British Airways to farewell Sarajevo

Due to the increase in the price of fuel British Airways, the national carrier of the United Kingdom, has announced that flights between Sarajevo and Belgrade are no longer profitable. From October 26, 2008 operations between the two cities will cease. British Airways’ representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina says the decision to cease flights was not easy but due to the current crisis in air transportation the airline has to focus on more profitable markets in Europe. She states passengers which have already bought tickets with British from Sarajevo after October 26 (when the airline winter season begins) will be able to receive an immediate refund. British Airways management on August 1 said the airline is in the worst trading environment it has been for a long time announcing that the winter schedule capacity will see a reduction of 3.1% compared to last year.

Sarajevo Airport has been served by British Airways from London Gatwick Airport using a Boeing 737-400 (3 times per week. From October 26 there will no longer be direct flights to London from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently Sarajevo is served by 10 scheduled airlines (including British Airways) although this will increase to 11 in mid August when low cost Germanwings begins flights. Along with the national carrier B&H Air the airport is served by Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways from the EX-YU.


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