Binding bids for Adria Airways Tehnika due

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Binding bids for the Slovenian aircraft maintenance firm Adria Airways Tehnika are due by March 20, airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana, which is Adria Tehnika's part-owner, said. Adria Airways Tehnika, previously a subsidiary of national carrier Adria Airways, was purchased by two other state-owned companies in 2010 - operator Aerodrom Ljubljana and financial holding company PDP. Since then, Aerodrom has been purchased by Germany's Fraport. According to unofficial sources, the sellers have so far received two binding bids which were submitted by Express Airways and Avia Solutions. Adria Tehnika, which ended 2014 with a small profit on revenues of about eighteen million euros, is one of fifteen Slovenian state firms that were earmarked for privatisation in 2013. Three of those firms have been sold so far.