Jat Airways privatisation: Offers to be submitted

Serbia’s privatisation agency has announced the beginning of the privatisation process of its national airline - Jat Airways. It has called upon investors to send in their letter of interests within two days. After this it will be known who is interested in the purchase of the airline and if rumours are true that Russia’s Aeroflot is no longer interested. Being sold are 9 Boeing 737-300 jets and 3 ATR72 planes (the rest of the current Jat fleet is leased). It is also selling its fleet of 24 aircraft from its regional aviation division with its grand offices in New Belgrade, traffic technicians centre, flights operations building and its international and domestic offices all being sold. Jat in total owns 3.815.313 square metres of land. The aim of the privatisation is to expand Jat into a regional leader as well as a competitive international airline. The aim of the privatisation is also to attract strategic investors which will invest in the airlines fleet and development. Jat has a share 62.4% of traffic at Belgrade’s airport. 51% of the airline is being sold. Serbian media suggest that currently Aeroflot, Icelandair and Air Berlin are interested in the airlines purchase with Aeroflot offering the best conditions so far.