Adria moving out of Ljubljana next year

As reported earlier this month Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia, which is the national carriers, Adria Airways‘ hub, will go under an intense reconstruction project. This includes a 6 million Euro construction of a parking lot that should be finished in November, a new travel terminal T2 which will replace the sight of the old parking and will be located next to T1 and a construction of an airport hotel - all a part of Ljubljana Airports expansion plan to be completed by 2010. It has now been revealed that in June 2009 the airport’s runway 13/31, the only runway at the airport, will go under reconstruction and will be extended and widened in order to accommodate larger planes. This will force Adria’s evening flights to be redirected to the countries second airport - Maribor. Works on the runways reconstruction will be carried out by construction company SCT.

The news may be good for Maribor as it will significantly increase the airport traffic flow next year however it will prove a headache for passengers and Adria which will have to organise transpiration for its passengers from the one city to the other. Although ultimately both passengers and the airline will be awarded by a better looking airport. The duration of the runway expansion project next year is unknown. For example Belgrade’s Airport runway lengthening, which took place in 2006, lasted a month with work taking place from midnight to 5AM in order to avoid traffic disruptions.