No hold-up in Adria sale

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Slovenian State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Metod Dragonja, has said that the privatisation process of state-owned companies in Slovenia will continue and efforts to cut red tape would intensify as part of a push to make Slovenia a friendlier place for doing business. Mr Dragonja, who is overseeing the privatisation process, said there would be no hold-up in sales procedures, with the priority currently being the flag carrier Adria Airways and aircraft maintenance firm Adria Airways Tehnika. Earlier this month, the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SDH), said it received several bids for a 91.58% stake in Adria. The carrier’s CEO, Mark Anžur, believes the process will be completed in “several months”. The delay in the sale of Adria Airways Tehnika is believed to be related to the sale of the national airline, as the state could possibly jointly sell the two to the same buyer.