Major construction plans for Ljubljana Airport

\Ljubljana Airport may now start negotiating with Schenker, a Deutsche Bahn subsidiary, on the construction of a logistics centre near the airport. The Defence Ministry is willing to give up part of the land. “The process of the division of land has already begun. We intend to transfer the land to the Ministry of Transport by September this year”, said the Slovenian defence minister. In March 2008 Ljubljana Airport and Schenker, a German logistics company, signed a letter of intent concerning the construction of the centre in two phases. They need 7 to 10 hectares of land.

Slovenia’s main airport, Ljubljana, is involved in several other projects such as a 2.6 million Euro construction of a parking lot that should be finished in November. A new travel terminal T2 will be built at the place of the old parking. The airport has been looking for a partner for the construction of an airport hotel. However, high prices of fuel have been increasing operating costs which have influenced the decision by airline companies when choosing their destinations making Ljubljana often undesirable. In addition to that, the relatively small Slovenian market hinders the arrival of new airline companies. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is currently served by 11 airlines which along with Adria Airways are served by Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines from EX-YU.