Fresh hoax bomb threats on Air Serbia’s Russia flights


Yesterday’s Air Serbia flights from Belgrade to St Petersburg and Moscow were again threatened in an email, warning of explosives placed inside the aircraft. The threat was sent to ten email addresses, including EX-YU Aviation News, Air Serbia, Belgrade Airport and Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, among others. It warned of explosives having been placed in soda cans, food packaging, fuel tanks, luggage and electronic panels inside the cockpit. The email accused the airline of “continuing to finance Russia’s war in Ukraine”. It also threatened two Air Serbia executives. The Serbian airline has been threatened over half a dozen times with on board explosives on its Russia flights since the war in Ukraine began over a month ago. All have proven to be false but have caused disruptions to the targeted flights. Yesterday’s St Petersburg service was forced to return back to Belgrade after entering Polish airspace, while the Moscow flight was delayed by almost seven hours.


  1. Anonymous10:38

    This is getting out of control.

  2. Mislim da ovaj vid pretnji zivotima neduznih putnika zasluzuje osudu svakog civilizovanog coveka!

    1. Anonymous11:29

      Disgusting hysteria! These flights do not finance any war. They are transporting people!

  3. Anonymous11:40

    Not sure I understand this. If the message is credible, and you are in Polish airspace, don't you land in the closest airport?

    Why do you return to Belgrade?!

    1. Anonymous12:23

      Highly interesting issue for me too. Remember that Belarus forced Ryanair's plane to land in Belarus while using its air space based on a bomb threat claim. So why didn't Air Serbia performed an emergency landing in Poland but flew all the way back over Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia to land to BEG? Cost saving? What if the threat was real and the bomb explodes while the plane is trying to fly all the way back home instead of the nearest airport?

      Sounds very weird, we must be missing some point otherwise an airline can't dare to save cost over bomb threats.

    2. Anonymous12:29

      Yeah, they should have given Polish some work.

    3. Anonymous12:32

      And a lot of unnecessary extra income.

    4. JATBEGMEL13:10


      The Ryan Air flight should of already started descent for VNO, and could of landed there. Belarus however sent fighter aircraft putting pressure on the aircraft to divert to MSQ, along with ATC who claimed they couldn't get into contact with FR ops when pilots requested for advice from the company.

      It is quite possible that with added security, the threat could of been marked low, requiring the aircraft the divert, but not to the nearest suitable airport. They had just reached KRK when they turned back.

    5. Anonymous13:18

      Well, something doesn't make sense at all. If we are talking about security, then you land at the closest airport - if it's really the passenger and crew safety that you worry about.

      If you go all the way back from Belgrade - then to me it means:
      - either you don't care about the safety
      - you don't think it's a credible threat

    6. Anonymous13:21

      The new CEO Jiri Marak should be asked this question and if JU takes security seriously.

    7. JATBEGMEL13:28

      As per FAA:

      Emergency handling is discretionary and should be based on the situation. With certain types of threats, plans may call for a low-key action or response.

      The threats have been going on for long enough for the pilot in command to make the call that the threat isn't credible, however the flight should be diverted and can go back to base.

      These rules are pretty much the same or similar in all countries.

    8. Anonymous14:42

      They just entered Polish airspace. They didn't fly over Slovakia at all. They turned as they entered Poland, flew via Hungary and landed in Belgrade.

    9. Anonymous15:02

      You missed all your geography classes in school?

  4. Anonymous12:20

    This is getting out of control. If these emails are coming from Ukraine then hopefully someone like Kadirov can locate these people and handle them in an appropriate manner.

  5. Anonymous12:22

    Still no solution to that?

    How incredibe.

    1. JATBEGMEL12:37

      If Serbia wanted, a diplomatic solution could be found. Summon the Ukrainian Ambasador for talks, with demands that the persons involved are arrested, perhaps extradited to Serbia for prosecution. Failure to do so, Serbia could abstain from voting in support of Ukraine, which it has done so far.

      Serbia should bring this forward to international institutions as well. Failure of international institutions to react could create a precedent where this can easily become a new normal for global conflicts.

      The fact that threats have also come from Poland, a member of the EU, Serbia should demand action from Brussels. The reaction from Brussels would give a clear idea whether it sees Serbia as part of the union or not.

      Terrorising civilians and civilian aircraft is not ok and should be called for what it is.

    2. Anonymous12:41

      ...and if Serbia turned to the EU they would say that we should suspend flights. Serbia must weather the storm and wait for this to pass. What matters is for Russia to be connected with the world via BEG and IST.

      Mind you, TK is also experiencing almost daily bomb threats.

    3. Anonymous12:49

      And the EU is?

    4. Anonymous12:51

      The EU is being hypocritical but at least this hypocrisy is being punished now with raging inflation and collapsing GDP growth.

    5. JATBEGMEL13:03


      Making bomb threats on civilian aircraft is illegal. Regardless of Serbia's position regarding sanctions. As said, failing to react to these threats sets a horrible precedent in other global conflicts, including towards EU carriers.

    6. Anonymous13:09

      Russophobia is en vogue these days so don't expect anything my friend.

  6. Anonymous13:04

    Is Serbia the only country in the region with open skies to Russia? I know North Macedonia and Slovenia closed their skies.

    1. Anonymous13:05

      Serbia and Turkey are the only ones who decided not to punish ordinary Russians by closing their air space.

  7. Anonymous13:12

    Another bomb threat on this morning's flight which was supposed to be operated by the A330. Plane is still parked at the B stand.

  8. Anonymous14:05

    It's a hard life. You've chosen the side you want to be on, you need to live with the consequences. Hardly anyone cares about this issue outside Serbia.

    1. JATBEGMEL14:19


      And what side did Serbia choose? Kindly enlighten us.

    2. Anonymous14:38

      Does anyone remember in 1999 when NATO bombed Serbia did airlines from Ukraine continue to have flights to any of NATO countries? If yes, did Serbia object to those flights and asked Ukraine to stop them? Back in 1999 for those flights did Ukraine receive any threats originating from Serbia?

    3. Anonymous14:49

      @Anonymous 14:38

      Exactly! Not that we didn't make threats, we actually were left alone for NATO to bomb us against all laws and conventions and yet acted normally to all countries after that. I really don't care if someone said he was against illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, words mean nothing. Did Ukraine stopped all flights and all relations whatsoever with NATO countries? I don't think so.

      Acting this way against an airline and neutral country is simply disgusting and shows lack of common sense.

  9. Anonymous15:03

    There is a great missed opportunity here for a daily from Bosnia to Moscow with a rented plane. The EU can't threaten to slow down the dead accession process or threaten to block its airline.