4th civilian airport for Bosnia and Herzegovina

With a population of 80,000 people in South eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina the construction of yet another civilian airport is on the horizon – Trebinje Airport in the town of Trebinje. The local authorities have given their approval for plans to begin to be gathered for the construction of the airport. The positive side of the area is its terrain and the ability for an airport to be built in Trebinje. Another plus is that the airport will be on the AdrAlthough Dubrovnik in Croatia and Tivat in Montenegro are nearby they do not have the ability to expand iatic Sea. The airport’s newly elected CEO says the airport could have a lot of potential. and cater for new incoming traffic. The CEO Zoran Okilj also explains that Podgorica is not an airport where tourists fly to although it is close to Trebinje. The city authorities are hoping to attract low budget tourists and low budget airlines as the cost for the use new facilities and services at Trebinje Airport will be the lowest in the region. The next stage of the project includes geographical studies of the area where the airport will be built as well as a comprehensive study of air corridors in the EX-YU region. Although the construction of the airport is still a distant reality Okilj states that there are various companies and businessmen interested in investing in the project.

Trebinje is located in the Serb entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina called Republika Srpska. If built it would become the fourth international airport in the country, following Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar while it would be the second in Republika Srpska after Banja Luka.