on FR Yugoslavia?

    Did anyone from us at that time informed them about bomb on the plane?

    Shame on you. Serbia is not involved in this was and did not cause it. So difficult to understand???

    1. Anonymous18:31

      War back than was a bit diffrent story,
      1.Ukraine didn't attack serbia and wasn't banned.
      2. Eu tryes to cut of russia because of mr. Putin.
      3. Serbia wasn't banned either from Eu air space luckily so there was no reason for someone to fly there...

      Yes it's deffinetlyy stupid what is happening with all the pranks... And I am afraid that after some time they could just stop listening them but I think ukraine doesn't have much with it as they have bigger probpems this days.

  4. Anonymous17:57

    AirSerbia should just have every Moscow-bound plane checked for bombs before departure, and then ignore these emails.

    1. Anonymous18:03

      Yeah, that's not how safety and security works in aviation. You don't just ignore things, if it causes inconvenience.

    2. Anonymous18:10

      Well, I didn't say ignore. Quite the opposite. Do a check every time.

    3. Anonymous18:33

      Do you think a security check or search isn't conducted before every flight? And passengers and bags aren't screened?

    4. Anonymous18:45

      Well, planes sometimes spend as little as 45 minutes on the ground between two flights so, no, I don't think a full bomb check (which when a bomb threat is made takes them several hours to perform) is performed before every flight.

    5. Nemjee19:51

      That's why Moscow flights from now on have to have the same security protocol as EL AL flights outside TLV. Security forces need to check whoever is accessing the plane and all bags need to be double screened.

      Also when JU is flying to TLV, the plane on the ground is also supervised by security and you can't just walk up to the plane either from the tarmac or the airbridge.

      This whole situation is turning into first class hysteria enabled by Ukrainian state officials.

  5. Anonymous19:06

    SO many airlines from the region (Malev, Tarom, Balkan, etc) made profits during Yugoslav war in the 90s and during illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. Did anyone do something like this? No. I was hard core EU supporter for years but now they really sound like those disgusting groups of schoolkids who hate and humiliate anyone who is not like them. This has nothing to do with "values" or whatever story they are trying to serve us. It's just an airline flying passengers (I'm not even a fan of Air Serbia). What they are doing about this (Ukraine and EU) is simply pathetic and desperate action of a bully.

    1. Anonymous19:35

      Do not forget that also Austrian made huge profit of NATO bombing FRY.
      Nobody stopped them that time and nobody played this silly game of reporting bombs on their planes.

  6. Anonymous19:09

    I don' t feel too sorry for their loss of money in these situations because they took advantage of the situation and hiked prices beyond normal. Sorry for fellow passengers bu not for ASerbia. Missing SU !

    1. Anonymous19:37

      When demand goes up everybody increase prices.
      Where were you 2 years ago when Golf carriers charged huge amount of money for the flights they did not even perform?
      It is how the things work no matter if you like it or not.

    2. Anonymous19:42

      And where are you every summer when I don't book my holiday in advance and have to pay exuberant prices to a Greek island.

    3. Anonymous07:45

      @19:37 Do understand that price increase is normal but price increase by 2.5 folds is NOT normal and represents what's called gauging.

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