Air Serbia joins IATA gender equality initiative


Air Serbia has committed to a global initiative to change the gender balance within the aviation industry, which is being spearheaded by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) through its 25by2025 initiative. Air Serbia has committed to increase female representation in senior roles and in areas where women are traditionally under-represented. Progress will be shared annually at the IATA World Air Transport Summit and IATA has put in place a forum to share best practices and ideas for airlines to use and implement. “The percentage of women in managerial positions in our company is satisfactory, since 41% of all managerial positions are held by women. This year, we adopted a work plan for achieving and improving gender equality. The goals of the work plan are to create equal opportunities for exercising labour rights and obligations, to achieve gender equality and a more even and balanced representation of women and men in the company. In line with IATA initiative, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the world leaders in our industry thanks to our efforts towards gender equality”, Air Serbia said.