Jat Tehnika tender on Monday - Singapore ST frontrunners

The submission of offers for Serbia’s national carrier Jat Airways’ technical branch Jat Tehnika will be open on Monday, June 16. Currently the most interested company for the purchase of Jat’s technical base is the Singaporean company “Singapore Technologies Aerospace” which is one of the largest third-party, independent aviation repair and overhaul companies in the world. It is looking at setting up a new base in Europe and geographically Jat Tehnika’s hangers at Belgrade’s airport would be ideal.

Jat Tehnika is the largest technical base in the former Yugoslavia. It broke off from Jat Airways unofficially in 2005 after its technicians staged a two month strike paralysing Serbia’s national airline however only a few days ago the company was officially recognised as an independent company by the Serbian government. Tehnika made a profit of 18.7 million Euros last year and is currently servicing aircraft from Jat Airways, CSA Czech Airlines. Jet2.com, Palmair, S7 airlines and Transaero.