BH Airlines results and plans

The Bosnian national carrier BH Airlines this year has already made 13 million KM (Convertible Marks) in 2008. With an expenditure of 11.9 million the total profit of the company is 1.1 million which is around 560.000 Euros. Nudžeim Rečica the CEO of the airline said that this is an improvement compared to the same period last year when the airline had a loss of 3.5 million KM. BH Airline transported 32.100 passengers in the first six months of the year, an improvement of 3.5% with more than 500 flights operated. The airlines greatest frequency of flights was between Sarajevo and Istanbul on which the airline offers daily service. Other popular destinations include Frankfurt and Zurich, which the airline operates 3 to 4 times a week. The increase in global fuel prices increased the airline’s expenditure this year compared to last year.

BH Airlines, with a fleet of 2, is the smallest airline in the EX-YU. There is hope that the new strategic partner which should be found by the end of the year will make the airline grow with the airline’s CEO hoping that the purchase of new aircraft could enable flights to Scandinavia.

Currently the 6 monthly EX-YU passenger figure leader board looks like this:
1. Croatia Airlines
2. Adria Airways
3. Jat Airways
4. MAT Macedonian Airlines
5. Montenegro Airlines
6. BH Airlines