Celebrating 81 years of service

Jat Airways, Serbia’s national carrier today celebrates 81 years since the airline Aeroput was created. Aeroput was renamed Jat Yugoslav Airlines after World War Two which soon became one of the biggest and most advanced airlines in the world with main bases in Zagreb and Belgrade. It was diminished in 1990 after the civil wars in Yugoslavia broke out and went through a period of domestic only service as the UN banned the airline from many world airports. Still the airline managed to survive. On June 17, 1927 when Aeroput was created it was the tenth airline in Europe and the 21st in the world.

Jat Airways marks the 2008 anniversary with the best financial and passenger result since 1991. From January to May 2008 it transported 437.862 passengers which is a 9% increase compared to last year. Jat is awaiting an extremely important as it will be privatised. Currently Aeroflot, Island Air, Air Berlin, Air One and Aegean Airlines are interested to purchase the national carrier.

Aeroput (1927-1943) – National airline of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
JAT Yugoslav Airlines (1943-1992) – National airline of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Yugoslav Airlines (1992-2003) – National airline of Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia
Jat Airways (2003-2006) – National airline of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro
Jat Airways (2006- ) - National airline of the Republic of Serbia