ch-aviation launches four-day work week in Zagreb, Belgrade

ch-aviation, the only international aviation data company in the region, with offices in Zagreb and Belgrade, has introduced a four-day workweek for all employees in Croatia and Serbia. The Swiss aviation data specialist says the move will provide its staff with more flexibility and a better work-life balance. The four-day workweek has been trending for some time now, with many studies showing it boosts productivity and employee motivation while at the same time, improving work-life balance. Several companies in Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, and Sweden have already gone down this path. “ch-aviation actively monitors trends and is one of the first data/tech companies in the aviation industry to offer this benefit to its employees”, the company said.

ch-aviation’s Chief Operating Officer, Sanja Ples, noted, "In essence, ch-aviation is a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) company and one of the few data/tech/SaaS companies in the aviation industry in the region here. As we're rapidly growing and in continuous need of new hires, we're determined to provide exceptional benefits to our existing and future employees. As one of the few regional companies to implement the four-day workweek concept, we strive to provide the best working conditions for our employees so they can advance in their careers while remaining relaxed and stress-free”. She added, “The recent global pandemic brought about changes in our operations, with people's homes being turned into offices overnight. We subsequently noticed that people's absence from the office didn't affect any of our projects or goals. Therefore, being a company that values work-life balance, we decided to make our work environment even more flexible and offer all our employees a choice to work four days a week. "What we offer our people is the 90% for 90% model. The employee works 90% of the standard time and gets compensated to the tune of 90% of their salary. Employees get an additional day off and don't have to choose between engaging in personal interests and/or advancing their careers - they can have both. The option is equally open to all our managers as well as junior and senior roles. The 4-day workweek is a choice that is completely up to our employees. Depending on their preferences, they can decide at any time which workweek model suits them best. Previously, we successfully introduced initiatives such as the hybrid work-from-home model and flexible working hours. Together with the 4-day workweek, we offer them even more creativity in designing their work schedule".

ch-aviation is currently hiring for a number of different roles in Zagreb and Belgrade. Further details can be found here.