Adria-Air India launch codeshare cooperation

Friday, April 10, 2015

Adria Airways and Air India have officially launched their new free flow codeshare agreement which came into effect on March 2. The two Star Alliance members will codeshare on each others’ flights, with Adria adding its code and flight numbers onto Air India’s services between New Delhi and Frankfurt, while the Indian carrier has placed its flight numbers and codes onto Adria’s services between Frankfurt and Ljubljana. A free flow codeshare means that neither carrier is restricted to the number of seats it offers and sells on the others’ flight. Presenting the new codeshare arrangement in the Indian capital, the Slovenian Ambassador to India, Darja Bavdaž Kuret, said, “This codeshare agreement will not only bring both the nations closer but will also promote the trade and tourism ties and will also open up the window of opportunity for Slovenians to visit incredible India”. She added, “The codeshare offers exciting opportunities to the esteemed customers to travel seamlessly between India and Slovenia. The agreement means better connecting times, seamless travel, more travel options and more competitive fares for passengers travelling between both carriers' home markets, for which Air India and Adria Airways are the premier carriers”.